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Judge Rejects Koskan Plea Deal; State May Up Charges on Republican Child Rapist

Republican and child rapist Joel Koskan spent last summer and fall working out a deal with the Republican Attorney General’s office to keep from suffering any real punishment for his and chronic abuse of his adopted American Indian daughter (and yes, I’m going to continue specifying that victim, because it’s important to understand how heinous, on multiple levels, Koskan’s depravity is). Yesterday, Sixth Circuit Court Judge Margo Northrup rejected that deal:

Austin Goss, tweet, 2023.03.13.
Austin Goss, tweet, 2023.03.13.

Now, the state is not only considering more charges against Koskan but also taking my advice and keeping him away from his other potential targets of sexual abuse children:

Deputy Attorney General Brent Kempema indicated during Monday’s hearing that the state may pursue more charges against Koskan, in light of the judge’s decision to reject the plea agreement. As part of the original plea agreement, Koskan would have avoided any prison time, and would not have been required to register as a sex offender.

Also as part of the plea agreement, Koskan was required to complete a psychosexual evaluation. A notice confirming the completion of that evaluation was posted on March 8th.

Since his last hearing in November, Koskan’s bond conditions have been updated to require he not contact or live with anyone under the age of 18. Koskan was previously allowed to live with his biological children over the duration of the court proceedings [Austin Goss, “Judge Rejects Child Abuse Plea Agreement for Former SD State Senate Candidate,” KSFY, 2023.03.13].

Based on the complaint filed last fall, Koskan’s wife Sally knew about and countenanced the rape happening in her household. The state has not filed charges against Mrs. Koskan or, to our knowledge, prevented her from contacting or living with children.

Goss reports that former Senate candidate Koskan will return to the Mellette County Courthouse for a status hearing May 15, then perhaps trial come August or September.


  1. 96Tears 2023-03-14 08:58

    There must be a paper trail of some sort showing how a man accused of grooming his daughter to become his personal sex toy reached an agreement a year ago with law enforcement that not only kept him off the hook for prison time and being listed as a sex offender, but also stopped DSS from doing its job to remove the three other children from the rapist and his aiding and abetting wife. There is nothing normal about any of that. Why would investigators and state AG staff allow such a huge pass occur? Because there was an election???

    Somebody in the chain of people in-the-know had to have tapped the breaks on the direction and speed of the initial investigation. The result was a deal that only a defense attorney could have written. When you read the plea agreement, Koskan is substantiating the basis of the case against him of manipulating and brainwashing a child in his care for sexual harm. Why would any sober judge think that’s a reasonable deal for the state to approve when the victim says she was raped repeatedly and bullied and coerced to pretend the rapes never happened?

    As important as the case of grooming a child to be raped again and again, there appears to be no good reasons for the state agreeing to rescue the Koskan couple from punishment and a reputation for sexual manipulation and abuse. So, who thought that rescuing the Koskans was a good idea and how is that reasoning applied to similar cases across the spectrum of South Dakota’s justice system?

  2. e platypus onion 2023-03-14 09:06

    In magat land, when the accused is of the magat ilk, the accused is the real victim. More magat family values. Why are magats afraid to criminalize one of their own when they know one will be replaced by another of the magaT ilk?

  3. Jackie 2023-03-14 10:10

    Thankfully the judge rejected it! If the wife is not going to be charged, which I do not foresee that happening, she, at the very least, should be kept from other children. I hope that she is prohibited from contacting the victim as well.

  4. Ryan 2023-03-15 08:47

    Child rapists should be cremated while conscious.

  5. Donald Pay 2023-03-15 09:02

    Ryan, you’re being much too lenient.

  6. Ryan 2023-03-15 17:01

    I saw an article today about a guy from sioux falls who was convicted of attempted enticement of a child. A terrible crime. This guy tried to connect online with a minor child for sex. He was unaware that he was actually talking to an agent doing a sting. The perp got TEN YEARS! in prison for just TRYING TO TALK to a minor in furtherance of his goal to have sex with the minor. TEN YEARS! Compare that to the proposed koskan deal. Somebody in the prosecutor’s office need’s a talkin’ to about why they are covering for koskan.

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