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Jimmy Carter, 96, Still Defending Democracy

Jimmy Carter turns 96 today. The former President has lived longer than any other man who served in America’s highest office. Happy birthday, President Carter!

Say, if we have any concerns about voter intimidation here in South Dakota, maybe we can get President Carter to send some poll watchers to our fair state. The Carter Center says American democracy is “backsliding” and is deploying extra resources this year to keep our elections open and transparent:

Although the U.S. has long fallen short of international election standards in several key areas, until the last 10 years or so, the Center would not have assessed the quality of U.S. democracy and elections as backsliding.

“However,” said Carter Center CEO Paige Alexander, “given the scale of problems today – including deep polarization, lack of confidence in elections, obstacles to participation by minority groups and others, persistent racial injustice, and the COVID-19 pandemic – the Center has decided that it should try to improve elections here at home, drawing on its global experience observing troubled elections and its knowledge of international standards.”

The Carter Center plans to conduct activities in two main areas:

-Providing public information on important issues of election administration, especially where problems are likely or where there is a lack of information and awareness.

-Encouraging election officials to ensure maximum transparency and access for partisan and nonpartisan civic observers throughout the election process.

Depending on developments, the Center also might explore some limited election observation activities, perhaps targeting key issues or a few states. Wherever possible, the Center hopes to work alongside bipartisan and nonpartisan efforts to support these goals [The Carter Center, press release, 2020.08.28].

While the current occupant of the White House is attacking the integrity of our democracy, spreading lies about how we can’t trust your ballot, and commanding white supremacists to stand by to keep him in power, 96-year-old President Jimmy Carter is still working to defend your right to vote. Keep up your clean living, Jimmy—we need you more than ever.


  1. Jake 2020-10-01

    God Bless Jimmy Carter! What other 2 or 3 presidents have done added together would equal 1/2 of what he has done after leaving office for the American people (and foreign nations too)??!

    He has set one terrific example of humility and service, kinda reminding me of George McGovern who also did MUCH good for humanity after suffering a big defeat. Current POTUS will jet out of the country under the radar with his family to some safe haven like Russia when he gets ousted. Otherwise he’ll spend rest of his life in jail; and he knows it. OK, maybe not Russia-maybe Saudi Arabia.

  2. jerry 2020-10-01

    Guy still swings a hammer too. You know he can even go up and own a ramp on his own, much different than chubby trumpy.

  3. Debbo 2020-10-01

    What Jake said about the wonderful Jimmy Carter. Don’t forget Roslyn too, doing everything he does. We are extremely fortunate to have them.

  4. Jake 2020-10-02

    Debbo, exactly! In no way did I intend to diminish Rosalyn’s contribution to our national good. Simply comparing her to our FOTUS of today’s gutter locker-room attitudes would surely turn off most voters . Can it be that the 40 some % of voters today are so coveting of the Trump lifestyle that they don’t see thru the haze of lies that surround the White-house today?

  5. leslie 2020-10-02

    Yep, Saudi.

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