Krebs Credits Trump for Big Decline in Concealed Pistol Permits

Secretary of State Shantel Krebs says she is issuing far fewer concealed pistol permits than she was at the beginning of the year. According to KELO Radio, concealed weapons permits issued have declined every month from 5,833 in February to 1,331 in July.

SOS Krebs says the drop comes from a drop in public anxiety not about crime but about political bogey(wo)men:

“After President Trump has been elected, we’ve seen a steady decline in those numbers of concealed carry permits being issued. It does attribute to our presidential election,” Krebs says. “That’s what it boils down to, the election process, I think people feeling less stress about their second amendment rights being trampled on, or gun control issues being imposed upon them” [Lee Strubinger, “Concealed Carry Permit Numbers down in SD Due to Trump Presidency,” SDPB Radio, 2017.08.10].

Hillary Clinton, like Barack Obama, had no intention of taking guns away from any law-abding South Dakotan. Krebs’s statement and the concealed pistol permit stats show that gun acquisition is driven more by irrational fear than by any fact-based threat analysis.

21 Responses to Krebs Credits Trump for Big Decline in Concealed Pistol Permits

  1. Jane Skaar

    Or the drop in permits is because everyone that wants one has one!

  2. Market saturation—interesting possibility, Jane! I wonder why SOS Krebs didn’t mention that possibility—was she more interested in making a political point to stir her primary voter base in her House campaign?

    According to the SOS website, as of July 31, 95,140 South Dakotans held regular, gold card, or enhanced concealed pistol permits. That’s about one in nine South Dakotans—is that the market-saturation point?

    That number is down from the November 30, 2016, peak of 96,227, but still up 8.5% from the 87,655 on January 31, 2016.

  3. Kal Lis it may be that while Democrats have always supported the 2nd Amendment, Democrats are purchasing guns in light of the 25th that is looming.

  4. Porter Lansing

    If anxiety is down why are passport applications way up? Because we need to be ready to bolt when Trump melts down (nuclear radiation pun intended).

  5. From Kal Lis’s article:

    The survey also found that nearly three quarters of the country has fired a gun, prompting the industry representative, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, to encourage members to take someone shooting.

    “Here’s our top takeaway: Get involved. Take someone shooting. Make owning a gun great again,” said the group [Bedard, 2017.07.06].

    The effort to market guns on the Presidency continues.

  6. So who is buying the guns? Black Women.

    Fun times in the Archie Bunker land. When old guys tire of Fox and Rush, they watch reruns of Archie singing about

    “Boy the way Glenn Miller Played
    Songs that made the Hit Parade
    Guys like us we had it made
    Those were the days.

    Didn’t need no Welfare states
    Everybody pulled his weight
    gee our old LaSalle ran great
    Those were the days

    And you knew who you were then
    Girls were girls and men were men”

    Read more:
    LetsSingIt – Your favorite Music Community

  7. Krebs wants to make sure she gets the ammosexual vote.

  8. Mike Kokenge

    It could very well be the saturation point. 50% of South Dakotans are women. Not saying women dont conceal and carry, just much less likely. 30% of South Dakotans are under the age of 18 and cannot C/C.
    A lot of people also do not buy into the fear mongering that goes along with C/C.

  9. Porter Lansing

    SEATTLE » The state Supreme Court ruled to uphold Seattle’s tax on gun and ammunition sales, according to an opinion issued Thursday morning.
    The justices ruled 8-1 to affirm a previous decision by the King County Superior Court, which sided with the city against opponents, including the National Rifle Association.
    The city has been imposing the tax of $25 per firearm and 2 or 5 cents per round of ammunition for more than a year and a half, after City Council passage in 2015.
    ~ Keep up, South Dakota. All the money you’re missing could help people get health insurance. :)

  10. Jerry, the funny thing is, that song fits perfectly with the angst over perceived Marxist nihilism in the Higgins memo.

  11. mike from iowa

    NRA spokesweasel asks NK to aim missiles at Sacremento, then claimed it was a joke.

    First lesson in gun safety is guns are not toys and are to be respected as if every one was loaded.

    The NRA has become such a joke I doubt anyone really takes them seriously anymore. They work for gun manufacturers and sellers-not the shooting public.

    This sfb needs his membership voided and to spend some quality time in prison rehab.

  12. Porter Lansing

    For trivia fans, in Archie Bunkers song, LaSalle was a division of Cadillac that produced autos from 1927 to 1940.

  13. Yes Porter, with the suicide doors on it, a car of beauty. The coupe was kind of cool as well. As they continued to look more and more like a Cadillac and with World War Deuce on the horizon, it was time to pull the pin.

    I was thinking about that song though, and thought how well it fits into the cult republican world of today. The anger that Archie had fits right in. The fact that the folks of color were now getting to be seen as equals troubled him. The transgender theme of “girls were girls and men were men” is so right on target that Ayatollah Ed hums it daily while shopping for an Archie hat. The hat and cigar are important to use while figuring ways to slip a mirror under the bathroom stall to see what kind of equipment is being utilized.

    This is the cult republican marching song. Everytime I see Daugaard/Thune/Rounds, I will envision them with an Archie Bunker hat and cigar. When I see NOem or Krebs, I will will think of how they are Edith Bunker in a nutshell.

  14. Excellent read, Jerry! Trump is Archie Bunker rage, pent up for forty years and finally unleashed in the White House. We’ll see how long it takes for viewers to get tired of this rerun.

  15. Even though Carroll O’Connor is no longer with us, Archie Bunker will NEVER die!

    It was better back when girls were girls and men were men. Now we’ve got little boy brains in grown men and women bodies as far as the prairie stretches.

  16. mike from iowa

    Not to get OT. but, Carroll O’Connor had some serious messages for drug pushers who got O’Connor’s son hooked and Hugh eventually committed suicide at 33.

  17. The lowly independent

    Oh Shantel, get with the fishing buddies calendar crew and get in as miss November, you way foxier then kristi!

  18. Shantel you peopel use that every election year the dems are going to take our guns ,If you want them come and get them.The boogie man is o ut again

  19. barry freed

    Guns everywhere in Charlottesville, no one shot.
    Note to protestors: When you use pepper spray, it gives your opponents mass quantities of goobers to spit on you.

    Don’t take down the Lee Statue, but put up an Obama Statue right next to Lee, then another Statue of a faceless woman and man of undetermined race.
    This is where we once were, this is where we were lately, this is where we should be.