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Maybe Noem Should Talk to All Those New South Dakota Newshounds…

Speaking of poor political performance, Dana Hess notes that Governor Kristi Noem has failed to take advantage of a bigger South Dakota Capitol press corps, to her detriment:

Recently elected to four more years, and often mentioned as a possible candidate for national office, Noem acts as if she just doesn’t need the South Dakota press anymore. Her performance in the current session, however, shows that if the legislation she proposes is really important to her, she needs to get her message out to South Dakotans by cultivating the state press corps rather than spending her time on Fox News.

If the governor had taken advantage of the increase in the size of the Capitol press corps to get the public on her side, maybe her signature bills wouldn’t have died this session. Her plan to cut the state sales tax on food? Dead. Her push to add more family leave for state employees? Dead. Her call for a board to vet the sales of agricultural land so it won’t be purchased by “countries that hate us?” Dead.

At a time when journalism is booming in South Dakota, the governor is choosing to stand by silently. Perhaps if she had taken advantage of this boom, rather than remaining mute, some of her legislative agenda might still be alive today [Dana Hess, “Journalism Changing and Thriving While Noem Avoids Press Conferences,” South Dakota Searchlight, 2023.03.05].

But hey, Kristi Noem has never seen her job as informing the people and passing legislation. Since 2010, Noem’s sole job has been to raise money and win elections, and her sole constituency has been herself.


  1. larry kurtz 2023-03-05

    Mrs. Noem has simply become a pinup for the Kochs and boycotting South Dakota is apparently the only language the Republican Party seems to understand.

    This year 20 of the 25 best states for women are blue but 17 of the worse states for women are red. North and South Dakota are still tied for first place in rates of employed women while New Mexico is still too high in rates of women living in poverty. South Dakota is 50th in women-owned businesses and 41st in women’s health care and safety.

  2. grudznick 2023-03-05

    Women need to get out there and work hard, too, not just stay at home barefoot and pregnant. Good on South Dakota, and her more rectangular sister to the north.

  3. Richard Schriever 2023-03-05

    grudz is wallowing like a pig in the view from the end of the line. I guess somebody always has to be in last place.

  4. grudznick 2023-03-05

    I do like the wallows.

  5. Arlo Blundt 2023-03-05

    Grudznick..I guess you agree with the Nazi sentiment that “Work will set you free”.

  6. Loren 2023-03-05

    Grudz, have you ever thought of moving to Ronda Santis’s Florida. Sounds like you might be a fit.

  7. All Mammal 2023-03-05

    I remember when my incoming freshman class at Rapid City Central High School set records in class size and around graduation time, the school had to admit they intentionally repelled minorities and girls [in order to make room for white males to graduate]. Logistically, there had to be huge drop-out rates over the course of four years. Sadly, Native and female students were/are superfluous.

  8. jkl 2023-03-05

    She understands better the most that South Dakota is fly over country and the “ important” stuff happens on the coasts.

  9. Margaret Westphal 2023-03-05

    It doesn’t matter what she does. As long as there’s a R behind her name they’ll will vote for her. Jack the Ripper would get elected with an R

  10. John 2023-03-05

    Speaking of worthless newshounds . . . your friend? Odenbach is doubling down on his multi-year losing, perhaps like his protege sore loser trump.

    Like his mentor, sore loser Odenbach, or his “Friends” are hosting a sore losers “2023 Legislative Session Recap” Saturday March 4th at the Joy Center ON THE BHSU CAMPUS. Are the “Friends” inviting the senators and representatives of his district? Of course not – only radicals from other districts are invited as guest whiners: Rep Ryan Maher, Q-28, and Rep Liz May, Q-27 are invited guest speakers. The Friends proclaim they will whine about: SB40 (precinct people), HB 1070 (Odenbach’s failed ‘temple to Reaganism’ bill to create a faux academic study of exceptionalism existing only in the minds of the delusional); education, tax cuts, elections, and more. p4, BH Piioneer, March 4. 2023. Give them no quarter.

  11. Mark Anderson 2023-03-05

    Bone Spur now calls himself a warrior, so anything is possible in Trumpland. Noem needs to switch her alliegence to the con man and hope for the best. Maybe he’ll grab her by her kitty and she’ll be VP.

  12. Heckifino 2023-03-05

    Lost me at “South Dakota journalism is booming.” While there are several online sites that have been created it’s difficult to determine who they are, what names they’re working under, and if they’re legitimate. I’ve never heard of South Dakota Searchlight. Maybe legitimate and journalism is evolving but to say it’s booming causes the Searchlight to lose credibility to me.

  13. Peter Carrels 2023-03-05

    I agree with Heckafino. I disagree with the observation that journalism is “booming” in South Dakota.
    I applaud the new news publications, but overall journalism in our state is struggling.
    I wish it was booming.

  14. Mark Anderson 2023-03-05

    The reality is of course fascists attack the media as being false while never ever telling the truth. Facts don’t fit in the Republican party.

  15. e platypus onion 2023-03-06

    Major news outlets, mainstream media, have cut resources and news reporters for years. Besides nothing of any national value occurs in embarrassingly inbred red states.

    Get the best news and issues of the day from the blog list Cory prints on the sidebar.

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