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27 SD Republican Legislators Call on Congress to Steal Election for Loser Trump

Representative-Elect Elizabeth May (R=27/Kyle) and 26 other legislators hate democracy enough that they are calling on Congress to throw out the Electoral College votes of six states that supported President-Elect Joe Biden in his fair and honest victory over their godhead Donald Trump. An eager reader shares with me this letter on Representative-Elect May’s official letterhead, complete with an abuse of the state seal in service of tyranny, claiming 1,468,000 votes are “in question” and urging South Dakota’s members of Congress to reject 76 Electoral College votes from Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin, and Michigan until “a thorough forensic audit of the mail in ballots, signature, and voting equipment” in those states has been conducted:

Rep.-Elect Elizabeth May et al, letter bogusly alleging election problems and rejection of 76 Electoral College votes for Biden, 2020.12.08.
Rep.-Elect Elizabeth May et al, letter bogusly alleging election problems and rejection of 76 Electoral College votes for Biden, 2020.12.08.

Rejecting these 76 fairly cast Electoral College votes would steal the election for Trump, as Biden’s total would drop to 230, and Trump would still have 232. May and her colleagues give no evidence of voter fraud or election fraud, only a specious citation of a deceased liberal Supreme Court Justice, not any citation of any of the sitting conservative Justices who have refused to entertain such lies about the 2020 election.

May’s co-signers include the Legislature’s worst right-wing cranks and radicals. On the good side, five of these election-thieving signers—Reps. Doug Post, Isaac Latterell, Steve Livermont, Scyller Borglum and Sen. Lance Russell—are leaving the Legislature… but Post is the only one I know has been replaced by someone less dangerously opposed to democracy.

All four legislators who represent Aberdeen in the House are on this seditious letter: District 3’s Reps. Carl Perry and Drew Dennert and District 2’s Reps. Lana Greenfield and Kaleb Weis. I am ashamed of my representation and of the neighbors who would elect such sore losers and enemies of democracy.

I am ashamed that, after nearly two months of investigations, recounts, and court hearings that have all come to the same conclusion—Joe Biden beat Donald Trump in the most secure election in our nation’s history—these legislators would sustain vague, baseless, and widely disproven allegations flung about by an increasingly desperate Trump. His Golfing Majesty isn’t worth an honest defense, let alone lies like May’s to keep him at the reins of the Republic at the expense of the fairly and freely expressed will of the people.


  1. Nix 2021-01-01

    I am not one to worry. But, I would be lying if I told you that I wasn’t concerned with what these treasonous bastards are going to come up with in 2024.
    Trump and all of the GOP are leaving the
    largest mess behind so the new administration will be preoccupied getting a handle on that.
    Do not take your eyes off of the traitors.
    They’ll be back.

  2. Jake 2021-01-01

    This is only typical of what the Republican state House representatives do all the time; make a big show of doing something, anything, when it’s already been proven what they are fighting against is a done deal. They could instead be insisting that Trump give his opponent that beat him fair and square the courtesy of a smooth transition of power instead of playing “gotcha games” with the nation’s security and well-being.
    The GOP has ‘Sore Loser” all over it’s face! This will be proven to all on Tuesday in the Congress.

  3. Dave 2021-01-01

    For some reason this post made me sadder than usual. It made me realize that I have no representation either at State or National level and that voting in these elections is an exercise in futility. I really don’t know what to do. Moving to a swing state is not an option, I am gravitating towards spending most of my time in the garden and consuming zero news.

  4. mike Livingston 2021-01-01

    As a lifelong resident of South Dakota I long for the days when the only thing we were known for was Mount Rushmore the Shrine of Democracy.

  5. Donald Pay 2021-01-01

    Cultish fascism of some and the gutless sycophancy of others seems right in line with how Hitler came to power.

  6. 96Tears 2021-01-01

    A couple of the names are very surprising. Otherwise, the usual suckers and losers are on the list. All of them are shameful in perpetuating a completely baseless lie because their jerkwad Trump lost the election very badly. Every South Dakotan should shun these fools as unAmerican and as bald-faced liars.

  7. Spike 2021-01-01

    Dave, we feel your heartache. You are not alone. In my humble opinion these are just a group of trumpublicans looking for attention and groveling at noems feet. Their claims have been adjudicated administratively and in courts yet they persist on debunking our judicial systems.
    Trump lost because he is incompetent and surrounded by dysfunction. The majority of Americans had enough of his debasement of the Presidential position.

    By hey, we had a rodeo last night, bucked some broncs, puffed our chests and spread some covid to the innocent. We are just special aren’t we.

    I hope you have a wonderful garden Dave. I also have found more music makes makes my life better.


  8. Fast Eddy 2021-01-01

    I cannot retreat, but I will need a step back periodically to regroup and re-energize myself. I am old and getting frail. I will spend some time in the garden but will always maintain constant vigilance. The preservation of the greatest democracy is too important to leave to the liars and traitors. And I’ll always take in conservative media because it is important to know what the bastards are doing. And even though I have no representation in this state, I will represent myself. Please join me in standing guard.

  9. bearcreekbat 2021-01-01

    Knowing the source of the viewpoints expressed in this letter would help in understanding the character and intellect of the signers.

    For example, it would make perfect sense to object to any state’s submission of electoral votes that violated that state’s election laws. If these signers actually believe that the votes they object to were in violation of the law, then the source of that belief goes directly to the signer’s intellect rather than his or her character. What has convinced them that they know more about the factual circumstances and the laws of the identified states than each of that state’s judges, who already have made decisions about the validity of such claims? If no credible information can be identified as the source of the signers beliefs, then that directly reflects on the intellect of the signers.

    On the other hand, if the signers do not really believe the claims that these electoral votes were somehow illegally obtained, but instead simply object to their chosen candidate, Donald Trump, being rejected in the states listed in the letter, then that reflects rather poorly on the character of the signers. Knowingly making false representations to obtain some personal desire is certainly part of Donald Trump’s frequently exhibited character. The contagious nature of such a characteristic on morally shallow individuals would certainly reflect poorly on the character of the South Dakotans signing this letter that do not actually believe the factual claims in the letter but have signed it to advance personal objectives.

    So the bottom line raises the question – are the signers all geniuses that know better than each judge in these states that already has uniformly rejected each of the election law violation claims identified in the letter, or are the signers simply revealing a clear lack of character?

  10. Jeff Barth 2021-01-01

    A quote:

    But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government,

    Our duty…

  11. bearcreekbat 2021-01-01

    Here is a little background information describing the factual and legal findings and conclusions relevant to the claims in the letter signed by so many South Dakota elected officials.

    After the 2020 United States presidential election, the campaign for incumbent President Donald Trump and others filed 60 lawsuits . . . contesting election processes, vote counting, and the vote certification process in multiple states, including Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. . . . Nearly all the suits were dismissed or dropped due to lack of evidence; . . . judges, lawyers, and other observers described the suits as “frivolous” . . . and “without merit”. . . .

    Trump, his attorneys, and his supporters falsely . . . asserted widespread election fraud in public statements, though few such assertions were made in court. . . . In one instance, the Trump campaign and other groups seeking his election collectively lost multiple cases in six states on one day. (footnote references omitted)

    Perhaps one or more of the letter signers can come forward and identify the information they have uncovered to support their factual claims that all of these judges and decisionmakers overlooked? Otherwise each of the signers looked like “useful idiots” who have yet again been duped by grifters, or worse yet, morally bankrupt and corrupt liars.

  12. Detroit Lewis 2021-01-01

    Isn’t it weird that no voter fraud occurred in the states that Trump won? I think that Biden should put a commission together to investigate voter fraud, but it should be conducted in EVERY STATE. I told someone that the results may reveal that his margin of winning will probably grow.

  13. Jake 2021-01-01

    No Dave, more important to stay here and fight the fight to get rid of the misfit wingnuts! Nothing is gained by letting them have the ground that doesn’t belong to their kind!

  14. John 2021-01-01

    The US Army should apply the Secretary, General Colin Powell solution to Tim Goodwin, as Powell recommends for serial liar Michael Flynn — recall him to active duty for the purpose of court martial.
    Goodwin, like serial liar Flynn lacks the moral courage and loyalty to the US Constitution to understand and uphold an oath to that Constitution.

  15. leslie 2021-01-01

    Other than not voting, every word posted so far here shows such wisdom. Further posts from useful idiots we endure will likely follow their hangovers.

    Happy new year good folks.

  16. Owen 2021-01-01

    I’ve asked on social media when I’m arguing with one of the right wing nut cases. Show me the proof!!!
    They can never provide the proof because there is no proof. What Trump is doing, to me, is criminal. Worse are the people, like these legislatures, who believe in what Trump says and does.

    Is there a way to punish these legislatures? There should be.
    The only good thing is my Dist. 19 legislatures are not on this list.

    Happy New Year everybody!

  17. Jake 2021-01-01

    Yep, there WAS voter fraud in Michigan; The Attorney General of Michigan found two cases of voter fraud to prosecute-both committed by Trump voters. He claimed the million dollar reward offered by Texas’ AG but the Texas AG won’t pay up! (per Juanita Jean’s blog posting).
    BCB-your analysis is so right-on, and welcome. Intellect is a little short in supply in SD state legislature….

  18. mike Livingston 2021-01-01

    I can only imagine how much election rigging went on to lizzy may elected in Ogala Lakota County.

  19. jerry 2021-01-01

    Nothing on covid vaccine distribution though.

  20. jerry 2021-01-01

    Charlie Hoffman describes what happened perfectly, “marching orders” Booyah!! What a bunch of frauds

    “Hoffman says those marquee-seeking legislators create a major problem for the legislative branch. As majority whip, Hoffman says he has seen the Governor happily exploit those self-servers to encroach on the Legislature’s proper autonomy. The night before each Legislative workweek begins, Hoffman says the Governor hosts a meeting for all of the GOP House and Senate leaders at the Governor’s mansion (read: homefield advantage). The Governor’s entire staff attends. The “conversation,” says Hoffman, flows mostly one way, as the Governor informs the “leaders” of his plans and priorities for the week. The Governor does not inquire, says Hoffman, about the legislators’ plans and priorities. And the GOP leaders, mostly concerned about their place in line, generally accept their weekly marching orders.”

    LOL, 27 losers following orders like good little boys and girls, not one thinker among them, not one.

  21. Hadassah Miller 2021-01-01

    It would be awesome if none of these traitors were seated in the next session.

  22. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2021-01-01

    Hadassah, that would require having House leaders who believe in democracy more than they believe in Trump.

  23. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2021-01-01

    Dave, I regret that this news makes you sadder than usual and makes you more strongly consider a retreat from the news. I, too, get tired of the constant drumbeat of tyranny and stupidity from the Trumpublicans. The national news will get much more tolerable, as we will have a sane, caring grown-up in charge, a real President making real policy and not a reality-TV start playing on Twitter all day. Listening to even 30 seconds of Trump on the radio enrages and drains me; listening to ten minutes of Biden and his thoughtfully constructed explanations and arguments (listen to how often his paragraphs come with signposts—first… second… and then…, showing he planned out his remarks) engages and energizes me.

    Tiring as it is, we need to remain aware of the stupidity and the tyranny these legislators try to foist upon us under the cloak of their elected titles. We need to call them out, and we need to keep reminding the Democratic candidates whom some are trying to recruit that these Trumpublicans are not people with whom we should sympathy, understanding, and compromise. These people are liars and traitors, willing to spread false claims to steal an election and help an incompetent egomaniac who gives not one damn about South Dakota cling to power. These people should be removed from office at our earliest legal opportunity. They should face ridicule and scolding at every public appearance. And they should be marginalized from public discourse as purveyors of radical, un-American tyranny.

  24. leslie 2021-01-01

    Nationally, @JoeCunninghamSC
    “Every one of these members of Congress who plan to object to the results of the presidential election have one thing in common: They all represent gerrymandered seats that ensures that they cannot lose a general election.

    End gerrymandering and you end 99% of this nonsense.”

  25. robin friday 2021-01-01

    Cory, as far as what lies ahead in Biden1, I don’t like boring any more than the next person, but I’m almost ready for a couple of boring years of news. Check with me in a few months.

  26. 96Tears 2021-01-01

    The 27 suckers and losers must have great insight on how to swindle an election. My proof is better than theirs. Consider that Republicans have less than 49 percent of statewide voter registrations, yet Republicans won 90 percent of the state Senate and House seats in the 2020 election. Obviously, this margin must be due to their election fraud. The 27 sucker and losers must know something based on their personal experiences of stealing elections in South Dakota, because they sure don’t have a shred of evidence what happened in the rest of the nation. Let’s lock those criminals up.

  27. Mark Anderson 2021-01-01

    Its nice to see Republicans stand up for what they believe in. Lying and cheating are the new standards of the losing trumps. I’m sure Thune is shaking in his boots now that kristi is pegged by Trump to run against him. All cheers for the kristi gnome not hardly presidential but senate bound.

  28. robin friday 2021-01-01

    Now there’s an image for you–Kristi standing beside Mitch every time he’s in front of the microphone, rather than Thune. Somehow I don’t see Kristi as Whip. I don’t know, Mitch already has Joni Ernst huddled beside him recently. Maybe the only thing to do is remove Mitch as Majority Leader. Go, Georgia!

  29. jerry 2021-01-01

    Speaking of traitors “The Secret Service is shaking up assignments for President-elect Joe Biden’s detail because of concerns about some agents’ worrisome ties to Donald Trump, The Washington Post reported.

    Biden supporters have expressed fears that some agents are too closely politically aligned with the outgoing president, sources told the Post.”

    Is there anything trump/GNOem/Russia and these crooked republicans have not screwed up?

  30. Spike 2021-01-01

    Unfortunately May got her votes in Pennington, Haakon, Jackson. Not too many in Oglala Lakota county. But she smites the people of that county with this rotten baloney. Whom voted Biden by a huge number. May is a selfish person that supports a lame duck prez whose evil lifestyle goes against the ethical beliefs of good Oglalas.

    She should read Bearcreeks excellent posts here.

    Maybe the Oglalas will deny her reentry to the rez at a border checkpoint because she is a threat to their safety. ;)

  31. jerry 2021-01-01

    Spike, that is called gerrymandering, these crooks and liars are very good at that in South Dakota and elsewhere. I do think that these 27 traitors all examined themselves and found that Liz was the one with the testicles so they followed along like the eunuchs’ they are.

  32. Bob Newland 2021-01-01

    Yawwwwn. Another day, another month, another year. Another story about sick, twisted, false Christian fxxxx who, having been elected by sick ignorant fxxxx, think they are, by definition, the smartest fxxxx in their districts. Pardon me, I have to throw up.

  33. Donald Pay 2021-01-01

    The letter asserts that some votes in each of several states are “in question.” No definition of “in question” is provided. I have questions about how anyone could vote for Trump, so I could say that all those votes are “in question.”

    But what really bothers me is that they attempt to quantify those votes in question with patently fabricated numbers. There is no explanation how they fabricated those numbers, but it’s clear those numbers are statistically so far into the realm of impossibility that the only explanation for them is those numbers are the actual fraud we have all been waiting to see. In what universe would all those “in question” votes in all those states all total up to “…x,000.” Clearly in any real world that would never happen in every one of those states all in the same election. In other words you can discount every one of those numbers, because those numbers can’t happen.

  34. Pat Meyer 2021-01-01

    How about a slow boat to communist Russia and Mr. Putin for all these elected (sadly) officials that wish to disenfranchise the votes cast by honest voters of the states they wish to affect? They aren’t doing any citizens any favors … only costing us money to accomplish these ridiculous activities they call for… money that could be utilized to do good for the country!! Sad state of affairs when such individuals are allowed thru the doors of any congress/public building to “do the bidding of the people”… NOT!!!

  35. BillC 2021-01-02

    Meanwhile have they figured out how to do this without the votes of republicans from states that are being challenged? … oh wait….

  36. happy camper 2021-01-02

    Trump just called the Georgia races illegal and invalid. Partisans live in an Echo Chamber. Social Media and Home Page algorithms feed this bias. Trump pushed them to even more extreme outlets like Newsmax, OAN, and Parlor.

    Moving forward we must encourage critical thought, checking every source for bias, and read the highest quality, most objective news. It’s seductive to have your biases massaged, but don’t give in to it.

    A friend became brainwashed by propaganda (i.e. PJ Media). In uncertain times we are all more susceptible to extreme ideas. When Covid is behind us, we will mix normally again, spend less time reading politics, and things will improve.

  37. Donald Pay 2021-01-02

    It takes a statistical illiterate to sign onto a letter with numbers so impossible to occur in several states in the same election. With all states having votes “in question” all ending exactly in “000” you have an infinitely small possibility that that happens. There can only be one conclusion: the numbers are fabricated.

    This letter is the work not of fact, but of religious faith in Dear Leader. It’s not meant to be an explication of real votes in question, which, after all, have already been determined and settle in all the states through lawful process. I watched this process occurring in Wisconsin. There were some votes ‘in question.” Those votes were handled in the legal manner through our recount process and subsequent court challenges. When all the dust settled on those “in question” votes in Wisconsin it turned out Trump lost more votes than Biden, and It didn’t change the fact that Biden won the state.

    If this were a serious letter, it would have accurate numbers attached to votes in question in each state. If this was a serious letter, it would look at votes in question in South Dakota and other states Trump won. But this is not a serious letter.

    What is it? Trump is the latest religious idol of a certain disturb segment of the right.
    They signed on to an epistle with faith in Donald Trump the point, not fact.

  38. SD is 20 per cent nonwhite 2021-01-02


    1. Be the media, yes, us! Go to and start a paper for any city in South Dakota you want to adopt- Belvedere, Interior, White Rock, any city! You can choose the free version or $9 a month version! We need more pro-Democracy papers speaking the truth!

    2. Most Republicans are riddled with STDs- Stupidity, Trumpian Lies, Delusions. Vote out all Republicans, especially the 27!

    3. This is the 21st Century, right? Bitcoin is $32, 000 and rising! So elect Democrats every week, 52 times a year, in ultra Democratic 501-c-3 organizations we set up, not to debate, but to DO great things for People! Democrats ELECTED every week, no problem! The power to do good!

  39. Mike 2021-01-02

    They should call on Noem. She likes to talk like she is 1000% with Trump. Her support is purely for her political gain.

    Ask her to sign this and see if you get more than crickets.

  40. John 2021-01-03

    It will be sad, yet fun, watching the 2021 and future renditions of the American Legion’s Boys State and Girl State swirl around and down the drain of faux voter fraud, faux challenges, and faux malfeasance. After all, they learn from their state [non]leaders. The American Legion out to “encourage” faux voter fraud, challenges, and malfeasance in order to make the Boys and Girls State experiences more realistic. Statesmanship is nearly dead. Own it.

    Or change it.

  41. jerry 2021-01-03

    27 traitor racist legislator’s that are against John Thune. These 27 represent districts that will now vote GNOem, even though they know she is a crook and liar more so than Thune himself. I think Thune will not run again. Why would he? Dude has pocketed millions of dollars to now be able to enjoy the plunder.

  42. SD is 20 per cent nonwhite 2021-01-03

    Solutions- 4.

    Write or email Dustin Johnson and ask him to impeach Trump, who told the Georgia Secretary of State, “I just want to find 11, 780 votes.” Johnson has a job to do, impeach Trump for obstruction of justice, now! Remind him.

  43. Tubx 2021-01-04

    If Democrats are so good at fixing elections why did they give Mitch another 6 years?

  44. Rick S 2021-01-09

    Rep. York from District 5 says she doesn’t know how her name got on this list in latest Watertown Public Opinion article. She was miffed about it and would ask Rep May about it when she goes to Pierre.
    The letter was published December 8th and she just now (after Jan 6th riot) thinks it worth her time to find out why her name was included? Give me a break.

  45. mike from iowa 2021-01-09

    It has been revealed drumpf leaned on another election official by letter to add to his list of impeachable criminal acts.

    As long as McCTurtlefartface is not majority leader, his fangs and claws are mostly blunted.

  46. robin friday 2021-01-26

    The older I get, the less time I find I have for the likes of Elizabeth May and 26 others–actually, all other narrow-minded busybodies.

  47. o 2021-01-26

    Has a Resolution/Bill dropped (in the SD Legislature) on this yet? Will one?

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