Krebs Joins Johnson in House Race, Promises “Responsive” Government “Just Like We Do in South Dakota”

Shantel vs. Dusty? This House primary should be fun!

What, no mention of shooting rattlesnakes? Team Krebs must be saving that Bad River imagery for after the first debate.

Shantel Krebs nabs rattler Dusty Johnson
Somewhere in Shantel’s fertile imagination….

But what’s that line in the video (as well as in her campaign announcement e-mail) about responsiveness?

For the first time in my life, I believe we have the opportunity to make the federal government more responsive to the people. Just like we do in South Dakota and just like I’ve done in my office [Shantel Krebs, first House campaign e-mail, 2017.03.13].

Responsive to the people… just like in South Dakota? That seems a somewhat off-target shot following the slap-in-the-face repeal of Initiated Measure 22. Check your sights, Shantel!

9 Responses to Krebs Joins Johnson in House Race, Promises “Responsive” Government “Just Like We Do in South Dakota”

  1. The feds already do it like in SD, corruption, cronyism, rob from the poor and give to the rich. We want something different Ms Krebs.

  2. If she wants to include her experience as a “business woman” she opens herself up to questions about how her businesses did. It seems to me that her ventures on Phillips Avenue were short-lived.

  3. I’m crying. Krebs would have made the best governor since Mickelson.

  4. So with Dusty and Shantel in, is there room for a third entrant to follow the Noem path, stay quiet until next year, then announce in February and surge over the two tired early announcers?

  5. Flipper, if Kristi can win calling herself a farmer, Shantel can win calling herself a businesswoman.

  6. HA! That is funny!

  7. Just like we do in South Dakota indeed. NOem, Thune and Rounds finally get some good news! More South Dakotans will die due to their trumpcare, saving the wealthy millions of dollars!

    Where is Krebs and Duster on this? For death or for life?

  8. Richard Schriever

    Reactive =/= responsive.

  9. Come on who says Dusty would stay in the Congress he might run away like he did in the puc and jump ship.