SF Drinking Liberally Has New Venue; DFP Has More Sponsors!

SFDrinkLib2Hey hey! Returning sponsor Sioux Falls Drinking Liberally has moved its Friday meetings to TapHouse 41., next to Scheels in Sioux Falls. Organizer Sheldon Osborn reports the ambience is conversation-conducive—and one of the important marks distinguishing liberals from the Trumpists is that we prefer good conversation over shouting—and the happy hour prices on appetizers and beverages run to 6 p.m.

Sioux Falls Drinking Liberally’s return to the sponsor sidebar (thank you, Sioux Falls friends!), along primary battler Patrick Kirschman’s entry this week, brings the Dakota Free Press sponsor count to six. That’s more distinct sponsors than I see on some Hulu webcasts. That’s also more than the five sponsors subsidizing Pat Powers’s dogged effort to downplay his party’s Trumpism as less discussion-worthy than his new yellow car. Well, at least Pat got the color right.

Sponsor count, post count, comment count, substance count all agree: Dakota Free Press really is South Dakota’s #1 political website. Thank you, friends, for making that happen!

6 Responses to SF Drinking Liberally Has New Venue; DFP Has More Sponsors!

  1. while neither a drinker nor drug user, I, we dems nevertheless NEED Rapid City DRINKING LIBERALLY asap, to raise voter awareness. we have local elections coming right up and but for yard signs, I don’t ever know who is running. nonpartisan city/county elections NEED dems to come out and vote BIG TIME.

    Iwould think a blue collar bar would welcome a weekly meeting. weds nights at the ROBBINSDALE live venue/lounge are dead, so let’s do this people. get the venue and i’ll arrange the drinking liberally franchise. watch, repubs will try and shut us out!! (:

  2. Folks, sign up with Leslie! Connect, be seen, spread the word!

  3. At least Mr. PP has a way more hip car than a bug or a little cruiser pickup. But it boggles the mind to imagine him squishing behind the wheel and yelling “wanna race?” at the old lady next to him leaving the day care.

  4. I would like if Mr. Kirshman’s haircut was shown from behind. I bet you it is really swell.

  5. grudznick- vote for him and we will see it for the next 2 years in Pierre

  6. crickets. rc is obviously out drinking. I have to listen to a 45 minute phone call to set up DRINKING LIBERALLY RAPID CITY. I THINK WE SHOULD DO IT IN A CITY CONCESSION LIKE mEADOW bROOK gOLF cOURSE rESURAUNT AND BAR. Sorry for caps