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HB 1049: Require Some Used Car Dealers to Take Yearly Classes

Republicans want to increase regulation of used car dealers. On the same day that Governor Kristi Noem bragged about “rein[ing] in the endless expansion of government into our daily lives,” Representative David Anderson (R-16/Hudson) introduced House Bill 1049, which seeks to impose a new and ongoing education requirement on certain used car dealers.

HB 1049 would direct the South Dakota Independent Automobile Dealers Association to develop curricula for pre-licensing and continuing education for folks who want to sell used cars in South Dakota. Anyone applying for a used car dealer license would have to complete at least eight hours of dealer education. To apply for the annual renewal of that license, a dealer will have to complete at least four hours of continuing education.

Exempted from this education requirement are franchise dealerships, nationally franchised car rental shops, national motor vehicle auction companies, and banks and other financial institutions.

HB 1049 does not provide for charging applicants and renewers any fees for this state-mandated education… but hey, every hour a dealer has to spend online clicking through lessons is an hour he’s not out moving wheels and making money.

I assume that the inclusion of the SDIADA as an acting agent in HJB 1049 indicates that Rep. Anderson may be bringing this bill at their suggestion. We’ll see what the independent dealers say about this bill in committee. We should also listen closely to Anderson and his fellow Republicans as they discuss why the government needs to mandate certain actions by players in the marketplace instead of simply letting market forces decide who gets to enter the marketplace and who gets to stay.


  1. leslie 2021-01-13 20:50

    The Republican Party is facing defections from two camps of voters it can’t afford to lose: those saying Trump and his allies went too far in contesting the election of Democrat Joe Biden – and those saying they didn’t go far enough.

    Lose used car dealers and what have Republicans got left? Death Spiral on John Thune’s watch.

  2. Loren 2021-01-13 21:26

    I believe that course is available on line thru Trump University… for a small fee, of course. ;-)

  3. RST member from St. Francis 2021-01-14 06:43

    “Big Govt” wanting to squeeze a few dollars from the population that buys used cars. As any costs for the course and permit will be figured into the selling price… and what is the make up of use car buyers? This is the outcome of a one party state. More Big Govt to come.

  4. Jake 2021-01-14 12:55

    This coming from the party that gave the country a president (backing him faithfully to the end!) that most thinking people wouldn’t even buy a used car from. And, of course, there’s the fact that the GOP would NEVER impose an unnecessary regulation on people, would they?
    This is so serious, it may precede further abortion restrictions on the state. But, no way, will they IMPOSE a mask mandate in a poorly air-circulated capital building. hmmm, priorities much, GOP?

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