Republican Kolden Drops Lit at Democratic Blogger’s House

Pedaling around verdant northwest Aberdeen this morning, I spotted some green door hangers. When I got home, I found one on my door:

Todd Kolden door hanger, May 2016, front
Todd Kolden door hanger, May 2016, front
Todd Kolden door hanger, May 2016, rear
Todd Kolden door hanger, May 2016, rear

I look up and down the street at the other hangers and see a lot of literature dropped at doors where the residents can’t vote in Kolden’s closed Republican primary for the District 3 House.

I am pleased to see Kolden tout lifelong public service. That right there distinguishes him from his party’s Trumpist bent. I am also pleased to see him place K-12 education at the top of his “I support” list. He flies the flag (and his own background) with support for veterans (remind me, fellow voters: just how much of the Legislature’s exertions go toward veterans issues?), but he doesn’t mention guns, fetuses, or any of the other culture-war distractions we’ve come to expect from Republicans seeking the right-wing primary vote… which suggests the moderate Kolden will get killed by the right-wing tag team of Drew Dennert and Rep. Dan Kaiser.

But hey, Todd! Stop by again when I’m in! We’ll do an interview!

18 Responses to Republican Kolden Drops Lit at Democratic Blogger’s House

  1. Steve Sibson

    “which suggests the moderate Kolden”

    There is another use of labels to promote propaganda as truth. Kolden is a “liberal”, meaning he wants big government. That is not moderate.

  2. Cory is just trying to dance around an official endorsement. To do so would be the kiss of death.

  3. Steve Sibson

    Cory’s best chance to win an election is to switch parties and do what this guy is doing…don’t talk about abortions and guns, but instead, education and economic development. Big government plus big business equals political success nowadays. He can even wear the “moderate” label, instead of the “radical” label that the Democrats have to wear.

  4. Roger Cornelius

    Sibson, why is it that republicans are responsible for growing state government and increasing state taxes, sounds pretty conservative to me.
    Regardless of how you label it Steve, you can0’t blame the size of state government and tax increases on liberal Democrats.

  5. Why would Cory have to run in the GOP primary? He already has a District 3 confederate doing his bidding. The criticism concerning the Dennert/Kaiser “tag team” is quite amusing considering all the coordination between the Heidelberger and Kolden campaigns. All these gee golly happenstances upon Kolden campaign information get a little tiresome.

  6. Steve Sibson

    “Regardless of how you label it Steve, you can’t blame the size of state government and tax increases on liberal Democrats.”

    I agree Roger, both parties are responsible. It took votes from both parties to pass the massive tax increases during the last two sessions. A true conservative Republican would not have spent the 100s of million of additional dollars Obama sent to South Dakota and then say we have to raise taxes on South Dakotans to fix roads and pay teachers. The SDGOP is a liberal tax and spend party, just like the Democrats.

  7. Roger Cornelius

    SDGOP is not liberal by any stretch of the imagination Steve, it is only in your imagination.

  8. Roger Cornelius

    Are you and Kolden coordinating your campaigns as Spencer has suggested?

  9. Todd Kolden

    RC, utterly false and a ridiculous comment. The stuff people make up…

  10. mike from iowa

    Be thankful it wasn’t WMD.

  11. Roger Cornelius

    Thanks Todd,
    Reality is tough enough, there should be no reason to manufacture anything.
    Good luck with your campaign.

  12. Mr. Sibson, are you a fan of Mr. Trump and do you like his slate of potential supreme court nomination judges?

  13. I think young Mr. Kolden seems like a reasonable choice for the people in Aberdeen. Certainly the best option they have. I bet he will not just vote “no” on everything when he’s there every day and will give all measures proper consideration, as he should.

  14. Nick Nemec

    Mr. Kolden might find his primary campaign time and money would be better spent targeting those voters who can vote in the primary election.

  15. Steve Sibson

    “Mr. Sibson, are you a fan of Mr. Trump and do you like his slate of potential supreme court nomination judges?”

    After hearing about his visit with Henry Kissinger and Gingrich as a possible VP pick, it appears that he will be carrying water for the global economic elite, just like Hillary will. So we lose either way in November.

    Remember, the GOP have picked bad Supreme Court justices. Roberts approved Obamacare. As I have been saying for awhile now, the American Constitution has been put to rest. That started with the 14th Amendment.

  16. There you go again, Spencer, making stuff up, just like a Trump Republican.

    Kolden and I are not coordinating in any way. We are not confederates.

  17. Again Sibson, back up your statement that Hillary will carry water for the global econ. elite. Please.

  18. I tend to agree with you, Mr. Sibby. That’s probably the first time in a few months we’ve been in a three-legged gunnysack race together. Ideologically speaking, I mean. I’d never be able to keep up with you in a real gunnysack race.