Woster Catches Team Noem or Pennington County Sheriff in Town Hall Press-Control Fib

All hail Kevin Woster and South Dakota Public Broadcasting for their defense of long-form blogging! Woster cranks out over 2,600 words of the most thorough description of Rep. Kristi Noem’s contentious July 5 Rapid City town hall, burying the lede, weaving direct reporting with cultural observations and political critique, and SDPB lets the whole thing on their website. Ah, the Internet and public media, freeing Woster and all of us of the constraints of ink, paper, and commercial breaks for Sanford.)

Permit me to spotlight just one of Woster’s observations about Noem town hall. Evidently someone lied to Woster about restrictions on press accommodations at the event:

Reporters for TV, newspaper and public radio were squeezed into a spot along the wall 20 or 30 feet from Noem.  I complained about that to Noem staffers, who said it was a Pennington County Sheriff’s Office mandate. I then complained to Pennington County Sheriff’s Office deputies, who said Noem staffers wanted the restriction.

Whoever decided what, nobody was allowed behind the congresswoman, mostly. Staffers and deputies were allowed that angle. And I did notice that a local tea party and 2nd amendment advocate was on the edge and sometimes in the restricted zone, something I mentioned to a Noem staffer [Kevin Woster, “In an Era of the Impolite, South Dakotans Cling to Courtesy—Even at Contentious Town Hall,” SDPB: On the Other Hand, 2017.07.13].

Who penned the press? Noem says it was the sheriff; the sheriff says it was Noem. Both can’t be true, so someone was fibbing. Whoever those fibsters are, those public officials need to figure out that it’s not a good idea to fib to folks like Woster who have pens and cameras and websites where they can publish 2,600 words and much more.

8 Responses to Woster Catches Team Noem or Pennington County Sheriff in Town Hall Press-Control Fib

  1. Maybe we should “Cache.” verb,
    store away in hiding or for future use,” Noem and her team. Simply put them in storage, throw away the key and forget the address.

  2. mike from iowa

    Maybe it was all fake news anyway. Talking about Noem, I assume cash would be the word of the day. Cache would be where the morals and ethics get placed for convenience.

  3. mike from iowa

    BTW what would be that interesting about Noem’s backside? I’m glad to see you’re back, it is better than your face, maybe?

  4. Sorry about that misspelled headline! I’ve fixed it and the link!

  5. Bob Newland

    Actually, Noem’s butt is about the only interesting thing about her.

  6. These politicians need to pressed on what kind of medical insurance they and their families receive.

  7. Republicans need to get a grip on the reality of failure before there is no United States. https://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/right-turn/wp/2017/07/14/the-gops-moral-rot-is-the-problem-not-donald-trump-jr/?utm_term=.bccc01f6202b NOem is the cult republican problem we face here. True words from a conservative writer that finally sees what we have seen for years. The whole lot is a bloated corrupted mass that only exists through their lies that continue to be exposed.

  8. I hope that Kristi will get to work on drafting articles of impeachment. We can not keep the Kremlin in control of the White House. It is the job of the house of Representatives to oversee the executive branch, so it is Kristi’s job to protect the nation from the establishment of a Russian puppet government.