Thousands of South Dakota Women (and Friends!) Protest Trumpist Bullying

While President Trump lied about the size of his Inaugural crowd, women and folks who like women marched in support of women’s rights and in protest of the threat President Trump raised their voices on the streets of major cities around the world yesterday.

Four South Dakota cities saw Women’s Marches yesterday. KELO-TV reports 3,300 protestors marched in downtown Sioux FallsAlmost 1,000 turned out in Rapid City. Organizers say over 500 marched in Vermillion. Protestors also took to the Capitol steps in Pierre.

Why do thousands of South Dakotans go outside to holler in January?

“I am worried about Trump’s negative behaviors. It’s like he’s endorsing male power and control, and that scares me,” [Lisa Ricci] said. “I wonder how many women in our community are going to be affected specifically by intimate partner violence, especially when our leader is misogynistic” [Kelsey Sinclair, “Rapid City Joins in March for Women’s Rights,” Rapid City Journal, 2017.01.22].

Alexandria Schoenberner shares these photos from the Rapid City march:

Photo by Alexandria Schoenberner, Rapid City, South Dakota, 2017.01.21.
Photo by Alexandria Schoenberner, Rapid City, South Dakota, 2017.01.21.
Photo by Alexandria Schoenberner, Rapid City, South Dakota, 2017.01.21.
Photo by Alexandria Schoenberner, Rapid City, South Dakota, 2017.01.21.
Photo by Alexandria Schoenberner, Rapid City, South Dakota, 2017.01.21.
Photo by Alexandria Schoenberner, Rapid City, South Dakota, 2017.01.21.

As the GOP spin machine co-opts feminist language to scare Legislative sexual harassment victims into silence, Rapid City activist Melanie Hurley reclaims her voice and calls on every so-far shy South Dakotan to do the same:

I realized today that I have censored myself for years on end because of living in a very red South Dakota confrontational place where fear of your [employer retaliating] against you for your views are very real and do regularly occur, for fear of friends misunderstanding my drive and need to speak up for others and myself, and for fear not being supported in using my voice.

I realized I did this to protect myself, my career and my family and to respect my friends and community who I know many think and hold very different political views from myself.

But, I understand now that by me not using my voice, allowed my community, neighbors, state and country to believe that people like me are in the few. I discovered that I have been disrespecting my own soul and spirit in my own fear of causing a scene or having some family feel that I am too strong in my stances.

I have been reminded that even as a child I stood up for others fiercely. I followed the wind into the woods on my own and discovered mountain tops with no fear of being lost. I fought with the teachers for picking on students and yet I became mostly silent over all these years.

I made my voice heard these last two years in standing up for the rights of Native Americans, for the rights of disabled children, and the rights of those who have less than ourselves and it did not go well. It strengthened my belief in my fear of speaking up.

But, I have discovered that because of me not doing this there have been over a million of us doing this same thing all this time. Taking it in the chin, dusting ourselves off, getting up and taking it in the chin again.

I don’t believe this is political because I believe our human, civil rights and earth rights are at the foundation of our survival. I believe saving a buck on the back of your neighbor who is struggling is harmful, hurtful and disrespectful to our human spirit.

I stood up and marched today because I have witnessed the shattering of my heart and my family’s hearts because of a hateful crime. A crime only action, courage and love, tremendous love can cure. I am reminded who I am today because I stood up for others and myself today. Fear and hate will not prevail without my voice and many others respectfully fighting against HATE [Melanie Hurley, Facebook post: Women’s March on Washington—Black Hills, 2017.01.21].

It’s easy for Trumpists and other bullies to marginalize and silence one opponent at a time. But when thousands of good people link arms and march and speak together, they can beat the bullies. In numbers, we find strength and victory.

Paula Hawks marches for women's rights in Sioux Falls—where were you, Kristi Noem? (Photo by Tory Stolen, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 2017.01.21).
Paula Hawks marches for women’s rights in Sioux Falls—where were you, Kristi Noem? (Photo by Tory Stolen, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 2017.01.21).

104 Responses to Thousands of South Dakota Women (and Friends!) Protest Trumpist Bullying

  1. We had about 130 in Pierre. Not a bad turnout for a place where (especially state-employed) folks tend to keep their heads down.

  2. Donald Pay

    Congratulations, Pierre!!!!

  3. Greg Deplorable

    Someone should tell this gaggle of feminazis that voting takes place in November.

  4. Porter Lansing

    Hear, hear Melanie Hurley. BEAT THE BULLIES @ Greg Limbaugh “Make me a sandwich”, Princess.

  5. Mike Boswell

    The facts are that Donald J Trump has made some very public comments about women that require that he owns up to those comments. I think everyone that voted for Trump now owns those words as well. Yes Trump should expect women to March against his words. I may not agree with all that these women say, but they have the right to protest and they have good cause. This protest is of Trump’s own making. He will not own up to it.

  6. Steve Hickey

    My tweet from earlier today: 30 MILLION unborn WOMEN at the #WomensMarch. O wait, they couldn’t march, could they? #RoeVWade casualties 58,586,256 #DismemberedAlive

    40 years ago they burned bras. Now they knit pink vagina stocking caps and wear vagina costumes. Do you see the direction this is going? What could possibly be next for them? What to say???? Counter-productive to their cause? I think reprehensible is the best word I can think of. Yet, these are the same people who get crazy mad if you show a pic of a dismembered aborted baby.

    This Women’s March was about abortion, not Trump’s ten year old remarks. These people don’t protest Bill Clinton, the serial groper. This is about abortion, only. The good news is Planned Parenthood will be defunded this year and the Court will have judges who can see the self-evident, know right from wrong… and one day we can all visit a National Memorial to the Unborn in DC and marvel at the time when people thought some biological humans were less human than others.

  7. mike from iowa

    Mom, Hickey’s into the glue again.

  8. Mike Boswell

    Steve while you may have part of the reason for the march, I still think women are outraged that Trump was even allowed to be a candidate for President. Now you may want to point out the fact that Abortion is immoral and I agree with you. You need to accept that Trump has a history of making disturbing comments about women not only just 10 years ago, but even during the election process.

    I could not vote for Trump because of his words and deeds. My Republican Friends could see past the “Drain The Swamp”. Now we have Trump in and “Drain The Swamp” is gone. Irony

  9. How about allowing Planned Parenthood to do the job of women’s health as a patriotic duty, in fact how about healthcare in general as a patriotic fair issue. I say this Mr. Hickey because in the time that Obamacare has been in place, abortions are down significantly. This is due to the patriotic fairness of healthcare and a direct result of fairness that comes from treating us all equally. In a democracy, are not men and women equal?

    If allowed to continue, we could actually see that memorial you speak of as a reminder of what we can accomplish when we all work together as a country to be fair to all of our citizens. We will not get that by degrading women, no sir, you get that with healthcare, education and preventive measures before there is an unborn. Healthcare has proven itself to be the catalyst of the fairest doctrine there is by reducing abortions and educating women on their health for the good of us all.

  10. Mr. Hickey, I get disturbed when I see a violent poster of anything. Women understand that with the fairness of the healthcare they have been receiving with Obamacare, they can then continue to move to drop abortion numbers even further. As equals, they need and deserve the healthcare that has been made available to us all as citizens of a fair and equal democracy.

  11. Mike Boswell

    Jerry the ACA “Obamacare” as of 20 Jan 2017 is dead and will be replaced by something else. Abortion going down has probably very little to do with ACA, but probably has a lot to do with the efforts of Mr Hickey and the fact that adults are being more responsible.

  12. Mike Boswell

    Jerry it is unfair to say that Abortion was also not part of this March. Carly Fiorina has stated that “Pro Life” women were not welcome at this March. So part of Steve is saying is true.

  13. mike from iowa

    The Hickeys of the world want Planned Parenthood defunded so abortion rates go back up and then Hickey and friends can wail and claim victimhood – for themselves. If they gave a damn about all those fetuses they would make sure they had adequate food, healthcare, education etc after the fetus is forced to be born. But you see, the reality is taking care of living children cuts into taxcuts for the wealthy. Cannot allow that, no sirree!

  14. mike from iowa

    As for the 30 million unborn women, had they been forced to be born and PP was defunded these women would have all died hideous deaths from preventable cancers and other anomalies except for the fact the hypocritical right wing nut jobs don’t care about women, either. Defund PP, take away Medicare/ Medicaid- turn those programs into vouchers for states so the federal monies can be used to pay for taxcuts for the rich.

  15. Roger Cornelius

    The Women’s March was not about abortion, it was about “grab ’em by the pussy” and other derogatory comments made during the trump campaign.
    My 75 year old sister drove to Rapid City from the Pine Ridge to attend the Women’s March and I did not hear one word about abortion from the group.
    Hickey needs to reread Cory’s post to see what the women said this rally was about.

  16. Mr. Boswell, if you can tell me what exactly punkin head scribbled on that note regarding Obamacare, I would like to see it. That is one big ol mystery that has taken the legs of whoever it is that wants to lie about it.

    Clearly, Obamacare has provided millions of women access to prevention that they never would have been able to afford before. You can source the data and statistics on this to see the difference.

  17. Mike Boswell

    Jerry I equally can ask you can you provide statistics that information that abortion hasn’t made people more responsible. Again the ACA as passed is a dead issue. Time to get over it. Something else is going to replace it. You can’t stop that. I will note that the ACA forced healthcare on some who didn’t want it as well. You want to look up stats do it yourself.

  18. Donald Pay

    The usual Republican snark about protests can’t cover up their utter terror at people rising up. Those of us old enough to have participated in anti-war protests against the Vietnam heard all the attacks before. They try to label all people with one particular word or phrase, and try to discount everything. It’s a tactic that is a cowardly way to deal with such things.

    As I marched, I saw a few signs about abortion. I saw many signs about health care and many about keeping hands off my body parts. I saw pussyhats on men and women. I saw lots of signs from little girls about “grlll power.” I saw little boys joining in to support their Moms. Dads were carrying the kids so Mom could hold up here sign about gender equality. White people were holding up signs signs saying black lives matter. Black people were going up to police and thanking them for helping direct traffic around the closed streets.

    If there was a criticism of the march it was that there was not a clear enough focus on one issue, like abortion or health care, but I think the message was pretty clear, really. We are all in it for every person who will be damaged by what’s coming, and we aren’t going to be silent and we are going to do what we need to do to stop it.

  19. Scotland is a country that Mr. Hickey has been living in for some months. Scotland has a population of 5 and one half million folks. Scotland has public health for those citizens and has had under 1,500 medically performed abortions last year. With a number of these abortions for young females under 16 years of age.

    Scotland found many years ago that legalized safe abortion was probably the most fair way of treating all equal in democracy, so they made the process legal and thereby safe. So then 000.2727 per cent of Scotland’s population had an abortion. Remarkable.

    The fairness of public health, along with a society that believes in sex and parenthood education along with a well being curriculum, is the hallmark of Scotland’s education system.

  20. Mike Boswell

    Donald Pay you should qualify that as some Republicans. I have held Trump accountable for his words and actions since the Primary Debates. It just didn’t matter. That 40% of the Republican party was more concerned with “Drain The Swamp” than the candidate. You couldn’t argue against Trump without coming off as a “hater” just as equally you could argue against Hillary. These two Candidates were the most disliked in the recent history of American Politics. Neither should have been their parties Candidates, but now we must live with it. Trump Supporters must learn to live with the protests. I told them as much myself several times during this process. Well now we all live with it.

  21. Mr. Boswell , show me the stats from government agencies that follow what you are saying. Please keep it official though. No opinions, just the stats and the linkys.

  22. I tell you this Mr. Boswell, if punkin head and the do nothing republicans would actually replace Obamacare with something that would “cover everyone” with major medical insurance? I would hail that and stop calling this twerp punkin head. Of course then, why would you repeal it instead of just changing it to be accomplish that “terrific coverage for everyone”?

  23. Mike Boswell

    NO Jerry go find them yourself. I am not doing the leg work for you. btw how much is the average Scottish person paying out for their Socialized Healthcare and Income taxes. I would imagine it is much higher than in the US. There is no free lunch. You would have us go to Single Payer without knowing the cost to each of us. We already know that the ACA costs too much and people are forced to participate. So people are buying insurance they can’t afford and can’t use, because they can’t afford the deductible. But that’s not the point of the March as Donald pointed out it was one of many.

  24. Mike Boswell

    Jerry you would name call anyone you would disagree with and you have in many post here. Not just Donald J Trump.

  25. Porter Lansing

    Yes, Rev. Hickey. The Women’s March was about abortion and the way many blaspheme the bible to disrespect women and attempt to take their rights. A fetus isn’t a baby until it’s born and God blesses him or her with a soul.
    Exodus 21:22 ~ God only punishes the guilty person(s) with a fine if the fetus is lost in an accidental miscarriage, but invokes equal punishment (a death for a death) if the woman is injured or killed as a result of the accident. The implication being: 1) the unborn child only has a monetary value to God, 2) the unborn child is not a person, hence their use of the word “fetus,” and 3), the woman has infinite value (to her husband) while the fetus has little if any value. The New American Standard and many other English translations validate this position as do many Jewish commentaries.

  26. I don’t believe that I have ever called anyone that posts on this site a name other than their given one and that includes you Mr. Boswell.

    I have found much information on statistics that are very easily available. To me, it does not matter if you want to look at them or not. I would only say that fairness dictates affordable healthcare for all as stated with “terrific coverage for everyone” declared by the person only known as ________

  27. Porter, would you agree that the standards set by Scotland in Mr. Hickey’s new location, bring out the best of fairness and equality for its citizens? Mr. Hickey can witness himself how those two wonderful practices bond society together. The fairness and equality for all mean a healthcare and educational society that works together even when disagreements take place because they realize they all live together as the human family. What part of choice is not fairness?

  28. Porter Lansing

    Yes, I agree with that. Mr. Boswell notes, “There’s no free lunch.” However, the same lunch costs much less in Europe. Buying things we all use as a group is cheaper. Think Sam’s Club and any Co-Op.

  29. Mike Boswell

    Porter the ACA never worked out that way and it was touted as so. Thus that’s why it is going to change.

  30. Porter, do you get the feeling that Mr. Boswell is a troll? I am not accusing, just asking if that may be the case.

  31. Aha! There we have it, the “no free lunch” arguement from Mike. What do you call the folks that won’t buy insurance because they are “healthy”, then walk into the emergency room with a broken leg or a hemorrhage, heart problem… without the means to pay. My insurance rates go up to help pay. To the individual that didn’t contribute to the pool, A FREE LUNCH! We, as a nation, should be in this together. As you say, NO FREE LUNCH!

  32. Muy bueno Loren.

  33. Mike Boswell

    Loren I call them poor. Sure there as some people willing to risk not having health insurance, but is that the majority of cases. (probably not). The debt from those emergency visits go uncollected and eventually is paid by the counties at a much lower rate. I don’t mind paying property taxes to pay for those emergency room visits as all the extra costs are written down. I call that charity.

  34. Porter Lansing

    Loren … Those who won’t buy health insurance are called “free riders”. The only tweek Obamacare needs if to raise the fine for those that won’t join the group and thus cause hardship for the rest of us. That’s the legal justification for the ACA mandate. If you cause Americans hardship or loss you must pay a fine.
    ~ The ACA is going to change? We’ll see. Calling it by a different name isn’t really a repeal, you know.
    ~ I don’t know, Jerry. I’m called a troll on the red page so I guess it’s an individual decision to label or not label. Mr. Boswell seems quite consistent in his beliefs. But, he does show a lack of conviction. The need to argue a point day after day shows that.

  35. Charity is just another name for free lunch, you are twisting things around to suit your purpose Mr. Boswell.

  36. 130 in Pierre? I agree: in a town were progressive dissent could have serious repercussions, that kind of turnout is impressive.

    Curious: when’s the last time this many protestors took to the streets for a single-day event in South Dakota?

  37. Greg, wow, go straight for the cheap insult (prechewed for you by Rush Limbaugh’s for-profit yaktivism). These women are not Nazis of any flavor. They are our sisters, wives, daughters, and neighbors. They took to the streets not to oppress you; they took to the streets to say they want to keep the rights they’ve won and stay on an equal footing with men in law, government, business, and society. Nothing Nazi about that at all.

  38. Mike Boswell

    I have to agree with Cory on Greg’s comments. BTW these women probably voted and they didn’t vote for Donald J Trump. I hope Greg is not assuming that everyone who protests are not voting. I think that people that willing to get involved in a protest are going to take the time to vote. Just saying.

  39. As for Fiorina, well, every woman protesting is pro-life. Everyone here is pro-life. We all like life. We all defend life. “Pro-life” is an empty word, misused to demonize those of us who think respecting life and dignity means respecting women’s autonomy and their final authority over their bodies and their eggs.

    But hey, Fiorina made her choice. She thinks banning abortion is more important than standing up to a man who peddled for his own benefit the insulting notion she’s not qualified to be President because he doesn’t find her face attractive. Of course, she also has millions of dollars and lots of politically connected friends to insulate her from the oppressive anti-woman policies of the Trump White House. The South Dakota women marching yesterday generally do not have the same defenses against chauvinist tyranny. Their only defense is to join together in protest, activism, candidacy, and voting.

    Yes, Greg, I think those women do all know there will be an election in 2018. I suspect most of them will go to the polls to continue making their voices heard.

  40. Roger, my friend, Hickey needs to distract us (and himself) from the central reasons that make Trump unfit to lead us. He has to reconcile with his Christian conscience Trump’s un-Christian, anti-woman behavior. He thus has to appeal to his untrumpable absolute—everything is excused, as long as we’re saving babies.

    Unfortunately for Steve, he’s saddled with a President who hasn’t really thought about and probably doesn’t give a firm darn about abortion.

  41. Porter Lansing

    Cory … I don’t know about protesters but a lot of good people took to the streets when President Obama came to Watertown. What an honor for the Coteau des Prairies.

  42. (Speaking of Presidential visits, Porter, check out SCR 1 in the Legislative hopper.)

  43. bearcreekbat

    Cory, thanks for your response to Greg. I had the same reaction as you when I read his denigration of over 3 million of our daughters, sisters, wives and mothers.

    And you are right about pro-choice folks being pro-life. What the Hickey faction seems to ignore or repress is the historical reality (and current reality in countries that outlaw medical help for women seeking an abortion) that women all over the world had abortions and will continue to have abortions, whether legal or not. All legalization does is advance a true pro-life agenda by assuring that doctors and nurses will not be punished for trying to keep women who make this choice alive, safe and healthy. Legalization does nothing to encourage anyone to terminate a pregnancy, rather it allows those who make such a hard choice the right to seek medical help as needed – a pro-life position.

    A report from the Lancet, a medical journal, shows that the abortion rate in countries that have banned the practice is actually higher than in countries where women have access to abortion.

    The most recent meta-analysis of global trends, published in 2012, discovered that the abortion rate, after a sharp decline between 1995 and 2003, scarcely changed over the following five years. However, the proportion of unsafe abortions rose from 44 percent to 49 percent of overall abortions.

  44. Porter, you are correct. I guess I have been called a troll on this blog site so there is that. I think that it is really quite an achievement by women and those who love them, to protest with your feet punkin heads radical policies towards women. I was taken aback by the republican responses on this site that lead me to believe they are in full support of the Soviet style of governing. Conservatives like Bill Kristol are very disgusted and alarmed with punkin heads press secretary lying about crowd size. That is taken from the front page of Soviet propaganda that encourage bullying and lying.

  45. Porter Lansing

    Quite an achievement, indeed. Kelly Anne has a really crappy job, huh? Day after day after day she has to try and convince her boss that his dad didn’t really hate him. But, he won’t believe it because it’s not really true. he he

  46. Don Coyote

    @Porter Lansing: “Those who won’t buy health insurance are called “free riders”. The only tweek Obamacare needs if to raise the fine for those that won’t join the group and thus cause hardship for the rest of us.”

    I disagree. The economic definition of a “free rider” would be someone receiving a benefit of a common good/service without paying for it. A person receiving medical care at a hospital/clinic who pays for the care out of pocket would not be considered a “free rider”. In fact a person who gets medical care under Medicaid would be a better example of a free rider since the hospital/clinic will be undercompensated for the treatment with the additional costs being shifted to patients with better health insurance and to those paying out of pocket. The government is the real free rider problem not the uninsured because of the billions of dollars of uncompensated/undercompensated care provided by the health system.

  47. Roger Cornelius

    What Hickey, Deplorable Greg, and Boswell fail to realize about the Women’s March is that it was not just about feminism.
    It was an all inclusive protest by many men and women, there were a lot of men at the marches around the world, with different concerns about the tRump presidency.

  48. bearcreekbat

    Conway told Chuck Todd that Spicer didn’t make any false statements about crowd size in the presser, rather he simply presented “alternative facts.”

  49. Porter Lansing

    A person who receives care at a hospital/clinic but DOESN’T pay the bill is a free rider. All USA citizens are required to have health insurance by law. If you can’t afford it the group will chip in to help you. It saves the group a lot of money.

  50. I don’t see what’s wrong with this marching. If you want to march, march. Carry signs. It is not hurting anybody.

    But if you smash windows and get riotous during your march the police should absolutely bonk every marcher on the head as hard as they can and use rubber bullets and stun guns and more bonking.

    Marching is fine.
    Rioting is not.

  51. Everyone seems to be missing the big fact of this thread. Hickey literally doesn’t know what a vagina looks like.

  52. Is there anyone old enough to remember healthcare before Obamacare? Here is a refresher. Do you remember what happens when your dependent got cancer and the rates for your group health insurance went right through the roof? Anyone??? How about when employers would terminate employees because either them or their dependents got deathly ill? Anyone?? How about when your maximum coverage amount of $1,000,000.00 lifetime ended? Anyone?? How about when your kid turned 18 and had a dread disease that ended because they aged out of coverage? Anyone??

    Mr. Boswell, you seem to have all the answers about free riders, what do you think happened to this folks?

  53. Don Coyote

    @Porter: “Yes, I agree with that. Mr. Boswell notes, “There’s no free lunch.” However, the same lunch costs much less in Europe. Buying things we all use as a group is cheaper. Think Sam’s Club and any Co-Op.”

    You keep using this analogy and it is a poor one. My membership at Sam’s Club or Costco doesn’t force me to purchase items that I don’t want or need. I don’t have to buy a gallon of milk I don’t want just to get the price on that block of cheddar that I do want. If I don’t want to buy that super size box of Cheerios because I couldn’t eat them all in my lifetime, I’m not forced too. If I buy a pair pants, I don’t have to buy a shirt as well.

    That’s not the case with Obamacare. If I want insurance to cover an appendix operation, I also have to purchase maternity insurance, although I’m a 63yo man with with a post menopausal wife. I get to purchase breast cancer screening and cervix cancer screening although I don’t have those parts. There’s all sorts of cost shifting mandates that go on with Obamacare that causes the purchaser increased costs because they are forced to over purchase their coverage. In effect those unneeded services are acting as a subsidy for those who do want them which is a type of free riding.

  54. Porter Lansing

    It’s your analogy that’s the poor one. A Big Mac isn’t any cheaper if you don’t want the pickles. In fact, it costs McDonald’s more to make it without the pickles because it upsets the group assembly line. Same with cable TV and health insurance policies.

  55. Roger Cornelius

    “No Free Lunch”, if you are a republican legislator in Pierre, the lobbyist will be glad to provide you with a free breakfast, lunch and dinner, and maybe a wine and cheese tray for a bedtime snack.

  56. John Kennedy Claussen, Sr.

    So Don, according to your logic, are you saying that once your kids graduate from a public high school, that one should no longer support public education nor be required to help to fund it?

  57. Did you fellows see that President Trump is coming here to Mr. Rushmore and Crazy Horse for July 4th? Imagine the traffic snarls that will be occurring.

  58. Porter Lansing

    Grudznick … Is there some unseen benefit to being negative about every thing you comment on, except food? I believe it’s become a habit with you and you can’t really stop being contrary. It is more common is SoDak than most places, though. I think it comes from the German heritage of most of the people. What do you think causes it?

  59. mike from iowa

    . The economic definition of a “free rider” would be someone receiving a benefit of a common good/service without paying for it.

    Kinda life right to work workers not having to pay unions for collective bargaining. But I digress.

    As for Rushmore, someone needs to make large clothespins for the noses of those beautiful, patriotic American sculptures.

  60. Roger Cornelius

    There have been no official notices that tRump is coming to Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse unless it is one those ‘alternative fact’ things recently adopted by tRump.
    tRump has probably never heard of South Dakota much less knows or cares where it is.

  61. How about Cobra, anyone remember what happened when you ended that 18 months of paying 100% of the premium for coverage? Anyone?? Yep, the freeloader was left with nothing, you were on your own. You really did have one right though, you had the right to suffer until you were completely broke, then you could get Medicaid after you could prove that you did not have a pot or a window to toss it out of.

  62. Don Coyote

    @mia: “Kinda life right to work workers not having to pay unions for collective bargaining. But I digress.”

    Yes that would be the case IF unions did not have the right to negotiate contracts for their members only. Which they do as has been held by Federal courts.

  63. Mr. Lansing, I think a gravy-laden diet is part of it.

  64. Punkin head is quiet about the 15 dead in Georgia along with all the injured and devastation. When is this bully gonna release FEMA to do the job there and start helping people. Maybe get on that plane and head down to see what he can do to help rebuild, jobs you know. Maybe get his tweeter down there. Sigh, I remember when we used to have a president that actually gave a damn about victims.

  65. Porter Lansing

    That could be it, G-Nick. It’s not everyone but the South Dakota negative people’s numbers correlate to about the same number as registered Republicans, so maybe that’s a factor, huh? When friends move to CO from SoDak it always takes a few months for them to break the negativity habit. It’s kind of a joke among we ex-patriots how most every new comer from up there is the same way. You can even tell when a friend has been back for a couple weeks pheasant hunting. They’ll begin conversations and comments with complaints instead of praise. Or maybe it’s your wind? But, everyone changes to become a positive thinker, once they’ve been around like minded folks, for a while. It’s group think in both places that influences people, positively or negatively, I suppose.

  66. Don Coyote

    Jerry: “How about Cobra, anyone remember what happened when you ended that 18 months of paying 100% of the premium for coverage? Anyone?? Yep, the freeloader was left with nothing, you were on your own.”

    That’s my situation now. What’s crazy is my COBRA premium is half the cost of an Obamacare Bronze high deductible HSA. The COBRA also includes dental and vision while the Obamacare plan doesn’t and it’s premium could pay my mortgage and car payment. It should get real interesting around the end of June. I will have open enrollment in what remains of ACA or Plan B is to use my HSA to pay medical expenses until I’m eligible for Medicare in May 2018. To iterate once again a “freerider” is not a freerider if you pay your medical bills.

  67. Don Coyote

    @John Kennedy Claussen, Sr: “So Don, according to your logic, are you saying that once your kids graduate from a public high school, that one should no longer support public education nor be required to help to fund it?”

    Nope, not at all. I was ‘splaining the freerider problem to Porter who seemed a tad befuddled over the definition. Public education and the “neighborhood effects” that are incurred are a entirely different kettle of fish.

    Here, Milton Friedman explains it best:

    “A stable and democratic society is impossible without widespread acceptance of some common set of values and without a minimum degree of literacy and knowledge on the part of most citizens. Education contributes to both. In consequence, the gain from the education of a child accrues not only to the child or to his parents but to other members of the society; the education of my child contributes to other people’s welfare by promoting a stable and democratic society. Yet it is not feasible to identify the particular individuals (or families) benefited or the money value of the benefit and so to charge for the services rendered. There is therefore a significant “neighborhood effect.””

  68. Greg Deplorable

    Trump is already making feminists exercise and get healthy. That wasn’t even a campaign promise!

  69. Porter Lansing

    Befuddled? You’re being obtuse to c.y.a. A freerider is someone who refuses to buy healthcare insurance, uses the emergency room, doesn’t pay the bill and makes everyone’s insurance rates go up.

  70. Porter Lansing

    Deplorable. Where’s my sandwich, Princess?

  71. Greg Deplorable

    IDK Poorer, shout loud enough and maybe your mom upstairs will make you one.

  72. That is not crazy at all. Group rates are lower than individual rates in many cases depending on your company size. In the olden days, they were on composite rates which meant that everyone paid the same rate. In those days Dakotacare was the different in that younger studs would pay less than the old lions.

    So if you are on Cobra then that means you are no longer working. Your income then has dropped substantially and you may be able to get a bigger subsidy since it is rated on your family income. A smart feller like yourself has probably already figured that out. Now if you and your bride now make less than $64,080.00 for 2018, then you would qualify for subsidy help to lower those premiums. Regarding your dental insurance, you can check out the website for Delta Dental and you will find that a dental plan for yourself would be around 40 bucks a month. As you have an HSA, you can no longer contribute to it after age 65 so you then can use the money squirreled away there to pay medical expenses as was the intent when you set it up in the first place. Don’t forget to take Part B Medicare as your HSA is not credible coverage for Part D, that mandated drug plan that President George W. Bush put into the mix in his administration. Republicans have always thought that mandated insurance purchases make the most sense and this old soldier agrees with that. Republican called that freeloader protection. What happened to those guys?

    Regarding vision insurance, what is the point of that for you as you do not seem to see anything logical. Shame on me for that coyote, but there I go.

  73. Porter Lansing

    My mom is upstairs, GDPlorable. In Heaven. She doesn’t like people like you who disrespect women.

  74. Don Coyote

    @jerry: “So if you are on Cobra then that means you are no longer working. Your income then has dropped substantially and you may be able to get a bigger subsidy since it is rated on your family income.”

    Nope, not really. My wife is no longer working and that’s where I had my health insurance through. While I’m not working per se, family income really hasn’t dropped much since my wife and my investment incomes are greater than an ACA subsidy will allow. My ACA Bronze plan would unsubsidized according to all the calculations on And unless I switch all my doctors I will have to purchase the more expensive Sanford plan. Also don’t forget, I don’t get to use pre-tax dollars to pay my insurance premiums like employer based insurance allows.

    And you’re wrong over Republicans favoring mandated coverage. What was envisioned was a carrot approach by supplying tax credits to purchase health care. Don’t buy insurance you would lose your tax credits. The Democrats went all mean and insisted on a mandate where failure to purchase would result in a tax penalty. Except when it wasn’t a tax until Chief Justice Roberts said it was. Jeebus, you guys really hosed up the health insurance markets.

  75. mike from iowa

    Diplorable-you alternative facts. Drumpf didn’t make these women do anything. They CHOSE to voice their opinion and opposition to the sexual predator poser.

  76. You are incorrect coyote. The Medicare Part D is an unfunded mandate that was instituted in 2003, I would link that but your buddy Mr. Boswell would expect me to keep that up. You can check it though. Mitt Romney requested a waiver from the Bush administration to provide subsidy assistance for Romneycare in Massachusetts in 2006. Mitt was the republican governor of Massachusetts when this passed the legislature there. Part of the Republican strategy of funding this new law as an individual mandate that required everyone to participate in healthcare coverage. It is really the blueprint of Obamacare with the individual mandate with federal subsidies the same. The mandated idea has always been a Republican idea from the get go, always. I will say something else as well, Mitt Romney may well have been President Romney if he would not have lied and said that the programs were not the same. In those days, character actually meant something.

    Pre tax dollars to pay your insurance premiums is like taking a shower with your socks on, you still pay and it is hard to clean between you toes. What pre tax anything does is take away from Social Security earnings as you are not paying tax on income. Come on man, you seriously don’t think employers really give a care about your pre tax contributions, it is all about them. They don’t have to match your stuff, they get to keep their stuff.

    Stop doing your own investments and get yourself in to see an investment dude or dudette that understands disbursements.

  77. John Kennedy Claussen, Sr.

    Don, Friedman’s principle could also be applied to health care or insurance as well. Because, when we all contribute to a health care plan and its costs, regardless of whether a given provision is of any direct benefit to us personally, its preventive qualities as result of these broad coverages and or pooling of resources reduce health costs for all over time, thus benefiting all, or what Friedman called the “neighborhood effect.”

    Also, I am quite confident that my homeowners insurance policy is with a company that requires all of its customers to help pay directly or indirectly for the losses that that insurance company may endure due to hurricanes, even though a hurricane itself has yet to hit South Dakota policyholders….

    But thanks for highlighting conservative Friedman’s comments about public education, however, because they are in direct conflict with the philosophy of Education Secretary-designate Betsy Devos beliefs on education….. and this definitely needs to be noted.…..

  78. Vance Feyereisen

    As former President Obama pointed out in one of his debates with HRC “no one likes abortion”

    Given the fact that abortion has been with us for centuries and given the fact that mankind is not going to stop doing what creates the market for abortion, it would seem to be a fact that it will be with us for centuries more.

    History indicates that efforts to make abortion illegal does little to change the overall issue. There were abortions before Roe vs. Wade, there are abortions now and will be abortions if Roe vs Wade is repealed.

    Simply put, prohibition does not work. But we can address many of the issues that lead to unwanted pregnancies. We can lessen the demand for abortion.

    What we do know is that the more educated, the more financially secure, the more distant from poverty environments people are, the less unwanted pregnancies occur.

    Were abortion foes serious they would be looking to provide more and better education, healthcare and livable wages for those poverty prone segments of the population.

    None of this will happen in a Conservative World, a place where vision ends at the end of your nose or the amount of money in your wallet. Abortion, as a wedge issue, rounds out the agenda of hypocrisy, disinformation, lies and imagined fears that has served the repubs so well for the last 40 years.

    Passing a few laws making abortion illegal will have small impact on the 30-50 million legal and illegal abortions that take place each year. However, it is a lazy way of looking like you are actually doing something.

    FYI-This is a fact-free article without sited sources. It seems articles without facts are very popular in some quarters.

  79. Even the traitor Republican Nixon proposed universal healthcare that had government subsidies to insure all Americans. You can find that information On The Issues.

  80. Roger Cornelius

    Deplorable says “tRump is making women exercise”. Note the ‘making’.

  81. In the days before Obamacare, women were charged more for health insurance because women have greater needs for healthcare than men. The safety and health of women is the proven way for healthy children to be born and nurtured. NOem and punkin head want to try to bully women into the loss of their coverage so they will suffer the health issues that have plagued women from the beginning. Doctors know how to address the problems women have with a multitude of issues that require a hands on approach to treatment and wellness programs. What Obamacare did was to allow that to happen. Women’s costs were the same as men’s for insurance. No longer were the days of such premium disparity. In short, the ACA saves lives. NOem is no friend of women and neither is punkin head.

  82. Greg Deplorable

    My apologies Porter, I wouldn’t have made that comment if I knew your mom had passed away.

  83. Porter Lansing

    Apologies accepted , friend. Good points you made, today. I respect your opinions.

  84. Don Coyote

    In the old days you had to buy maternity insurance if you wanted coverage for what is a preventable health care occurrence. So when my wife and I decide to start our family that’s what we did. And it was “well baby” rider meaning that if the baby had medical issues requiring intensive treatment that wouldn’t be covered.

    When my wife and I had our second child, a situation developed where my wife had to have total bed rest until #2 was born and the doctor told me to purchase intensive care insurance for the baby because we were going to have to deliver her premature. So I did. Never needed the insurance and #2 was born healthy.

    Because basic health policies were cheaper back then, you had a cushion so the temporary expense of insurance riders weren’t painful. Had to buy our own birth control too. And prescriptions. And when the kids needed braces well we negotiated a treatment plan and made payments to the orthodontist as dental was totally out of pocket. If stoopid Obama and the Dems hadn’t hosed up the insurance markets life would be much simpler

  85. Yes, policies were cheaper then because they were underwritten. How that works is that you put down all of your information regarding every inch of your body inside and out. You send that in and the insurance company looks at it and then your medical records. They see if you ever and I mean ever had any kind of blood pressure or headaches, menstrual issues, the works. If you did, they would put a waiver on the issue so they would not cover that problem. For women, when policies were changed, it was even more of a terror. Say that you had a difficult delivery, the insurance company would not cover the pregnancy. Simple as that. Yes, the reason they were cheaper is because you had to be in perfect physical shape to even bother applying. Oh, and they sometimes put both a waiver and a rating which meant higher premiums for that issue.

    Republicans saw this and changed the rules in Massachusetts so that there were no pre existing conditions or waiting periods. They put on a mandate so that all would have to purchase the insurance for the freedom and fairness of equal coverage. Worked like a charm so well that those stoopid Democrats put it into play nationally. Here we are with Obamacare or Romneycare nationally. When you boys kill this for all Americans, we will see this as unfair and Republicans will get throttled for being so stoopid that they did not recognize they could fix it on their own and then take credit for it like Mittens did.

  86. Don Coyote

    Never, ever had a problem with my individually purchased insurance that covered my wife and family and that was with the wife having a Caesarian with the 1st child complicated with fibroid tumors, menstrual issues, a pre-cancerous cervix before our second, a second Caesarian for #2 not to mention my surgical pin in my arm. Never a question about the pre-existing conditions or any extraordinary premium increases because of the pre-existing conditions.

  87. Donald Pay

    Yes, indeed, Medicare Part D requires that individuals have to buy into one of about twenty plans available in Wisconsin. I’m not sure what is available in South Dakota.

    It is an individual mandate. Let’s say you have no prescriptions and thus no need for Part D at the time of your retirement. Sorry, you still have to find a plan and pay in because you may have, for example, a tooth extraction and require some sort of pain medication, or you have cataract surgery and need to use the fairly expensive meds they require you to take. The penalty for not buying Part D insurance is that if you ever need a prescription, you are going to have to pay a much higher premium for the rest of your life. So, you can get by without Part D insurance, if you don’t ever need medications. If you do, you are going to be paying up the ass for years.

    Wisconsin still has our SeniorCare plan, which provides prescriptions at vastly reduced prices and for a small premium and a $5 co-pay. Although Walker hinted at getting rid of SeniorCare, he was hit by so much opposition that he backed away.

  88. Don Coyote

    @cah: “Curious: when’s the last time this many protestors took to the streets for a single-day event in South Dakota?”

    Tea Party protests at Covell Lake in SF in 2009. 3,000 – 4,000 were the numbers tossed around by the local media. Meanwhile nose counting at KDLT has been refined to the point that the count for the Women’s March on Whatever was reported as an astoundingly precise 3,327. Not sure as how they arrived at that precise of figure.

    Sorry, still no numbers for how many Krazy Daze shoppers made up the 3,327 protestors.

  89. coyote, what years are we talking about here? I bought an old file cabinet at a garage sale a few years back and there were two old insurance policies in that file. One was for hospitalization and the other one was for surgical procedures. One cost 7 bucks a month and the other 5. They were called scheduled plans because I looked them up to see what the deal was. Interesting that you are telling me that you could switch from one individual plan to another without underwriting.

  90. Don Coyote

    In the early to mid 80’s

  91. Yep, things changed after that and got worse in the 90’s to where it was not even insurance anymore, it was robbery.

  92. Hickey: “This Women’s March was about abortion, not Trump’s ten year old remarks. These people don’t protest Bill Clinton, the serial groper. This is about abortion, only.”

    That’s funny – because I was actually there standing no more than 20 feet from Paul Hawks when she initially spoke. Then I walked down to the federal court house and watched the speakers there. Then I walked to city hall and stood on the steps 15 feet away from all of the speakers (including a second talk from Paula). I mention this because I was close enough to hear each and every word of every speech that day, and I assure you this was not only about abortion.

    In fact, freedom of choice was mentioned only in passing. There were a few signs in the crowd about it, but the overwhelming theme of the day wasn’t about abortion. It was about equal rights. It was about honoring and protecting women. It was about women’s healthcare where things like contraception, pap smears, and mammograms were discussed. It was about equal pay for equal work. It was about human rights equaling women’s rights. It was about the rights of minorities and immigrants.

    It is nice of you to claim you know what these marches were about even though you weren’t there, but once again reality doesn’t mirror your distorted view of the world. You lost all credibility long ago when you proclaimed to be a man of God yet openly get excited about a Donald Trump Presidency – so in effect your comments about these marches only serve to solidify the ignorance you so proudly display.

  93. Don C: “Meanwhile nose counting at KDLT has been refined to the point that the count for the Women’s March on Whatever was reported as an astoundingly precise 3,327. Not sure as how they arrived at that precise of figure. ”

    At the starting point of the march there were headcounters who were counting each person on the sidewalk (since they didn’t have a permit to close streets or march on the streets everyone walking was funneled into one distinct path). As we walked by, I heard them counting via groups of five. I presume the people doing this counting probably averaged their totals.

    Later there was someone with a drone taking aerial photos as well, so again it wouldn’t have been that difficult to do a basic headcount. Granted there is a margin of error because not everyone who was at the court house or at city hall actually walked the entire path, so I’m sure they lost some numbers along the way and gained other numbers. But it was probably close – and considering they were hoping to get 250 people it was an amazing turnout.

  94. Roger Cornelius

    After the huge and largely successful Women’s March on Saturday, the U.S. House is putting together legislation to limit or make illegal much of our right to peaceful assembly.

  95. Darin Larson

    Maybe for the next march they can get Sean Spicer, Trump’s press secretary, to do the counting. Spicer simultaneously asserted that “no one had numbers” for the inauguration crowd and then proceeded to specify exactly how many hundred thousand people were in a given area at the inauguration. That dude can count and take orders from his boss.

  96. Hickey and other conservatives want to make every event and every election about abortion. Yet, I seem to remember that in the last 10 years or so, South Dakota has had two statewide votes on the abortion issue. In both cases, South Dakota voted about 55-45 to keep abortion legal. Since party registration in South Dakota favors Republicans over Democrats about 65-35, then who is really keeping abortion legal? Democrats can’t do it with their numbers, so it’s obvious that it’s Republicans that secretly favor abortion, and only holler about it publically to stir up voters to their side. At what point will Hickey and his far right allies accept the will of the voters of South Dakota on the abortion issue?

  97. Greg Deplorable and other right wingers object to the ACA mandate requiring all to buy health insurance or be fined. Why, then, aren’t they outraged at the state of South Dakota mandating everyone to buy vehicle liability insurance or face a fine?

  98. Roger, what’s the legislation you mention? Do you have an article on it? Who’s leading that effort?

  99. The Pierre Capital Journal also reports 130 for the Pierre march. Organizer Roxanne Weber says Saturday’s event helped recruit activists “to mobilize when issues come up that need attention in state government.” Yeeesss!!!

  100. Darin, the only way to beat Spicer and Trump is with numbers… on November 6, 2018, and November 3, 2020.

  101. I was at the march in Sioux Falls. This was not a march about abortion. I saw a few pro-life signs. They were allowed to carry them. In fact, the only mention of abortion was by one of the speakers, who mentioned that the abortion rate is the LOWEST it’s been in over 40 years and that this was a GOOD thing. It is a good thing because the ACA is helping to prevent unintended pregnancies by giving women access to contraception. You can ban abortion, but people are still going to seek them out if they really want to have one.

  102. Pastor Hickey is so out of the mainstream if he thinks the Women’s March was all about abortion rights. So misinformed, and apparently he doesn’t remember Trump’s history of misogynistic treatment of women that came out during the campaign. Either that or he just doesn’t care.

  103. Jenny – it is obvious Hickey doesn’t care. He doesn’t care about Trump’s statements about women or his treatment of women. He doesn’t care about his infidelities where he has admitted cheating on his former spouses. He doesn’t care about his multiple marriages. He doesn’t care about accusations from his former wife that Trump raped her. He doesn’t care that Trump appears to not have paid any taxes for the past 20 years. He doesn’t care that Trump made sexually charged statements about his own daughter. He doesn’t care that Trump mocked a disabled reporter, that he openly accused President Obama of using a fake birth certificate, or this his campaign had obvious close ties with the Russian government.

    Hickey makes excuses for all of these things and stated he is “excited about a Trump Presidency”.

    Hickey likes to portray himself as a man of God and as someone who follows the teachings of Christ, but he has shown that he is willing to toss all of that aside as he places the Republican party on top of his belief pyramid.

    The level of cognitive dissonance is astounding.