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Republican Rep. Milstead Won’t Vote for Noem: “She Makes Pretty Speeches, But She Hasn’t Done One Substantial Thing”

We have former Republican legislators Casey Murschel and Stanford Adelstein saying they will vote for Democrat Jamie Smith for governor. We have Republican Speaker of the House Spencer Gosch (R-23/Glenham) refuting Noem’s lie that Smith is somehow “extreme” (a lie she has to bring out-of-state pols who’ve never met Smith, let alone know how to pronounce Pierre, to peddle). And now we have Republican Representative Rhonda Milstead (R-9/Hartford) saying she will not vote for Noem:

“I think she’s done a poor job,” Milstead said. “She’s trampled on a lot of people.”

Milstead thinks she drew the governor’s ire last year when she signed on as a cosponsor to a bill that would have required Noem to disclose taxpayer funds used to cover security for her out-of-state trips. That earned Milstead an invitation to Noem’s office on the second floor of the capitol building. “I was called down by one of her staff members who said, ‘You know, you should think about that,’” Milstead recalled. “That’s a bully tactic.” After supporting Noem in 2018, Milstead says she won’t be voting for her. “She makes pretty speeches,” Milstead said of Noem, “but she hasn’t done one substantial thing in four years” [Tom Kludt, “Kristi Noem, National MAGA Star, Is Facing a Pesky Reelection Fight at Home,” Vanity Fair, 2022.11.01].

Noem is a brittle bully who hasn’t achieved anything of substance as governor—and that’s the assessment from a Republican whom Noem appointed to the Legislature.

But notice we still can’t get Milstead or any other sitting Republican legislator to say out loud, “I’m voting for Smith.” Come on, Republicans—in your hearts, you know Milstead is right. Noem is simply, objectively, a bad governor. She doesn’t pay attention, she doesn’t work hard on policy, and she’ll throw you under the bus the moment she needs cover. Vote for Smith—you’ll have more fun fighting an honest Democratic governor than you do fighting a mean, petty, selfish, and incompetent Republican governor.


  1. larry kurtz 2022-11-03 08:08

    Why should Democrats and unaffiliated voters accept the results of South Dakota’s elections when Republicans control the tally?

  2. 96Tears 2022-11-03 09:15

    Interesting question, LK! If Smith loses, what MAGA Republican’s going to object if he spends the next four years circulating through the state and declaring the election was fixed and he was robbed of the governorship? The fact is he has a better case than Trump with how redistricting hogties the state for a disproportionate GOP outcome election after election. And what would professional election denier and consummate liar Monae Johnson say about the claim that the 2022 election was rigged in South Dakota?

  3. jim 2022-11-03 10:04

    40 YEARS. Forty years of Republican control is way too long. I am an Independent who will vote for Jamie Smith. The Republican legislature will have a check on him, but at least there will finally be some fresh faces in Pierre. Long overdue.

  4. Nix 2022-11-03 10:05

    No one cares what Rhonda or Mike Milstead says.
    Two cancerous boils on the ass of Noems horse.

  5. flopster 2022-11-03 10:16

    Amen to Milstead’s points of KN’s accomplishment record – NOTHING ! Scarey for KN when questions arise about her accountabilities (state plane usage, nepotism etc).
    What do MAGA voters see except external “looker” points ??
    Unbeliveable how looks matter. How do looks push the state ahead ? Wake up & get out of teenager hood.

  6. Arlo Blundt 2022-11-03 13:35

    Now we need Grudznick and his cabal of gravy slurpers to declare for Jamie Smith. He is trapped deep in the web on the dark side. Liberate Grudznick??

  7. P. Aitch 2022-11-03 14:03

    South Dakota Caused Inflation!
    I’ve been through this inflation thing before. Fifty years ago, the same story.
    * The cause of inflation and the cure for inflation are always the same two things.
    – Inflation is caused by small government and big government is the only way to stop it.
    – Small government means way fewer regulations on business practices. Fewer regulations on business practices allows greed which encourages gouging (extreme price increases) which is what inflation is.
    – Until the people have had enough and the people enable big government to make regulations that make extreme price increases illegal, inflation will grow like a cancer on our paychecks.
    Any other reasons for inflation, while valid, are only microeconomic examples.
    Macroeconomics is what’s important with an election looming and SD responsible for the mess America is in, again.
    Trump et al removed the regulations that caused this pain.
    Remember that, please.

  8. Mark Anderson 2022-11-03 14:34

    Come on boys, Kristi Noem was the first Governor to do nothing about covid. Kristi just let people die and declared victory. That’s the big thing for Noem. She could run on that Ian. Imagine her with an A-R 15, shooting with a text that’s has KRISTI KILLER NOEM. What a woman, VP for sure. Who needs a mere governorship.

  9. John 2022-11-03 18:01

    I’m shocked! Shocked! Republicans “discovering” neom does nothing. The fools gave noem years in the House of Representatives. She had 1 bill – the Black Hills Cemetery Act. That bill was so poorly written that it has yet to be fully implemented.
    noem is a show horse. South Dakota needs a work horse. It’s long past the time to send noem to the kiddy horsy ride – she’s never been ready for prime time.

    noem’s house inactivity is a shot over the bow to howdy dowdy johnson – do something for South Dakota or we’ll clean your clock. Voting against infrastructure, voting against veterans — is not supporting South Dakota values and needs.

  10. Jake 2022-11-05 19:49

    Except for Herseth, SD has’n’t had a “Representative” since Tim Johnson!

  11. David Mcfarland 2022-11-06 08:00

    The real test for SouthDakota comes Tuesday when they have the opportunity to replace a corrupt and seemingly incompetent governor with a hardworking, honest, approachable alternative. Kristi has ridden the horse of self-promotion and lapsed integrity off the cliff. Her years in public life provide indisputable evidence of the failure of one-party domination—regardless of party. Democracy can only thrive when there is shared power. We can only hope that South Dakota voters take charge of their state and restore responsible, honest government.

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