Good Congressional Members Are Hard to Find… But Catch Rounds in Deadwood August 17!

In 2009, Senator John Thune would give us three to seven days heads-up on his town halls. As recently as last April, Thune’s staff could at least give us Aberdonians three days’ notice that he was coming to town to chat with the public.

Alas, either the fear of acknowledging failure or the general disarray of the White House must be contagious. Yesterday, Senator Thune held three public meetings in northwestern South Dakota. Yet the Rapid City Journal gave at best four hours notice of the event in Buffalo, six of the event in Bison, and seven of the event in Lemmon.

What the heck, John? Are you worried North Korea is going to target your coffee klatsch with an ICBM?

Well, at least Senator Thune let the locals know he was coming.

Who knows where Rep. Kristi Noem will be today? She rode motorbike in Hot Springs Sunday, visited Watertown Monday and Madison Tuesday. She tweeted a 24-hour notice of staff visiting Leola and Ipswich yesterday, but that’s the best we get.

In brighter transparency, Senator M. Michael Rounds is hosting a public meeting in Deadwood next week Thursday, August 17, 3:30 p.m. MDT, at Springhill Suites, 260 Lower Main St.

7 Responses to Good Congressional Members Are Hard to Find… But Catch Rounds in Deadwood August 17!

  1. John Kennedy Claussen, Sr.

    The citizens of Bison and Lemmon deserve the right to meet and greet their Senator too. But after a failed health care bill, even though the Republicans promised one for seven years, collapsing Republican presidential approval ratings, and a Republican President who is now wagging the dog to try to get everyone to forget about Russia, one has to wonder if Senator Thune’s town halls in Harding and Perkins Counties are really discussions with constituents or merely the proactive ways of a Senator who acts as if he is in a political witness protection program….

  2. Darin Larson

    FYI, Kristi Noem was at the Sioux Empire Fair today basking in the glow of goodwill surrounding Farmer Appreciation Day. I also saw Senator Thune, Dusty Johnson, Mayor Mike, and Tim Bjorkman. No Rounds sighting, however.

  3. Is he scared to hold a town hall meeting in Sioux falls and take our questions , they call him GOOSE STEP.

  4. Photo op on the trail , how about those town hall meetings goose step.

  5. I asked the queen about town hall meetings in Sioux falls I am thinking september so we shall se if she doesit.Go subsidy queen keep ducking the repeal the battle cry for 6 years.

  6. John Kennedy Claussen, Sr.

    Yep, one on one conversations with some ag producers doesn’t suffice for a town hall meeting I am afraid….

  7. I guess we’ll just have to overcome our Midwestern reserve and walk up to our members of Congress at the fairs for individual conversations. Lots of individual conversations.