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Democrats 28.5% of SD Electorate, GOP 47.2%

The Democratic Party’s share of South Dakota’s electorate continues to decline, while the independent sector grows and Republicans hold steady.

According to the Secretary of State’s November 1 count, 155,814 South Dakotans are registered as Democratic voters, 130,248 are registered as independents, and 258,451 are registered as Trumpist tools. All registrations are down from their August/September peaks, as the Secretary of State appears to have conducted the usual fall purge and moved over 12,000 voters from active to inactive status. This follows apparently culling another 12,000 from the inactive rolls from March through August.

Even with the purge, we have 2,478 more registered voters than we did on November 2, 2018. Over the past twelve months, Democrats have lost 1.98% (3,154) of their registered voters, while Republicans have gained 0.76% (1,955) and indies have grown 2.84% (3,592).

Democrats now constitute 2845% of the registered electorate, down from 29.15% last November and down from 38.36% ten years ago. Republicans are holding relatively steady above 47% (47.18%, to be exact) of the registered electorate, about the same as last year, up just a bit from 45.41% ten years ago.


  1. Jenny 2019-11-05 10:15

    When there’s no effective leadership and what’s left are wishy washy conservative democrats….last true Dem in SD – turn the light off please.
    MN welcomes you! SKOL!!!

  2. Ryan 2019-11-05 13:32

    “…and 258,451 are registered as Trumpist tools.”


    I’m not a republican, by registration or otherwise. I think Trump is the worst president of my lifetime, but even I think that’s a frankly ridiculous thing to say. This fosters “us” versus “them” tribalism. Seems unproductive.

  3. o 2019-11-05 13:55

    As long as we have been discussing testing (for HS students) in other threads, I would like to see a test given to those who identify as one or the other party as to where they think their party stands on issues – then grade them on how accurate they are on those stand predictions. I could even have two options: 1) where the party stands according to platform, and 2) where the party stands in practice.

    I think many SD voters would be shocked to see “their” party does not stand for what they think it does on issues important to them.

  4. Robin Friday 2019-11-05 15:12

    I would have guessed it’s more like 80-20. Or even 90-10 like the legislature. It’s a hard place to be a Democrat, or to stand up for Democrat philosophy, that’s all I know.

  5. Robin Friday 2019-11-05 15:19

    o, as someone who took at least a couple of courses on statistics, and just for promoting operational definitions, I have to ask what/who are you going to use as the credible source for “where the party stands in practice”? Platforms for either party/any party are pretty lame and insubstantial, in my opinion.

  6. grudznick 2019-11-05 18:18

    Mr. Ryan, I also agree that Mr. Trump is the most horrible of Presidents, perhaps ever, and I also am a registered Republican, although I’ve dabbled around the edges of madness considering joining up with the Libertarians just for fun.

    Mr. H is just fostering the out-of-state name-calling he encourages and should at least have used the more accurate number, 258,448, which would exclude you, me, and my granddaughter. But the libbies just like to foster the tribal mentalities and cannot work across any perceived lines.

  7. leslie 2019-11-05 18:28

    As before we need all the independents to beat the republicans and turn the state purple, which is doable as Billy showed us is possible.

  8. John Kennedy Claussen, Sr., 2019-11-05 21:06

    It doesn’t help, when you allow Independents to vote in a Democratic primary.

    This past September, the SDDP State Central Committee voted down by a wide margin the idea of going back to a closed primary. Those opposed to a closed primary were worried about voters who are Independents just to keep their employer at bay and not wanting to disenfranchise them. They also wanted to use Independents to keep Democrats at bay so as to guarantee that Democratic nominees don’t become too liberal. They also claimed that young people do not identify with political parties so that it is important to maintain our relevance as a political party by allowing party activists to not be “party” activists.

    We can debate as to whether our major political parties will exist in the future, but absence that debate, a political party should be a political party and a party that does not fear its ideology, or allow itself to succumb to mere marketing whims. Because if we do such, then what is left of that political party? What’s it all about? Such a political party is merely left to those who wish to use such a party as a mechanism for their own political ambitions at the expense of a philosophy, which is suppose to fight for something, and in the case of the Democratic Party, a philosophy which is suppose to fight for working men and women in our state and country.

    At the some point, the SDDP will release itself from this marketing panacea mentality and find itself both in philosophy and victory again by being itself, and thus, proud of itself and not apologetic.

  9. Adam 2019-11-05 22:23

    ONE thing that the majority of registered South Dakota voters ALL agree upon is NOT BEING A REPUBLICAN.

    It’s kind of funny really.

  10. Caleb 2019-11-05 23:12

    My first complaint reading this post was in line with Ryan’s. I believe equating registering Republican with being a Trumpist tool is intellectually dishonest, Cory. I also believe you know as much, though, and have hope you’ll admit that, suspecting you got carried away with knee-jerk humor.

    grudznick, if your post in this thread summates your view on liberals, it betrays a myopic view of tribalism on your part. I support calling out tribalism, but please don’t act as if one of the two dominant parties/political dogmas is more or less innocent of it than the other.

    I also agree with Robin. Both parties generally employ vague grandstanding as if they were born exclusively from horoscope writers with no more passion than for an hourly wage. I understand mass appeal is necessary now as ever throughout the history of mass communications, but go figure the independent sector keeps growing. Both parties have employed rhetoric to ensnare supporters while acting against them for decades, whether knowingly or not. Anyone who still believes the Republican party is against big government, or that the Democratic party is fighting on behalf of laborers and the marginalized, focuses too much on each party’s narrow efforts while overlooking how both work together to uphold the status quo in banking, mass surveillance, militarization, etc. Individuals within each have their own ideas…but the parties stamp down anyone outta line. Such may be changing, but let’s stop acting like it never happened.

  11. Debbo 2019-11-05 23:18

    JKC said, “They also wanted to use Independents to keep Democrats at bay so as to guarantee that Democratic nominees don’t become too liberal.”

    How’s that working out for you, SDDP?

  12. John Kennedy Claussen, Sr., 2019-11-05 23:33

    Adam’s right. It’s the untold story. A majority of South Dakotans, a state where a Democrat hasn’t won statewide in since 2008, or where a Democratic candidate hasn’t won a gubernatorial race since 1974, are not Republicans.

    So what does that say about the South Dakota Democratic Party? That our message is wrong or lacking? That we are not organized in terms of voter registration and GOTV? Well, I would say all three, but right now, we rely too heavily upon a hopeful message as the one and only panacea to our current ills. But why is that? Is it because we are lazy? It is because some fear to expand the base, because they will then possibly lose control of it? I would suggest there is an inherent laziness by design, which allows a few to run our party and to run it into the ground as a result.

    Going forward, our first need to is to stabilize the party for obvious reasons, but as we look into the next decade, we must get serious about VR and GOTV, where we offer more Democrats a part of the decision making process by making their vote count in a primary, where such inclusivity offers an immunity to the current exclusivity which is too often found in our party by the current primary process, an inherent opportune laziness, and the lack of true organizing.

  13. leslie 2019-11-06 00:27

    Ryan please, you think a single SD Republican voter is going vote Democratic (they won’t even SAY the word) if we are nice to them. Bob Mercer said “burn it down”. You think he is going to let 100,000 registered SD Republicans change their vote? They will be targeted. You remember what they did to Daschle? Us/them is what you are worried about as a Democrat of good conscience? I know of no Dems that carry on like you with strong female role models on this blog.

    Oh and “both parties do it” is just an actual lazy, meaningless apology for Republicans to sidestep accountability for fraud (EB5, Merrick Garland, MCME murder/arson, Russian hack, DOJ/STATE/DHD politicization, FEC-EPA-DOI-DOE-IRS ect deregulation, science delegitimization,…).

  14. Adam 2019-11-06 02:08

    I am entirely sick of people, and also candidates, talking about how, “there is so much more that unites us than that which divides us” – because when I look at the differences, all I see is nothing short of polar opposites in character, integrity, honesty and consistency between parties.

    Face it, folks, there’s FAR MORE to hate about the SD GOP than to ‘love,’ and only a pitiful few Non-Republicans in SD realize that you/we are tasked with the obligation to build a brand around a, “Loyal Opposition Party.” It means you have to be tough, and smart, and gutsy enough to sufficiently unite together – and that means rural-state non-conformists have to overcome a few of their natural weaknesses – in order to pro-actively and effectively OPPOSE the status quo (one party rule).

    Unfortunately, living in a rural state just simply lends itself to isolationism, and uniting non-conformists (like rural state Dems and Indys) entails embracing lots of hard hitting compare and contrast, as well as negative, advertising.

    If you want to build a new generation for the SDDP, build it around being a “Loyal Opposition Party.” Single out and hold individual Republicans feet to the fire, on issues (which can only be done with negative ads).

    Accept the NEED for LOTS MORE negative ads (you pussies); because Jesus Christ couldn’t come down from Heaven to hand you a more FUNDAMENTAL truth.

    Sometimes, I feel like myself and only maybe 2 handfuls of SD Non-Conformists (Non-Republicans) could ever fight their way out of a paper bag, and that makes me sad.

  15. Adam 2019-11-06 05:09

    Rurals’ is dumb; that’s why they fight irrefutable facts.

    When is y’all gonna get that?

  16. Adam 2019-11-06 05:24


  17. Stumcfar 2019-11-06 08:04

    The reason no one takes you seriously is terms like “Trumpist tools”! The whole Democratic Party doesn’t understand how the constant berating of Trump supporters just makes them stronger and sickens the independents and pushes them further from the left. In other words, keep doing what your doing!

  18. Ryan 2019-11-06 08:13

    leslie, you seem to have dug into the us versus them tribalism. It is not politically productive and historically leads to 100% demise. I didn’t say anything about the “both sides do it” issue that you raised, but since you said it, I’ll respond. All groups of people have bad actors. Republicans, democrats, independents, libertarians…whites, asians, africans….males, females…christians, muslims, atheists…every single group. Your comments make me think you are blind to reality. People who are blind to reality are dangerous to the rest of us trying to make the best of this crazy situation we call life. Thanks for bringing us all down to make yourself feel better that you picked the “good” group to belong to without recognizing basic reality of nuance.

  19. o 2019-11-06 08:48

    Robin, begrudgingly, I have to agree with your point about the fundamental unclarity in really denoting what a party stands for. I have seen too much campaigning where at any time, for any audience, the candidate or the party becomes whatever it needs to be in that situation. More and more, this drives me to the conclusion that party identification is abstract, even counter-productive to real issue discussion.

    If this survey were given on issues – cleanly removed from partisan bumper stickers and tag lines – then I think those numbers would shift and have true meaning.

  20. o 2019-11-06 08:58

    Is part of the problem that parties have taken stands on EVERY issue? To me, that means that there can be no focus on fundamental or core beliefs of either party. Why must a party have a stand on EVERY issue? (Is it because there are only two parties?) I really do envy the countries that have splinter factions and single-issue parties that stay strictly focused on one key issue, but then have to form coalitions to get the larger work of governance accomplished.

  21. Ryan 2019-11-06 09:18

    o nails it. Our tribalism that some people on this blog and all over the country enjoy has reduced every issue to a fight over party identity and “I’m right and you are wrong.”

    If you put each person in a room by himself or herself and interview them about what they want for society in general, you would likely find that basic things such as healthcare and equality of opportunity are important universally. But tyrants and bullies prefer to be right rather than agreeing with a person on one single topic because they disagree on some other, unrelated topic.

    It’s madness. This is madness, and we as a society are doomed if we don’t recognize and overcome it.

  22. Adam 2019-11-06 12:36

    Yeah, get mad at the two party system because you failed within that construct and therefore it’s the system which is the problem. LOL.

  23. Buckobear 2019-11-06 15:28

    Ryan makes a good point. However, it seems that the republican position on compromise and/or bipartisanship boils down to: “Do what we want.”

  24. happy camper 2019-11-06 16:16

    Oh, so some of you with a blue link possibly have more to say how do we create that? But no, O is correct. I am R so I fight because I am R. I am D so I fight because I am D. Allegiance to the truth is lost.

  25. Debbo 2019-11-06 18:50

    HC, here’s something that might interest you in particular. I’m referring to your concern about rural citizens.

    I haven’t done a lot of reading on this site yet, but One Country Project is an organization focused on helping Democrats and rural people connect. The website is

  26. Robin Friday 2019-11-06 19:38

    o, I belong to the party which I belong to because of what I believe, not vice versa, and I truly believe most people do so. We don’t believe what seems right, feels right to us as individuals (and I don’t mean only Democrats) because of party, we choose party because of what we believe in. As we grow and mature, if we are passionate about what we believe, we drift or sprint to the party that not only rhetorically professes that belief, but we watch WHAT THEY DO. Not many of us, no matter what party, are knuckleheads who allow our party to tell us what we believe.

  27. leslie 2019-11-07 05:19

    So “we” need roughly 28% plus 27% (independents) for 55% of the vote to handily knock out the Pubs’ steady 47% who will be voting. The new Dem Kentucky governor won by a .4% majority so similarly we need help from Independents to at least win by that margin in the important SD races coming up in 2020.

    See how tribes work? We all work together and with persuadable Independent allies, out-vote the Pubs, was and turn the state purple. Baby steps. This bullsheit about tribalism not being 100% historically “productive” is no different than Ryan’s bellyaching about Debbo. Strong opinions by those in the trenches is what it takes. Join us in this clash of civilization and win South Dakota back. It will take EVERY Dem voter and several Independents too. EVERY Trump and SD GOP voter is directly accountable for the Republican farce and debacle foisted on the region, nation and world since Nov 8, 2016.

  28. o 2019-11-07 08:56

    Robin, allow me two follow-up questions?
    1). Do you support Democrats even if they take a stand divergent from your stand on an issue or issues?
    2). Are there issues the the Democrat stand (given the difficulty of nailing down what that means) is not in line with your stand on that issue?

    I have read your comments a long time on this blog; you are a thoughtful contributor on a wide variety of issues who I find myself most often in agreement with. Still, I keep coming back to the conclusion that we sell ourselves short with EITHER (all) party identification when we try to ascribe all issues to a party fidelity. We should have multiple parties to represent multiple issues — or better yet no parties and only issue discussions.

  29. o 2019-11-07 09:07

    Robin, I would add that although I agree that most are in the party of their choice because of what that party stands for; however, that party affiliation pushes stands on issues that create or form the party faithful on some issues. Case in point: I believe many Republicans are decent people, however, BECAUSE they identify as Republican, they support the FULL agenda of President Trump and the man personally — something they would never do on an issue-by-issue basis in a non-partisan framework.

  30. leslie 2019-11-07 10:39

    So much to respond to….

    In reverse order, (see ryan, just because i raise an unrelated issue in a new paragraph in my response to one of your unbending “iron” retorts on misogyny comments or something, does not mean you are obligated @ 8:13 to set me straight), 10.) pubs are NOT generally decent people if they keep electing monsters like Dick Cheney, Mitch McConnell (watch “Hacked”. Its easy!) or Donald Trump. They ARE accountable for the acts of those horrible people. I hold each of those voters accountable. Billionaire Robert (Bob) Mercer‘s Cambridge Analytica duped 70,000 American’s Facebook accounts sowing hate turning a few industrial mid-western states for an electoral college “victory” so he could “burn it down” (his words toward our Democratic Republic system of government serving 370M people he hates so he can avoid paying taxes. To make a point we compare these monsters to Hitler or someone. Watch Meryl Streep in “Laundramat”(its easy!), and remember Trump hates her. A strong woman standing up to a powerful male criminal misogynist.

    9.) We do not swallow those parts of the Democratic platform that O finds are “either/or elements of political party fidelity”. We don’t rely on Fox/Murdoch/Limbaugh to fill our heads with hate on every issue GOP/Trump/Kochs want us to blaspheme, like global warming, decorated true patriot Col. Vinsom, “Crooked” HRC or “Pencil-neck dirty politician little” Committee Chair Adam Schiff Esq. ect, ect, ect.

    Ryan, God Dammit, I don’t feel better to have made the right party choice. I am a lucky, educated child of an Appalachian hill billy raped in the woods at age 12 walking home from school whose parents then confronted the alleged criminal, a struggle ensued, a knife was drawn, a father sent to prison and a child shipped off to relatives in western SD, never to see father alive again. Alcoholism. Death by cancer. My other parent-the child of god fearing parents, homesteading near our Senator (being groomed by Sen McConnell at this very moment, just like Putin who is cyber hacking the USA at this very monment-thanks Mitch), was building SD transportation infrastructure first with mules and Frisco scapers, then with the first Caterpillar crawler tractors—back breaking work—short lives. But honest people. No room for racism. And I have been proud of Democratic anti-slavery, anti-war, pro-choice, civil rights, feminism, affordable health care and many other liberal progressive stances of the Democratic Party ALL MY LIFE. So when Billy Sutton almost took the governorship from Noem’s millions of negative Republican/Trump/Koch campaign dollars (remember she believes Billionaire Geo Soros is the evil Democratic radical socialist communist money backing us “riot-boosters”) we Democrats pulled together and by the numbers, pulled in Independents and a couple Republicans.

    8.) …

  31. leslie 2019-11-07 10:56

    8.) Buckobear and Adam tell you uncomfortable truths you can’t/won’t handle. I think i know young Adam and he and his smart generation(s) are truly the political future of this country if it is to survive the corrupt greed of the GOP and billionaires and Trump’s conflagrations (there are only two thousand billionaires.) Why is Thune serving McConnell? Watch “Vice” (its easy!) Trump gets his policy dialog from Hollywood fantasy (“I could shoot someone on 5th Ave”). YOU Pubs have put this complete incompetent in the most powerful position of leadership in the world. “So, there’s that….” :)

    7.) …

  32. o 2019-11-07 12:17

    Adam, I am confused by your comment; what about the two-party system is valuable? Why do you seem to take a position of support for this reductive dichotomy that destroys any nuance of issues?

  33. Ryan 2019-11-07 12:53

    leslie, what in the world is an unbending iron retort on misogyny? What nonsense. Your life story and tales of trials and tribulations, although sad and sympathetic, have no bearing on the point I’m making.

    When you so boldly hold republican voters accountable for the horrible acts of republican politicians, you are absolutely wrong. Just like people who voted for criminal democrats are not accountable for those crimes. Otherwise, you would be complicit in the crimes of hundreds of democrats such as katie hill, al franken, john conyers, oliver robinson, terry spicer, ceci velasquez, ben arredondo, hank wilkins, eddie cooper, steven b. jones, paul bookout, martha shoffner, hudson hallum, ron calderon, tom calderon, leland yee, roderick wright, mary hayashi, ernie newton, christina ayala, thomas gaffey, daisy baez, dwayne taylor, reggie fullwood, m. mandy dawson, tyron brooks, rod tam, keith farnham, derrick smith, constance howard, la shawn ford, willie cochran, william beavers, chicago sandi jackson, rita crundwell, isaac carothers, george pabey, keith hall, girod jackson, ray nagin, nathaniel oaks, michael vaughn, tiffany alston, carlos henriquez, stephen stat smith, salvatore dimasi, anthony gallucio, bert johnson, brian banks, virgil smith jr, diane hathaway, bobby delaughter, steve webb, roger wilson, ray salve, steve stenger, tony belcourt, kelvin atkinson, steven brooks, alberto coutinho, neil cohen, anthony chiappone, tony mack, joseph vas, thomas katsiantonis, james ryan, phil griego, marc panepinto, pamela harris, john sampson, sheldon silver, malcolm smith, gabriela rose, william boyland jr, eric stevenson, nelson castro, shirley huntley, pedro espada jr, alan hevesi, carl kruger, efrain gonzalez, deb mcmanus, mike easley, patrick cannon, bernita sims, ron gerberry, dale mallory, sandra williams, clayton luckie, w. carlton weddington, lance mason, debbie leftwich, mike morgan, vanessa brown, barbara hafer, march gergely, leslie acosta, kathleen kane, louise bishop, michelle brownlee, harold james, ronald walters, rob mccord, leanna washington, joe brimmeier, george hatalowich, mitchell rubin, jose miranda, joseph brennan, stephen stetler, james doyle jr, john carnevale, raymond gallison, gordon fox, joseph almeida, patrick mcdonald, john mccauley jr, leo medina, christopher maselli, joe armstrong, megan barry, carlos uresti, ron reynolds, joe driver, dwaine caraway, carolyn davis, michael brown, kwame brown, harry thomas jr, and troy kelley.

    Do you think people who vote for democrats are accountable for the criminal acts of those politicians, or are you willing to admit your hypocrisy that is very obvious?

    Tribalism isn’t respectful disagreement. Tribalism isn’t standing up for what you believe in. Those concepts are good common sense. Tribalism is dangerous when you assign zero worth or value in a whole group of people so you feel good about being in a different tribe.

    I vote almost exclusively for democrats. I have never once voted for a republican in any election. However, I’m not so ignorant to pretend that all republicans are bad. I’m not so ignorant to pretend that all democrats are good. If your goal is for your political party to win an election, right on. If you want to support democratic ideas and people, right on.

    When you make blanket statements about a hundred million people being stupid or evil or predatory or anything else to foster hate between the groups, you are a dangerous ideologue and that type of behavior will not bring our society closer together or closer to any worthwhile goal.

    You are perpetrating separation not progress.

    I support universal healthcare, but I don’t think people who oppose it are bad people just for that reason. I support easily accessible abortion for people who want to have an abortion, but I don’t believe that all people who are anti-abortion are terrible misogynists. I can respect a difference of opinion and appreciate people who can have a conversation without being childish.

    As for my opinions about debbo, they are irrelevant here, but since you brought it up I will comment. I critique her comments often because she stands for appalling separationism and tribalism. Her comments are very often self-contradictory. Her comments are very often racist and sexist. She carries herself in a way that is very disagreeable to my values of equality for all.

    The problem with equality is even the people you don’t like are afforded the same rights and respect as you. That is the problem of both the far left and far right. They refuse to see each other as humans worth respect – they see each other as opponents who need to be vanquished. That is dangerous. That is not productive. That may lead to the collapse of our society.

    leslie, you are wrong about just about everything.

  34. Robin Friday 2019-11-07 13:31

    o, thank you for the response and for the kind words. I often find myself in agreement with you, too. You asked two questions. I will have no trouble answering, even though the situations you propose are hypothetical.

    1. “1). Do you support Democrats even if they take a stand divergent from your stand on an issue or issues?”

    First of all, I don’t go running to the Democrat party, whether it be local, county, state or national and ask “what do we believe about this”? I gather information from everywhere I can find it and make up my own mind. I can’t imagine what issue it would be that I would be so opposed, but nobody tells me what to believe. I could give you some issues that I have trouble with, but still I make up my own mind. One is the death penalty, yeah I have trouble with that one but I have no idea whether the party has taken a stand on that and I don’t care, because I make up my own mind. This one is hard, but in the end, I think it accomplishes nothing. If I were in a position to make a difference with my vote, I would vote no simply because it’s so ugly to think we can accomplish anything by executing someone. And no, I don’t want to argue about it. I make up my own mind. There are other examples, but hopefully that answers that. More later. Thank you for your thoughtful questions.

  35. Adam 2019-11-07 14:15

    A two party system is ‘valuable’ for all the same reasons why South Dakota is so empty all throughout its insides – because it suffers from a one party system.

    I am not against having more parties competing with ideas, but America’s two party system is AWSOME compared to one party systems like South Dakota’s.

    I do not believe a three, four or six party system could eliminate reductive dichotomies that destroy nuance of issues because as long as every state election map always looks like a big red blob with a 1 to 4 little blue dots in it (where nearly ALL the civilized people live), the problem in America is its own rural people – NOT the two party system.

    It’s only sour grapes for people like South Dakotans to hate America’s two party system – only because they aren’t competent enough to compete within it.

  36. Robin Friday 2019-11-07 14:30

    o asked me: “2). Are there issues the the Democrat stand (given the difficulty of nailing down what that means) is not in line with your stand on that issue?”

    I have no idea, o, because I don’t know what the “official” stand is on anything. I don’t pay much attention to platforms. Seems to me platforms are mostly rhetoric, although I’m sure platform committee members of any party wouldn’t agree. Ethics and justice and human rights are more important than anything it says on paper. WATCH WHAT THEY DO.

    I can only say that if the party I belong to came up with something I was ethically unable to tolerate, I would re-register in a flash, probably as an Independent. It’s hypothetical.

    As for your comment about “decent Republicans”, I totally agree. When I rant about Republicans I’m ranting about the current crop who occupy D.C. and most of those who occupy the capitol in Pierre, not all.

    Would we be better off with more parties? Again, hypothetical. I can see myself with the Green Party but that seems limiting. But I will say that if 2016 is an example of what can happen with more parties, I can’t be sure that’s the answer. Another party? If there was a Progressive Party in SD, I might belong. But if a Democrat Party can’t make it in SD, then neither can a Progressive. I just very much resent the dominance of the Republican Party in SD and the abuse of power which results.

    But don’t worry about my letting my party define me.

  37. TAG 2019-11-07 17:47

    Robin Friday said: “I would have guessed it’s more like 80-20. Or even 90-10 like the legislature…..”

    It is strange, isn’t it? The fact that our state-level representation does not match our actual proportions as an electorate is a perfect example of “Duverger’s Law”(pronounced du-‘ver-zhay), and is why Proportional Representation (PR) would result in a more fair and representational state government. What we Dems experience in SD is the same as the marginalization Republicans experience in California, or Illinois, or New Jersey.

    Here’s that video I linked in another comment section on Cory’s site that explains it really well:

    PR would encourage the growth of third parties and independent candidates, and would give democrats a more proportional piece of the pie in SD. The Republicans would likely still have a majority, but not the ultra super-majority they have now.

    We could actually do this for the State House right now without having to re-draw any boundaries, since we already have multi-member districts there.

  38. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2019-11-07 20:38

    Registering Republican offers you nothing but the chance to kiss Trump’s butt. The GOP offers nothing right now but submission to Il Duce. Individuals who register Republican right now are Trumpist tools as surely as any one joining the Nazi Party in Germany in the 1930s was enabling Hitler.

    If my criticizing Trumpists only makes them stronger, what am I supposed to do, remain silent amidst their lies and crimes and atrocities? I think not. Being a Trumpist shows either stupidity or malevolence. I tolerate neither. I am not obligated to tolerate either. To the contrary, I am obligated to call it out.

    If you hear me criticize a sin, and you use my criticism of that sin as an excuse to cling more tightly to that sin, you have not refuted the existence of and your participation in and exacerbation of that sin.

  39. Debbo 2019-11-07 20:42

    Cory, you can now drop the mic and walk away.

  40. Debbo 2019-11-07 20:56

    Here’s some “Don’t Give Up!” encouragement for SD Democrats:

    39 years ago I moved into a Republican County in PA. There was only one voting booth reserved for the few Democratic voters each primary. Only one Democrat in all those years had ever won a competitive race at the County level.

    I stayed involved. Becoming executive director of the county dems and won a seat of my own on Borough Council. But the Republicans kept winning and winning all the top positions – until last night.

    Last night, every single competitive race at the county level – 11 out of 11 seats – judges, DA, Sheriff, two County Commissioners and the other row officers- were won by Democrats. After a 39 year drought the tide turned from red to blue in Chester County PA!

    I am writing to thank all those men and woman who keep the blue flame burning in heavily Republican areas. Folks who put their name on a ballot knowing they will probably lose but walk door to door to let people know there is a better option. Don’t give up. Keep running for office. People are listening.

  41. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2019-11-08 05:49

    The bully punches and punches, and when we punch back, the bully cries and says we deserve to be punched.

    The alcoholic drinks and drinks, and when we intervene, the alcoholic says, “How dare you!” and drinks even more.

  42. Ryan 2019-11-08 14:31

    It’s funny how radical ideologues of all belief systems think they are on the correct side of their fight.

  43. Porter Lansing 2019-11-08 16:44

    November 8, 2019 at 7:38 am
    Women bring in emotions to every single issue.
    Men bring in logic and reason to every single issue.
    God’s spiritual order:
    God and Christ
    Christ and Man
    Man over women
    Women over children
    Posted by Anonymous on the Republican Blog and not one person spoke up in 8 hours to denounce it. Trump supporters claim they voted for him because Dems have ignored them. However, over half of Trump supporters voted for him because they agree with Trump’s overt racism, sexism, and hatred of minorities. That’s a position unique to Republicans.

  44. leslie 2019-11-08 22:42

    Your point…you think Bernie, perhaps Antifa and I are dangerous?

    Otherwise, though since we Dems have your vote, say what you want, we’ll get Dems of good conscience elected for you and yes, there may be a crook among them like Al Franken and Bill Clinton, or perhaps former SDDP leadership, who we will deal with, but we won’t be selling out Democracy, civil rights, FEC, equality for all rather than tax cuts for billionaires, health care for all, SCOTUS (Merrick Garland is a centrist), Justice, the EPA ect, even though, you know “the far right and the far left both do it”.

    Ryan i’d be delighted to join you for coffee sometime and wade through our differences. Who to jail after Trump is impeached ect :)

  45. leslie 2019-11-08 22:48

    Ryan @ 14:30-“leslie, you are wrong about just about everything.”

    Short memory.

    Howdy from VA and NC!

  46. Adam 2019-11-10 01:55

    I went to a hockey game tonight, and when my team was penalized for an obvious infraction, while our guy was skating to the penalty box, I felt distinctly compelled to yell out, “Yeah, but what about Hillary?! What about her, aye?!” and, “Witch Hunt! It’s a total Witch Hunt!” and, “Hoax! There was second and maybe a third shooter!” – because… out here, that’s just what we call ‘a civilized argument’ to defend what most people call, “the indefensible.”

    When a person lives in a fantasy land of lies, they have to be shamed-out of it. Decades of psychological research on addiction can be distilled down into the need for ‘shaming people out of addiction.’ If an addict never feels shame for what they are doing, they will never stop, and for conservatives – the fantasy land of garbage they really enjoy believing in can only be destroyed by striking it in the ‘heart’… and that means having a serious talk, with them, about what the word Integrity means (using lots of analogies – or whatever the hell it takes to get it through their thick numb skulls).

    I am too young to have seen a day when the Republicans had more integrity than someone/anyone else. I think it has been at least 100 years since we’ve seen something like that. At this point, it’s effectively “NEVER.”

  47. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2019-11-10 08:14

    Trump is an addiction. Getting over that addiction will require Trumpists to do difficult things… like tearing up their GOP registration, voting Democratic… or maybe just not voting in 2020, letting the other side win, turning off their Fox News, and letting themselves be alone with their own thoughts, without the constant reinforcement of paid shillers, to recover their own consciences.

  48. leslie 2019-11-11 22:19

    Well Ry, strike one carlos uresti off your “what about Dems” list as this m arine captain has obviously been held accountable for his bad acts. (Uresti scrutinized incumbent Republican Madla’s role in a 2003 vote to remove 180,000 youngsters from the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

    Republicans MUST hold Trump ect accountable. But no, they just compile “what about” lists like yours, is all. Distract, defocus….

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