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Dusty Johnson Subsidizes SDGOP Spin Blogger’s Family with $4,500 So Far in 2021

And here I thought Dusty made smarter use of his money….

Federal Election Commission filings indicate that Congressman Dusty Johnson has written over $4,500 in check to SDGOP spin blogger Pat Powers and his family this year:

  • $3,000.00: Dakota Campaign, blog advertising, April 28
  • $1,091.63: Dakota Campaign, campaign materials, July 18
  • $227.64: Sydney Powers, mileage, September 20
  • $199.63: Sydney Powers, expenses, September 20

Gee, Dusty: I can get you exposure to at least as many readers, and surely more discerning readers, for a fraction of Pat’s price. But I guess my rates are lower because I don’t sell my sponsors control of content outside the ad bar.

So keep cranking out those press releases and positive spin for Dusty, Pat. Dusty expects his money’s worth.


  1. larry kurtz 2021-10-17 10:12

    Bless their hearts. It’s positively gleeful watching the SDGOP tearing itself apart from the inside out during the incestuous orgy they delight in.

    Democrats = safe sex. Republicans = cheap sex.

  2. Loren 2021-10-17 10:48

    For those that think Dusty is such a “nice guy,” why would a nice guy promote the One America News of South Dakota?

  3. grudznick 2021-10-17 12:55

    Mr. PP works hard, which is the right way to earn a living.

  4. Jackilope 2021-10-17 13:31

    Correcting it for you, Grudznick. Mr. PP is open to providing biased and favorable spin if paid well for it.

    Most in any service industry (hair stylists, retail, food industry, teachers, child care, garbage collectors) work harder than Mr. PP for less money and with much more integrity.

  5. ArloBlundt 2021-10-17 16:16

    Well..I think the “war college” site is just a Republican billboard…no discussion of issues and an avoidance of anything controversial. If Pat Powers works hard, I guess I want to know “doing what”

  6. Mark Anderson 2021-10-17 17:46

    Well I just commented on that site, grudz and John Dale were two of the other three commentors. Dale was, well you know… I commented on that site in the past but mysteriously wasn’t able too, so I just checked it out again. War college, what a name, the defense department knows better than that.

  7. RST Tribal Member 2021-10-19 05:45

    Rep Duster know he needs to sell and/or pay funds to spin his imaginary record that has not brought benefits to the working people in SD. As 45 taught his inbreds followers and worshippers, spinning a lie long and loud enough the truth becomes the lie.

    SD Republicans are safe in their old, soon to be old-new, districts. Rep Duster on the other hand has to spin the entire state. Values long flushed; truthfulness, honesty, worthy, cross pollution of ideas, etc to those human values that were a base of SD public service. Long forgotten values replaced by self-dealing, privileged children, dirty money, drunkenness and running over voters. Smirking faces with head coverings for empty spaces.

    2022 will bring more spin unless the opposites of the Republicans cannot field a candidate. That is more of a possibility then Rep Duster finding a moral compass.

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