Blog Picnic! Meet Friends of Dakota Free Press Saturday, September 12, in Aberdeen!

Hey, it’s been a while—let’s get together!

South Dakota Blog Picnic, Aberdeen, SD, September 12, 2015

I’m hosting a South Dakota Blogosphere Picnic at my house in Aberdeen on Saturday afternoon, September 12. Who’s invited?

  • Friends of Dakota Free Press: fellow South Dakota bloggers, blog commenters, blog tipsters, blog readers (this means you, dear reader!), everyone who makes the South Dakota Blogosphere interesting (including you professional reporters who give us so much to work with)…
  • Petitioners: folks who helped put Referred Laws 19 and 20 on the ballot, folks working right now to put initiated measures on the ballot (looking for signatures? think of the South Dakota Blogosphere Picnic as a target-rich environment), folks petitioning to create new parties (Ken! That’s you!)…
  • Politicos: elected officials, candidates, Thune-challenge trial-ballooners, state and county party officials, new party executive directors, everyone we bloggers write up and send up…
  • Anyone interested in intelligent political conversation and journalism… not to mention an opportunity to meet the people behind the blogs in person, shake their hands, and tell stories.

I’ll have some hot dogs and snacks and soft beverages; you are welcome to bring some food and drink to share with your blogospheric neighbors. (A spare lawn chair or two may be handy, too!)

If you can make it, give me a shout via the comment section or the DFP Contact form so I can fill the cooler sufficiently. Come picnic with the South Dakota Blogosphere here in Aberdeen on Saturday, September 12!

17 Responses to Blog Picnic! Meet Friends of Dakota Free Press Saturday, September 12, in Aberdeen!

  1. Douglas Wiken

    Have fun. Wish I could be there. Last Sunday, wife and I went to an office “pot luck–Pool Party”. We brought and ate potluck and yakked but only watched kids splash and swim in the pool. Light wind and in the shade. Only a few flies to pester us. A good view from their deck up on a hill. Could hear bikers a half mile away on the highway.
    But make sure chairs are arranged so people can actually talk to each other.

  2. might there be a coinciding sddp event there at the same time? thank you for the kind invite.

  3. Alas, no pool here, Doug… but I can arrange a sprinkler and a Slip-and-Slide, if the weather cooperates.

    Leslie, I’m not coordinating with the SDDP, but any members are welcome!

  4. My wife and I are coming Cory. Let us know if you want us to bring something (sacramental wine?).

    How about a salad?

  5. Douglas Wiken

    One other thing that made that potluck-pool a good evening was no booze.

  6. Count me most likely in. I have a coaching seminar that day, but I think it is only for the morning.

  7. Owen, great! I welcome any munchy afternoon snack contributions. Whatever’s convenient for you and tasty for us is fine. :-)

  8. Cool, Ken! What are you coaching? Bring the other coaches! Surely they read the blogs? :-)

  9. Grudz are you going to Cory’s shindig up in Aberdeen

  10. Larry you going?

  11. larry kurtz

    nothing is impossible.

  12. I might have to fly in from Turkey or wherever my IP shows I’m at. We can hang out Larry! Think of the fun all of us can have! lol

  13. larry kurtz

    a cannabis advocate announcing a trip into your chemical toilet to a Jackley-booted thug like your are, lynn, borders on insanity.

  14. Larry just think of the spirited conversations we will have. Oh my! You better bring a few pounds since you will be burning bowl after bowl.

  15. larry kurtz

    I’ve already been married to at least three psychotic witches: why I’d drive 3000 miles around to chit chat with another remains a mystery.

  16. I wouldn’t mind an RSVP, but attendees need not notify the Attorney General of their intent to attend or their planned route. ;-)