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Noem Growing State Budget and Dependence on Federal Money

Hey, I’m sure we heard something from Kristi Noem about not growing government. But with a full-throated mandate for four more years of purportedly conservative government, Noem is proposing a budget 25% larger than last year.

In Fiscal Year 2019, South Dakota’s state government expenditures totaled $4.314 billion. In Fiscal Year 2024, Noem proposes to spend $7.241 billion on state government. That’s 67.8% more government spending than her predecessor approved in his final budget. If passed, Noem’s FY2024 budget will represent an average increase in state spending of 10.9% each year since she took office.

Governor Kristi Noem, proposed budget for FY2024, released 2022.12.06.
Governor Kristi Noem, proposed budget for FY2024, released 2022.12.06.

FTEs are not up as much, but Noem is still growing the bureaucracy. The last Daugaard budget had 13,325.9 FTEs; Noem proposes 14,063.4 FTEs. That’s an annual increase in state staff of 1.22%.

And in one more nod to the socialism she says she hates, Noem depends on the federal government for 47.3% of her state budget proposal. Federal funds comprised 33.2% of the FY2019 budget.

So tell us again, Governor Noem, how you are leading South Dakota with conservative principles toward independence from an overreaching federal government.


  1. Loren 2022-12-08 09:42

    It was interesting listening to GOP responses to Kristi’s proposals. From what I could gather, the main response was, “Ya, that was a nice speech.” Support of the grocery tax relief issue… not so much.

  2. Mark Anderson 2022-12-08 18:20

    Blue states funding the Maga states. The state of 🇺🇸.Merica today. Biden doesn’t mind and will we are just biden our time. Somebody has to fund it, right Ian.

  3. Michele 2022-12-09 09:53

    We need rent control. The prices are skyrocketing on rent and housing but wages and insufficient pay raises are not keeping up. Forget the food tax, that doesn’t even make a dent for most people. My rent went up $175 more a month, 15% more, $2100 more a year. That’s criminal. My wages haven’t changed. Where is all this government money going? It’s certainly not helping those who need it.

  4. larry kurtz 2022-12-10 07:26

    Mrs. Noem is happy to take federal money as long as it is spent on suing the feds or driving frivolous lawsuits like the ban on pyrotechnics at the Shrine of Hypocrisy and on uranium mining in Fall River County just for instance.

  5. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2022-12-12 05:58

    From Noem’s budget speech:

    Frankly, the irresponsibility of the federal government demands it. No nation in history has ever survived the tax burden and spending spree that this White House is pursuing. They haven’t balanced the federal budget in decades, Congress continues to raise the debt limit with no plan for spending, and leaders in DC print money only to turn around and go into debt with foreign entities that are our enemies.

    Then they declare that they MUST reach into the pockets of everyday Americans to grab more of their earnings to keep us safe, enforce law and order, and subsidize programs designed to enslave families to government. We have seen the incredible power grab of these leaders the past few years. They have used unconstitutional actions and the enticement of more money to take unprecedented action to make people more dependent, weak, and apathetic. It is irresponsible and wrong.

    That’s not how we run our state. We make hard decisions and recognize that a limited government respects people AND their dollars and that it is the way to preserve the American dream for our children and our grandchildren. We don’t make decisions to only benefit us today. We look far into the future and the realize the ramifications of our decisions and make the hard choices, so that future South Dakotans have the chance to grow up in a place of opportunity and freedom [Gov. Kristi Noem, FY 2024 proposed budget speech, as transcribed by Argus Leader via Yahoo, 2022.12.067].

    The hypocrisy is breathtaking.

  6. P. Aitch 2022-12-12 08:51

    Your Governor Noem wants USA to sit still until USA is 10-15 years behind the rest of the world. That’s how the majority of her constituents already suffer and exist.

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