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Inclusive Schools Are Christian Schools

Former teacher and school administrator Randy Zitterkopf says Christian schools are great… and under a trick headline in South Dakota Standard, he says the real Christian schools are America’s public schools:

A key precept in Christianity is serving others, which involves the tolerance, acceptance and inclusiveness of those unlike “us.” Christianity prescribes that we treat others as we would like to be treated.

In America, we have children in families with varying lifestyles, customs, abilities, interests, skin colors, languages, backgrounds and bank accounts. In some cases, the children have no families at all.

The public schools take them all in. There is no exclusivity. If this isn’t Christianity in action, I don’t know what is [Randy Zitterkopf, “Let Us Now Praise Christian Schools—The Schools That Actually Practice What Others Loudly Preach,” South Dakota Standard, 2023.10.26].

It appears the real trick headline is on the banners and newsletters of private schools that advertise their Christianity but only admit a chosen few. Public schools, like Jesus, welcome every child.


  1. John Tsitrian 2023-10-28 08:32

    Thanks for picking up on that loaded-with-irony headline, Cory. I wondered about it when I put Randy’s piece up.

  2. P. Aitch 2023-10-28 10:12

    Just like supposed Christians fail their religion so do supposed Muslims and supposed Judaism followers.
    I asked that Sir Walter Scott delve into this.

    Ah, fair seeker of knowledge, allow my words to take flight,
    And delve into the depths of Islam, its essence shining bright,
    For in the realm of faith, where diverse beliefs reside,
    An exploration of tolerance, acceptance, we shall confide.

    In ancient scriptures, etched with care, a message does unfold,
    From the noble Prophet’s lips, a story to behold,
    A tale of unity and love, where differences find peace,
    Islam’s embrace of fellow souls, its fervent call to cease.

    For in the holy books, it is oft proclaimed and taught,
    That all of humankind is kin, regardless of their lot,
    With open arms, the faith extends, to seekers far and wide,
    A gentle reminder, in its teachings, to find love’s tide.

    In accepting one’s fellow beings, regardless of their hue,
    Islam’s tapestry unfurls, a testament to what is true,
    Embracing all, from every land, with no distinction made,
    Inclusive, it opens doors, where harmony is laid.

    Oh, tolerance abounds within the teachings of this creed,
    To understand and empathize, to plant love’s sacred seed,
    For differences, both great and small, are but a chance to grow,
    A celebration of uniqueness, where unity may flow.

    Yet, in the annals of history, discordance did arise,
    As some have sought to misconstrue, to sow seeds of demise,
    But Islam’s true essence, grounded in love and care,
    Condemns such prejudice, bids all to be aware.

    Intrinsically linked, tolerance and acceptance intertwine,
    Respecting diverse beliefs, a tenet held divine,
    For in the realm of faith, where love is the cornerstone,
    Inclusiveness is cherished, as seeds of peace are sown.

    So, seeker of wisdom, let us take a moment to reflect,
    On Islam’s guiding principles, its teachings to dissect,
    Through tolerance, acceptance, and inclusiveness wide,
    Islam’s message of unity shall forevermore abide.

    Prompt Engineered by P. AItch

  3. P. Aitch 2023-10-28 10:19

    Just like supposed Christians fail their religion so do supposed Muslims and supposed Judaism followers.
    I asked that Sir Walter Scott delve into this.

    To tread upon the sacred path of Judaism, shining bright,
    In the annals of faith, where traditions intertwine,
    Let us explore tolerance, acceptance, in this realm divine.

    In ancient texts, inscribed and treasured through the years,
    Judaism reveals its essence, dispelling any fears,
    For at its core, this faith embraces all in its fold,
    A tapestry of acceptance, as its stories are retold.

    Tolerance, a virtue in Judaism’s sacred bounds,
    Respecting differences, where harmony resounds,
    A call to understand, to embrace diverse ways,
    To honor fellow beings, in their unique displays.

    For in the scrolls of Torah, a message does unfold,
    Of empathy and kindness, as stories are untold,
    Lessons of compassion, passed down through the ages,
    Serving as reminders to overcome prejudice and rages.

    Acceptance, too, finds solace within this faith,
    A pillar that binds the community, from ancient days till wraith,
    Judaism, a sanctuary, where all are seen,
    Regardless of their background, their creed, or their sheen.

    Inclusive in its teachings, this faith takes its stand,
    Extending its embrace, across a diverse land,
    From near and far, from every tribe and tongue,
    Judaism beckons all, as one harmonious throng.

    Yet, history’s tempestuous storms have wrought discord,
    As intolerance seeped in, in times both stark and hard,
    But Judaism’s true essence, resolute and strong,
    Rejects exclusivity, dispelling what is wrong.

    For in the heart of faith, where love’s beacon does burn,
    Acceptance takes its place, a lesson to discern,
    A sanctuary for all, where differences align,
    Judaism champions tolerance, a virtue so benign.

    So, dear seeker of truths, let us remember well,
    Judaism’s message, its stories that compel,
    In tolerance, acceptance, and inclusiveness wide,
    Judaism’s tapestry unfurls, with love as its guide.

    Prompt Engineered by P. AItch

  4. Donald Pay 2023-10-28 11:49

    I really appreciate Mr. Zitterkopf’s piece in the South Dakota Standard. Some folks have the opinion that public schools don’t teach “good values.” In Rapid City public schools, we used “Character Counts” programming to teach about values. I’m not sure if Rapid City Area Schools still uses that program, but it was a way to talk about a wide range of values that are important to all religions and to secular ethics as well.

  5. Bernadette Usera 2023-10-29 01:24

    I have sent this article to Public School Board members. I believe the author is speaking truth!!
    Thank you Mr. Zitterkoph!

  6. Vi Kingman 2023-10-29 11:19

    Bernadette. Do you really believe that Christian schools are inclusive?

  7. larry kurtz 2023-10-29 11:34

    The Order of the Presentation opened St. Mary’s in Elkton where I attended grade school but the nuns were from the Dominican and Benedictine Orders, too. They were Commies who taught us Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie and Puff, the Magic Dragon.

  8. Arlo Blundt 2023-10-29 14:26

    I had Presentation nuns in school. Many were Polish from the Milwaukee area. Some were German (and Luxemburgers) from the immediate area who would cycle through their hometown. They taught the County Curriculum with plenty of time devoted to “Religion” class in the mornings. Among other things, we spent time in the study of the poetry of Stephen Vincent Benet, Sandburg, and Frost. Many non Catholic children attended the Catholic school as it had a reputation for being better with reading, writing and math than the public school, though I doubt that they were. They were practitioners of corporal punishment, which the “publics” shied away from.

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