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Lewandowski Probably Lying to Defend Giuliani Before DC Bar

Governor Kristi Noem’s close friend and advisor Corey Lewandowski appears to have been lying in Washington, D.C., yesterday. Joining a cavalcade of deplorables defending Rudy Giuliani against misconduct charges before the D.C. Bar, Lewandowski testified that Giuliani’s lawsuit trying to overturn 2020 election results in Pennsylvania was not frivolous because Lewandowski himself was improperly denied access to viewing the vote count… something which happened to nobody:

Fact-checkers have repeatedly rejected claims that Republican poll watchers were denied access in Pennsylvania, where election authorities had strict social distancing measures in place during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite a viral video showing one poll watcher being sent away, that person mistakenly denied entry was later granted access. The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania upheld the social distancing measures, rejecting the Trump campaign’s legal arguments about unfairness in observation.

During his testimony, Lewandowski — who wasn’t an attorney, candidate, or Philadelphia resident — continued to suggest he was wronged. He said that he arrived that the convention center to find both pro- and anti-Trump protests.

Lewandowski claimed that he was then improperly denied entry, but a contemporaneous report from the New York Times quoted the chief of staff for a Republican election commissioner as saying he wasn’t on either party’s list of approved poll watchers in their system.

That Republican official, Seth Bluestein, told the Times that he made an exception by letting Lewandowski in to relieve tensions.

Lewandowski gave a different account, claiming to have won the legal right to enter via court order. He also said he was threatened with jail after taking pictures [Adam Klasfeld, “Donald Trump’s Former Senior Advisor Corey Lewandowski Testifies at Rudy Giuliani’s Attorney Misconduct Hearing Before D.C. Bar,” Law and Crime, 2022.12.07].

Note that Lewandowski, like Giuliani, offered no evidence that he saw any irregularities in voting or in counting that would make Giuliani’s accusations of a stolen election anything more than frivolous. Even his own story of alleged mistreatment as an unexpected poll watcher, where all of his watching produced no evidence, doesn’t square with the story told by a Republican election official who, in Lew-Giuli-world, must have been in on the conspiracy to rig the election for Joe Biden.


  1. All Mammal 2022-12-08 08:18

    “Lew-Giuli-world” hardy har har. Sounds like a sticky mess of a world. The Lew is a liar. A grabber. He is a con. Lew and Giuli physically gross me out. But hey- while cutting up sweet potato fries last night, we came up with a new name to add to trump’s dubbings when we came across a shriveled, sickly looking sweet potato. We named it the Clam-grabbing Yam.

  2. Mark Anderson 2022-12-08 17:13

    He could probably sell a new TV comedy, Lew and Dowski. It would bomb of course, unless he set up a really dumb brunette as a foil.

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