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Noem Rejects Trump Unemployment Handouts

Unemployment claims rose week before last, from 775 to 911. That’s a ninth of the number of claims received in the worst early week of the coronavirus recession, but it’s 6.6 times more than the number of UI claims South Dakota received a year and a week ago.

Nonetheless, Governor Kristi Noem is wishing away South Dakota’s labor woes by casting away free money from Castle Trump:

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem has spurned President Donald Trump’s order to extend federal unemployment benefits by $400 a week, saying that the state does not need the program.

Trump last week attempted to bypass Congress in ordering states to extend additional unemployment payments of up to $400 a week to help cushion the economic fallout of the pandemic. Under Trump’s plan, the extra unemployment benefit would require a state to commit to providing $100. It was unclear if Trump had the constitutional authority to extend federal unemployment benefits, and the rejection from Noem, who has been a close Trump ally, shows how little traction the plan may get.

The Republican governor said on Friday that South Dakota does not need the extra unemployment benefits and that nearly 80% of job losses in the state have been recovered [“South Dakota’s Noem Rejects Trump’s Unemployment Plan,” AP via KOTA-TV, 2020.08.15].

Three possible reasons for Governor Noem’s rejection of this expanded unemployment insurance jump to mind:

  1. Governor Noem staunchly refuses to spend one extra penny of state money on this crisis and thus refuses to provide the 1:3 match Trump’s August 8 order envisioned, even though it appears states can count existing benefits toward that match.
  2. Governor Noem is clinging to the disproven cranky-conservative fantasy that expanded UI benefits discourage work.
  3. Her one remaining sensible advisor has convinced her that expanding unemployment benefits by raiding FEMA during hurricane season is a really bad idea.

Whatever Kristi’s qualms, Louisiana, Iowa, New Mexico, and Arizona don’t share them: those four states are the first to say okee-dokee to Trump’s executive handouts, which probably won’t go out until September and will leave out a million low-wage workers with the greatest need.


  1. Jake 2020-08-16 16:37

    Noem, without a government backed paycheck, wouldn’t know how to survive long as the concept of hard work for minimal wage is beyond her. Yet she expects those laid off by Trump’s handling of the pandemic for this lengthy time to put on positive pants and take any job out there that isn’t out there. We taxpayers provide her with way more than enough $$ to cover basic living expenses to support a number of destitute families. And they don’t want security fences, either.

  2. 96Tears 2020-08-16 17:41

    COVID Kristi is doing all she can to kill Americans from COVID and to help Donald Trump wreck the American economy and its government. It’s all about COVID Kristi’s political career … and, of course, Donald’s political career.

    Killing 170,000 Americans and ruining the nation is a minor inconvenience on the way to superstardom. Just get out of their way!

  3. mike from iowa 2020-08-16 17:46

    Actually, the number of bodies has increased somewhat today, being a slowdown Sunday…

    United States
    Coronavirus Cases:

  4. jerry 2020-08-16 17:51

    The “recovered” have not recovered at all. They are sick and will have medical issues until they eventually die from the trump disease.

    “But with more data, something else has become clear: We’re focusing too much on fatality rates and not enough on the people who don’t die, but don’t entirely recover, either.

    Anecdotal reports of these people abound. At least seven elite college athletes have developed myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle that can have severe consequences, including sudden death. An Austrian doctor who treats scuba divers reported that six patients, who had only mild covid-19 infections, seem to have significant and permanent lung damage. Social media communities sprang up of people who are still suffering, months after they were infected, with everything from chronic fatigue and “brain fog” to chest pain and recurrent fevers.” Washington Post 8.16.20

    So with the one of the poorest healthcare delivery systems in the Western World, how are we gonna take car of the chronic sick that didn’t die? Who is gonna pay and how will that be done?

  5. Eve Fisher 2020-08-16 17:51

    Kristi doesn’t realize that rejecting the money won’t make Trump love her even more – it’ll just make him laugh at her as an idiot for not taking free money whenever she can. He certainly does. And he certainly wouldn’t hire – for anything but the most trivial of duties – anyone who wouldn’t take free money. Corey L. must not have clued her in to that facet of Trump’s character.

  6. jerry 2020-08-16 19:25

    The whole truth is that there is no money and there won’t be until there is a deal made. All of this was just rubbish and no one knows rubbish any better than the trash we call governor.

  7. Debbo 2020-08-16 20:26

    But Kruel Kristi will be pushing oleandrin very soon.

    “The experimental botanical extract, oleandrin, was promoted to Trump during an Oval Office meeting in July.
    It’s embraced by Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson and MyPillow founder and CEO Mike Lindell, a big Trump backer, who recently took a financial stake in the company that develops the product.”

    Yup, that she’ll go for. Watch Kruel Kristi to volunteer South Dakotans as test monkeys very soon.

  8. jerry 2020-08-17 09:58

    FEMA is short of money now that Iowa needs 4 Billion to fix Cedar Rapids and the issues there. Tinker Belle GNOem says we don’t need the money because there ain’t no money to be had. More pixie dust from her sugar daddy and herownself.

    If Tinker Belle GNOem really wanted to promote a botanical wonder drug, she would give full support to the legalization of cannabis for medical as well as recreational uses. Damn good for the complexion when you have your fat arse planted in front of Fox and Friends.

  9. jerry 2020-08-17 10:01

    Here is the link to Cedar Rapids needs

    “Iowa homes, cornfields, utility companies and government agencies have losses estimated at nearly $4 billion from Monday’s unusual storm, Gov. Kim Reynolds said Sunday as she announced she’s filing an expedited presidential major disaster declaration with the federal government seeking that much money to rebuild and repair.

    The derecho with hurricane-force wind gusts exceeding 100 miles per hour destroyed or extensively damaged 8,200 homes and 13 million acres of corn, about a third of the state’s crop land, she said.

    More than a half million people were without electricity in the immediate aftermath of the storm. As of Sunday evening utility companies reported about 83,000 people remained without power.”

    We still have fires out of control in California, and of course, hurricanes. There is no money for unemployment until the QANON Party (EB5 Rounds and Thune) gets serious about the economy.

  10. Jon H 2020-08-17 12:58

    We just had a lot of people put their’s and their family’s lives on the line working for employers that needed them during the Sturgis Rally and the employees that work in the casinos in Deadwood. No manditory masks for these people or for all the visitors that showed up. Now we have school starting and we really have no idea what it is going to be like for the children in the schools of South Dakota. In most places no mandatory masks for people in the schools. I can’t imagmine what the Governor is thinking about. Not much leadership. Maybe she needs to go hang out on a golf course with her friends in Washington.

  11. leslie 2020-08-17 13:12

    Have Republicans abandoned the obligation of public service by elected officials?

    Refugia” – a term we need to understand. (The California fires were not the primary fault of lack of maintenance of PG&E power lines. Credit the Koch Brothers! Exxon, Trump, McConnell AND Thune!)

    What survived where primarily Redwood forests whose drought resilience created acreages that maintain soil moisture and don’t burn.

    Climate change is on a planetary scale—drying out. On a planetary scale. Understand this.

    Not just rising sea levels. H20. “The Molecule that Made Us”.

    Auther Vining Davis Fndn, Draper sponsored, but NOT Koch Industries. THEY CANT BLANKET OVER THEIR DECEPTIVE ROLE with public relatt campaigns. We have to dump Koch’s $$ and fossil fuels right now. And that required dumping Thune, Rounds and Noem, and Johnson if he doesn’t grasp his role as an elected public servant. We are counting on your generation for ethical leafership Dusty. The Boomers have definitely sold out.

    Imagine what Noem could do with a billion dollars now and preparatory to leading the legislature?!

  12. jerry 2020-08-17 16:32

    3 weeks maximum unemployment help is all that was in the trump blather. GNOem had inside information on how little it did so, yeah, she made a big deal out of denying the 3 week coverage. The state of South Dakota is so broke that even for the 3 weeks, we got nothing. Brother can you spare a dime. Red states always operate in red ink…unless they get a subsidy or bailout from real states that know arithmetic.

    “August 17, 2020 at 3:16 p.m. MDT

    Out-of-work Americans may see only a three-week boost to their unemployment benefits, as state and federal officials scramble to stretch out a limited pot of money and implement President Trump’s recent policy order.

    The Trump administration offered the new details about its directive Monday, pledging additional aid would reach workers in a matter of weeks — even as its guidance quickly rekindled criticism that the White House’s actions alone are insufficient to help people weather the economic crisis wrought by the pandemic.” Washington Post

    So there ya go kiddo’s, more gobblygook from the lying liars. Oh, BTW, I have a small parcel letter that has been stuck in Sioux Falls since July 17, yep, a month. I was told today that the container it’s in, has yet to be opened and sorted. Thanks trump and thanks EB5 Short Rounds and the other crook for destroying the US Postal System.

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