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Sioux Falls Rally Against Trump Camps Sunday, June 30, Fawick Park!

My Sioux Falls neighbors are also up in arms about child concentration camps in Trumpistan. South Dakota Voices for Peace and a whole bunch of other decent South Dakotans are rallying in Fawick Park this Sunday afternoon, June 30, at 1 p.m. Here’s who’s coming to the river in downtown Sioux Falls tomorrow and what they’ll be saying:

One year after the family separation policy and the enactment of the Muslim travel ban, families are still separated, children jailed in inhumane conditions and immigrant families scared to leave their homes with looming threats of deportation. Over a dozen SD organizations have come together, to stand together on June 30 to peacefully protest these policies, understand local impact, support local services and engage community towards local calls to action.

Community Partners include:

  • AFL-CIO South Dakota
  • Bienvenidos – Brookings
  • Establishing Sustainable Connections
  • First Congregation Church UCC
  • Hispanic Business Network
  • LEAD
  • Mujeres de fe
  • Pax Christi
  • Planned Parenthood South Dakota Advocate
  • Pulso Hispano
  • Refugee Congress
  • South Dakotans Against Racism
  • SD Synod ELCA
  • SD Voices for Justice
  • Spirit of Peace UCC
  • Swamp Daddy’s

Speakers include:

  • Yesenia Gonzalez (SDVFP Board Member)
  • Angelica Mercado (Sioux Falls artist/poet)
  • Kooper Caraway (President AFL-CIO Sioux Falls)
  • Tom Manzer (co Founder Bienvenidos Brookings)
  • Pastora Maria (Pueblo di Dios)
  • Mohamed Ahmed (community member)
  • Rev. Ryan Otto (First Congregation Church-Borderlinks trip)
  • Taneeza Islam Executive Director – (SDVFP) [Families Still Belong Together Rally, Facebook details, retrieved 2019.06.29].

Individuals interested in restoring America’s moral leadership on the world stage should attend the rally, listen closely to the speakers… and consider who among them can run for office next year to replace the torture accommodationists who currently represent South Dakota in Congress.


  1. Porter Lansing 2019-06-29 13:07

    What a fine, fine group of Americans coming together to Make America Respected Again. Next time in SooFoo, I’ll be found at Swamp Daddy’s.

  2. John Dale 2019-06-29 13:35

    I wish this issue were that simple. How do we stop the influx? The “crisis” is manufactured. What’s going on in their home countries? When we sent them back, will we support them in overturning the corrupt regimes that sent them here in the first place? Will we be able to overthrow our own corrupt regime (deep state)?

  3. Porter Lansing 2019-06-29 13:48

    Why stop the influx? Every asylum seeker and New American has been invited and will be welcomed in Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado, Minnesota, Illinois, as well as all the New England states. Let ’em in. We need workers and we’re sending you “hater states” money every month, anyway. Pay your own way or STFU!

  4. SDBlue 2019-06-29 14:05

    Six dead migrant children in our care is just a “manufactured” crisis. So is separating kids from their parents and leaving grade school & middle school aged kids in cages charged with taking care of infants and toddlers. Children being held in extremely overcrowded and unsanitary conditions is also “manufactured”. Lawyers arguing in court that we don’t need to provide them a toothbrush and toothpaste or soap as part of safe and sanitary conditions is just “manufactured”. But, the “deep state” is real. Mr. Dale, you are everything that is wrong with our country right now.

  5. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2019-06-29 15:26

    The crisis of children in unsanitary concentration camps with no adult care is manufactured entirely by the immoral and dehumanizing Trump administration. It can be fixed immediately by providing those children with proper, humane care. If I see a starving, dirty, crying child, I provide care and comfort first, have policy debates later.

  6. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2019-06-29 15:29

    Once we get to that policy debate, I’m with Porter: why stop the influx? People want to come here to live and work and love? They believe America is the safest, most opportunity-filled place to live, a place so much better than their homelands that they’ll trudge through treacherous deserts and rivers and whatever terrain and even take the chance of being apprehended by Donald Trump’s stormtroopers to get here? Let’s not disappoint them! When they get here, let’s show that we are the exceptional nation, the nation that can welcome them, clean and feed and clothe them, and give the opportunity for a better life than they’ll get anywhere else on the planet. Let’s take their challenge, win it, and win our own future with a new generation of grateful, loyal, and generous Americans.

    Or let’s just be decent people. Let’s use our might for good, not to act like Trump.

  7. Debbo 2019-06-29 15:51

    Yup, we need the people. Keep ’em coming!

  8. leslie 2019-06-29 16:35

    Three issues for 2020 (one before then, IMPEACH THE MTHRFCKRS):

    1. Climate action now

    2. Income inequality by 1%

    3. Trump’s Kidnapping children and DACA, extortion as weapon for everything criminal he does. BTW, 3.) is included in 2.)

  9. bearcreekbat 2019-06-29 17:11

    Who actually appreciates our Country more – a migrant who struggles, sacrifices and suffers just to be able to come here to live, experiencing safety and freedom, and a meaningful opportunity to support their family, or some Joe Blow serendipitously pushed out of the womb of a woman who happened to live in some Podunk, Iowa, burg, who complains about people who say “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas,” or fears an immigrant might get a job that Joe Blow never wanted in the first place, liking picking strawberries or shearing sheep?

    I’m with Porter and Cory – we ought to welcome the influx of people who actually have make an effort to come here to live – people who will appreciate the USA.

  10. John Dale 2019-06-29 18:07

    OMG – this is strange. Can’t think of one reason? At Ellis, immigrants were quarantined and screened for disease. Here are three more reasons: Zeta, MS13, Sinaloa Cartel. In terms of the motive in “motive means and opportunity”, having a bunch of servile, unskilled, inexperienced immigrants to manipulate serves the Democratic party base very well. Not counting them in the census means Democratic controlled districts will be nullified. The majority of the country knows this. You can stop pretending you want diversity, more human rights, and to save the children (yeah, right). Just admit it .. you want more moldable voters. Now Trump is kidnapping children?! That is a truly insane idea in a world where Hillary’s State Department covered for the Haitian export and child trafficking for Epstein’s inventory. It’s all out there, people. It’s OVER. None of you will research any of this .. too much need for confirmation bias. See you from the Trump train. As long as the detachment of the fringe lunatic deep left is in charge of the Democratic clown show, Trump is guaranteed another victory. AMAZING. Come out of the cho chamber. Quit shadow banning and censoring to win arguments. *laughs uncomfortably*

  11. happy camper 2019-06-29 18:18

    John Dale goes overboard, but yeah, it’s not quite that simple or straightforward. On one hand Trump says the facilities are fine then why doesn’t he send Barron down there with Melania for a weekend and report back. Who names there kid Barron anyway? But, as Cory reported months ago migrants do not necessarily add economic value, they tend to be an expense, and deeper than that they have to respect the rule of law. Again we can flip and ask why the Republicans who love to talk about that aren’t providing proper care. That exchange with Sarah Fabian was shameful would Donald mind if Barron didn’t have soap or a toothbrush?

  12. Roger Cornelius 2019-06-29 18:54

    Yesterday on Facebook Constant Commoner John blogger Tsitrian shared information about his family heritage from the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. He
    and his family escaped persecution by coming to this country in 1949 when John was 2 years old. John made his way to South Dakota in the 1980’s and built a very successful business.
    It occurred to me that there are children the same age as John being held in Trump Child Concentration Camps.
    While there are white people that hate children of color what they don’t know about them is alarming.
    I’ve known immigrants and refugees of all colors and the common denominator has always been that they love this country and are grateful they found a home.
    As has been mentioned on this thread and related threads is that immigrants often love and understand this country more then its ingrates.

  13. Robert McTaggart 2019-06-29 19:45

    Hi Leslie,

    The real “Inconvenient Truth” is that climate issues need to be addressed whether or not a 100% wind/solar plan is viable. True, a “100% renewables or bust” approach presents a clear binary choice at the ballot box….just don’t be surprised when people choose the option that delivers copious amounts of timely energy.

    I’d rather pitch a working solution in which everybody wins.

  14. John Dale 2019-06-29 20:09

    “they love this country” — how can this possibly be quantified? “[more than their home countries where mafias are weaponizing them and exporting them]”?

  15. Roger Cornelius 2019-06-29 20:36

    Why does it even have to be quantified?
    Hint: Do you really have to quantify “love”?

  16. Debbo 2019-06-29 20:47

    And the real John Dale shows his stripes: “a bunch of servile, unskilled, inexperienced immigrants.”

    I’m definitely a bleeding heart liberal who’s opposed to children living in filth, being poorly cared for, sick, improperly nourished, dying, etc. Even if they’re white boys John, I’m still completely, totally opposed and sickened by the mistreatment of any vulnerable human beings. I’m just that way.

  17. John 2019-06-29 20:56

    There is no “influx”. For the first time the number of folks over 65 out numbers those under 5. We need immigrants. We have millions of jobs unfilled.

  18. happy camper 2019-06-29 22:42

    So we’re still the best possible country to come contrary to liberal arguments of how horrible we are people still want to come here. Time for some of you to accept that.

  19. grudznick 2019-06-29 23:02

    Mr. camper is righter than right on this.

  20. Debbo 2019-06-29 23:22

    Yes HC, that’s exactly what we’re saying. We’re working so hard to keep this great nation from becoming a fascist dictatorship because it’s such a terrible place. Exactly. 🙄🙄🙄

  21. happy camper 2019-06-29 23:26

    Quit your double talk Deborah or I’ll start agreeing with you Grutz is right.

  22. Roger Cornelius 2019-06-29 23:36

    Debbo is righter then right.

    Yesterday we saw an American president smiling and joking it up with Putin about meddling in our upcoming election and the wholesale murder of journalists. Putin has already killed at least 20 journalists and counting.
    And this evening we learn he is going to the DMZ in Korea with another murderous dictator, Kim Jung Un, just because he wants to have a kiss fest and shake his “friend’s” hand.
    We should all be appalled by this fascist president attraction to dictators. Maybe he is looking for Kim and Putin to insure a 3rd term.

  23. bearcreekbat 2019-06-30 01:49

    John Dale references “Zeta, MS13, Sinaloa Cartel” as “three more reasons.” While what Dale means by this is a bit ambiguous, it appears he means reasons to prevent an influx of people seeking asylum in the US.

    I think Dale is suggesting immigrant criminal activity is somehow related to people seeking asylum, at least that seems to be the reason for the reference to MS 13 and Sinoa Cartel (the Zeta reference remains a mystery).

    The problem with these “reasons” is that they have no factual connection to reality – neither by causation, nor even by correlation, to immigration or seeking asylum. Unsurprisingly there are criminals in virtually any identifiable group of people – men, women, children, Catholics, Protestants, Immigrants, citizens, milk drinkers, you name it. Stopping or restricting immigration and asylum does not appear to be an effective means of stopping violent and property crimes. It would be more effective, apparently, to round up US citizens since research suggests that US citizens have committed a greater percentage of such crimes than immigrants.

    . In 2015, Texas police made 815,689 arrests of native-born Americans, 37,776 arrests of illegal immigrants, and 20,323 arrests of legal immigrants. For every 100,000 people in each subgroup, there were 3,578 arrests of natives, 2,149 arrests of illegal immigrants, and 698 arrests of legal immigrants. The arrest rate for illegal immigrants was 40 percent below that of native-born Americans. The arrest rate for all immigrants and legal immigrants was 65 percent and 81 percent below that of native-born Americans, respectively. The homicide arrest rate for native-born Americans was about 5.4 per 100,000 natives, about 46 percent higher than the illegal immigrant homicide arrest rate of 3.7 per 100,000. . . . .

    . . . Native-born Americans were convicted of 409,708 crimes, illegal immigrants were convicted of 15,803 crimes, and legal immigrants were convicted of 17,643 crimes in Texas in 2015. Thus, there were 1,797 criminal convictions of natives for every 100,000 natives, 899 criminal convictions of illegal immigrants for every 100,000 illegal immigrants, and 611 criminal convictions of legal immigrants for every 100,000 legal immigrants. As a percentage of their respective populations, there were 50 percent fewer criminal convictions of illegal immigrants than of native-born Americans in Texas in 2015. The criminal conviction rate for legal immigrants was about 85 percent below the native-born rate.. . . .

    . . . In 2015, homicide conviction rates for illegal and legal immigrants were 16 percent and 67 percent below those of natives, respectively. . . . .

    There are murderers and criminals in any large population, including illegal immigrants. But we should not tolerate the peddling of misleading statistics without context. What matters is how dangerous these subpopulations are relative to each other so the government can allocate resources to prevent the greatest number of murders possible. Thus, enforcing immigration law more harshly is an ineffective way to punish a population that is less likely to murder or commit crimes than native-born Americans. Illegal immigrants, non-citizens, and legal immigrants are less likely to be incarcerated, convicted, or arrested for crimes than native-born Americans are. (emphasis added)

    This research suggests that Dale’s fears are a result of buying into emotional non-factual claims intended to dehumanize immigrants.

  24. John 2019-06-30 03:29

    “There are 660,000 illegal immigrants in the United States from European countries, the vast majority of them white. Yet, you don’t see a single one of them have their children stripped away, raided, or locked up in cages. We all know why.” – Kurt Eichenwald

  25. mike from iowa 2019-06-30 07:25

    MS 13 was born in the California prison system 20 years before Obama became Potus.

  26. mike from iowa 2019-06-30 07:29

    So we’re still the best possible country to come contrary to liberal arguments of how horrible we are people still want to come here.

    I seriously doubt immigrants come to look at Americans.

  27. bearcreekbat 2019-06-30 11:32

    To clarify, while I quoted from the findings of the conservative group Cato Institute research that compares the rate of violent and property crimes committed by U.S. citizens versus non-citizens, for the record I abhor Cato’s unnecessary and harmful use of the term “illegal immigrant” in its analysis and conclusions.

  28. John Dale 2019-06-30 12:10

    “660,000 illegal immigrants in the United States from European countries, the vast majority of them white” — This is 1/60 of the estimated amount of illegals from South/Central America. Priorities, folks. It was 11 million years ago. We had a million last year alone, which doesn’t include rape-induced anchor babies (google “rape tree”).

    In the fog of this “invasion”, the Cartels operate with impunity. In the absence of this invasion, we could focus more heavily on the bad guys. I believe we spend a lot of energy avoiding collateral damage on this war.

    Raise your hands if you have lived within 45 minutes of the Southern Border for 18 years.

    *raises hand*

    It is a HUGE problem that is finally getting the attention that it deserves. Amnesty is only going to create more pain and suffering for the children of Central and South America.

    It’s like a gaping wound with a bandage that has dried into the scab. You can leave it there, but you’ll probably have a worse time than if you take the pain and change the bandage.

    The Southern border and the poor hapless people being used by global banks and limousine liberals in the US will be best served by putting up a big fence. When being enticed to migrate here illegally by evil people down South, the answer needs to be “NO GRACIAS!”



  29. bearcreekbat 2019-06-30 13:18

    I think I understand the Dale theory of immigration:

    We should help these children and people in need by the following tactics:

    -label them as a group of something bad or undesirable, such as “illegal;”

    -try to create an image contrary to statistics that they will commit violent and property crimes;

    -deny them any help in the US;

    -describe their babies as products of rape;

    -falsely claim that anyone wanting to provide safety and help to immigrants is a “liberal” exploiting those in need in an effort to gather illegal votes;

    -build our own “Berlin walls” like eastern communist countries did during our cold war to prevent people seeking freedom from violence and oppression from leaving their country and keep them out of our County;

    -deny amnesty to all.

    Yeah, that’s the ticket. Reminds me of one Viet Nam strategy – “It became necessary to destroy the town to save it.”

  30. Roger Cornelius 2019-06-30 14:17

    Follow the money.
    The federal government is paying $775 per day per child incarcerated in Trump camps.
    Are ‘limousine liberals’ Profiting from children in cages or are they Trump’s fascist business associates?

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