Al Jazeera Sees Mount Rushmore, Cowboys, Cyclist, and Early Voting in SD

Al Jazeera’s John Hendren needed an excuse to go see Mount Rushmore. He managed to turn the trip into a report on early voting in South Dakota, with notes on the Trump campaign’s absence of organization to take advantage of early voting and the Clinton campaign’s post-primary absence from West River:

I’m just glad they balanced the cowboy interviews with that great shot of some real riding as that lady mountain-bikes through downtown Rapid City. South Dakota—four legs good, two wheels better!

The Clinton campaign is not wholly absent from South Dakota: Team Clinton has an organizer tromping around the state from his base in Sioux Falls. And South Dakotans are far from absent from the Clinton effort: a good friend of mine has been canvassing for Clinton on Saturdays… across the border in Sioux City. Trump holds a 3–4 point lead over Clinton in Iowa (6, says Real Clear Politics) versus a double-digit lead in South Dakota. Iowa has voted Democratic in seven of thirteen elections since 1964 and in six of the last seven. South Dakota hasn’t voted Democratic since 1964.

5 Responses to Al Jazeera Sees Mount Rushmore, Cowboys, Cyclist, and Early Voting in SD

  1. Two wheels are great, especially with a motor. But South Dakotans know that already.

  2. Don Coyote

    Kudos to the fashionista cyclist with no helmet and sandals with heels. You go girl!

  3. Of course they have not been seen since, the Clintons do not like South Dakota….too many independent thinkers here.

  4. Don Coyote

    So explain to me why a high caliber journalist like John Hendren is still mucking around with a bush league outfit like Al Jazeera? These slugs closed their US desk back in April. Sheesh! Qatar must be throwing some big dollar$$$ his way for him to continue the watch.

  5. Really, Coyote, critiquing a cyclist for what she wears? I’m not sure if that’s sexist, nanny-statist, or what.