Undocumented Driver Sends Aberdeen Resident to Hospital

An undocumented driver caused minor mayhem on Aberdeen’s streets Sunday:

Mamie Stugelmeyer, 95, of Aberdeen, was driving a car south on North Jay Street and proceeded through the Eighth Avenue intersection while failing to yield to oncoming traffic.

An SUV driven by Yanic Poor, 48, of Aberdeen, was heading east on Eighth Avenue Northeast and collided with the Stugelmeyer’s car. A passenger in the SUV, Faridah Alias, 51, of Aberdeen, was taken by ambulance from the scene with possible injuries….

Stugelmeyer was cited for a stop sign violation and for not having a valid driver’s license [Kelda Pharris, “One Person Injured in Two-Vehicle Accident,” Aberdeen American News, 2017.01.16].

Stugelmeyer—sounds like an immigrant name to me. Out breaking the law and hurting people—holy cow! Where are the cries for closing the borders to old white women?

8 Responses to Undocumented Driver Sends Aberdeen Resident to Hospital

  1. Porter Lansing

    Them damn Germans.

  2. Public safety and decency should require an annual vision and driving test for all drivers over 80. As a group they are statistically more dangerous drivers than are teenagers. Anecdotally I recently dealt with 2. One died of non-driving causes. The other was legally blind in 1 eye, suffered from memory loss (traffic rules, McFly?), and had reaction times in s l o w m o t i o n. We kids took her license and sold her car — but not all que-tips have family around making observations, hearing reports, or taking their threats to self and society seriously. (It’s a bear being the child who has to be the adult.)

    If you have a que-tip in your family driving: 1) pay attention, and 2) at least get your doctor to authorize issuing a handicap license plate as a small gesture to warn society that the driver may have issues, need maneuver space, reaction time, etc..

  3. I guess I’m a ‘Q-Tip’. So is my dad … please try to avoid him if you are on the streets he travels in the Phoenix Metro.

  4. Time to take the keys away from grandma. We had to do it. The Stugelmeyer family has to do it. Nothing more to the story.

  5. Careful Cory, you don’t want her angry at you… Mamie was my landlady while I was attending Northern. I can verify that she is one tough German lady that I NEVER wanted to make angry at me!

  6. I reckon that’ll be the last time Miss Mamie has the car keys!

  7. I had to take the opportunity to write this blog post before self-driving cars take away all of that fun.

  8. W R Old Guy

    South Dakota allows you to request evaluation of a driver if you think they are a danger on the road.


    There is a form you fill out and send to Pierre. The driver will then be evaluated and the license revoked if necessary. It is always best if the driver voluntarily knows it’s time to stop but many will not.