Democrats to Staff Rapid City Office

The South Dakota Democratic Party is hiring a West River field organizer to work from Rapid City:


  • Overseeing the day to day operations of our Rapid City field office
  • Developing and refining voter contact goals for state legislative campaigns.
  • Assisting in the recruitment of legislative candidates.
  • Offering support and training to legislative candidates throughout their campaigns.
  • Providing support and training to county party officers and activists.
  • Mobilizing volunteer and voter registration efforts.
  • Implementing a statewide coordinated campaign.
  • Working with candidates to identify geographic and voter-specific targets
  • Assessing the state of voter file data and making recommendations for improvements.
  • Working on an ongoing basis with the State Central Committee and Executive Board.
  • Organizing and supporting High School and College Democrat groups.
  • Developing volunteer mobilization and voter contact reporting tools.
  • Other responsibilities as assigned [South Dakota Democratic Party, job description, 2017.09.14].

A Rapid City field office—it’s about time! That’s one more reason to forget the coup (what coup?) and get back to winning elections.

Party HQ says the new field organizer will start ideally on October 16, which ideally means there’d finally be an SDDP field office operating day to day by that date. It also means some skilled go-getter would have the pleasure of living in the Black Hills for at least a full year… not that there’s be much time for savoring the trails, streams, and other fruits of Black Hills living, since a truly effective West River organizer would be on the phone half the time recruiting donors and on the road the rest to Pine Ridge, Wanblee, Rosebud, Eagle Butte, Timber Lake, and other great West River sights recruiting candidates, volunteers, and voters. But hey, just plan extra events in District 31 (a winnable district!) in September and October so you can detour through the Canyon to see the fall colors. Those drives by themselves could make the job worth taking.

5 Responses to Democrats to Staff Rapid City Office

  1. Why Rapid? The democrats can “wiretap” from just about anywhere.

  2. Now, OldSarg, I know you’re just looking for an avenue of attack, but we’re talking about actual party activity, not your Trumpist fantasies of what politics would like like if it were a reality TV show. With headquarters in the most populous city in the state, it makes perfect sense to have a field office in the second-largest city in the state, in the state’s other time zone, working on voter registration, candidate recruitment, and donor visits in an area that the HQ team can’t reach without significantly more cost.

  3. I, for one, hope they have free cookies for the public every morning after breakfast.

  4. “we’re talking about actual party activity” so was I. The democrats actually spied on the Trump electoral party, it’s in the news. You should read it. Trump told you they “wiretapped” his folks, the leaks proved the democrats spied on him and now the media admits they spied on Trump. What more do you need? Need a “link”?

    Walks like a duck. . .

    As far as a democrat outreach office in Rapid it’ll be nice to have them here. My bet is there is an office next to Planned Parenthood, Antifa, No Borders, Communist USA, We Call You Racist or NaziRuS offices. The Dems would fit right in. . .

  5. Oh, the diversions. Bring on the field office… and be sure to post pictures on the SDDP Facebook page of Grudz enjoying our cookies!