Brown County GOP Hosting District 3 House Primary Forum; Kolden Not Attending?

District 3 GOP HOuse candidates Dan Kaiser, Drew Dennert, and Todd Kolden
District 3 GOP House candidates Dan Kaiser, Drew Dennert, and Todd Kolden

I learn from one of my Representatives, Dan Kaiser, that the Brown County Republicans are hosting a closed forum* for him and his two fellow GOP primary candidates for House, Drew Dennert and Todd Kolden, next week Tuesday, May 3. The forum starts at 7 p.m. in the community room in the Public Safety Building at 114 2nd Ave. SE. Kaiser says he’ll be there at 6 p.m…. which won’t be too tough, since Officer Kaiser works in the Public Safety Building.

Maybe school board member Kolden is waiting for a forum in the district administration building for a complementary home-court advantage. In a post on his campaign Facebook page, Kolden says he will not be attending Tuesday’s forum. That sounds like a bad move: unless Kolden has an extremely pressing engagement, he should hit that forum and make sure conservative wonder twins Kaiser and chosen coat-tailer Dennert don’t get a stage all to themselves, especially not in front of an audience sure to be packed with the GOP party faithful (not to mention my blog camera!).*

Kolden does say in his Facebook comments that he has attended four GOP events in the past month and has not seen Kaiser there. Still, I’d recommend pressing that advantage and making Tuesday’s forum GOP event #5.

To his credit, Kolden is working hard online to invite conversation with voters:

Todd Kolden for SD State House District 3, Facebook discussion, 2016.04.26.
Todd Kolden for SD State House District 3, Facebook discussion, 2016.04.26.

Kolden might also want to clear his calendar for Tuesday’s event so he can look Kaiser in the eye and say what he’s saying online—that Kaiser has achieved nothing in his four years in Pierre and that his position as a police officer is actually a problem:

Todd Kolden for SD State House District 3, Facebook discussion, 2016.04.26.
Todd Kolden for SD State House District 3, Facebook discussion, 2016.04.26.
Todd Kolden for SD State House District 3, Facebook discussion, 2016.04.26.
Todd Kolden for SD State House District 3, Facebook discussion, 2016.04.26.

I’d like to hear that conversation live on Tuesday evening.* So, I think, would a lot of District 3 primary voters.

*Update 11:36 CDT: Make that “closed Republican forum.” Brown County Republican Party chair Char Cornelius has informed me that Tuesday’s forum is intended for Republican voters only. She thanks me for my interest but asks that I not attend as press.

13 Responses to Brown County GOP Hosting District 3 House Primary Forum; Kolden Not Attending?

  1. Look at Dennert – all manscaped and metrosexual – giving me the eye! Those page boys better watch their back when he gets there.

  2. We know Todd Kolden is right about one thing. Kaiser hasn’t done anything in Pierre this year.

  3. Nick Nemec

    Not attending a candidate forum is a self inflicted wound. Just go, the only way it could hurt you is if you show up drunk.

    Back in the 1990s when I ran and won legislative seats the county Republican party organizations in my legislative district hosted “candidate forums” in every county. These were heavily promoted in the local papers and I was invited to attend. I think they were attempting to ambush me by either widely advertising my failure to attend or asking hard gotcha questions. I attended armed with facts and voting records and at the very least shut down their attempts to falsely make me seem like a no show legislator. Never be afraid to enter the lion’s den, the worse that can happen is you will eventually lose the election, and if you do then you can go back to being a regular citizen, that’s not a bad deal.

  4. Good advice from someone who has been there, Todd. Take it.

  5. Todd Kolden

    I agree, it is good advice. But when they want to bring in Republicans from outside District 3, who are verbal supporters of Kaiser and Dennert, I feel I’m being set up. So, will anyone be allowed to attend the forum or only those who are invited?

  6. Who the $^% cares who’s invited. Bring your supporters, and if they are kicked out for not being invited then you leave too for good reason. Go and show them you’re the real deal, if in fact you are.

  7. Todd, Char Cornelius tells me the event is intended only for Republican voters. She has asked me not to attend as press. I have updated my post above to reflect that disinvitation.

    I don’t know if she’ll allow any other press there. I maintain that a candidate should make an effort to attend every public forum possible, but Nick, Ror, Todd, what do you think of the benefits of attending a closed forum of party faithful?

    Todd, it could be a no-win situation in which you look to minimize the damage. What will be worse: walking into a set-up and taking lumps for a couple hours or skipping it entirely? Does it even matter if the press isn’t there to give it bigger play?

    Maybe the question is this: can you meet and win more voters and donors to your side in two hours at that forum or in two hours knocking on doors and making phone calls?

  8. Todd Kolden

    I have already begun going door to door, and I’m hearing the frustration first hand. I find it very beneficial.
    Yes, sorry I didn’t see your update before I posted.

  9. Yep, you go with your supporters, and they can start cell phone videotaping if Officer Kaiser tries to arrest you then shoots you for resisting.

  10. Porter Lansing

    Do you want to attend as a life size cardboard cutout?

  11. Char is the most honest person I know. She is here for the party and while she will have her own views on things, she very rarely expresses them during a primary. Trust me, her intentions at this forum are to give everyone a chance to talk about what they are going to do in Pierre. It has always been the stance of the GOP to help and work for you AFTER the primary.

    I think Cory will even agree, that Char is pretty fair, even for a republican. :)

    I think you need to show up to this event Mr Kolden. Tell us what you will do in Pierre!

  12. Todd Kolden

    DR, I wholeheartedly agree with you. I’ve been conversing with Char on this issue and she has been honest and up front. Believe me, I am not criticizing her.

  13. Roger Cornelius

    Cory, can’t you gain entry by being a republican for a day?


    Rely on your former bona fides as a republican?