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Noem Bashes Biden More While Telling Republicans to Bash Biden Less

Governor Kristi Noem went on fellow menace to democracy Steve Bannon’s podcast this week to bash President Joe Biden… and to say that Republicans have been spending too much time bashing President Biden:

“We all failed in this election by not talking and telling our stories. That — what we did is what conservatives believed and it worked,” Noem said.

“You know, we got lazy and naive and started just bashing Joe Biden on his policies, which suck. Absolutely. They’re the worst in the country and, and, uh, you know, he’s embracing socialism faster than we can blink our eyes. But we have to talk about how what Republicans did across this country actually benefited the people that live where we live,” she added [Candice Ortiz, “Gov. Kristi Noem Says Republicans ‘Failed in This Election’ Because They Focused Too Heavily on ‘Bashing Joe Biden’,” Mediaite, 2022.11.18].

This from Kristi Noem, the flagship of whose campaign was, a website dedicated to identifying her opponent with President Biden so she could bash both with one brush:

Kristi Noem campaign website "", screen cap 2022.11.19.
Kristi Noem campaign website ““, screen cap 2022.11.19.

This Governor Noem, who uses her official gubernatorial Twitter account, not just her personal campaign account, to regularly bash Biden.

Noem is so obsessed with bashing Biden (and always doing so in the vaguest sloganeering terms that will rouse her cranky “Let’s Go Brandon” base rather than in specific terms that could engage conscientious policymakers in an educated, productive debate) that she can’t even point out the problem with bashing Biden without bashing Biden.


  1. All Mammal 2022-11-19 09:10

    Anyone can bash someone. There is so much death and hurt happening because of exactly what she is spreading. It is heartbreaking. Three bomb threats sent to Boston Children’s Hospital just this year….Paul Palosi’s bashing… murdered students…c’mon, lady. Listen to your better angels, not your reptilian lizard master. Find your Savior, if that is what you claim to follow…

    We need some Kumbaya, not hateful garbage from our governor.

  2. Donald Pay 2022-11-19 09:26

    “…he’s embracing socialism faster than we can blink our eyes.”

    What? Noem’s gone squishy. The real men in the GOP say Biden is a commie, and that he doesn’t blink his eyes because he’s a robot.

    All this “socialism” stuff is just singing to the choir, and the choir goes back a ways. FDR, of course, was called a “socialist” because of the Social Security system his Administration developed. So does Noem think we should end Social Security? If so, let me sing a retort.

    “Gimme that old communism
    Gimme that old communism,
    Gimme that old communism,
    It’s good enough for me.”

    Well, it’s good enough for her, and the welfare rich in South Dakota, as well. I notice Noem has used a lot of those socialist dollars Biden provides. She can’t balance the state budget without socialist Joe’s money., which mostly comes from blue states by the way. Was it socialism or communism when socialist Trump was handing out money to her relatives and her state during the pandemic she mishandled? She decries “socialism” while flying the state plane with socialist money to hook up with Lewandowski.

  3. scott 2022-11-19 09:27

    So very true All Mamal!!

    I’ve said for years the fighting in Washington DC is causing many of the problems in our country.

  4. Vi Kingman 2022-11-19 09:43

    Which brings the question to not only Noem, but to all Republicans. What is their plan to lower inflation? What is their immigration policy? How are they going to lower crime? What is their plan to bring people together?
    That’s just a few of the questions and Noem and her ilk never answer.

  5. 96Tears 2022-11-19 09:44

    “But we have to talk about how what Republicans did across this country actually benefited the people that live where we live.”

    Exactly the problem. Kristi is the prime example. As governor and congresswoman she has done absolutely nothing that “actually benefited the people that live where we live.” And that’s why she bashes Biden. She has nothing else to say.

  6. Jake 2022-11-19 09:47

    Don Pay is spot on. The electorate in Noem’s state has drank so much of the conservative firewater rhetoric supplied by snake-oil salesmen like Rush Limbaugh 20 years and hence, coupled with later day mouthpieces the likes of Steve Bannon ( so guilty and bad trump that HAD to pardon him-turn him back loose on society!) Mike Flynn, and so many other “rot-gut” loudmouths!

    After constant drinking of this “conservative kool-aid” over AM and FM radiowaves today’s SD voters in private will tell you they’re disappointed in the Republican party but their lack of a back-bone or pride in doing the right thing just won’t let them vote for a Democrat no-how.!

    Goes to show that “Show me your friends”, books you read, and TV/radio you watch and I” tell you who you’ll be in five years….is so true.!

  7. All Mammal 2022-11-19 10:01

    I agree, Scott. There has to be a direct correlation with violence and unrest in America staying in stride with the pithy, snarky rhetoric in our nation’s capital. And Capitol. Violence seems to spike when there are chicken hawks in office.

    Tap, tap, tap… psst, Governor Noem- Sorry to break it to you, but ah….Jesus was definitely a big ol SOCIALIST.

  8. WillyNilly 2022-11-19 10:53

    Vi is right of course. Why were the answers to her questions not answered before election day? We have another election in two years and there is plenty of time for our representatives from both parties to answer those questions and many others. The media has to divert from reporting polling data and snarky remarks to asking the questions that help voters differentiate between those who will represent their interests or are only interested in entertaining the base. Those running for office should be in every small community in the state prior to the election taking those questions and answering clearly without bashing others. If someone won’t come to a community for a full interaction, they don’t deserve your vote. Tell them. It’s easy to send a letter or e-mail.

  9. Jackie 2022-11-19 12:54

    Does she even know what socialism is?

  10. Francis Schaffer 2022-11-19 16:25

    Nice to have her admit to being lazy.

  11. Mark Anderson 2022-11-19 16:56

    Kristi was on smelly Steve Bannons show? Crooks like to hang out together I guess. When’s he serving his sentence anyway?

  12. Arlo Blundt 2022-11-19 16:57

    Governor Noem proves the adage, “Doing nothing is doing something.”

  13. larry kurtz 2022-11-19 17:01

    Chris Christie just got a standing ovation from a bunch of Earth haters just like Mrs. Noem after bashing Trump.

  14. P. Aitch 2022-11-19 18:02

    Happy Thanksgiving, good people. :) Who needs cooking and wine pairing advice?

  15. All Mammal 2022-11-19 19:18

    Jackie- She doesn’t read. She likely wouldn’t understand what socialism is. I try not to picture her reading a Karl Marx paper. Because its never cool to laugh at reading.

    On the contrary, last Saturday’s SNL was a knee slapper. Dave Chappelle described Herschel Walker as ‘observably stupid’ and “…looks like a guy who thinks before he makes a move in tic tac toe.” Hardy har har:o

  16. All Mammal 2022-11-19 19:35

    P. Aitch- I’d definitely like to glean your pairing knowledge the next time I have my little mamacita and antie over for dinner. I fast on Tbird Day…gotta fight for the right n protest n all that:D

  17. P. Aitch 2022-11-19 20:02

    I know, All Mammal. Turkey Day is a day of protest for the best and talented nation in SD. Be strong.!

  18. Mark Anderson 2022-11-20 20:18

    You know All Mammal, I wrote my first paper on Karl Marx in the seventh grade in Highmore. Nothing happened. The next year I read my brothers copy of Rimbaud. It’s been downhill ever since. Noem just needed an older brother who was a jazz fan and bought his younger brother the Rolling Stones and Animals for Christmas. The world would be a better place.

  19. All Mammal 2022-11-20 22:03

    You figure a Frenchie and The Yardbirds would have sufficed, Mr. Anderson?

  20. ABC 2022-11-22 03:45

    Yard birds knew what was going on. Shapes of Things, 1966.

    Our antiYardbirds Gov, Khrisssti No, is a walking billboard for us. Her billboard is screaming, You think I’m a Governor and you’re not? Don’t believe my lies. Because Governor yourself!

    The fallacious thinking of many liberals, libertarians and center left folks is Lose elections and bitch!

    Be a yardbird!!!yard bird!!!!

    Britain had to go through Maggie thatcher and lines of bungling Tories.

    We have seen the future since the 1960s.

    Put off your bitching attitude. Be a yard bird! Be a Governor! Really! Do it!

  21. ABC 2022-11-22 03:58

    Be Governor yourself, basically.

    Do you really really think it takes an election where 60 percent plus goes with only a R version a bash the poor and non-whites? Do you really think that is reality??

    Elect yourself Governor every day! You don’t need a County Elections official to certify votes for or against you. Just simply be the Governor that you ARE!!! Make brilliant choices!! BE Governor!!!

  22. All Mammal 2022-11-22 10:44

    I am the Pope and the gubna! I am with ABC! ABC is with me! We’re 123!

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