Lowe and Hawks Press Noem and Rounds to Denounce Trump

Senator John Thune, Governor Dennis Daugaard, and Lt. Gov. Matt Michels have all called for the man they nominated for President, Donald Trump, to drop out of the Presidential race. Rep. Kristi Noem said of Trump’s endorsement of sexual assault, “No one should ever talk about a woman – another person for that matter – in the repulsive way that Donald Trump did. Period.” That “Period” seems to indicate Rep. Noem doesn’t think she needs to say anything else, like, “I withdraw my endorsement of Donald Trump.” Senator Mike Rounds, who has had particular trouble speaking truth to the rise of fascist power, opened with a weaselly statement about agreeing with Trump’s goals but disagreeing with some of Trump’s words. Rounds gets bonus points for using Hillary Clinton’s word “deplorable,” but he still hasn’t joined those calling for Trump to withdraw.

South Dakota Democratic Vice-Chair Joe Lowe, who has reminded us regularly that Trump is unfit for office, says Noem and Rounds need to make that call, a call that should have been obvious to Republicans long before Friday’s bombshell video release:

OK, Mike and Kristi—Still support Trump?

Today more than 17 elected GOP officials denounced Donald Trump.  In addition, 19 former GOP officials and appointees came out against Trump. Two of those elected officials were from our state. They were Governor Dennis Daugaard and Senator John Thune.

It would appear that the GOP is in crisis and Donald Trump’s vulgar, disgusting, and shocking comments about women are the cause. I do not understand why the GOP did not see the all signs that this narcissistic, misogynistic, and thin-skinned individual is unfit for highest office in this land. He said he is smart for not paying taxes, has gone bankrupt six times, and has had 24 violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act. He touts he will be the champion of middle class, yet the Donald J Trump Collection is made overseas and he used steel from China to build his buildings. His former lawyer Patrick McGahn even thinks he is a habitual liar. The list goes on. Donald Trump has always been a one-man wrecking ball.

So I call on Senator Rounds and Congresswomen Noem to denounce Donald Trump for President of the United States. You have said that you would bring a dose of South Dakota values to Congress. Trump does not represent our state’s values. So join the Governor and Senator Thune and denounce Trump. His values do not represent the values of those who sent you to Washington [Joe Lowe, statement to Dakota Free Press, 2016.10.08].

Rep. Paula Hawks shares Lowe’s dissatisfaction with Rep. Noem’s pronouncement today on Trump.

We have called upon Representative Noem to disavow Donald Trump several times this campaign. She has refused. Nothing has changed about Donald Trump’s behavior. The only thing that’s changed now are the poll numbers. Frankly, even if Noem were to repudiate Trump, it would show Noem’s true colors. It has never been about electing the best nominee to lead the country. Her choice has been dictated by party loyalty above all else. Party loyalty might get you a seat on fancy committees in Washington D.C., but it also risks electing a racist misogynistic scumbag who literally endangers the fabric of democracy [Rep. Paula Hawks, press release, 2016.10.08].

Wait, wait, play that again: Rep. Paula Hawks, Democratic candidate for U.S. House, just used the words racist misogynist scumbag in a press release. Let that sink in.

O.K., on with the rest of Rep. Hawks’s statement, in which she makes clear why her disgust is justified and why the absence of Noem’s disgust is not:

This is a question about judgement. For me, it was enough to reject Trump when he called women dogs, when he called women pigs, when he told women they looked better on their knees. Is there really anything different about Trump’s recent statements other than the disgusting nature in which he brags about sexually assaulting women? These aren’t South Dakota values. As I said earlier this year, excusing Trump’s behavior by pointing to something you are against isn’t leadership. I’d appreciate hearing what about Secretary Clinton’s agenda is more offensive or disappointing than electing a racist to the Presidency of the United States. People can have reasonable disagreements about tax policy. Those disagreements shouldn’t be equated with using fame to sexually assault women. I urge Kristi Noem to reject Donald Trump and explain in great detail what she actually supported about Trump in the first place. We deserve an answer [Hawks, 2016.10.08].

Senator Thune, Governor Daugaard, Lt. Gov. Michels, why did it take you this long to repudiate Donald Trump as your nominee? Rep. Noem, Senator Rounds, why is it taking you longer?

33 Responses to Lowe and Hawks Press Noem and Rounds to Denounce Trump

  1. Robin Friday

    I don’t want Trump to withdraw now. Now I want to see him go down in giant, sky-high flames. That’s the personal side of me. The political side is afraid Pence would be harder to beat than trump at this point.

  2. It’s absolutely disgusting. Especially for Kristi, and she has daughters. I can’t wrap my mind around it. I’ve given up on Rounds, he’s worked his stuff in corrupt SD politics, and now has a cozy DC position.

    It’s amazing, because this “establishment” of politics has been in SD for a very long time.

  3. Let’s not forget the Republican Party nominated Trump knowing, as we all did, what his character was. He is a reflection of their lack of values. Distancing themselves from him now isn’t nearly enough to redeem them in my eyes. It’s time for change.

  4. mike from iowa

    Wingnuts are Lemming-Rats. When a trickle of jumping ship starts, the rest will soon follow. They have no idea why. They just take the plunge because the Rat next to them did.

    This political party is toast. Buh-bye!

  5. No go, Joe Lowe. Take your California libbyism with you when you go back there from whence you came.

    Vote NO on Everything, everybody!

  6. OK, so Thune disavowed Trump. Notice how the gentleman in the #3 leadership position in the Senate waited to see which way the wind was blowing before making his decision? Now that is leadership for you! Tough times, eh, Big John?

  7. So then, how do we know that Thune has disavowed Trump when he spoke so glowingly about him a couple of months ago, calling Trump our savior from the wretched Clinton? Thune knew, as we all did, the hate that spewed from Trump’s mug from the times up to and including the primary, to this day. He does not mean it, those Thune words are just political sidestepping. That kitty word kind of shocked him that the tee vee would release it publicly, but what the hell, the Evangelicals still support Trump and that means that Thune really does as well. Good that him and Daugaard said something though, even when they lied while they said it.

  8. Roger Cornelius

    As a Native American I call on you and others like you to “go back there from whence you came”
    Joe Lowe was a public servant to South Dakota, recruited to come here by republican governor Bill Janklow.
    This is still America Grudz, people can live were they choose and comment on public issues without threat.

  9. Roger Cornelius

    Republican campaign staffs and candidates throughout the country are deeply concerned today about the fallout of Trump’s comments.
    There are many candidates in vulnerable and tight races that may suffer a severe down ticket effect on Nov. 08.
    Hopefully, South Dakota voters are paying attention to Kristi’s non-response about the recent Trump scandal.
    John Thune wants Thump to step down in favor of Pence when he knows damn well that Trump can’t and won’t do that.
    Both responses by Noem and Thune are unacceptable, they need to tell us that they no longer endorse him and will vote for some else.

  10. If it took you this long to denounce Trump, you are missing the judgement and integrity that only decent human-beings enjoy.

    In November, when South Dakota conservative voters still put their party first over country – and give our state to Trump – it will serve as empirical PROOF that our voting majority is comprised of a hopelessly stupid and indecent people.

    There’s almost nothing worse in the world than idiots with attitude problems. South Dakota has a great opportunity to redefine who it is in 2016.

    I don’t want Trump to back out, I want him to generate huge demographic data sets for advertising agencies on exactly who the biggest intellectual loosers really are in America. It will help liberal politics and more in the long run.

  11. I came from Rapid City, Mr. C. Born and raised.

  12. Adam, in just a few weeks we shall see where this state stands. We shall see if it stands where it did when these results were posted as noted by Pure Pierre Politics or if voters reject that attitude towards their women. Keep in mind, Trump was talking about hitting on a married woman as well. Nothing is out of bounds with him, Angela Merkel, look out. If you thought a neck massage from George W, Bush was weird, try sitting beside this serial abuser.

  13. Roger Elgersma

    Trump has been a rich brat bully all along. Now it is just more graphically clear to those who did not figure this out before.
    It is a disgusting when some say that when they were irresponsible devils when they were fifteen that they said that to so it is ok for a president to say it when he is 59. That thought process that I did it so it is ok is just not right. Also, saying that Bill Clinton said and did those things makes it ok when he even got impeached for it is just blind to right and wrong. We do not need a president who is blind to right and wrong. That is why we had this big push for an outsider. So now the outsider is just as corrupt and unethical as the insiders. That is not the type of outsider we need.

  14. The good news about all of this sex talk for the puritans in the republican party is that it did not cost us taxpayers a dime. When the puritans went after William Jefferson Clinton, they did it on our dime, we paid for them to finally betray a young woman that was clearly in love with a man in power. Not the first president to dally in the arena, but republicans made him the most famous. Now here we are, more sex talk and even that word you do not hear except for porn (I am told) are out in the mainstream where all can hear them without so much as a blush now. Oh how far republican leadership hath brought us. After tonight, there will be even more of these words to delight republican further in their insatiable need to hear about sex sex sex. The art of the deal indeed.

  15. I agree with Roger: conscience and fact demand that Thune and Noem say, “Do not vote for Trump.” I would accept, “Vote for Gary Johnson instead.” I would love to hear, “Vote for Hillary Clinton—she really is the best qualified candidate on the ballot.”

  16. bearcreekbat

    I saw a new meme today indicating Trump’s next book will be titled “The Art of the Feel.”

  17. Roger Cornelius

    I just learned this morning that GOP actually stands for Grab Our P*ssies”

  18. bearcreekbat

    ditto Roger! mfi – your link is bad,

  19. mike from iowa

    I figured it was because I erased the “P” word. It showed the Gadsen Flag with the words Don’t Grab My “P” word.

  20. Over at the press release regurgitation machine War College, the party sycophants like Troy are wondering why there was no media coverage of Bill Clinton’s indiscretions.

    Troy, you are smarter than that and if your memory is fading, Bill’s sexploits dominated the news for over a year. He was impeached, had to endure hours and hours of Congressional hearings, lost his law license and was very publicly embarrassed. Pathetic research my friend.

    BTW, how many sexual harassment and assault charges did the Donald settle out of court. You might be surprised.

    Oh and Troy, Bill isn’t on the ticket. But if you want to go there, check out the 3 Mrs. Trumps and get back to us. Do you really want a First Lady who was encouraged to pose nude by her husband. Let’s not forget the others who were so quick to have an affair and wreck homes and be under the thumb of a mysoginist.

    Let us know what your research shows Troy. Pathetic.

  21. Jana, we taxpayers paid for that trumped up charge. This one, we all heard for free. Didn’t cost the taxpayers of this country on thin dime. That is what Troy is upset about, Trump cut out the middleman as usual.

  22. mike from iowa

    Gary Johnson’s elevator stops a few floors short of the penthouse. Couldn’t name a single foreign leader. The word Aleppo meant nothing to him. I thought Drumpf was clewless.

  23. Troy, this was also in the age before the “internets news services and blogs” were a thing and my quick google search shows 89,700 results.

    A curious fellow like yourself, could probably find even more. Let us know how many sex harassment and assault charges against the Donald were settled out of court too.

    Your claim that the media didn’t cover Bill Clinton is beyond “pants-on-fire!”

  24. Roger Cornelius

    Gary Johnson thinks Aleppo is a dog food.

  25. Roger Cornelius

    With just hours to go before the debate, I’m like James Carvelle said, “I’m as anxious as a porcupine going into a balloon shop”.
    Hillary has not commented on the Trump video since it was released on Friday. You know she is prepared to shred Trump if he brings up Bill Clinton.
    President Obama jumped into the foray a couple hours ago, after citing all of Trump’s hateful comments about women and minorities, President Obama said Trump is too “insecure” to be president and that is a dangerous quality to have in a leader.

  26. Troy. The impeachment went for over a year. If it would help you in your research, that’s from 12-19-1998 to 2-12-99.

    Go get em tiger, and then let us know what your research turns up for just that year.

  27. Ted Cruz is now wondering what the hell is going on. How did that manage to get by his sneaky little self will always be a mystery to him but a blessing to the rest of us.

  28. Steve Schmidt, the republican strategist said this today “”What this exposes, though, is much deeper and it goes to the Republican Party as an institution. This, this candidacy, the magnitude of its disgrace to the country is almost impossible, I think, to articulate.”

    “But it has exposed the intellectual rot in the Republican Party. It has exposed at a massive level the hypocrisy, the modern day money changers in the temple like Jerry Falwell Jr. ”

    “And so, this party, to go forward and to represent a conservative vision for America, has great soul searching to do. And what we’ve seen and the danger for all of these candidates is over the course of the last year, these, these candidates who have repeatedly put their party ahead of their country, denying what is so obviously clear to anybody who’s watching about his complete and total manifest unfitness for this office.”

    The money changer Jerry Falwell, Jr. Damn, that has got to be the biggest truth ever. The religious right is about as phony as a fair deal from a payday loan lender.

  29. Mercer says: “South Dakota’s general-election ballot can’t be changed at this point (and write-in candidates aren’t allowed in South Dakota), the decisions by U.S. Sen. John Thune and Gov. Dennis Daugaard to call for Trump’s resignation as the Republican nominee didn’t make procedural sense. Hundreds of South Dakota voters likely have already cast absentee ballots for Trump, too.

  30. Jerry, they were supposed to do the soul searching after the President handed it to them again four years ago, if this year is a result of that I’m not sure our democracy could survive another round of Republican soul searching.

  31. It is beyond my ability to comprehend why SD is standing by Trump. They talk about SD values–Trump certainly does not reflect those values. Come on SD wake up!