Musician Hegg Says GOP Health Care Plan Imposes Unfair Age Tax

Self-employed South Dakota musician and Affordable Care Act Marketplace policyholder Jon Hegg lends his voice to an AARP video urging Congress to scrap the Republican ACA repeal/replace plan:

I don’t know Hegg’s income, but according to a Kaiser Family Foundation data, 40-year-old South Dakotans like him making $40,000 a year would see the GOP plan increase the tax credits they can get for buying individual health insurance increase by 12% to 35%. 60-year-old South Dakotans making $40,000 a year would see their tax credits drop 57% to 61%. Older South Dakotans will also see higher premiums, since the GOP plan allows insurers to charge older policyholders five times the premium younger policyholders pay; the Affordable Care Act caps older folks’ premiums at three times younger folks’ premiums.

3 Responses to Musician Hegg Says GOP Health Care Plan Imposes Unfair Age Tax

  1. Cory, maybe you should try to explain this to Noem. After listening to her yesterday she needs somebody besides Trump people telling her what’s going on.

  2. Owen: The dem’s have found a issue they can win on in 2018 if they manage it correctly.

  3. Owen, I’m happy to try explaining.

    Sam2, who do we manage that issue correctly? Right now, I’m inclined to package it pretty simply: “South Dakota, if you have it, Donald Trump wants to take it and hand it to rich people.”