Lennox City Bulletin Board Urges Residents to Call Congress About Planned Parenthood

What is it about Planned Parenthood that causes conservatives to label as fact things that aren’t fact?

An eager reader submits this photo of a paper posted on the Lennox City Hall bulletin board:

Poster, Lennox City Hall, 2015.09.29.
Poster, Lennox City Hall, 2015.09.29.

This “Planned Parenthood Fact Sheet” contains no facts about Planned Parenthood. It simply tells folks in Lennox to call out-of-state Senators (one of whose names the poster-writer cannot spell, so thank goodness we’re not writing letters) and tell them to stop funding women’s health services. The poster then abuses language by implying that South Dakota’s retrogressive Congressional delegation somehow supports life by wanting to cut $528 million in women’s health services that Americans overwhelmingly support, 65% to 29%. (And let’s not forget the vacuity of the term pro-life itself… as if anybody is pro-death.)

But at least Lennox residents know that they can vent their political angst, fact-based or not, on their public bulletin board at city hall. Friends of truth, run down to Lennox City Hall with your posters and thumb tacks, and make your views on Planned Parenthood heard!

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  1. Dumbing down the American electorate! Lennox, you make the Republican Party proud!

  2. Porter Lansing

    This morning’s DenPost readers poll shows 60.7% in favor of continuing funding for Women’s Health Services (Planned Parenthood). As an aside and off topic: The lawsuits against Nebraska farmers refusing to grant access for KeystoneXL have been dropped. PS…It’s not a baby until it’s born and it’s not a corpse until it dies. Legal rights begin at birth.

  3. mike from iowa


    Facebook post from Mother of fetus that C Fiorina lied about says fetus was used w/o her permission. BTW,Walter(the fetus) was born prematurely and died in his Mother’s arms,not stillborn or aborted.

  4. mike from iowa


    Facebook post from Mother of fetus that C Fiorina lied about says fetus was used w/o her permission. BTW,Walter(the fetus) was born prematurely and died in his Mother’s arms,not stillborn or aborted.

  5. I’m guessing Rep. Noem wouldn’t appreciate being called a “Congressman” and the only facts I see here are the phone numbers attributed to the Senators (however I didn’t personally verify).

    I hope Richard takes the time to remove this from the bulletin board – such refuse rightfully bellows in the recycle bin. Richard – you need to get that blog fired up again… Lennox has stories that need to be told.

  6. Richard Schriever

    Craig, working on it.
    Need a brief respite post 4-months in the Bakken.

  7. mike from iowa

    Wingnut Kevin mcCarthy-Calif. who is being considered for the new SOH has admitted Benghazi was a witch hunt to damage Hillary’s chances for the presidency and plans to use Planned Parenthood select committee towards that same end. Yes there will be a select witch hunt on Planned Parenthood.

  8. Deb Geelsdottir

    Porter, you are exactly right, “It’s not a baby until it’s born and it’s not a corpse until it dies.”

    Cecile Richards, the president of PP , has been answering questions for a Congressional Committee. I don’t have the link now, but she not only held her own, she shut down one of the wingnuts who tried to use bogus numbers about PP’s finances. The video is a beauty to behold.

  9. Deb Geelsdottir

    BTW, Ann Richards, former governor of Texas, and now deceased, is Cecile Richards mother. Cecile is just about as smart and tough as her mother too.

  10. Somebody should put the Facebook Hoax next to it and then have them call Noem, Rounds and Thune to stop this intrusion of privacy.

    For some reason it was all my conservative friends who posted it believing it to be true…hmmm

  11. Disgusted Dakotan

    South Dakota Democrats wonder why they continue to lose ground?

    Read Deb’s previous outrageous comments about forced chemical castration of all men to the age of 25 / until they pass her ideas of education.

    The often jubilant way the Deb’s of the Democratic Party speak of abortion? In this age of COUNTLESS birth control options for women? When more and more people are less and less comfortable with wholesale murder of unborn BABIES?

    Consider the morale battlefield this discussion is waged on. The high ground is defending the lives of innocent babies, the low ground is defending the killing of those innocent babies in an era of the easiest period ever of nonintrusive, cheap, birth control measures.

    That militant attitude about killing babies in the womb is a Constitutional right? The jubilant attitudes about it by people like Deb?

    The SDDP has painted itself as the party that opposes God, and the party that supports the wholesale murder of innocent babies in the womb. That? Combined with the hard Left of Obama over the last 6 years, are the reasons why SDDP will continue to flounder in SD for the extended future.

  12. Porter Lansing

    @DistortedDakotan … You said baby five times. That constitutes an abnormal obsession. “It’s not a baby until it’s born and it’s not a corpse until it dies.”

  13. Deb Geelsdottir

    Oh DD, I think you should change your name to “Distorting Dakotan”. Read my comments again, carefully, without inserting your own tone of voice and prejudices into my comments. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

    Now if you’ve done the above, you’ll see I’ve never been “jubilant” about abortion.

    Just as interesting to me is that you apparently don’t have a problem controlling a woman’s body, but you are outraged at the idea of taking any action against a male impregnator. They’re the only ones who can create a fetus in a woman’s uterus. She can’t do that by herself you know. A woman cannot spontaneously or immaculately become pregnant.

    Therefore, Distorting Dakotan, doesn’t it make sense that the impregnator needs to suffer consequences for creating a fetus, just as much as you’d like the woman too?

    You see, Distorting Dakotan, that’s what I’ve been saying ad nauseum, but I’m willing to give you one more opportunity to clear your head of the big load of preconceived notions you evidently lug around.

    BTW, do you understand satire? That’s what my comment regarding chemical castration until age 25 was about. Take your time DD. You can do it.

  14. Disgusted Dakotan

    @Pontificating Porter & Deadly Deb,
    Just because you repeatedly state something, it does not make it true no matter what Alinsky wrote. The fact is, here in SD? Under SD law, a baby is considered a person even when in the womb. Before you go off on a tangent about that? Please remind us all about Obamacare being a law and for everyone just to accept it.

    Regarding the idiotic statement that you repeat about claiming a law prohibiting the murder of a baby in uterus is controlling a woman’s body. The baby has separate brain waves, separate DNA, and a separate heart beat. It is NOT the woman’s body.

    Please don’t lecture me on preconceived ideas when you go off again on the sexist comments about sexually assaulting men because of your hate for them.

    Lastly, Porter.. Many could argue that a person arguing that the murder of a baby is a Constitutional right, is brain dead. Make sure you twitch now and then so people don’t start throwing dirt on you.

    What you both blithely run from is the fact that your militant support of abortion is hurting the chances of Democratic candidates in SD.

    Curious, as Democrats who have purportedly evolved from the historic institutional racist past of the DNC, how do you justify the defense of a practice which is known to kill 4 times as many minority babies as any other portion of the US? A practice which has been extolled by noted Democrats with their support designs on abortion for that explicit purpose (Margeret Sanger, etc.)?

  15. bearcreekbat

    DD, what about protecting unconceived babies, I mean they are unborn too, right? There are a lot more unconceived babies in men’s testes than unborn babies, right?

    Maybe we need a law allowing the state to take teenaged boys into custody so the state can capture the product of wet dreams and put it in a freezer to save and protect all the millions of unconceived babies so they can become unborn babies, right? Or would that be an improper interference with the teenage boys’ lives?

    Kind of a dilemma isn’t it – balancing the rights of unconceived babies verses the rights of folks having wet dreams? And that does not even take into account the masturbatory conscious individual – as Heloise might say “Yikes!”

  16. Porter Lansing

    If a baby or babies are being murdered why is no one being arrested? South Dakota’s TeaWing attempts to deny women the right’s that cloak them from aggression everywhere else are rejected by the Supreme Court faster than Fred Deutsch can fall off his bike on an icy Flandreau muskrat run. It’s really not about giving legal status to an organism it’s about controlling women. It’s about those deep memories of when your Mother told you not to tell your Dad about what you saw.

  17. mike from iowa

    DD,abortions don’t kill,people kill. Remember? No one forces minorities to have abortions. The only force used is by wingnuts-forcing women to carry unwanted baggage around for 9 months. Like Porter said it is about controlling women.

  18. mike from iowa

    BTW DD,David Daleiden the spook operating Center for Medical Progress called the 17-19 week old fetus a creature,not a baby.

  19. As Deb says, DD, I think you are hearing the demons you wish you could fight rather than the rational neighbor who’s really speaking.

    It is still the woman’s body, even if another future independent organism is growing inside it. The woman maintains her autonomy, and autonomy that should not be overridden by any legislator. Men may offer their input on the choices of their wives and daughters, but they cannot intrude into the lives and uteri of other women.

  20. Disgusted Dakotan

    CAH, When did it become rational to murder our progeny? There is a dichotomy between Democrats claiming to look out for the little guy and in the next sentence advocating for the barbaric practice of aborting innocent babies.

    The demon that inspires infanticide is always worthy of battling.

    For the most part, minorities have not held it against Democrats for supporting slavery and the multitude of sins against them in the forms of racists laws that were pushed by Democrats. The victims of this century’s Democratic mistakes are not around to forgive or to vote for their oppressors.

    Calling babies “unwanted baggage?” “Organisms?” Even as Democrats continue to scratch their head and ponder why they continue to lose registered voters and elections, while militantly defending the barbaric practice of abortion to the point of perceived jubilation over the issue? It would be humorous if we were not talking about the killing of innocent babies.

  21. Disgusted Dakotan

    If a woman’s autonomy is so worthy of championing even to the point of the killing of an innocent baby? Why then are Democrats not as fiercely advocating for a woman’s right to prostitute herself? Legalizing drug abuse? Assisted suicide? etc., etc?

  22. larry kurtz

    The hypocrisy of people who seek to end women’s rights to make their own reproductive decisions are the same people supporting the slaughter of the millions of actual children in support for the monstrous ‘War on Terror’ being visited upon the Middle East and Orient.

    Pick a lane, DD.

  23. larry kurtz

    Rich women have full reproductive freedom while women at middle and lower income levels experience chilling effects on their rights. South Dakota’s repeated attempts to restrict access to medical care is not only mean-spirited, it’s discriminatory anti-choice extremism.

  24. Disgusted Dakotan

    Most of us would agree that postpartum depression is a serious problem that needs medical care and attention. Yet, its uglier related illness, Democrats decide to facilitate http://www.huffingtonpost.com/the-stir/prenatal-depression_b_1967991.html

  25. Porter Lansing

    “YOU’RE NOT A BABY UNTIL YOU’RE BORN and YOU’RE NOT A CORPSE UNTIL YOU DIE” It’s the law in USA. Sadly South Dakota women aren’t cloaked in the same protection as the rest of our country. Politicians with questionable intentions use the issue to “politic” your vote with the “snow job” that personhood begins in the womb. That’s a verifiable lie. It’s always a sad day when a woman has to choose but 18 years of a troubled and disadvantaged childhood isn’t what many are prepared to offer a baby.

  26. larry kurtz

    I’ve been staying out of Cory’s blog but when someone says stupid shit i have to step in.

  27. Disgusted Dakotan

    @Larry A baby is not the act of reproduction, it is the result. I fully support every woman’s reproductive decisions. What I don’t support is them killing an innocent baby.

  28. Disgusted Dakotan

    @Porter You appear to revel in your ignorance by typing the same unsupported fallacies. It is a long standing law in SD that a baby in the womb is considered a person. Why don’t you just accept that as many of you liberals insist must occur with SCOTUS’s decisions on slavery.. Oops! Republicans won that costly battle already. I mean Obamacare.

  29. Disgusted Dakotan

    1939, ahh the “Greatest Generation:”
    South Dakota Codified Law 26-1-2 states, “A child conceived, but not born, is to be deemed an existing person so far as may be necessary for its interests in the event of its subsequent birth”


  30. larry kurtz

    A foetus has no civil rights until the third trimester. Chemical agriculture has caused millions of spontaneous abortions yet it goes unchecked.

    Pick a lane, DD.

  31. Nick Nemec

    If people really want to reduce the incidence of abortion they should support comprehensive, mandatory, fact based sex education and free or greatly reduced price contraceptives. Otherwise you are just blowing smoke in an attempt to obfuscate.

  32. Disgusted Dakotan

    Let me get this straight? Democrats claim to be the Party of science, right?

    Science tells us that all creatures natural goal is to reproduce, right?

    Science has also noted that many of the lower life forms raise their offspring alone; however, some of the higher life forms like elephants help protect and raise offspring.

    What science does not note anywhere in nature is a creature that helps its own kind kill its offspring inuteri. Maybe that’s what happened to the dinosaur? It devolved to the point that it killed its offspring to extinction?

    What say you scientists?

  33. Porter Lansing

    Mr. Disrupted … It’s always better to research, investigate and learn things for yourself. We The Bloggers have tried over and over and over to school ‘ya and it’s time for you to go forward into the world of knowledge (without training wheels) and develop an original thought. Please, check back though, ’cause we love ‘ya. ?

  34. Disgusted Dakotan

    Ahhh, the old “hey look over there” as you limp off the battlefield. :-D

    I truly believe that people like you are ignorant of the damage you do to your party with the public comments you make on abortion and other issues. Abortion is an issue where many voters have a 0 tolerance for any candidate that supports abortion, much, much higher than those on the Left with 0 tolerance for those that oppose it. Pro-lifers are much more militant and much more active in their support of pro-life candidates.

    Its one of the reasons why even if a GOP candidate is not militantly pro-life? They feign it during campaign year in SD.

    What’s that definition of insanity again? You nice people on the Left just keep defending the indefensible..

  35. bearcreekbat

    DD, wouldn’t the best way to protect unconceived babies be to round up all females that are capable of reproducing and forcibly inseminate each female, regardless of age, whenever they are not pregnant? Otherwise the unconceived baby will be flushed down the toilet once a month, which would be tantamount to mass murder don’t you think?

    Doesn’t that seem just as logical as stopping women who become pregnant from deciding whether to carry the unborn baby you describe? Why not stop them from wasting their monthly egg and, in effect, murdering all those unconceived babies?

  36. larry kurtz

    Richards patiently explained that the statistic was a truism: If Medicaid covers almost every health service except abortion, then almost all of Planned Parenthood’s “nongovernment revenue” will come from abortions. And if you cut off all the government revenue, as Republicans are proposing, you leave Planned Parenthood with only one procedure that can pay the bills.


  37. Disgusted Dakotan

    Priceless! Larry, Porter, BCB, & Deb! Keep the idiocy coming. You guarantee a bigger loss to Democrats every time you put fingers to keyboard!

  38. larry kurtz

    Democrats have exactly zero to lose by preserving women’s rights.

  39. Deb Geelsdottir

    Oh folks, I think that anyone who sets his mind in concrete, creating his own “facts” and opinions, is not going to hear anything new. I tried to give dear old Dakotan a chance, but it’s like I didn’t write.

    You know, when the women’s movement started to gather steam in the early 70s, a favorite tactic of those who preferred female subservience was to label us “manhaters.” Clearly there are a few, like dear old Dakotan, who still rely on that in lieu of a real argument based on facts.

    Dear old Dakotan, have a nice time. Since it’s not my job to educate you, I’ll leave it to the other good folks here who are far more willing than I am. I trust you will continue to make baseless accusations and assumptions about me. And don’t forget to just make stuff up about me too.

    I don’t care for two reasons : 1. Your opinion of me is completely irrelevant to me. 2. The good citizens of SD have twice voted down restrictions on a woman’s right to control her own body.

  40. mike from iowa

    Abortion is legal and constitutional. Only right wing nut jobs look at the constitution as indefensible.

  41. bearcreekbat

    DD, I can’t believe you are so cold-hearted to abandon unconceived babies. Even the Bible references unconceived babies (Jeremiah 1:5), yet you apparently are not willing to use the law to forcibly round up fertile females and require every single one to get and remain pregnant as long as possible. How cruel to the unconceived!

    Perhaps your views are not really aimed at protecting the unconceived and unborn? Perhaps you simply want to get more votes for the Democratic party? Do you characterize yourself as pro-tricking the voter, rather than pro-life (since you don’t seem to care about unconceived babies and only worry that being pro-choice loses votes)?

  42. Porter Lansing

    @disgusted … You haven’t posted since 1:00 so I’ll assume you went to the bar. It would be better if I knew your name because this is sincere and I’m hoping you take it as such.
    In public speaking it’s most vital to know who you’re talking to at all times. On the two blogs, the most important readers are the young and undecided voters that happen to be curious (at the moment) about politics. When we liberals explain women’s rights and point out who is specifically trying to deny a woman these rights and why, it’s the young undecided female voters we appeal to, politically. Because if you can convince the ladies, the young men always follow like puppies (that’s hormones for ‘ya). Women have the power and they’re much smarter at a younger age, too.
    You claim our “standing up for women’s right to choose” will destroy our party and lead us down the path of temptation. Yeah, right. I’m talking to you too, Grudz. When you make your pitch that a lady who exercises her lawful right to choose will “burn to blisters” in hell and they should be deathly afraid of employing that freedom, they look at you and roll those young eyes. You’re just the old, angry, white males they’ve not trusted since they were teens. [There are tens of thousands of Sodak kids who’s parents don’t go to church and their kids are just as valuable to God as the kids who do.] You’re the nasty old men telling them how to act and you certainly can’t be relied on for any life experiences advice.
    We need to thank you MORE for presenting your false guilt filled speeches, ad nauseum. You do our heavy work in bringing young voters to the progressive side. We can also be a bit tedious to the young with our pure logic and rhetoric but the “overbearing selfish nanny tactics” you use provide the “upfront example” of bullying that makes our job so much easier.
    As a backstory, Powers asked me why I even bothered posting on his sheet when there was no one interested in my liberal BS. I truthfully relayed (probably shouldn’t have) that I didn’t give a hoot about the old men TeaWingers (and Anne Beal) that he appeals to but I was there trolling for a curious young person that just might be bored and reading through his stuff at the time. He was furious and quit posting my opinions for fear of losing even one of the future generation his side so desperately needs, just to stay afloat. (Well, that and I threatened to expose his paradox on an issue, to a professional organization that he belongs to.)
    Thank you, right-wing extremists. You just keep up the hell-fire, guilt trip and threat of holy damnation about a woman’s right to choose because young ladies see right through that poppycock and arrogance. We’ll grow and nurture our young liberals behind the truth while y’all just get old and die off. – DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE … GOD LOVES YOU ALIVE

  43. Disgusted Dakotan

    Glad I can give the tolerant Left a terrible effigy to tilt at. Just imagine if we there was a place in America where all your liberal dreams could come true? Where you wouldn’t have to put up with baby defending, God-fearing, gun toting, Constitutional conservatives. Where you could live out all your liberal fantasies in gun-free cities and states where you could tax, tax, tax.. Wait a minute, there are such places.. Detroit, Baltimore, California, etc.. Now those are some REAL special places and what success stories.

    You nice people just keep railing away at them terrible babies for the SD public to see. Keep railing away at cops, at law-abiding citizens owning guns, at any mention of God. I’m sure the public will appreciate you freedom fighters someday! :-D

  44. bearcreekbat

    DD, do you think of yourself as a “baby defending, God-fearing, gun toting, Constitutional conservative?”

    “baby defending?” – perhaps you might reconsider your lack of defending the unconceived babies.

    God fearing – being scared to death of an invisible guy in the sky doesn’t really seem to be something to be proud of, does it?

    Ah, the joys of “gun-toting” – 13 dead in an Oregon college so far due to a proud gun toting fella.

    And “Constitutional conservative?” – are you saying you support a woman’s settled Constitutional right to terminate a pregnancy that has been the law of our land since Roe v. Wade? How about the Constitutional right to marry a consenting partner of your choice?

    Methinks our Country might be a place where your values have been abandoned, your sexual superiority threatened, and your view of the Constitution rejected. Indeed, our Country seems more like the “place in America where all [someone’s] liberal dreams could come true.” How distressing to those who do not think women should have a say so in their reproductive decisions and who might prefer a more fascist authoritarian environment.

  45. Disgusted Dakotan

    BCB, You may want to educate yourself on who fascists were and what ideology they are closest to. They shared your party’s historic ideas on race, held the same lack of respect for life, and the same ideas about government and business combining.

    Please show me in the US Constitution where the explicit right to murder a baby exists, same with marriage.

    If liberalism is the answer? Why has America been rejecting it more and more since they took power in 2008?

  46. mike from iowa

    They aren’t rejecting liberalism,tool,your wingnut party gerrymanders the hell out of states so every election Dems get more votes but lose ground in congress because wingnuts cheat. They do everything to keep minority voters away from the polls. The throw up roadblocks to poor people to get to the polls. Why? Because they know liberalism is taking over this country and you old disgusting white relics are afraid of the future. America has never been only for white kounterfeit kristians. Look in the mitrror and you will see who I am talking about. You really should be afraid of what your god has in store for all the racist,homophobic,anti-American,un-patriotic goofballs.

  47. bearcreekbat

    DD, your language asking where the Constitution permits the “right to murder a baby” is mere hyperbole and you know it.

    I can tell you this, the Constitution is neutral – it does not simply support the parts you agree with. In 1803 our SCOTUS made a decision that has been the law of the land ever since in Marbury v. Madison. Perhaps you want that changed, which suggests that you are no conservative, rather that you might be a radical or even revolutionary.

    Either way, until you succeed in challenging Article 3 of the Constitution as interpreted by Marbury, you have no legitimate argument that a woman’s right to bodily autonomy is not a Constitutional right.

    It appears from your posts that you are a gun rights advocate. If you disagree with Marbury, however, then the Heller case is no authority for your particular interpretation of the 2nd amendment, writing out the militia language. Pick a lane.

  48. thankyou MFI for that cogent comment:)

    am getting pretty tired of DD’s excited utterances.

  49. Disgusted Dakotan

    Yes, Iowa Mike.. the reason why Democrats are losing registered voters in SD is because of gerrymandering. FYI, liberals have lost ground across the USA since Obama took office because Americans are rejecting liberalism across the nation http://www.politifact.com/punditfact/statements/2015/jan/25/cokie-roberts/have-democrats-lost-900-seats-state-legislatures-o/

    But, you guys just keep making the same statements that keep driving more and more people away from the SDDP.

  50. Lars Aanning

    Obviously the elephant in the room is that by 2050 nonwhite Americans will outnumber white Americans…denying family planning (including abortion) to white Americans will not slow down this inevitability…they have access anyway…and it may bring 2050 even closer…and denying family planning (including abortion) to nonwhite Americans, an unprivileged and still politically powerless minority, is simply undemocratic…

  51. mike from iowa

    Disgusted-stick a sock in it. The 2nd Amendment gives the right to abortion-ammosexual style. Multiple,post-birth abortions. At least one per day. And you get the benefit of botching them as in Oregon where 20 potential ammosexual,NRA approved murders of young children went haywire.

    Unlike Libs who have effective ways and means to prevent pre-birth abortions (when the fetus has no awareness and can’t feel pain),you want more unqualified ammosexual abortionists to have more abortion inducing weapons so more abortions can happen,per the 2nd Amendment. Also your methods of abortion are meant to cause maximum fear and pain,not only for the victims,but their friends and families as well as whole communities. As we are well aware,your kind are just exercising their constitutional rights to terrorize the populace.

  52. Mike, if your in Iowa would you please move to SD, preferably west river, n I will buy you a beer! Ammosexual lifestyle!! Lmao. DD couldn’t be a pimple on my dear dad’s honorable republican rear end. Pops was a ww2 vet that knew what a real republican was.. not the 1% wannabes of today.

  53. Disgusted Dakotan

    Ahhhh? IOWA Mike? Do a little research.. Majority of killers in US history had Left leanings. I know you will scream no proof, but their causes were Leftist and I know you Leninists/Maoists will say you are not identical to your Marxist brethren; however, you are all the relatively the same.

  54. owen reitzel

    really DD. How about the terrorist Timothy McVeigh? He was anti-government which is more aligned with the Tea Party. Nice try DD but your statement just isn’t true.

  55. bearcreekbat

    DD, CBS news has reported that the young gun-loving fellow who just murdered those kids in Oregon identified himself as a Republican and was enthralled with both Nazis and the IRA.

    It is reported that he also exercised his 2nd Amendment right to acquire about 13 guns, including the 3 pistols and AR 15 that he brought to the college and used to murder his victims.

  56. Disgusted Dakotan

    @Owen I see your Timothy Mcvee and raise you with this 2011 piece:

    “Since this research is ongoing, this list is not yet fully populated. The growing, trend clearly points towards failed mental health treatment, ineffective medication and the rise of the twisted far-left fascist or Marxist socio-cultural ideologies.

    The orientation and beliefs and mental health of the mass killers have been so consistent; that I thought it was best to publish the accumulated research, as is, in its current raw state.

    As this research is ongoing, a more comprehensive report of the trending of each and every incident of “single-event” or “spree” mass-murders throughout the 19th – 21st centuries will be compiled in the near future…

    Serial Murderers are not analyzed in thisresearch as their mental profile and motivation is very dissimilar from that of the “outburst”, “single-event”, or “spree” murderers…….

    The 1865 Abraham Lincoln assassin(John Wilkes Booth) was an anarchist, racist, and a separatist Confederate Democrat (chose suicide by police / police set fire and burned him alive in a barn).

    The 1881 James Garfield assassin(Charles Guiteau) was a disgruntled social political activist and changed his party affiliation to Democrat (he asked for the death penalty).

    The 1901 William McKinley assassin(Leon Czolgosz) was an anarchist and a staunch political Marxist leftist (he asked for the death penalty).

    The 1963 John F. Kennedy assassin(Lee Harvey Oswald) was an avowed cultural Marxist, Cuban-trained, and a registered Democrat (Unfortunately he was murdered by Ruby before trial).

    The 1968 Robert F. Kennedy assassin(Sirhan Bishara Sirhan) is an avowed cultural Marxist, anarchist, and believes in redistribution of wealth. Palestinian Christian with Jordanian citizenship and not allowed to vote (asked for the death penalty, sentence commuted to life in prison. In 2003 he refused parole).

    The still unknown 1968 Martin Luther King assassination..(The case may be reopened due to a 1999 civil case initiated by the King family which proved to a 12 member jury that the incarcerated suspect, James Earl Ray, was not the assassin).

    Because Dr. King was a registered Republican it is now assumed, by the King family, that the assassin is a politically left-leaning person or federal government operative ….

    The 1970 Tate-LaBianMca “Helter-Skelter”Murderer (Charles Manson) is a social democrat fascist and part-time anarchist (Manson asked for death penalty, but was given life in prison, and has repeatedly refused parole).

    The 1970’s Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) / Weathermen Underground bombers and murderers (Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, Kathleen Boudin, et al) are admitted cultural Marxists, “small c” Communists, and registered Democrats. Most were acquitted due to wealthy parents and excellent attorneys who leveraged legal technicalities, some have now been paroled.

    All are now adjunct or tenured professors in far-left leaning universities and serve on the boards of numerous well-funded far-left non-profit organizations. The 1975 first Gerald Ford attempted assassin (Lynette “Squeaky” Fromm) is a former “Charles Manson co-conspirator”, cultural Marxist, anarchist, and a registered Democrat, was on parole when she shot at Ford.

    The 1975 second Gerald Ford attempted assassin (Sarah Jane Moore) is an avowed cultural Marxist, anarchist, and a registered Democrat (on parole).

    The 1978 – 1995 Unabomber

    (Theodore Kaczynski) a registered Democrat, a neo-Luddite, and an eco-terrorist (life sentence without parole). Note: He is profiled not as a serial killer, but as a social-justice environmental terrorist and political anarchist.

    The 1978 Jonestown
    , Guyana “Peoples Temple” mass suicide (909 people) leader (Jim Jones) a progressive leftist, registered Democrat, and heavily funded the political careers of prominent San Francisco, California progressive Democrat politicians such as Nancy Pelosi directed and forced his congregation to comit mass suicide.

    The 1981 Ronald Reagan
    attempted assasin (John Hinckley, Jr.) is a registered Democrat (currently living in halfway house/limited release).

    The 1984 San Ysidro,
    California McDonald’s shooter of 21 people and wounding of 19 others (James Oliver Huberty) a registered Democrat, believed that the government social welfare system had not been comprehensive enough, and believed that he had been failed by the public mental health system (chose suicide by police sniper).

    The 1986 Edmond, Oklahoma
    US Post Office killer of 14 postal employees and wounding of 6 others (Patrick Henry Sherrill) a registered Democrat and was known to be an erratic and potentially mentally ill person by fellow employees. Ultimately committed suicide in the Edmond Post Office. The phrase “going postal” was coined by this massacre.

    The 1990 Jacksonville,Florida GMAC spree killer of 9 and wounding of 4 others (James Edward Pough) a registered Democrat, a high school dropout, a repeat criminal offender well known to the local police, and was considered mentally unstable by his neighbors and co-workers (took his own life).

    The 1991 Killeen, Texas
    Luby’s Cafeteria murderer of 23 and wounding of 27 others (George “Jo Jo” Pierre Hennard) an unemployed disgruntled registered Democrat, professed hater of women, and was well-known in the community to be unstable, angry, and withdrawn (committed suicide after being wounded by a responding policeman).

    The 1995 Corpus Christi,Texas Walter Rossler Company killer of 6 former employees (James Daniel Simpson) a registered Democrat, former disgruntled employee, and was known to suffer from depression. Police would not allow the disclosure of his mental health treatment files to the public (committed suicide).

    The 1999 Fort Worth,Texas Wedgewood Baptist Church concert killer of 7 and wounding of 7 others (Larry Gene Ashbrook) a registered Democrat, spouted anti-Baptist rhetoric, thought Christianity was a “stupid bullshit religion”. Committed suicide after being confronted by church member Jeremiah Neitz who told Ashbrook, he “needed to accept Jesus Christ into his life”).

    The 1999 Columbine high school shooters
    (Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold) were too young to vote, but both of their parents were, and still are, political activists, progressive leftists, and registered Democrats (rather than be captured both boys committed suicide).

    The 2001 White House (outside the perimeter fence) shooter (Robert W. Pickett) is a radicalized registered Democrat, disgruntled former IRS employee, and has a history of mental illness and attempted suicides (including 6 at mental health hospitalizations). He tried to commit suicide in front of the White House after firing randomly at the building, but was shot in the knee by a Secret Service officer while being distracted by a local DC police officer. He has since served 3 years in the Federal Medical Center, Rochester, followed by 3 years probation (has since been released in 2003).

    The 2001 Anthrax poison letter mailer (Bruce Edward Ivins)
    was a US government scientist at Fort Detrick and a registered Democrat (committed suicide).

    The 2002 Maryland / DC Beltway Snipers
    (John Allen Muhammad pka John Allen Williams, and Lee Boyd Malvo): JA Muhammad was an active member of the Nation of Islam, an anarchist plotting to train many additional mass-murderers in “Phase 3″ of his plan, and a registered Democrat. Lee Boyd Malvo was a 17 year old Jamaican immigrant who was supportive of the Nation of Islam and JA Muhammad’s three-phase plan of anarchy (JA Muhammad executed by lethal injection in Virginia in 2009, Lee Boyd Malvo is serving a life sentence without parole).

    Note: These perpetrators were profiled as “spree” and “racist social justice” murderers, rather than “Serial” Killers.

    The 2003 Meridian, Mississippi Lockheed Martin killer of 6
    and wounding of 8 others (Douglas Williams) was a disgruntled registered Democrat, presented unstable behavior in the workplace, was known to be making racist comments, and was sick of the mandatory ethics and diversity classes required for all employees (committed suicide).

    The 2007 Virginia Polytechnic shooter (Seung-Hui Cho) wrote hate mail to George Bush and his staff, hated “rich” people, hated Christians, and regularly promoted Marxist wealth redistribution in his prolific writings. He was a permanent resident alien and not allowed to vote (committed suicide).

    The 2009 Fort Hood, Texas shooter (Major Nidal Hasan) is a radicalized-Muslim; he believes in a theologically-based socialist-fascist form of government and is a registered Democrat (desired and asked for martyrdom by death penalty, awaiting sentencing).

    The 2009 Arkansas Army Recruiting Office shooter (Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, formerly known as Carlos Bledsoe) is a cultural Marxist, registered Democrat, radicalized-Muslim convert, and hated George Bush (serving life sentence without parole).

    The 2010 Silver Spring, Maryland Discovery Channel
    shooter (James Jae Lee) a registered Democrat, eco-terrorist / eugenicist, and wrote against George Bush (chose suicide by police).

    The 2011 Tucson, Arizona shooter (Jared Lee Loughner) is a registered Democrat and wrote extensively against George Bush (currently serving seven life sentences).

    The 2012 Newtown, Connecticut school shooter (Adam Lanza) hated Christians and was a registered Democrat (committed suicide).

    The 2012 Aurora, Colorado Movie Theatre shooter
    (James Holmes) was a staff worker on the Obama campaign and took part in Occupy Wall Street. His severe mental illness was well-known and he was being treated with numerous psychotropic drugs. His psychiatrist felt he was a clear danger to society, yet never reported this to law enforcement. He is a progressive leftist and a registered Democrat (serving multiple life sentences and still in the appeals process).

    The February 2013 California ex-police officer shooter
    (Christopher Dorner) advocated entitlements, had public anger management problems, was major Obama supporter and a registered Democrat (chose suicide by police / police incendiary grenades purposefully used by police to set fire to cabin during gunfight – confirmed by radio communications recordings).

    The February 2013 California shotgun-spree shooter
    (Ali Syed) was a radicalized-Muslim, and produced left-leaning political viewpoints on his face book postings (committed suicide).

    The April 2013 suspected Mississippi ricin poison letter
    mailer (Paul Kevin Curtis) a registered Democrat and an Obama supporter (suicidal tendencies / person of interest / primary suspect).

    The April 2013 Boston Marathon Bomber (Dzhorak Tsarnaev) is an Occupy Wall Street and social justice advocate, a registered Democrat, and openly supported Obama for President in the 2012 election (repeated gunfights with police, wounded three times, recently captured, awaiting trial).

    The September 16, 2013 Washington Naval Yard
    (NAVSEA HQ bldg 197) mass killer of 12 civilians (Aaron Alexis) was a former Navy Aviation Electrician’s Mate 3rd Class, cited 8 times by the Navy between 2007-2011 for misconduct yet given an honorable discharge, claimed he left the Navy because he was “not liked by others and was ‘disrespected’”, was arrested in 2004 for shooting out the tires of a car in Seattle because he was being “disrespected”, was arrested in 2010 for shooting through the ceiling of his apartment into the apartment of a noisy neighbor with whom he had regular disagreements, was being treated for serious mental illness by the VA for paranoia and “hearing voices”, was currently being treated with psychotropic drugs for PTSD and “nightmares” developed from his rescue experiences during the 9/11/2001 World Trade Center attack in New York, was known by his father and relatives as having severe “anger management problems”, was an avid fan of “shooting” video games, was recently given “secret” clearance and given employment as an IT contractor with SharePoint Technologies at the Washington Navy Yard, was remotely attending Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University towards a BS degree, was given a Concealed Carry Weapon permit in Texas, was a registered Democrat who last voted in 2000 and openly supported Obama for President in both the 2008 and 2012 elections, spent most of his free time in a Buddhist Temple and promoted “social justice” on his LinkedIn web page. Smuggled a shotgun into the facility , then shot and stole two pistols from security guards inside the Navy Yard to continue shooting his fellow employees from a 4th floor balcony overlooking the cafeteria (chose suicide by police with no obvious plan or design made for his personal escape). He did not have an AK-15 as has been erroneously reported by the rabid anti gun lobby….

    The list goes on and on…yes, there are other mass murderers and mass bombers in the recent history who lean to the political right or are anarchists with right-leaning tendencies, but they are a small number when compared to the increasing number of left-leaning mass-murderers with known mental health instabilities and suicidal tendencies.”

    Want to add in all the atrocities committed by Muslims that Democrats have consistently supported?

  57. Disgusted Dakotan

    BCB, a conservative who hates religion? Yeah, too easy.. Wrong as usual: http://redalertpolitics.com/2015/10/02/breaking-umpqua-shooter-not-republican/

  58. bearcreekbat

    DD’s quoted story is from a web site called “Before its News” that has a reputation of publishing false and misleading articles.


    Here is how the site justifies publishing false and misleading stories in response to a complaint:

    “On 08/15/2014 09:00 AM, John (last name removed for privacy) wrote:
    You OBVIOUSLY do not check the reliability of truth in what you post. You have MANY true posts ie. The Common Sense Show, however, MANY are ridiculously fabricated and stretch the truth and twist the facts. You are damaging the truth movement by not verifying your posts. I’ve heard Alex Jones question the reliability of your website and I notice Steve Quayle is careful and critical of what you post as well. There is no way GOD is leading you in this, you are being deceived…

    John, thanks for taking the time to email us.

    Our web site is operated differently than what most people consider to be a regular news site. This is a news hosting website and the stories that make it to the front page do so based on popularity. Anyone is welcome to post a story. The door is wide open here at Before It’s News and there’s no other place on the internet I know of where anyone can come in off the street, post a story and get it in front of a huge audience. This concept of a truly free web site doesn’t really exist many places anymore.

    We don’t screen ANYTHING on the site, except for Terms of Service violations and when people complain.

    It’s You Tube for news. That’s all it is.”


  59. bearcreekbat

    DD, I see you now rely on a right wing apologist website that gives a misleading headline, while in the body of the article states: “At one point in his life, Mercer tagged himself as a Republican on his dating profile.” According to that article he changed his registration to “Independent” at some point.

    So your “Red Alert Politics” cannot and does not dispute the CBS report, it only adds more information (if true). The added information does make the shooter any less of a “conservative” nor less of an ammosexual.

  60. Porter Lansing

    I stand corrected. I was wrong to believe ANY state would be gullible enough to pass “personhood”. Probably since it’s been soundly rejected at least five times in five elections where I live in CO. How could your Supreme Court not strike this down? God bless you all. (face palm)

  61. mike from iowa

    DD,as far as all those shooters being Dems,here is what prolly happened. You wingnuts stole a page away from Mormons and go around and baptize dead serial killers as Democrats,just like Mormons do/did with Jewish dead.

  62. mike from iowa

    Spike,I don’t and cannot claim ammosexuals as mine. But it surely fits a certain political party and mindset in America today.

  63. Disgusted Dakotan

    BCB, & IOWA Mike,
    Don’t be sore, losers..

    @Porter That SD statute was passed in 1939 by America’s greatest generation. Interestingly enough, It has only been in decades since the Nazi’s implementation of the Left’s eugenics ideas http://historynewsnetwork.org/article/1796 (you know, a hold over from when Democrats weren’t so “evolved”) that the idiotic idea that killing future generations in the womb is acceptable. The part of this that would be so humorous, if it wasn’t so tragic? Democrats are killing unborn babies of the overwhelming demographics that they claim make up their voter base. Somewhere I hear Homer Simpson going “Doah!”

  64. Porter Lansing

    @DisorientedDak … “You’re not a baby ’til you’re born and you’re not a corpse ’til you die”

  65. Disgusted Dakotan

    Now, now Porter.. SD law says they’re a person, choke your crow down and accept the fact that babies are little people that should have a chance to grow up and make fun of liberal “logic.”

  66. Disgusted Dakotan

    P.S. Porter, I think what you are looking for was “I’m rubber you’re glue, whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you!”

  67. Porter Lansing

    You seem anxious. Is it because “You’re not a baby until you’re born?” It’s sad what happened to you as a child.

  68. mike from iowa

    Fetuses should be given a chance to reach school age and then be slaughtered en masse by wingnut 2nd amendmenters because,by gawd,fauknee gun rights supercede kids rights to life. With the added plus you disgusting lowlifes get the added thrill of knowing the fear these former precious little babies will be feeling while they are systenatically murdered.

    Afterall,assault weapons are free speech.

  69. Porter Lansing

    I’m disgusted, Dakotan. It’s just not fair that you don’t have a “real” name, by now. You enlighten the group and your opinions are entirely consistent with the political party you represent. Congratulations, sir. I’m going to name you Melvin. You’ve now been reborn. I like the name and one of my best friends as a kid was named Melvin. Not Mel but the full, honored version.
    Hey, Melvin. “You’re not a baby until your mother gives birth to you.” >?< ps … that's when you get a name, too.

  70. mike from iowa

    Disgusting,you just blasphemed you and yours. The “Greatest Generation” is a term coined by a liberal,South Dakotan by name of Tom Brokaw.

    Democrats don’t do abortions you moron.
    Minorities may have higher abortion rates but Dems still allow them to vote. You wingnuts don’t want them to vote at all.
    And you misquoted Homer. It is “Doh!”

  71. Porter Lansing

    Melvin … some of what you say just doesn’t pass the smell test, ‘ya know sir. Your Republican Party aka THE PARTY OF THE PIG and their real ag-life mascot (the hog) regularly eat their babies if Mom isn’t separated from the little piggies. Wild animals, after giving birth to an offspring with less than full capabilities routinely leave them to the predators. Mother birds throw birds out of the nest to fly or die. Melvin, have you got another argument? “You’re not a baby ’til you’re born and you’re not a corpse ’til you die.”

  72. Disgusted Dakotan

    @Porter? Is that what happened to you? Mommy didn’t want you? Explains a lot.

    @IOWA Mike, and I truly mean IOWA Mike.. and yet it was us “Wingnuts” who fought to free them, defeated the Left’s Jim Crow laws, fought to get them full rights, AND are now fighting to keep your ilk from slaughtering them in the womb. Actions speak louder than words.

  73. Porter Lansing

    @Melvin … When a young lady decides to use her right to choose, it’s always a very sad decision. But raising a child in a potentially abusive, underprivileged or unable to be cared for properly situation for 18 years can be sadder. No man or woman can have validity in bullying a young lady in her decision. “You’re not a baby ’til you’re born and you’re not a corpse ’til you die.”

  74. mike from iowa

    And yet you claim to uphold the constitution while denying women their right to choose. Does either side of your brain know what the other side is spewing? Your side wouldn’t have done much w/o overwhelming support from my side on civil rights,etc.

  75. mike from iowa

    Porter,you shouldn’t worry about abused kids so much. Eventually some responsible good guy with an assault weapon will come around and put a bunch of abused kids out of their misery. Seems to happen every day anymore.

  76. Disgusted Dakotan

    IOWA Mike,
    Please share with everyone a link to the words in the US Constitution where it is a right to murder a child in the womb. At least with slavery, you on the Left had that going for you, that it was in the Constitution. It took us a long time to defeat your slavery, and your Jim Crow laws.

  77. bearcreekbat

    DD, you use such loaded and hyperbolic language that it is difficult to have a rational discussion with you about the Constitution and the SCOTUS. The right of a woman to to decide whether to procreate is based on the 14th Amendment you Republicans pushed through back in the mid-19th Century:

    the “Fourteenth Amendment’s concept of personal liberty and restrictions upon state action” includes “a right of personal privacy, or a guarantee of certain areas or zones of privacy” and that “[t]his right of privacy . . . is broad enough to encompass a woman’s decision whether or not to terminate her pregnancy.”


  78. DD, I think we’ve had this discussion before. The route to electoral success for Democrats does not lie in surrendering to the Republican assault on women’s autonomy.

    I do not speak for the party. I do not advocate killing babies. That’s not what abortion is about. It’s a fetus, not a baby. Your assignation of “baby” to things in utero leads to the possibility BCB suggested above, that we ought to strap all menstruating females down and inseminate them to prevent any potential “baby” from going to waste.

    I advocate a clear conservative position: the Legislature does not have the authority to choose for a woman whether or not she will carry a pregnancy to term. I will argue further that the Legislature does not have the authority to compel speech from doctors or counselors or to choose which counseling a woman may or must receive before she makes a reproductive choice.

    Anyone who runs screaming from the Democratic Party because I express those classically conservative views is likely falling for the Republican tactic of waving babies on posters to distract us from issues the legislative and executive branches can and should address, like the concentration of wealth, crony capitalism, and education funding.

  79. bearcreekbat

    It is also interesting that in the 7-2 Roe v. Wade decision, 5 of the Judges in the majority were appointed by Republican Presidents, so without the help of actual thinking and caring Republican Justices the case would have gone the other way.


    There was a time when Republicans were decent caring people and not obsessed with women’s bodies and hating the poor and minorities. Not so much these days.

  80. Porter Lansing

    Melvin, you’re not listening. There are NO children in the womb. Children don’t exist until they’re born.

  81. Porter Lansing

    Excellent BearCreek …. what’s more private than a personal choice about your children?

  82. Porter Lansing

    Hear, hear Mr. Heidelberger. To attract young liberals we offer freedom to choose.

  83. Disgusted Dakotan

    @BCB Sorry! Your crap about Republicans disliking minorities has no foundation in fact and is in fact a projection of the NUMEROUS historic Democratic offenses on minorities.

    @CAH As a debate expert, reread what you said above. Apply that to political conversations by candidates across SD. Realize that callous, cumbersome, explanation, by people less experienced at public discussion than yourself, is one of the reasons your candidates (or should I call them political fetuses?) are aborted en masse before they reach public office. Additionally, explain to me the logic of a party that continues to see significant losses in voter registration, advocating for the use of a “birth control” procedure that ensures large sections of their claimed voting demographic, never see the light of day, let alone the voting booth.

    BTW, BCB.. there is nothing more hateful than to advocate for the murder of innocent minority babies.

    I am okay if I offend by using the proper term “baby.” I don’t believe even the most ardent died in the wool Marxist goes around calling their unborn children “fetuses” as they are waiting for their child to be born. So if you don’t call your own unborn babies “fetuses?” Don’t try and devalue the life of minorities’ and others’ unborn babies.

  84. Disgusted Dakotan

    I will leave you with one little thought/question. How many of you proud abortion supporters proudly walk in parades carrying banners advocating for abortion? I have never seen any such idiocy in SD. So, Mr Reitzel, if this is such a solid issue for Democrats? Why don’t we see them marching in parades supporting abortion on demand? Why did the disingenuous “prochoice” have to be coined? Lets use the proper terms “proabortion” and “antiabortion.” Because that is what is boils down to, and voters are getting that more and more as that position becomes more and more indefensible with the plethora of readily available cheap birth control measures.

  85. bearcreekbat

    DD, at least you haven’t quarreled with the proposition that modern conservatives are obsessed with women’s bodies and hate the poor.

    As for today’s Republican view about minorities, I think you are partially correct – not all Republicans hate minorities. Rather Republicans seek to win the votes of those people who are openly racist through the use of the infamous “Southern Strategy.”

  86. Disgusted Dakotan

    @BCB and yet, the original and more infamous “Southern Strategy” was patented and wholly owned by the Democratic Party, no ifs ands or maybes about it. Still waiting for the smoking gun evidence of all the historic racists Democrats (responsible for CENTURIES of Democratic institutional policies such as slavery support, Jim Crow laws, segregation, lynching laws, etc., etc) rushing en masse from the Democratic Party (and grave) to the GOP. Such a theory would entail the GOP having absolute control of Southern legislatures and Congress from 1965 to present. FYI, the GOP may have gotten a handful of your former racists; however, the vast majority stayed with the DNC and are responsible for pushing such racism as eugenics for minorities (you know, Planned Parenthood for minority abortions as pushed by founder Margeret Sanger). Please! Show me a demarcation line where the Democratic Party actually made a radical departure from its documented racists past.

  87. dd-you sayin’ the dems are the racists, but not mostly the republicans? is this eugenics thing a new ‘gotcha” strategy of the your party, the GOP? set me straight, are you a republican or a democrat? i know, you republicans say you own great presidents. like lincoln. then you try to get us dems to believe somehow reagan was a great president. in the meantime you beat-up on “ole honest Jimmy Carter”. Ted Cruz pisses all over him. pretty pathetic party, in general. and you want us to talk nice to you so maybe you’ll grace us with some wavering republican votes come election time? is that about right?

  88. mike from iowa

    Disgusting,your icy cool is melting. That is what happens when you keep so much hate inside. Go smoke some dope or get laid so you don’t explode and go postal on a bunch of innocent people. The Scotus rightly decided every woman has a right to privacy especially to “choose” regardless whether you misogynists agree or not. That constitutionally protected right was found in the 14th amendment. I guess that is one overarching reason wingnuts are doing their best to get rid of the 14th amendment.
    As an aside,when you and your brethren bring up Detroit and Baltimore,those are racist code words you lily white honkies bandy about. Racist talking points. I read them over and over again coming from your ilk.
    ps-when you claim the Founding Fathers were so called kristians,that means it was Dems who practiced and defended slavery so much as you kreepy kounterfeit kristians did.

  89. mike from iowa

    t is better for all the world, if instead of waiting to execute degenerate offspring for crime or to let them starve for their imbecility, society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind…
    Three generations of imbeciles are enough.” ~Oliver Wendell Holmes

    Writing for the majority in the Supreme Court’s affirmative decision of the Buck v. Bell landmark case, Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. described Charlottesville native Carrie Buck as the “probable potential parent of socially inadequate offspring, likewise afflicted” stating that “her welfare and that of society will be promoted by her sterilization.”

    1927 Scotus decision in Buck v Bell case (to affirm forced sterilazation). Of the justices (10) , 8 were dedicated wingnuts. Of the 2 Dems one dissented. All wingnuts voted affirmation.
    Damn eugenics loving libs,huh DD?

  90. mike from iowa

    Interesting that forced sterilation law was found in that dreaded 14th amendment which gives women the right to choose.And also0 was selectively used to hand the office of the president to dumbass dubya.

  91. mike from iowa

    The Central Committee of the Communist Party outlawed work on eugenics in 1930, making the Soviet Union the only country where eugenics was officially denounced by governmental legislation.
    Damned libby commies.

  92. mike from iowa

    Poor Margaret Sanger wouldn’t make a pimple on a genuine eugenicist’s butt.

  93. DD, as a debate judge, I’m unclear on how I’m supposed to weigh your response against the position I laid out. If all you’re saying is that I’ll lose an election if I support the position I laid out, I think you’ll know what my response will be: I need to work harder to convince 50%+1 of the electorate that I am right, that defending women’s rights is right, that rejecting the notion that 105 mostly old mostly men in Pierre can make health care decisions for hundreds of thousands of women who are mostly not their wives and daughters.

    I argued hard in 2014 that Mike Rounds was a kingpin of corruption and did not deserve to be Senator. A majority of Republican primary voters rejected that argument, as did a majority of general election voters. That electoral repudiation did not refute the argument or the wisdom of making it. It only showed that 50%+1 of the people can be wrong, and that we Democrats need to work harder to make our case.

    The electoral victory of candidates mouthing DD’s slogans and the defeat of candidates slagged as “pro-abortion” is interesting when considered in the context of the electorate’s repeated rejection of abortion restrictions in ballot measures. It seems South Dakotans will put up with and even embrace big talkers, but when faced with a direct choice about actual policy, they vote with me.

  94. DD is just mad b/c all the racist Southern Dems turned GOP. Well, it’s the darn truth. Dems have a sad history before the party changed for the better, but now we welcome all races, immigrants, religious or non-believing and LGBT into our party now and we’ll continue to grow because of that.
    Now, the GOP are the racist ones. Anti-immigrant, anti-gay, anti women’s rights, anti-atheist, anti living wage. Ever wonder why Obama won two elections, look at the GOP portfolio for supporting these groups.

  95. Deb Geelsdottir

    This is the source of a perfect plan for dealing with shooters and abortion: (It’s truly genius!)


    It’s perfectly fair. Treat people planning to buy a gun the same way women considering abortion are treated. Go to the link to understand what that really means. It’s truly genius.

  96. We do believe in equality around here, don’t we, Deb? :-)

    I volunteer to be one of the anti-gun counselors with whom any gun buyer must consult before buying a gun.

  97. Deb Geelsdottir

    The job is yours Cory.

    The Right to Own a Gun is a centerpiece of what it means to be an American!

    The Right of a Woman to Control Her Body is a centerpiece of what it means to be an American!

    Here’s what I’m talking about: