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Where I’m Going

I’ve got plans today:

Bike and gear
Bike and gear
Fuel (for the first half of the day…and don’t forget the water bottles in the fridge!)
Electronic gear
Electronic gear (legal pad and clipboard not coming with—won’t fit!)

“Plans” may overstate it. I’m getting on my bike and going south. I’m going to ride mostly gravel (and dirt, where offered that happy opportunity). I’ll take pictures and video and, if I have signal and juice, post them here.

I have six days of vacation to ride. I won’t be crossing the country—maybe just Kansas, the short way. But I’ll ride six days, as far as weather, muscle, and personal inclination permit. I’ll rest when I need to and sleep where allowed—maybe a motel, maybe a park, maybe a kindly farmer’s back 40. Then, on Independence Day, I’m depending on my beloved and beloving wife to come get me and my toys.

I ride my bike a lot, almost every day, to work, to groceries, to goof around. But I haven’t strapped tent and sleeping bag to wheeled triangles and pedaled off with intent of sleeping elsewhere for over 30 years. This could be a bad idea (thorns, thunderstorms…).

But it could also be a lot of fun. Let’s hope for the latter. Let’s ride.