Fake 18% Rate Cap Committee Spoofed with Fake Facebook Page

As far as I can tell, Lisa Furlong and her corps of fake 18% rate cap petitioners have established no public Web presence. But now that fake rate cap has a fake Facebook page:

Fake Facebook page for "South Dakotans for Fair Lending," screen cap 2015.09.17.
Fake Facebook page for “South Dakotans for Fair Lending,” screen cap 2015.09.17.

Facebook does not allow impostor accounts. But in faking fakers, this fake Facebook page tells the truth. The short description—”We want to cap payday loans at 18% with a golden loop hole for lenders to set whatever rate they want! Join our gra$$roots effort today to protect the rich”—is a perfectly accurate one-sentence explanation of Lisa Furlong’s deceitful petition. And the little “18” with devil horns is hilariously truthful.

18% rate cap? Don't you believe it!
18% rate cap? Don’t you believe it!

This fake Facebook page spotlights a petition company working for Furlong:

Fake SDFL FB post on Tim Mooney, founding partner of Silver Bullet LLC.
Fake SDFL FB post on Tim Mooney, founding partner of Silver Bullet LLC.

Tim Mooney is a founding partner of Silver Bullet LLC, which has been hired to circulate petitions for the fake 18% rate cap petition and Marsy’s Law A payday lender front group paid Mooney’s Silver Bullet LLC over $400,000 to gather signatures in Missouri in 2012 as part of a broad campaign of deception and intimidation to sabotage a genuine interest rate cap petition.

The fake Facebook page also links to this afternoon’s article from Dana Ferguson checking into South Dakota petitioner Ryan Gaddy’s allegations of further illegal activity by out-of-state circulators pushing the fake 18% rate cap and Marsy’s Law. Mooney tells Ferguson that Silver Bullet is not associated with any of the Facebook recruiting that Gaddy reveals and is aware of and following all South Dakota laws.

I do not know who has created this fake Facebook page for South Dakotans for Fair Lending. The unknown creator did use an image posted June 20 on this blog, complete with the blue circle and arrow I added, but they did not check with me. Facebook will likely delete this impostor page before we find out who created it, so get your screen caps while they last… and thank these anonymous monkey wrenchers for giving Lisa Furlong and her fake ballot committee a taste of their own fakery.

7 Responses to Fake 18% Rate Cap Committee Spoofed with Fake Facebook Page

  1. I have warned that my gut feels like these pay day loan sharks have some new ideas coming that will be even nastier and funnier and I bet you they are just around the corner. The 18% limit which is half of the 36% limit will suck many of the ignorant people who go to the pay day loan sharks in and trick them. These people cannot be protected from themselves and should just be allowed to give their money to whoever they legally want to. Put it in a sack and send it to grudznick. At least I can’t spend it all.

  2. And where is our apparently political-game-playing AG? I real law enforcement officer would have shut down these fake petition goons on day two.

  3. They are posted up all over Rapid City stalking people with all kinds of petitions n papers shoved in your face. Wierd. I always try to respect petition carriers cause petition process serves a great purpose. But these people ARE OUT OF CONTROL! Somebody stop them, please.

    I could sign 15 petitions in one day if I wanted too. Nuts where’s Marty J when you need him.

  4. W R Old Guy

    Apparently our AG’s hand’s are tied.


    Scroll down to the video of Marty answering questions. The audio of the person asking the questions is hard to hear but our AG is loud and clear.

  5. That is a good FB page! Too bad there’s not a place to put some money in for further entertainment!

  6. RWB, you certainly wouldn’t want to send that money to Lisa Furlong! But you know, if you ring my tip jar (look in the near right side bar! right below the recent comments!), I can certainly keep publicizing their efforts. :-)

  7. Deb Geelsdottir

    Hahaha! I like that FB page. Kudos to the creator.