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Wiik Pretending Trumpist Insurrection Did Not Involve Trumpists

The stupid is gathering in Pierre today to hear Trump’s Snow-Job Queen blow smoke up our skirts about great it is that we sacrificed over a thousand lives to keep our businesses open and and survived on a ten-figure federal bailout. Tell me again, which party is run by anti-life Communists?

Contributing to the Capitol stupids this afternoon and all Session long will be Senator John Wiik (R-4/Big Stone City), who is apparently gaslighting us about who committed insurrection in Washington D.C. last week:

“I’m not worried at all,” Sen. John Wiik, a Big Stone City Republican said when asked about whether he was concerned about armed protests contesting the outcome of the presidential election. But he raised doubts about whether it was President Donald Trump’s supporters who violently disrupted the U.S. Congress as it certified Democrat Joe Biden as the victor [Stephen Groves, “South Dakota GOP Lawmakers Not Worried About Armed Protests,” AP, 2021.01.11].

Senator Wiik, just who do you think attended the rally where Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani exhorted the crowd to violence? Who do you think heeded those words from the top, vandalized the United States Capitol, beat and killed police officers, and paraded around the Rotunda and the chambers with their Trump flags and other symbols of treason?

Senator Wiik, I know it may be hard for you to accept that the reckless, hateful, violent rhetoric of the leader of your party led to its logical conclusion of reckless hate and violence. But please, believe me: it’s easier to live in reality. We’re going to hear enough stupid from Kristi today. Don’t be stupid yourself: admit your error in supporting Trump, admit that he’s a menace to civil society, and admit that the insurrection last week was his effort to whip his supporters into violently overthrowing democracy.


  1. cibvet 2021-01-12 12:48

    It is quite obvious the voters are uneducated as to political beliefs, so just look for the R behind the name. I see where some legislators in AZ are submitting a bill to censure Cindy McCain for endorsing Joe Biden. Silly me. I was under the impression that private citizens could endorse whom ever could actually do the presidential duties. Repubs have revived the old motto”better red that dead.”

  2. Donald Pay 2021-01-12 13:26

    “The death of one man is a tragedy. The death of millions is a statistic,” as Stalin said*. Stalin, of course, killed millions, so Noem has a way to go to catch her hero. If she keeps preaching her social irresponsibility gospel, she may surpass Uncle Joe, at least on a death per capita basis. Let’s all sing the Internationale.

    There is some dispute about whether Stalin actually said this, and if he did, he could have lifted it from another source, Kurt Tucholosky, a German journalist, who was an opponent of Nazism.

  3. o 2021-01-12 13:37

    I suppose one does not need revolution in territory one has already taken.

  4. Jake 2021-01-12 13:57

    Sad that Ignorant is so descriptive of so many SD legislators!

  5. Bob Newland 2021-01-12 14:13

    I tried to watch the John Wiik movie, starring Keanu, but Netflix wants me to pay extra.

  6. jerry 2021-01-12 14:16

    Still, no vaccine in the amounts needed. Thanks you Wiik head for not doing your damn job.

  7. owen 2021-01-12 16:27

    Why would liberals dress up like Trump supporters and storm and damage the Capital to overturn an election that we won?????

  8. jerry 2021-01-12 16:40

    Indeed Owen, this only makes sense in the backward world of a republican. We need to move ahead like what is going on now in Mexico. Soon it will be harder and harder to find these guys to work on the CAFO’s, gonna have to draft white boys and pay them a whole lot more to shovel crap.

    “Mexico’s health ministry on Tuesday published rules to regulate the use of medicinal cannabis, a major step in a broader reform to create the world’s largest legal cannabis market in the Latin American country.

    The new regulation, signed off on by Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, will now allow pharmaceutical companies to begin doing medical research on cannabis products.

    The cannabis reform taking place includes the recreational use of marijuana and would create the world’s biggest national cannabis market in terms of population.” competencia por las cosas buenas

    This will help the Mexican economy immensely

  9. Dicta 2021-01-12 16:48

    I am willing to bet that he is basing his claim on this debunked article:

    The problem with these conspiracies is that it is like playing whack-a-mole: for every one you debunk, 5 more immediately pop up in its place. If you don’t debunk every single one of the claims, conspiracy theorists claim victory. This just isn’t tenable.

  10. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2021-01-12 17:21

    O, true, South Dakota’s one-party regime thinks it has nothing to fear from the insurrectionists its own Dear Leader incites. But we need to watch what happens if those insurrectionists show up and start pressing our legislators for certain favors, maybe even for a declaration of secession.

  11. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2021-01-12 17:24

    Right, Dicta: every bit of evidence we produce to debunk the conspiracy only shows how many more people are in on the conspiracy.

  12. Bob Newland 2021-01-12 17:45

    It’s right there in the rules. “The side with the most conspirators wins.”

  13. mike from iowa 2021-01-12 17:57

    Why would Libs dress up like drumpf supporters and storm the capitol?, To validate wingnut fever dreams about antifa and BLM.

  14. jerry 2021-01-12 18:04

    Time for Johnson to be governor. Enough of this gnoem nonsense. As long as we are a one horse state, then remove the horse’s arse gnoem and put someone in who has South Dakota’s best interest.

    “PIERRE | Facing criticism for accusing two Democrats who won Georgia’s Senate election of being communists, Gov. Kristi Noem has been avoiding taking direct questions from reporters in South Dakota.

    The Republican governor said she would not be talking to reporters after Tuesday’s State of the State speech, and she cancelled a planned news conference on Monday. Noem, who held news conferences after her State of the State speeches each of the last two years, has been less accessible this week just as the Republican Party faces a reckoning over the riot at the U.S. Capitol by supporters of President Donald Trump.” Rapid City Journal 1.12.20

    Johnson would put pinch the Wiik and remove the dull flame.

  15. grudznick 2021-01-12 18:10

    Mr. jerry is a big Johnson supporter. Which Johnson, Mr. jerry, is it you are thrusting forward?

  16. jerry 2021-01-12 18:56

    Dirty, of course. Here is Liz Cheney saying impeach the dotard.

    “Republican Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming said she supports impeaching President Donald Trump over his role inciting a mob of his supporters to attack the U.S. Capitol.

    “A violent mob attacked the United States Capitol to obstruct the process of our democracy and stop the counting of presidential electoral votes,” Cheney said in a statement Tuesday. “The President of the United States summoned this mob, assembled the mob, and lit the flame of this attack. Everything that followed was his doing. None of this would have happened without the President.”

    So, there ya go. I still predict that Dirty and Thune (cover now with Moscow Mitch throwing in the towel to support the impeachment) will vote to impeach. grudznick’s little sidekick, short rounds will stay the traitor course because EB5, what more can be said.

  17. Jake 2021-01-12 20:18

    EB5 will follow Rounds to his grave, as it should. Noem’s ghosts will follow her to hers , as they should. Deaths of so many South Dakotans that could been saved with simply her example of wearing a mask, which she detested and resisted for her own political greed. Sad, eh?!

  18. o 2021-01-12 20:26

    Jerry, the Governor did go on Fox to preview her SOS address. That is just like a press conference right?

  19. mike Livingston 2021-01-12 21:16

    Poetic justice Sheldon attlebrains kicks the bucket and moscow mitch decides to impeach donito trumpolini. that is an awful lot off winning

  20. jerry 2021-01-12 22:03

    25th Amendment is live voting right now in the House. So far, 1 republican supports it.

  21. jerry 2021-01-12 22:17

    House 21 passes to have Pence enact the 25th Amendment. Impeachment will start tomorrow.

  22. o 2021-01-13 08:28

    Four years ago, I said that the thing that will undermine the Trump Administration would be loyalty. Because Donald Trump would/had never been loyal to anything other than his own self interests, his associations would be, at best, circumstantial opportunities to exploit. He (and his allies in kind) would be useful tools when needed; all ties would be cut when that usefulness ended.

    It took all four years, but now that President Trump has nothing to offer Senators and Representatives – even becoming a liability, they are bailing on him like the rats on the proverbial sinking ship. There is no loyalty to this President because this President never gave his loyalty.

    Maybe, just maybe there is more to “making America great” than exploiting others for you own personal gain?

    I truly feel sorry for the diehard defenders now — the ones who do not see that they are part of a fictional movement that was centered on their exploitation, and that they still do not see that.

  23. mike from iowa 2021-01-13 11:03

    Paul Krugman’s twitter feed offers definitive proof magats were the insurrectionists…

    Found on Paul Krugman’s Twitter feed, with no author to credit:

    A mob of the MAGA persuasion
    Conducted a Capitol invasion
    Though many were armed
    They departed unharmed
    And that’s how you know they’re Caucasian

    Truer words never spoken. White privilege ruled the day to prevent magat harm during the fray.

  24. jerry 2021-01-13 11:25

    Dirty Johnson lives true to his name, he will support the Confederacy/Russia and to hell with the Union. Dog gone it, I thought he was an American, turns out, he is with Maria Butina …still.. I guess once you have been smitten by the Rooskies, you stay smitten.

  25. Micky 2021-01-13 14:00

    John Wiik is the pinhead who made plastic straws his legislative hill to die on in last year’s session. I didn’t think it was possible to be any more venal or stupid than that. I stand corrected.

  26. jerry 2021-01-13 14:32

    Demand justice for Joe Boever is what Wiik and the rest of the legislators should be doing. 4 months into this killing and still Ravnsborg has not been charged. Demand justice right here in South Dakota.

  27. robin friday 2021-01-13 15:02

    well said, Cory.

  28. leslie 2021-01-13 15:06

    Dusty is getting death threats for questioning Trump, Rounds think Trump could be prosecuted for insurrection, McCarthy agreed Trump is responsible for the siege, and this is all on the day of the impeachment vote. Thune is sure to follow?


  29. robin friday 2021-01-13 15:09

    owen, these conspiracy theorists still want us to be the sheeple that they are, and to believe what they are foolish enough to believe. It bothers them that we aren’t. These conspiracy theories about liberals donning MAGA hats and pretending to be Trump supporters are as bogus as the Obama-wasn’t-born-in-America nonsense, but much more dangerous, because they’re murdering people.

  30. Mark Anderson 2021-01-13 15:29

    Better seditionists than communists. Now that’s a t shirt for the noems of life.

  31. leslie 2021-01-13 15:32

    People are home watching this second impeachment occur. Covid impeachment is going to br hell on SD Republicans.

  32. Moses6 2021-01-13 15:33

    If Dusty voted not to impeach Trump he is a coward.I served my country and gave two years to protect democracy .Yes I would gave my life to protect this country.I wonder if Dusty would have served or if he did how he would have voted.Five people died at the capitol and there is no turning back do not forget the policeman who gave his life.Thank you Liz Cheyney for standing up against a president who brought sedition and insurrection .Doubt Dusty did.

  33. mike from iowa 2021-01-13 15:47

    drumpf has officially been impeached a second time with 10 magats voting to impeach.

  34. jerry 2021-01-13 16:27

    Dirty probably did the recon tours that showed the way for the terrorists to move about after the breach. Nothing surprises me anymore about sedition and the destruction of this country for the evangelical christians to crap on.

  35. Moses6 2021-01-13 17:23

    To bad that the half dusty did not have the nerve to stand with Liz Cheyney a brave woman form Wyoming who put country over party.Dusty will be remembered for running away from democracy when he could have stood and did the right thing. Evidently does he remember a capitol policeman died trying to defend the senate and house.What an embarrassment he is.

  36. grudznick 2021-01-13 20:07

    It is good that this John Wiik fellow, apparently a full sized and vengeance bent individual who loves puppies, is not a Rhoden Rhanger yet, for if you teamed those two fellows up together you would have sort of a Chuck Norris / Mad Dog Vachon tag teaming the legislatures that no man could withstand.

  37. o 2021-01-13 20:18

    The focus has been on President Trump’s promotion of sedition – the outside influence. I think as more and more questions get asked, we will find the second shoe to drop is that there was an inside job element to this attack. Tours given of the building before the attack, real-time updates on congressional movement, refusal of Republicans to go through metal detectors . . .

    Again, a fraction of this behavior, if done by Democrats, would lead to immediate and prolonged hearings and investigations.

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