DRA Chapter Organizing 4th Annual Tour of Backyard Poultry in Sioux Falls

This spring bird flu cropped up at nine factory-poultry sites in South Dakota affecting 1.17 million chickens and turkeys.

If you’d like to see chickens that did not get or spread bird flu, come to the fourth annual Sioux Falls Tour de Coop, an event organized by the Homegrown Sioux Falls chapter of Dakota Rural Action to showcase the healthy, yummy chickens folks are raising to feed themselves and their neighbors right in their own backyards:

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Call for Coops! We are now soliciting backyard coop entries for the 4th Annual Sioux Falls Tour de Coop event on September 12th, 2015. If you’re an interested “coopster”, please review the Call For Coops page or visit us on Facebook. For questions or details on how to submit your coop for consideration just call or email Dakota Rural Action (DRA) Organizer Meghan Thoreau at 605-697-5204 or mthoreau@dakotarural.org.

The DRA Homegrown Sioux Falls Chapter is always looking for urban agricultural volunteers to help market the event, find sponsors, write press releases, or get the word on the street! If you’d like to be involved in something wholesome please contact Meghan.

About Homegrown Sioux Falls Chapter of Dakota Rural Action: Our chapter’s goal is to: (1) Build strong networks which embrace a culture of interdependent self-sufficiency, (2) Create channels for local resource sharing, and (3) Promote, educate, and advocate for sustainable urbanization and ecological economics throughout Sioux Falls and the surrounding areas [Homegrown Sioux Falls chapter of Dakota Rural Action, press release, 2015.06.30].

Don’t be chicken—come learn about true conservative South Dakota self-sufficiency being practiced in our urban backyards.

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  1. Deb Geelsdottir

    Yay for chickens! And yay for DRA!