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Schoenbeck Blasts Trump Traitors Who Stormed Capitol, Calls Effort to Overturn Electoral College Vote Attempted Coup

A Twitter friend shares this remarkable statement from South Dakota Senate Preisdent Pro-Tem elect Lee Schoenbeck on the insurrection at the United States Capitol Wednesday:

Sen. Lee Schoenbeck, FB, 2021.01.06, received by Dakota Free Press 2021.01.07.
Sen. Lee Schoenbeck, FB, 2021.01.06, received by Dakota Free Press 2021.01.07.

Today, American soldiers and men and women in blue had to defend our Capitol from Trump traitorous supporters. Do you stand with our soldiers and law enforcement—or traitors like senators Cruz and Hawley and Tuberville and Kennedy—traitors attempting a coup Disgusting. Never in American history have we had a crazed, narcissistic, mad man in the White House [Lee Schoenbeck, FB, 2021.01.06].

I believe Senator Schoenbeck meant to end that sentence with the words “until now.”


  1. Nix 2021-01-08

    Let’s not forget that we have the same stink in South Dakota.
    Our Governor is joined at the hips with the sickness that is Trump.
    Now I know why our little girl decided to build a fence barrier around the State Capital.
    Not for protection from ANTIFA
    Not for protection from The Lakota.
    Not for protection from Democrats.
    No, it is protection from crazed a*holes
    like her.
    White useful idiots.
    Dear God, Noem is despicable.
    Just like her daddy.

  2. Jake 2021-01-08

    Heartening to read that one Republican shows some signs of thinking for himself. Sadly, there are far too few of them in our state legislature.

  3. leslie 2021-01-08

    No mention of Trump, Lee?

  4. leslie 2021-01-08

    Sorry. Pls ignore.

  5. mike from iowa 2021-01-08

    Rumour has it a certain wingnut whose L S initials shall remain nameless climbed Bear Butte bare butted late Wednesday/early Thursday and wet his finger and held it up to the heavens to determine which way public sentiment winds were a blowing before he made his pronouncement. I may be wrong.

  6. Donald Pay 2021-01-08

    The Republican Party has this stain on their hands. This didn’t just happen. They made a bargain with a neo-fascist mentally ill man, and this is where we ended up: just one step away from a civil war. And some of these fascists are going to persist. We were very, very close to losing our country, and we still could. There are a lot of people, including many South Dakota Republicans who didn’t stand up soon enough. They like the conservative parties in Germany, thought they could control the fascists. Now they have those folks running the party.

    i realize Schoenbeck is in a different wing of the party than most of the Trumpistas, but many good Republicans left the neo-fascist party rather than get the stink of fascism on them. You kick them out, or you leave. It’s very simply. The Democrats had to do that with the segregationists. Yes, they lost many elections after that, but they regained their souls. It’s long past time the Republicans grew some gonads.

    Most of us who follow DFP saw this coming in 2015-2016. We urged the party opposite to stop Trump then. They could have saved a lot of hurt to their party and the country.

    I’d like to see Schoenbeck do more than put out a rather late and lame statement. Will he sponsor a resolution in support of removing Trump from office by the 25th Amendment or impeachment?

  7. Moses6 2021-01-08

    These guys that signed the letter to look at the election how embarrassing for them.I wonder if Cruz and Hawley is their hero.

  8. Moses6 2021-01-08

    Thune and paycheck Rounds and the half dusty should have said more earlier.This happened on their watch where they could have stood up months, ago and put country over party.They are afraid of their electorate. I,Remember when Thune said Daschle embolded the enemy.Right John.

  9. Bob Newland 2021-01-08

    Hmmm. I think Schoenbeck can remember Nixon, although many Republicans developed amnesia about 1974. I’m pretty sure he remembers Janklow, SoDak’s version. Just because Lee saw a safe opp to try to redeem hisself with decent human beings, I believe he has plenty of his prosecutorial punknicity left in his miserable soul.

  10. jerry 2021-01-08

    Cop killers are the new republican’s. Simple as that. No law and order there, only cop killing blood.

  11. Buckobear 2021-01-08

    When I served in the military, we had an axiom that said: “one AW $&!t cancels out a thousand attaboys.”
    As far as Lee’s performance goes it doesn’t work in reverse. This “attaboy” won’t cancel out his long history of “Aw $%!ts.”

  12. Donald Pay 2021-01-08

    What has been Schoenbeck’s history regarding honoring the vote of South Dakota citizens on initiatives? There is a link here between the anti-American attempt to overthrow an election by a rump group of kooks under the direction of the President and the brazen attempts, going on even now by the Legislature and the Governor, to overthrow the expression of the voters on ballot measures. I realize the Legislature has the ability to amend initiatives, but doesn’t the Legislature and the Governor have the responsibility to work with, rather than against, their voters’ to put laws into place and to modify them only to improve them?

    Elitists like Schoenbeck aren’t much better than the fools who invaded the Capitol Building to disrupt the will of the voters.

  13. Loren 2021-01-08

    Mitch’s pet-on-a-leash and Silent Mike wanted to “let it play out,” you know, “exhaust all legal means.” (You know, the 60 law suits that were tossed along with scores of lies?) Well, it played out and now people are DEAD, our reputation is ruined for generations, Vlad is laughing his bum off. As Sarah Palin would say, “How’s that werkin out fo ya?” These guys are pathetic, spineless jellyfish, who evidently have no beliefs or core values other than what someone else tells them what to think. But, in SD all you have to have is an R by your name.

  14. jerry 2021-01-08

    Lee and the rest of the cop killers, should be forced to clean the excrement off the walls and floors that his cop killing buddies left. They all must be tried, fined and jailed, every damn one of them including the 27 in South Dakota, 28, when you count their leader.

  15. jerry 2021-01-08

    Monday, impeachment time again. This time, it will stick and this pos will never be able to do harm like he has done. Two times, a record, cop killing republicans, this is your legacy.

  16. o 2021-01-08

    Jerry, just to clarify, it stuck last time. President Trump was impeached. The Senate chose not to hold the President accountable for what the House found he had done.

  17. cibvet 2021-01-08

    Impeachment is the way to go as it will put the repubs on record as to whether they favor insurrection to hold onto power. Last time they favored bribery for power.

  18. robin friday 2021-01-08

    Putting it on record is fine, but impeachment is a slap on the wrist with no consequences, as we have seen. And the Senate won’t go for removal anyway. Yes, Dems have the majority now but if we think all Senate Dems will vote for removal before Jan. 20, we’re kidding ourselves. After Jan. 20, it will all fade away. Actions have consequences. We should not put all our eggs in any impeachment basket. He needs to be arrested for inciting riot and insurrection, and bear the consequences of his actions, which includes prison.

  19. First mate smee 2021-01-08

    Why doesn’t anyone ever mention US Representative Paul Gosar from Arizona. He started this with his objection to Arizona’s electoral collage votes and now claims the riot has anifa written all over it.

  20. robin friday 2021-01-08

    My feeling is impeachment, fine, do it, but it’s nothing but a slap on the wrist and the Senate won’t go for removal anyway. Yes, Dems have majority now, but if we think all Dems will vote for removal, we’re kidding ourselves. I want him arrested for sedition and inciting riot. Yes, I’m aware we’re unlikely to get that, but the reality is we’re unlikely to get anything approaching any kind of satisfaction from this catastrophe to our nation.

  21. jerry 2021-01-08

    Correct o, but this time will be different. We shall see how Johnson votes (I predict for impeachment), Thune (I predict Thune will vote for impeachment) and rounds (I predict the little crook will vote not to impeach).

    Johnson and Thune are both smart enough to know that their lives as a minority can be made a lot more positive by a yes to impeach vote. They both know that by doing so, there can be advancement in South Dakota on infrastructure items for a start. rounds is just a bald tire on a broken hay wagon, so he really doesn’t matter because he won’t be used anyway.

  22. robin friday 2021-01-08

    Thune will do what McConnell tells him to do. But you’re right, now that Mitch doesn’t have all the power, Thune may develop what substitutes for a backbone in his own interest. Still, I predict nothing of importance will happen before Jan. 20. And after Jan. 20, sadly, it will all go away in the interest of “bringing the nation together”.

  23. jerry 2021-01-08

    McConnell will do what Elaine tells him to do. Elaine has already jumped from the trump ship very publicly. I think the cake is already baked for trump’s impeachment.

  24. robin friday 2021-01-08

    Trump has been inciting riot and placing all power in the executive (as long as he occupies it) from the very first days of the campaign, with the help of the Christian Right, the White Supremacy and White Nationalist movements and every anti-civil rights organizations, however loosely or firmly bound together, from the very beginning. Time to put him away behind bars. Yeah, I know it’s not going to happen, but I can dream and I can still put my dreams on paper electronically for the record and for what it’s worth. God, if destruction to our capitol and endangerment of our elected leaders is not punishable at the top where it came from, then what is left of democracy?

  25. Kurt Evans 2021-01-08

    When I was teaching high school math and science, I’d occasionally deadpan this joke to my students:

    Last night I dreamed I was eating the world’s biggest marshmallow.
    … (students laughing already) …
    When I woke up, my pillow was gone.

    The joke never failed to land, and I eventually posted it to one of my social media accounts. Since then Lee Schoenbeck has responded to at least two anonymous comments at with this:

    And then you woke up and you were eating your pillow …

    Lee apparently thought I’d posted the comments to which he was responding, but I hadn’t.

    Now Lee writes:

    Do you stand with our soldiers and law enforcement—or traitors like senators Cruz and Hawley and Tuberville and Kennedy—traitors attempting a coup Disgusting. Never in American history have we had a crazed, narcissistic, mad man in the White House …

    United States senators sometimes misuse their authority. So do soldiers. So do police officers. So does Lee. We can stand with them when we believe they’re right and stand against them when we believe they’re wrong, and we’re not obligated to submit to the hypersimplified dichotomy Lee has presented.

    I’d also suggest that, though perhaps better at hiding it, presidents Woodrow Wilson and Richard Nixon were at least as narcissistic and insane as Donald Trump.

    Robin Friday writes:

    My feeling is impeachment, fine, do it, but it’s nothing but a slap on the wrist and the Senate won’t go for removal anyway. Yes, Dems have majority now, but if we think all Dems will vote for removal, we’re kidding ourselves.

    Democrats don’t have a majority yet, and President Trump may be out of office before Senator Loeffler is.

  26. robin friday 2021-01-08

    Right, Kurt, Dems don’t have the majority until the new Senate takes office, and even then, the balance is extremely tenuous. My opinion remains. Remove him from office and waste no time fiddling with impeachment. I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t see Congress getting it done in a timely manner or meaningful manner. But then, I never expected an insurrectionist mob taking over our Capitol and delaying certification of an election either.

  27. jerry 2021-01-08

    Kurt doesn’t get the fact that we have checks and balances for those misdirected senators, soldiers and policemen called the rule of law. This simply means that Kurt does not know a thing about either civics or the law.

    trump will be impeached starting Monday. Congress will go on record with the vote. trumpers need to understand that there were not 70 million trump supporters that voted for him, there were 35 million trump supporters, as there always are, diehards. The rest had gotten checks in the mail and like our farmers here, love to take BRIBES. We call that buying votes and it works. Nope, old chubby is going down either by impeachment or by resigning before his term ends.

    It’s gonna take weeks to get the reek of stank trump and stale McDonalds burgers smell out of our house. Hope Melanie starts to give a f_____ so the kid can grow up without the shame of his old man. Whatever trump touches turns to excrement including our governor.

  28. Kurt Evans 2021-01-08

    Robin Friday writes:

    Right, Kurt, Dems don’t have the majority until the new Senate takes office …

    Congress has been sworn in, and Loeffler is part of it. Perdue’s term ended, and his seat is temporarily vacant. Loeffler’s term didn’t, and she remains in office until she’s replaced.

  29. o 2021-01-08

    I have complete disdain for the cabinet secretaries resigning. Now these awful people, especially Betsy DeVos, get their last act of office to appear like an act of defiant decency. I assert that the REAL reason we are seeing these resignations is so that they can avoid being on record on a Twenty-Fifth Amendment removal vote. If they TRULY disapproved of an unhinged President, they would vote to remove him — not walk away from the dumpster fire they stoked for four years.

  30. Kurt Evans 2021-01-08

    “jerry” writes:

    Kurt doesn’t get the fact that we have checks and balances for those misdirected senators, soldiers and policemen called the rule of law. This simply means that Kurt does not know a thing about either civics or the law.

    trump will be impeached starting Monday.

    That would be fine with me. I’ve supported removing President Trump from office for years.

  31. o 2021-01-08

    Kurt, EVERY father, uncle, and teacher has told that joke. I have told that joke in all three of those roles. I believe Lee could have been making a general reference to posters that they were dreaming. I cannot speak for Lee of course, but that seems like an awfully specific rabbit hole to have dug for yourself being the singular object of that reference. I certainly could be wrong.

    Did/do you offer this situational, nuanced position of standing with police at times and not others to non-violent Black Lives Matter protesters, including kneelers at the National Anthem – or are they a pack of thugs who have no respect for American institutions?

  32. o 2021-01-08

    Tonight’s reporting said that militia groups were planning a march on DC for inauguration. (Maybe that is why President Trump wants to be far from there.). If what we saw two days ago is magnified by disciples of the misguided interpretation of the Second Amendment, things could go far worse.

  33. mike from iowa 2021-01-08

    Quit messing around with drumpf and his co-conspirators and throw the SOBS in prison right now!

    Dems will be the senate majority party as soon as Biden and Harris are sworn in.

  34. Kurt Evans 2021-01-08

    “o” writes:

    Kurt, EVERY father, uncle, and teacher has told that joke.

    Even the ones who don’t know the English language?

    Did/do you offer this situational, nuanced position of standing with police at times and not others to non-violent Black Lives Matter protesters, including kneelers at the National Anthem …

    Yes, I did and do.

    … or are they a pack of thugs who have no respect for American institutions?

    No, they’re not.

  35. Kurt Evans 2021-01-08

    “mike from iowa” writes:

    Dems will be the senate majority party as soon as Biden and Harris are sworn in.

    Even if Ossoff and Warnock were sworn in by then, Harris would presumably still have to go to the Senate and vote first.

  36. mike from iowa 2021-01-08

    Republican AGs spent money organizing turnout for Trump’s insurrection at the Capitol: report

    Ravnsborg is a member and the group is trying to deny any involvement with insurrection.

  37. grudznick 2021-01-08

    Mr. Evans, I owe you a beverage, cold, of your choice.

    Mr. mike, you are from Iowa, and are at this moment watching the Friday Night Smackdown on Fox. Please let us all know how you are dressed. Mr. Evans and I, when we go out to the Back Porch, well we don’t wear sweat pants.

  38. robin friday 2021-01-08

    Kurt Evans, impeachment can take place after Trump has left office and it still sticks. So it can take place after the “new” Senate is seated. At least, that is what I have read. Still, a more meaningful impact now and for all of history would be removal from office under the 25th.

  39. Kurt Evans 2021-01-08

    “grudznick” writes:

    Mr. Evans and I, when we go out to the Back Porch, well we don’t wear sweat pants.

    Another clear violation of South Dakota’s statutory definition of criminal stalking.

    At least “grudznick” gives Bob Newland and me one thing on which we can consistently agree.

  40. robin friday 2021-01-08

    “She wants drumpf’s carcass hauled out of the WH asap.” So do I. The sooner the better, before he can do any more damage to the nation.

  41. grudznick 2021-01-08

    Mr. Evans said

    some random 5G mindwarping stuff

    Mr. Evans…you saying you won’t let me buy you a cold beverage then? If you still have that punchcard I gave you, I’ll take it back and use it myself for me and Bob. It’s a bit of a drive for him, but he’ll make it.

  42. robin friday 2021-01-08

    My guess is that the idiot low-IQ hairy thugs who did damage to our Capitol and endangered our elected leaders and endangered the legitimate counting of electoral votes will be punished, some of them, hopefully some of them severely. The president and his high-order cohorts will slide around like snakes in a wagon rut and slide they will. Just my guess. ‘Twas ever thus.

  43. robin friday 2021-01-08

    Bringing it back to Kristi and SD. . .PIERRE, S.D. (KELO) — Governor Kristi Noem called newly elected Senators Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock, both Democrats from Georgia, “communists” in her speech this week at the Republican National Committee, according to a condensed copy of the speech published Friday by the Federalist.

    “The idea that Georgia, of all places, could elect two communists to the United States Senate was ridiculous,” Noem said in her speech.

    Trump is not the only deranged leader around.

  44. grudznick 2021-01-08

    Four years too late, probably five, this Twitter outfit bans Mr. Trump. You libbies will only blame them. 2 years too late, Mr. Shoenbeck comes to the party ready to rock and roll with half of your agenda on his list. You libbies lambast him.

    Who’s gonna win here? grudznick says Mr. Shoenbeck will. You should suck up a bit more, get your feet off his desk and go to the legislatures with your hats in your collective hands. There’s a new Shoenbeck in town.

  45. grudznick 2021-01-08

    Ms. Friday, not all of the thugs were hairy. The hirsute should not be pigeon holed.

    The lady who was rightfully shot in the neck did not appear to be hairy for a lady to the level of several in our legislatures. If you would like me to post a contrasting set of pictures, let grudznick know. But lay off the hirsute, or we may clog your drains.

  46. robin friday 2021-01-08

    The description, grudz, should not be presumed to be applicable to all individuals in the group (except the low-IQ one, which is self-evident). However, I should have added “criminal” and “SCUM”.

  47. grudznick 2021-01-08

    Ms. Friday, you should follow Mr. Biden’s advice, and try and calm the waters. Do not be an incendiary fellow who dumps the gravy which could easily be reheated for tomorrow’s breakfast. Let us all be calm, and spread the love, like grudznick does.

    Let me try first. Golly, I sure like you a lot.

  48. robin friday 2021-01-08

    I still maintain that they are straight out of Duck Dynasty, although that’s probably not entirely accurate either. I did read just a moment ago about a woman who flew on her own private jet to D.C. to take part in the criminal proceedings. There was a pic of her and she did seem to have a somewhat superfluous amount of blond hair. I hope they have an extra-nice cell for her.

  49. Mark Anderson 2021-01-08

    Its easy, you have to look at which Republicans have an advantage if trumpie is impeached. Most of them would like to see him go but can’t piss off the faithfully conned who wouldn’t ever vote for them again. Its wonderful for the Democrats, the Pubs now have to rely on Qs and proud boys, and we thought the tea party was low. It’s time to strike, its a great time in America.

  50. robin friday 2021-01-08

    Now is not the time to calm the waters, grudz. Now is the time to rock the boat. And rid ourselves of the flotsam and jetsam.

  51. Mark Anderson 2021-01-08

    Come on, Kristi sees a black man and a jew and thinks communist, what else is new? What did you expect her to say? Antifa would have met the days meme.

  52. grudznick 2021-01-08

    Mr. Anderson, the vaccines for your NDS will be generally available very soon. Stay indoors. Wear your mask. Don’t yell in public. Those are the CDC guidelines.

  53. jerry 2021-01-08

    So, is that what the “revolution” is about, communism? Damn man, now that is interesting. So what is it that white people want? How have white people been left out? What is a communist to our dumbarse governor? Is China communist? How about Cuba? Can she pull her head out of her behind and explain? Can Schoenbeck explain what the hell they are all talking about?

  54. grudznick 2021-01-08

    Mr. jerry, stop being racist. As a grey fellow, grudznick laughs at your whining during these times. I’ll have Mr. Evans’ gift card delivered to you to try and sooth your soul. You will find the redemption of the card is not dependent upon any flat brimmed hat you might be wearing.

  55. jerry 2021-01-08

    Maybe you can answer the questions then. They’re not meant to be racist, they are meant for clarity. As a republican and a grey white person, please tell me how you have been disregarded. We can then laugh together, eh?

  56. JD 2021-01-08

    North Korean children interviewed Friday: “What do you want to do when you grow up?” Most frequent answer: “I want to kill a Republican.”. Surprisingly bright, insightful kids.

  57. Jenny 2021-01-08

    Its too bad that it had to take the destruction of the Capitol for Republicans like Schoenbeck to finally realize the POS Trump is. Hope the tax cuts were worth it.

  58. mike Livingston 2021-01-08

    wow crud, i want a big fatty of whatever your smokin

  59. Jenny 2021-01-09

    Can anybody picture those cops smiling and taking selfies with black men? Me either. The glaring white privilege cops showed towards the rioters Wednesday will be taught by sociology professors for years to come.

  60. Joe 2021-01-09

    Interview with a Brit who has been monitoring alt-right message boards since 2015:

    “You could see the discussion become less abstract. By last week, these people were sharing maps of D.C. They were talking about having enough of them that they would be able to erect basically their own cadre around the entire area of Congress. They had a map of the tunnels [in the basement of the Capitol], and they were talking about how they’re going to be able to stop Congress from leaving. They imagined that this was the day there were going to be mass executions of Congressmen.”

  61. M 2021-01-09

    Grudznick is a disruptor just like most Republicans. All words, no sense. Divert the conversation, his pals join in, and suddenly the blog has been hijacked.

    Cory’s analysis is highly insightful, informative, intelligent, humorous, etc. He spends hours reading, synthesizing, and summarizing important issues so we don’t have to. Or for those like you that don’t know how to.

    The reason you come to this site is because your kind don’t have any that are as I described above. They have fallen to the depths of what we saw on Wednesday. So you come here to spew your wasteful thoughts.

    Grud, take your opinions and shove them. They don’t belong on this site at all.

    We want conversation, not garbage.

  62. Moses6 2021-01-09

    Evidently democrats should hire her to campaign for them as the results were great in Georgia electing two democratic senators.

  63. o 2021-01-09

    Jenny, do we really know that Sen. Schoenbeck’s condemnation of President Trump’s actions in really a new conversion? I may be wrong, but I don’t remember Lee being a Trump apologist/justifier in the past. Republicans will agree on Republican issues, but I cannot think of Sen. Schoenbeck going beyond that support. Again, I’m willing to be corrected on that.

    I think Sen. Schoenbeck is doing what the GOP MUST do now: the GOP MUST define itself. If it is no longer the personality cult, then what is it, and who leads it? The GOP failed to do this when the Tea Party /Ultra-Right took over and started RINO-ing out those who did not pass their absurd purity tests. (I do recall Lee being called a RINO by those folks when he looked to compromise to get things done.)

    Impeachment needs to happen. We – though the House and Senate – have to say that this was wrong for a President. Furthermore, the focus ought not be on removal, but the second possible sanction the Senate can pass: a disqualification of Donald Trump from ever holding honored office in the United States again. In purely political gamesmanship terms I hope they do NOT do this, so my side can run against Donald Trump for the next three decades. Republican should be lining up to support this to state clearly who they are and who leads their party.

  64. SD is 20 per cent nonwhite 2021-01-09

    Trump will be totally impeached by the House for his traitorous actions.

    Noem calling Democrats Communists? She could get censured by Democrats in Legislature.

    Did she really earn a college degree?

    She is totally wrong and morally bankrupt.

    She should resign. Maybe when she is out of office, she’ll get the correct information.

    Legislature should do censure or ask for her resignation. Lt. Gov. can step in.

    You can’t slander 40 to 50 percent of the voters, call them Communists for voting for Democratic Senators. We don’t accept that.

    She has joined the Insurrectionist Party of Trump. Resign. censure. impeach.

    Democracy needs Honest Governors. She isn’t fighting the pandemic. She speaks falsehoods. We should ask Democratic and Republican legislators to censure her for slander of millions of voters in Georgia. She’s a liar.

  65. Monty 2021-01-09

    When Congresswoman Herseth addressed the SD Senate in 2006, Schoenbeck and Eric Bogue were Republican Leaders. They directed Herseth to the lower staff lecturn, which is used by staff and not elected officials, for her address the Senate. Herseth clearly recognized the intended insult but ignored it. Schoenbeck and Bogue giggled in the back of the chamber and enjoyed the attaboys they received by their caucus for showing the girl her place.

    Lee will always do what will advance his position within the Party. There is a opportunity to fill the R void left by folks like Steve Kirby, Dave Knudson, Dave Munson, Tom and Barb Everest, Tom Dempster, Mike Rounds – as close as you come to “silk stocking” Republicans. The mouth breathers vote will be split and goes elsewhere. He’s jockeying for position.

  66. o 2021-01-09

    Just in case anyone mistakenly thinks the President regrets his actions or had a moment of clarity when he sent out the video after the insurrection attempt saying he commits to a peaceful transition of power:

    “At the White House, Mr. Trump struck a defiant tone, insisting that he would remain a potent force in American politics even as aides and allies abandoned him and his post-presidential prospects turned increasingly bleak. Behind closed doors, he made clear that he would not resign and expressed regret about releasing a video on Thursday committing to a peaceful transition of power and condemning the violence at the Capitol that he had egged on a day before.”

  67. 96Tears 2021-01-09

    Can Lee chase down the Ravnsborg case delays? We’re coming up on four months and no statement about criminal charges against Hit’n’Run Ravnsborg. As long as there’s one adult among the Republicans in Pierre, we might as well ask.

  68. robin friday 2021-01-09

    1. Trump will not resign. It’s not within his psychological makeup. 2. 25th Amendment removal will not happen. No will for that to happen with Pence and what remains of the cabinet. 3. A second impeachment could happen, but Congressional Republicans will drag their feet until well after Jan. 20 and then they will move to abort any action.

    I’m pessimistic that our Congress will do the right thing. I don’t even know if there is a right thing other than charge, try, convict and incarcerate him for inciting insurrection, along with those who carried out the Trump Insurrection.

  69. John Kennedy Claussen, Sr., 2021-01-09

    It’s so much easier now for Republicans to try to be on the right side of history, isn’t it?

  70. mike from iowa 2021-01-09

    drumpf wants screwdy Rudy on his impeachment lawyer team. Dershowitz will be there, too.

  71. ds 2021-01-09

    Now we learn that Donald Trump demanded U.S. Attorney Byung J. Pak resign because he did not find fraud in the State of Georgia election:
    There is no end to the embolden crimes of this POTUS . What more will it take for our U.S. South Dakota Senators and Representative to call for the resignation or impeachment of Donald Trump?
    Meanwhile Noem stews along with dtrump because she couldn’t pull a win out of the hat for her republican
    corhorts in Georgia. Never mind that INSTEAD of swapping air and Convid-19 germs with foggy old Georgia republicans, she should have been home here in South Dakota doing EVERYTHING possible to prevent another infection and to save another life from this PLAGUE including getting more vaccine from drtump and calling “all hands on deck” to get it in the arms of everyone in South Dakota!

  72. grudznick 2021-01-09

    Mr. ds, are you familiar with the vaccine protocols for the Great State of South Dakota, or do you just think a mob should rush Walgreens on Anamosa street?

  73. Spike 2021-01-09

    grunge leave ds’s goat alone. what do the vaccine plans have to do with her failure to lead by example, wear a mask, promote safe behavior, etc, etc. Instead of slithering around trumps ankles and being out of state. oh I forgot… she is supporting our freedoms. lol. Ask the covid nurses how thats going.

    Really in the end grunge your president has caused murder, mayhem and distress on our great country. Aided by many of your republican heroes. It was your mob that rushed the Capital not Walgreens.

    If noem was in congress she would have been hiding under a desk like the rest of the chickens**t republicans advocating for an insurrection of a valid election. Thats YOUR party that has fermented the vile we saw Wednesday.

    Grunge you are kind of a loser aren’t you? Bullying Debbo. That became online stalking. It was creepy.
    And I have been meaning to suggest you drive Rhoden to Big Bats in Pine Ridge and let him threaten a few of those fellows with a punch in the gut instead of some poor young eastern reporter since that seemed to put stars in your eyes over ‘Larry”

  74. Jenny 2021-01-09

    How’s that Make America Great Again working out for ya, ‘pubs?
    I would ditch this country if I could. I’m tired of seeing all this hate and destruction and pure evil craziness going on. It’s disgusting and makes me want to move somewhere peaceful where people are happier and more content and not so inbred.
    And ya all thought liberals were the evil ones.

  75. Robin Friday 2021-01-09

    Amazon says they will suspend hosting of Parler.

  76. mike from iowa 2021-01-10

    Cop union just joined Parler as it was being de-platformed.

    Dershowitz just dropped a nasty surprise in noem’s magated lap…

    Alan Dershowitz previews Trump impeachment defense: Riot incitement is ‘protected by the First Amendment’

    So much for noem’s attempts to shut down peaceful protests by upping the ante on jailing protesters.

  77. bearcreekbat 2021-01-10

    mfi, the Raw Story headline appears to be a click bait embellishment of Dershowitz’s actual language based on what the body of the article reports. The article does not quote Dershowitz saying anything at all about “riot incitement” and I would bet a dollar against a dime that he would argue instead that the language spewed out of Trump’s mouth and fingers simply did not constitute “riot incitment,,” which of course also seems to be a specious argument in any event.

  78. mike from iowa 2021-01-10

    I can dream, can’t I, bcb? :)

  79. leslie 2021-01-10

    So Kristi flew to Fla yesterday on our (undisclosed) dime to consult? And Lee switches horses faster than an Indian Relay!

    The party of: Joe Wilson “You lie” (R, SC)

    You are a liar.

    Leading a debate in the Senate on ensuring election integrity …. (blah blah blah)

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
    Jan 7 twitter

    Sen. Cruz, you must accept responsibility for how your craven, self-serving actions contributed to the deaths of four people yesterday. And how you fundraised off this riot.

    Both you and Senator Hawley must resign. If you do not, the Senate should move for your expulsion.

    We are witnessing the “Death Spiral” of the GOP, not democracy as McConnell infers and enables w/# 2 Republican Sen Thune.

    Nor the death spiral of the ACA as Insurance Broker Sen Rounds stylized.

  80. jerry 2021-01-10

    gnoem went to Florida to finalize the plan for the takeover of Pierre by the proud boys this coming weekend. They want to make sure of the optics for the nuttery. Schoenbeck will have changed his mind and will be all for the insurgency that he got his marching orders on from gnoem. I would think the 27 traitors, led by May, will also be there blathering about something as nonsensical as May herownself. What a bunch of duds.

  81. Moses6 2021-01-10

    So the dems are not to push through impeachment.The republican party can with hold letting dems have a say on judge and push theirs through.Insurrection is a crime lets, so do republicans say heal and go play dominoes.Photo op and paycheck Rounds and the half dusty need to put their big boy pants on, and put country before party.We will see if they do

  82. bearcreekbat 2021-01-10

    I don’t know mfi, but I have heard this phrase many times in response to what I might hope for:

    ¡Ni lo sueñes!

  83. jerry 2021-01-10

    Dems must push this putsch through. He must be impeached. If that hurts rounds, Thune and Johnson’s feelings, so what?

  84. robin friday 2021-01-10

    I for one hold no illusions that Dusty or Thune or Rounds will stand up to Party and vote for Articles of Impeachment or removal from office, should it actually get to the Senate in ten days, which I doubt.

    1. Trump will not be removed from office in the next ten days no matter what happens in the House with Articles of Impeachment. It is just not going to happen. Hope I’m wrong. I’d love nothing better than to see him perp-walked out of the White House, or wherever he hides out, in handcuffs, but it’s not going to happen. 2. Even if it goes to the Senate in the next few days, (which it won’t) the Senate is STILL not going to find him guilty. That’s just reality, no matter what we want.

  85. mike from iowa 2021-01-10

    bcb, that pretty well covers it from A-Z, expletives included.

  86. robin friday 2021-01-10

    I wonder if Kristi has any plans to send SD National Guard to D.C. to help protect our Capitol and our leaders from murderous domestic mobs, or is she too busy going to parties on Lewandowski’s arm?

  87. Kurt Evans 2021-01-21

    “mike from iowa” had written:

    Dems will be the senate majority party as soon as Biden and Harris are sworn in.

    I’d replied:

    Even if Ossoff and Warnock were sworn in by then, Harris would presumably still have to go to the Senate and vote first.

    Ossoff and Warnock hadn’t been sworn in yet when Biden and Harris were. Harris’s appointed replacement Alex Padilla hadn’t either. All three were sworn in by Harris a few hours later.

    I was apparently wrong, though, to presume that Harris would have to cast a tie-breaking vote to make Democrats the majority party. Democrat Patrick Leahy was elected by unanimous consent to replace Republican Chuck Grassley as president pro tempore, which suggests an acknowledgement that Democrats were the de facto majority party as soon as everyone had been sworn in.

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