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Further Distraction: Noem Creates Federal PAC

Part-time Governor Kristi Noem is making clear that her full-time job is fundraising for her 2024 Presidential campaign. AP reports our frequent flyer has formed a federal political action committee, the Noem Victory Fund, to raise money for herself and other Republicans across the country:

The move means the PAC can distribute funds into elections beyond South Dakota as well as create a pot of money that could be put into a future campaign for federal office, campaign finance experts said.

Given Noem’s ascendant profile among conservatives, the federal PAC registration is “a pretty strong signal that she probably has national aspirations,” Edwin Bender, the head of The National Institute on Money in State Politics, said [Stephen Groves, “Noem’s New PAC Paves Way to Fundraise, Spread Influence,” AP, 2021.05.25].

Noem’s FEC filing lists her federal PAC treasurer as Kevin Broghamer, who lists his street address as 1400 W. 57th St. Suite 101, the address since fall 2020 of Noem’s favorite lawyer and lobbyist Matt McCaulley and his Redstone Law Firm. The filing says Broghamer will pick up committee mail from a P.O. Box in Bryant. Noem’s latest statement of organization for her state campaign committee a day after she created her new federal PAC names Broghamer the keeper of that state committee’s checkbook as well, thus facilitating the laundering of her state funds to make friends and influence primary endorsers nationwide in 2024. Broghamer is also the treasurer of Senator Rand Paul’s RANDPAC and Paul’s U.S. Senate campaign committee. Noem’s most recent state filings from February listed Kris Infield of Nelson and Nelson CPAs in Sioux Falls as Noem’s state campaign treasurer. The bank of record is Chain Bridge Bank in McLean, Virginia, the same bank where Broghamer keeps Rand Paul’s treasure and that of Indiana Senator Todd Young’s Indiana-based “All Hands PAC”.

Democrats, you should take this filing as one more sign that 2022 would be a really good year to run against Noem. Her attention is on getting national money and attention, not on governing South Dakota. Her distraction will open the door for a sharp candidate to run around this state in 2022 asking, “Where’s Kristi?” and holding up maps of Texas and Florida and flashing pix on the big screen from her far-flung Twitter selfie-braggers at posh country clubs nationwide. Plus, Noem’s aspirations for national attention my draw the attention of national enemies who’d love to snuff Noem’s aspirations by dealing her an embarrassing defeat here in her home state, where big contributions to a Democratic opponent in the 2022 general election could make a bigger difference than the same dollars in the 2024 Presidential primary.

Capitalize on Kristi’s distraction, Dems!


  1. El Rayo X 2021-05-26

    Thank goodness there’s one freedom and liberty loving patriot who’s drawn a line in the sand against sports ruining transgender women who benefit from Critical Race Theory and hate fireworks at Mt. Rushmore.

  2. John 2021-05-26

    What are the chances that a NOem campaign will be anything more than a continuation of the Palin, Bachman, MTG, Boebert circus? None. Absolutely none.
    Certainly I’d rather a rational debate between two reasonable people in the 2024 campaign – but for the moment we do not live in Senator Manchin’s fantasy.
    NOem may as well further her fantasy and place in political comedy history since she’s doing no work for the people of South Dakota.

  3. M 2021-05-26

    This is a significant move. Like many other rats, Noem won’t jump from the Trump Liner, however she knows he won’t be around in 2024 or that he will be running from something rather than for something. Sneaky wench.

  4. Porter Lansing 2021-05-26

    Picture Kristi Noem, Ted “The Liar” Cruz, Michael Pompeo, Mike Pence, Ron DeSantis, and Jim Jordan on stage at the GOP Primary debates.

    She’s in way over her head.

    But it matters little, in this decision of who to sacrifice to the incumbent team of Joe and Kamala.

  5. Loren 2021-05-26

    I don’t know what it says about her chances for 2024, but my very Republican brother thinks she is in way over her head in her current position. :-)

  6. Eve Fisher 2021-05-26

    Meanwhile, she apparently hasn’t been invited to Mike Lindell’s Frank Rally in June at New Richmond, WI. Of course, the speakers are all small fry:
    Mike Lindell
    Diamond & Silk
    Charlie Kirk
    Brannon Howse
    Chris Cox
    Dinesh D’Souza
    Danielle D’Souza
    Sheriff Clarke

  7. Richard Schriever 2021-05-26

    Loren, my extremely Republican brother-in-law concurs, to the extent he didn’t even vote for her for governess.

  8. grudznick 2021-05-26

    Ms. Loren and Mr. Schriever, for whatever it is worth, my super-extreme Republican sister concurs, to the extent she still has signs for Mr. Jackley up on her property.

  9. Mark Anderson 2021-05-26

    I’m sure she’s just going to move to drive out that fast city blonde that’s so annoying on fox. That will be her legacy. That fast city blonde is pro abortion after all.

  10. Arlo Blundt 2021-05-26

    Well…the Governor will have an almost unlimited amount of money to spend on her campaign…primary if necessary and against a badly underfunded Democrat in the 2022 general election.The Democrat will be appearing in Coop Gas Stations, at Kiwanis Clubs, will press the flesh at the VFW’s, and speak to small coffee clutches. The Governor will take a couple days off from her busy schedule to cut TV, Radio, and internet ads which will inundate the airwaves with her simple message. The Democrat will issue position papers to the press, tack signs to telephone poles, and address Young Democrats in college towns. The Democrat will have meetings with supporters, the Governor will have rallies (with fireworks??) in the communities where her vast bank of advisors detect a softness in her support. The Democrat will mobilize volunteers, the Governor will engage the Christian Right to follow the the Democrat about the state in a “Truth Caravan” with Mike Lindell in the lead black Suburban. The Democrat will have Amy Klobucher appear at their side. On her stage, the Governor will have Florida Governor DiSantos, Lara Trump, Ted Nugent and if it looks close come election eve, The Big Orange Guy (definitely with fireworks). It’s time to give money to the impoverished South Dakota Democratic Party. Let’s make the 2022 election a toe to toe barnyard brawl.(in figurative terms, we’ll let the Republicans hang Mike Trump and smash the Capitol windows).

  11. John Dale 2021-05-26

    I think the cannabis mess is her achilles heel.

    It was also one of a handful of keystones to lead Trump out of office.

    I suspect her handling of the plandemic will guarantee her reelection .. especially if Fauci gets a proportional reward to starting a “pandemic”.

  12. mike from iowa 2021-05-28

    Lindell dumped her to find a new ride home after governors wouldn’t admit him. Such are political love stories. Short and brutal and fun for the entire family. Get the popcorn.

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