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David Novstrup Sees Value of Transparency and Inclusivity in Bumper-Car Business

When he tries to talk about policy, former Republican legislator David Novstrup mostly mumbles ineffectively. But when he sticks to his core competency, operating go-karts (and soon, bumper cars!), David Novstrup sounds not only sensible but even a little Democratic:

Details about an indoor entertainment center called Allevity Entertainment have been released.

The 20,000-square-foot building in a commercial development north of Aberdeen Mall will feature six attractions when it opens later this year:

  • Laser tag.
  • Four miniature bowling lanes.
  • Around 40 arcade games.
  • An augmented rock climbing wall.
  • Bumper cars.
  • And a Ballocity play center that will include a climbing tunnel, slide, ball fountain and ball drop bucket.

Visitors will be greeted by glass walls that show just a glimpse of what’s behind — enough to keep first-timers interested. That transparent theme will continue throughout the building, said David Novstrup, one of the owners. The goal is to make everything accessible and inclusive, he said [Erin Ballard, “Allevity Will Bring Laser Tag, Bumper Cars to Aberdeen,” Aberdeen American News, 2019.04.17].

TransparencyInclusivity? Don’t tell David’s dad Al, but David Novstrup may be coming around to some real South Dakota values!

Or maybe David’s just trying to sell more bumper car tickets. But hey, where political aspirations fail, it’s nice to see capitalist urges lead David to the proper moral language.

Related Biz-Newspeak: In the same article, go-kart impresario Al Novstrup insists he’s not in the go-kart business:

Some people think we’re in the go-kart business. We’re not. We’re in the family entertainment business [Al Novstrup, in Ballard, 2019.04.17].

That’s probably a marketing line Al picked up while he was skipping Session to attend his go-kart industry convention—er, Family Entertainment Center Summit—in Texas in January. But we might need to ask how serving beer at their new bumper-car palace will fit the “family” entertainment branding.


  1. Debbo 2019-04-18 15:08

    Transparency is good only when it facilitates taking $. That’s the Nostrap Family Filosofy, bequeathed from Lil Daddy Al and his go kart business. (Of course that’s all I’m EVER gonna call it now.😆😆😆)

  2. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2019-04-18 19:15

    You know, Debbo, I really can’t figure out why Al would bother to deny that he is in the business that he is in. He sells go-kart rides. He apparently makes enough money doing that to help David a second family operation in Aberdeen, this one with bumper cars. I mean, if I ran go-karts for a living, and if people were thinking or saying that I ran a go-kart business, I’d be like, “Darn right, and the best go-kart business in the tri-state area! Bring the family, and go go go-karts!”

    I hate to over-assume my centrality to anyone’s universe, but I can’t help thinking that Al reads me mentioning his go-karts on this blog and suffers a knee-jerk reaction of, “Cory’s talking about me! I gotta rebut everything he says!”

    Funny: just last summer, Al and David were bragging to the Aberdeen American News about how their go-karts have gone millions of miles on E-85. I guess if Al isn’t in the go-kart business, that E-85 story must have been fake news….

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