Cool, Walsh Running for Democratic National Committeeman

Dakota Free Press keeps expanding its sponsor base. Welcome to the smartest blog sidebar in South Dakota Mr. Tom Cool of Sioux Falls, who is seeking the position of Democratic National Committeeman. Democratic delegates will vote for national committeeman and committeewoman at their statewide convention in Sioux Falls June 24 and 25.

Among other things, Tom Cool runs the Sioux Falls Democratic Forum, which also kindly sponsors this blog. Next week’s guest speaker at Forum will be Bill Walsh from Deadwood, who is also running for Democratic National Committeeman. What a fine opportunity for area Democrats to meet their convention candidates and engage them in enlightening, vote-informing dialogue!

8 Responses to Cool, Walsh Running for Democratic National Committeeman

  1. Isn’t Nick Nemec the current national committeeman?

  2. Nemec is Nat’l committeeman … he says it’s time for someone else to have a turn.

  3. Walsh would be an asset as a DNC member. It would be a shame if he lost because State Convention is being held in Sioux Falls and not all counties will bring a full slate of delegates.

    I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. Minnehaha – not so much.

  4. What date will Bill Walsh be at Democratic Forum in Sioux Falls?

  5. Mr Walsh called me looking for my vote. I’m a vice chairman of my county party so that’s why he called me.
    Talked to him for about 10 minutes and he was a very nice guy. He was a close friend of George McGovern so we talked about him for awhile and we have a mutual friend in Rick Weiland.

  6. Paul Thronson

    Do you mind elaborating on why Mr. Walsh would be an asset as the DNC member? Tom has been hosting Democrat forum, he has been raising money for candidates, and bringing in lots of new people and new energy.

    Also, anyone who isn’t very clear that they are going to support the primary winner with their super-delegate vote will be enemy number one of every progressive and liberal independent in the state. So will anyone on the central committee that votes for someone like that. Sanders supporters aren’t really big on compromise since they aren’t playing political games, they are showing up to get things done. Do you know where Bill stands on this issue?


  7. PT – No super-delegates from South Dakota voted for 08 election winner Clinton in 08. All but three of her delegates abandoned her for Obama. If Democrats want “faithful” delegates representing them they need to put it in the SDDP Constitution.

    Walsh has a big personality, and doesn’t slink away from confrontation. He is well spoken and won’t hesitate to comment at DNC meetings. He’s has grown several businesses. He’s active in the community – beyond the D faithful in the Hills. He’s written many checks to many candidates.

    I don’t mean to diminish Cool’s accomplishments whatever they might be. But side by side, Walsh is the more accomplished candidate.

  8. Rod, I believe Walsh is coming to SF Dem Forum next week, June 3.