Brown County Democrats Host Info Session on Ballot Questions Tuesday Noon

The Brown County Democratic Forum will feature an informational session on the 2016 ballot measures at the Aberdeen Pizza Ranch on Tuesday, October 11, at noon. I will update the presentation I gave in February on the five amendments, three initiated laws, and two amendments. After a brief rundown of each measure, I’ll leave plenty of time for questions so we can focus on the measures of greatest interest to the voters in the room.

I’ll also have my biz-card-sized crib sheets that you can take to the voting booth to help you fill out your ballot correctly and efficiently:

My crib notes for the ballot measures. If you'd like a copy, I have a few extras....
My crib notes for the ballot measures—if you’d like a copy, I have a few extras….

The Forum says “Democratic,” but we mean that in the small-d sense of the word: everybody can come, ask questions, and learn what’s at stake on this year’s ballot. Bring your friends, get some pizza (lunch starts at 11:30; program starts at 12:00), and get educated before you vote!

4 Responses to Brown County Democrats Host Info Session on Ballot Questions Tuesday Noon

  1. I assume the Democrats are not paying for the pizza and other stuff? And I assume like at other pizza ranches they have chickens and big tubs of mashed potatoes and gravy and those ice cream machines where half is chocolate and half is vanilla?

    This would be a very enjoyable thing to listen to. I expect I will still be voting NO on Everything, and I encourage everybody I know to do the same. There are just too many letters and numbers to keep straight and you are safest to just vote NO. On Everything.

  2. drey samuelson

    Yes, Grudz, the status quo in SD works ever so well, it’s just safest not to change anything and revel in the fact that our system works so very well! The only thing that doesn’t work well is the fact that those pesky reporters keep writing stories about the State of South Dakota losing many tens of millions of dollars in EB 5/GEAR UP scandals, receiving yet another “F” grade from the State Integrity Investigation, etc. Damn that First Amendment–it puts everybody in such a sour mood!

    Maybe our friend, Jeff from California, will fly in, too, to give us a rundown on his views on how the top-two voting system is antithetical to democracy, despite the fact that it’s worked wonderfully in Nebraska for 82 years!

  3. Grudz, as with the monthly GOP lunches, attendees pay for their own meals. But anyone can come and sit and listen for free.

    Drey, I’d love for Grudz and Jeff to come to lunch with us. You, too! Come knock on doors in Aberdeen!

  4. Mr. Samuelson, you keep pulling a Trump by repeating the same falsehoods in the hope people will believe them as fact. South Dakota received an “A” in the only State Integrity Investigation I know of, which was undertaken by a group of which I am the past president. The only “F” I have heard of South Dakota receiving was from a partisan hack group which rated it “F” in _Potential_ for corruption. Not corruption, the potential for corruption, largely due to our small population and high quality of living.