Schoenfish Bitter About Unspecified Critiques from Unnamed Critics

Representative Kyle Schoenfish (R-19/Scotland) breaks from his usual mechanical recitation of bills and votes, bills and votes, to close his latest Legislative update with a rather bitter parting shot at… well… someone for… well… something:

A few dishonest politicians and people attacked me over some issues before the last primary and general elections and the voters of District 19 gave a resounding rejection of those shameful attacks. They have continued to attack me through various means over the same issues recently but our job as legislators is to serve you the people and not to waste our time constantly criticizing those who disagree with our views and votes. We are a citizen legislature in South Dakota and legislators make great sacrifices so they can serve and make a difference. It has been very rewarding this last week to have received so much encouragement and support from legislators of both parties, state officials, friends, family and clients back home and across the state rejecting those recycled attacks. I will only use the meritless political attacks as motivation to continue to serve the best I can in public service and professionally [Rep. Kyle Schoenfish, “A Review and Response,” Mitchell Daily Republic, 2017.03.09].

Voters of District 19 who may want clarification as to what shameful, meritless political attacks he was talking about were unable to query Rep. Schoenfish as to the source of his pique this weekend, since he skipped the wrap-up crackerbarrel held in his hometown of Scotland on Saturday. Kyle’s mom came to speak up for him, but that doesn’t quite count as “serv[ing] the best I can in public service and professionally.”

Walter Schoenfish (center) gives Governor Dennis Daugaard (right) a tour of Schoenfish & Co., Inc.'s Parkston office, while Rep. Kyle Schoenfish (left) looks on adoringly. Photo from City of Parkston, 2014.08.27.
Walter Schoenfish (center) gives Governor Dennis Daugaard (right) a tour of Schoenfish & Co., Inc.’s Parkston office, while Rep. Kyle Schoenfish (left) looks on adoringly. [Photo from City of Parkston, 2014.08.27.]
It’s hard to say what has Schoenfish so irked. The only time his name popped into the headlines this Session was not at the hands of any “dishonest politician” (unlike some of Schoenfish’s other language, that phrase isn’t redundant). Schoenfish’s only major press time came from Angela Kennecke, who noted that the fatally scandalized Mid-Central Educational Cooperative is blaming Schoenfish’s accounting firm for not catching over $3 million in discrepancies in Mid-Central financial reports. Schoenfish seems not to have called Kennecke back yet about that story, but consultant Michael Wyland has at least argued that Mid-Central’s blame-the-auditor defense is unlikely to fly.

Whatever Schoenfish is mad at, he should make up his mind on his response strategy. If his nameless critics aren’t worth mentioning, then he shouldn’t mention them or their critiques. If they are worth mentioning, then they (critics and critiques) are worth mentioning by name, in detail, and with a direct, succinct rebuttal consisting of simple facts. Instead, Schoenfish only throws a vague, whiny combo of “poor me!” and “awesome me!” that answers no questions.

7 Responses to Schoenfish Bitter About Unspecified Critiques from Unnamed Critics

  1. I have got to look into this Rep. Schoenfish guy! He seems like a real winner! [in a sarcastic, disgraceful, embracing, laughable sort of way]

  2. Adam, you’ll have some help, since the federal court hearing the lawsuit against Mid-Central will certainly be looking into Schoenfish’s skills as an auditor.

  3. mike from iowa

    Cry me a river, Congressweasel. Wah,wah,wah!

  4. Shelly Alvine

    I love it when legislators say they make great sacrifices to serve, like they were drafted. They made a choice to run.

  5. Kyle has the same look of Linus looking at Daugaard like he is his blankey. History does repeat itself.

  6. Bob from Huron

    Amen, Shelly Alvine. They all have large egos and say they are sacrificing, when actually they love the recognition and the power that they have.

  7. the MO of the republican party in side-stepping corruption is to fix blame, shame, restrict investigation, distract and obstruct justice so the weakest link is scapegoated. EB5 & MCEC are examples. EB5 should have swung Rounds’ senate election. To walk away from this unresolved, unexplained, and elect Kristi as governor and Chantel as congresswoman, just provides a revolving door maintaining party power w/o accountability. Jackley will sew up MCEC so we’ll never know there. Then he’ll lose to Kristi’s war chest. She won’t debate him. imo. She’ll out-tweet him. Cowboy boots under the committee desk! JFC