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Noem Decries and Epitomizes Socialism, Budget Gimmicks

Governor Kristi Noem said two really funny things in one day. On Twitter yesterday, she said, “It’s remarkable how quickly Democrats have embraced socialism…. We need to educate our kids on how socialism destroys lives, how it is contrary to American values.”

This from a woman whose entire family has since the 1990s embraced over four million dollars of socialism in the form of farm subsidies, whose husband provides for the family by selling government-subsidized crop insurance, and whose primary income for the last decade has consisted of government checks.

Yesterday, Governor Noem also released the 34th Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for South Dakota, which she introduces by bragging, “While most states were cutting budgets or relying on accounting gimmicks to close out their fiscal year, South Dakota ended the year with a $19.1 million surplus.” We must not forget that the FY2020 surplus and the current surplus  come from the great infusion of socialist cash from Uncle Sam that has sustained our economy through the coronavirus recession and the direct state aid for coronavirus relief that Noem wants to launder into positive budget numbers and purchases of a new plane and a rodeo barn.

And when you read down into the 34th CAFR, you’ll see on page 24 that in FY2020, South Dakota state government got 42.2% of its revenues with state taxes but 42.7% of its revenues from “federal grants and contributions.”

Socialism? Budget gimmicks? We’re on it!


  1. DaveFN 2021-01-05

    Curious, this form of mental illness in need of sacred ‘isms’ to be passed down to the next generation as a legacy.

  2. Owen 2021-01-05

    The hypocrisy from our Governor is sad to see. As you’ve said Cory out state would be in big trouble if it weren’t for the Federal Government.
    It’ll be interesting to see how Noem explains away her hypocrisy-if she will let South Dakota news outlets question her.

  3. First mate smee 2021-01-05

    The drug cartels should get a lesson on how to launder money from Noem. Because of our governor (Arizona) we are now #1 for all the wrong reasons. He figures if you just throw money at the coronavirus it will go away. The ice cream man Doug Ducey

  4. Jenny 2021-01-05

    For disliking socialism, Noem sure seems to enjoy taking advantage of public money for the benefit of herself – fancy new TV studios and security fences, tourism commercials of her playing cowgirl, farm welfare and now wanting a nice mutimilion dollar statefair barnyard and shiny new planes. Shhhh…….Republican hypocrites are really closet socialists, don’t let them tell you otherwise. Kristi, be proud to be the socialist you really are, you just need to practice the bleeding heart humanitarian side of socialism and expand medicaid and use the covid money for the people that really need it.

  5. Francis Schaffer 2021-01-05

    Socialism? Does that include airports, roads/highways, fire departments, police, public education, water and sewer, snow removal, rural electric, homestead act, railroads, etc? It seems socialism applies to a situation when others get something to which, they are not defined, as entitled.

  6. jerry 2021-01-05

    Silly little girl, on a sugar high.

  7. Mark Anderson 2021-01-05

    Come on Cory, with the gnome it’s do as I say not as I do and ever will be thus.

  8. David Newquist 2021-01-05

    Noem’s ignorance is one of the most notable things about her, She has a degree in political science from SDSU, so she should be able to handle some rudimentary political definitions. But all she can do is recite dull and trite memes and epithets from the educationally challenged fringe of the conservative movement,

    That brings up the matter of the college degree she earned while in the House of Representatives, where she earned quite a reputation for her absences. She is quoted in one account as having attended NSU for three years, pursuing a teaching degree. Her degree was awarded by SDSU. but she got credit for an internship from USD. She also claimed credits from Mt. Marty. Professors in the state universities spoke with some heated consternation about the quality of a degree she was able to complete while a congresswoman. They were concerned about what her transcript must look like from such a malange of institutions and what kind of work she actually did. Those questions are revived every time she is quoted in the press.

  9. Whitless 2021-01-05

    Noem is all about spouting dog whistles because they appeal to the base even though they are inaccurate. The federal farm programs, Medicare and Social Security are forms of democratic socialism. How many Noem supporters want any of these programs repealed?

  10. Steve 2021-01-05

    C – Can you PLEASE hire someone to do your website design? FFS, every version is like 1999.

  11. jerry 2021-01-05

    gnoem needs reminded of the 100,000 South Dakotans that have paid the price for her incompetence by being infected with the covid. How much is that gonna cost us and where is that money gonna come from? 19 million will not go far.

  12. Donald Pay 2021-01-05

    Yes, educating our kids regarding various economic systems is something that should be a part of the high school curriculum. In fact. it already is part of the South Dakota education standards, and many districts have taught this for a long time. If you want to students to discus socialism, it should be done without the b.s. editorializing that Noem does, of course, Students can smell bull crap, and they probably already know that socialism was a part of South Dakota’s history. The cement plant and the railroad being two obvious examples. There are many other examples, as well, but whether you consider it crony capitalism or socialism would be a great essay question.

  13. jerry 2021-01-05

    SDslim, without the subsidies, ag would fold up. I think that the subsidies are necessary to keep the lights on and just survive, but why do farmers and ranchers deny it? What really is the difference of a farmer or rancher getting subsidy welfare from a poor family getting subsidy welfare, to me they are the same.

  14. John 2021-01-05

    Greatest generation, silent generation, and many boomers hear “socialism” and reflexively think of Venezuela, the Soviet Union, Cuba.
    Millennials hear socialism and reflexively think of Denmark, England, Germany, Sweden/Norway with healthcare, high-performing secondary and free higher education, citizens that live longer and are happier.

    Like the authoritarian branch of the republican party, their socialist dog-whistle is dying out. It’s sadly ironic that their lack of leadership during the pandemic is accelerating that dying out.

  15. happy camper 2021-01-05

    Redistribution of wealth good for me but not for thee often justified by “job creators” or anyone who’s benefiting. I’m a job creator, I should get tax breaks for all I do. I’m poor, no money, I shouldn’t have to pay.

  16. leslie 2021-01-05

    “authoritarian branch of the republican party”?

    What does that portend for austerity in 2021 after today’s vote?

    And Kristi’s socialism boogyman or boogiewoman?

    ‘By latching on to socialist policies as the root of the country’s failing economy [Venazuela] is “simplifying the argument greatly….”It’s like someone taking the 1928 to 1938 period in the United States and saying capitalism is a failure….’

    Hunger and poverty there is tragic.

  17. Caleb 2021-01-05

    More tragic, in my opinion, is how much hunger and poverty exists in Venezuala (like other parts of the world) thanks in significant part to sanctions imposed by our federal government, covert operations launched by the same throughout modern history, and not-so-critical prominent news media (think NYT and the like), whether wittingly or not, helping the scheme along each time.

    Noem can spew unsubstantiated claims of how socialism kills people all she wants, but doing so won’t help her convince those of us who recognize capitalism kills us plenty, too.

  18. mike from iowa 2021-01-05

    I hear socialism and I think that wingnuts have used that term for programs starting back with Medicare in the mid 60’s, as memory serves. Wingnuts have no idea what it is, they just know it gets proven results from their flocks of gullible and naive sheep.

  19. Porter Lansing 2021-01-06

    Cory’s blog consistently contains the best comments.
    The new web design is eye catching, user friendly, and intellectually stimulating.
    Well done, Mr. Heidelberger.

    *Republican Dictionary:
    Voter Fraud – Too many non-white people voted.
    Socialism – Government helping people other than me.

  20. Jenny 2021-01-06

    I love it, Porter. Miss you and Debbo, please come back!

  21. mike from iowa 2021-01-06

    Here’s to you, Porter.

  22. jerry 2021-01-06

    Bobj, what a goldmine of unneeded taxpayer money to the rich. Pete Lien and Sons, ya gots to be kidding. LLoyd Construction Company, please. These two republican grifters have had an open winter to work in, they need to pay it back. Here is the entire list of crooks and liars on the taxpayer dole

  23. jerry 2021-01-06

    Farms and businesses need bailouts, got it. The poor, disabled, unemployed, homeless well they need it too. When the well heeled stop denouncing the needy and admit to their need, we will have accomplished something. Until then, it’s all hypocrisy.

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