Republican Todd Kolden Declares for District 3 House

Uh oh—looks like we Brown County Democrats had better play catch-up! The Brown County Republicans appear to be fielding a full slate for District 3 Legislature:

Todd Kolden, Facebook post, 2016.03.06
Todd Kolden, Facebook post, 2016.03.06

Aberdeen School Board member Todd Kolden’s Sunday announcement means the seat Al Novstrup is vacating to challenge me for the District 3 Senate seat has a Republican contender. Kolden won a three-year term on the school board in 2013.

Incumbent Rep. Dan Kaiser has filed his petition to run for reëlection. So far, I’m the only declared Democrat in the District 3 Legislative race. Friends, let’s fill those slots and turn Brown County back to D!

Update 16:48 CST: Local Dems are on it: Brown County Dems are meeting Thursday evening, March 10, 7 p.m., at the Ward Pub in downtown Aberdeen. Democrats, bring your aspirations and elbow grease!

4 Responses to Republican Todd Kolden Declares for District 3 House

  1. Hmmm, compassionate conservative, eh? How’d that work out last time? Sorry, once burned, …

  2. larry kurtz

    Con-passionate is more like it.

  3. Be careful, Mr. H, or you may incite the more reasonable wing of the Democrat Party in Aberdeen to primary you.

  4. Grudz, if my efforts recruited enough candidates to fill the slate and spark a primary, I’d be thrilled.