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Wolf Exhibit Leaving Deadwood; Owner Blasts City Council, South Dakota for Killing Business

Jaci Conrad Pearson follows up on information about the possible sale of the Fur-Ever Wild wolf exhibit in Deadwood and learns that fur-farmer Terri Petter really is giving up the business and leaving town.

But Petter isn’t heading back to Minnesota without flipping Deadwood the bird:

“After the new ordinance was approved prohibiting us from change or growth, making us keep the same amount of animals and the same species year after year, would be catastrophic to our selective breeding program,” Petter said. “Not to let a business change or grow is the death to any business and the city of Deadwood knows this. Two city council members even refused to come out and see the facility; their minds were already made up before even seeing our facility or talking to us” [Jaci Conrad Pearson, “‘Fur’ Sale,” Black Hills Pioneer, 2015.08.01].

Petter also says the whole state of South Dakota is full of hypocrites for not letting her let kids pet wolves:

Petter said that for months, the state Animal Industry Board told her that pet-n-plays were possible if she followed certain guidelines.

“The facility was bought knowing that these guidelines were met,” Petter said. “At the end of the Animal Industry Board hearing after being told there weren’t any issues, the head vet changed his recommendation to not allow public contact with certain animals, even though other facilities have been doing it for years and can be documented. Both changes in opinions and regulations are sad for both the state of South Dakota and the city of Deadwood who allow rodeos, circuses, who is proud of the beef and other agricultural industries, who invite tourists in to take their money but doesn’t want kids’ educational attractions, but backs casinos and other non-kid friendly attractions” [Conrad Pearson, 2015.08.01].

Sounds like Terri doesn’t plan to be back to make friends with anyone in the South Dakota business community. Now she has to get back to Minnesota, where her local township board is still waiting for her to comply with their animal ordinances.



  1. Deb Geelsdottir 2015-08-01 15:12

    Good riddance for SD. Too bad for MN. I hope Lakeville boots her too.

  2. larry kurtz 2015-08-01 19:24

    You deserve some credit for sending these predators packing, Cory: now get into the US House race.

  3. Melanie 2015-08-06 09:00

    I’m just curious, let’s say if Minnesota is successful closing this operation down, then what becomes of all the animals? I know everyone is thinking about the future, but what about the present issues?

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