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Noem Expands Department of Revenue Police Power

In bigger government news, while Kristi Noem told us she didn’t want government to have more power, she signed Senate Bill 25, the Department of Revenue’s request for more power.

Untouchables 1987
Let’s see the serial number on that bicycle….

Currently, the Secretary of Revenue can appoint five special agents (please tell me they have a poster of Eliot Ness in their office!) to investigate violations of our Title 10 Taxation laws, some of our Alcoholic Beverage laws, and our chapter on “Unfair Cigarette Sales.” Come July 1, Senate Bill 25 will allow the Revenuers to take their tommy guns after shady wineries and microbrewers (the Legislature added statutes for those new industries without also extending the Revenue enforcement provisions) and motor vehicles.

The latter expanded scope, interestingly, includes Bicycle Regulation. I am pleased as punch to have my two legs and two wheels legally deemed a “motor.” I welcome hot pursuit by the Department of Revenue for any violations of sidewalk and crosswalk regs… as long as the Revenuers make it a fair fight and promise to chase me only on bicycles.

But hey: Kristi Noem said she wouldn’t grow government, yet Senate Bill 25 gives government agents more power. Add that to the list of broken promises….


  1. Jason Hill 2019-03-26

    If Kristi wanted more tax money she should have signed the hemp bill.

  2. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2019-03-26

    There you Libertarians go again, talking basic fiscal sense.

    We’d be better off with a Libertarian Governor right now. Libertarians are occasionally open to reason, and their principles aren’t overwhelmed by their lobbyist connections.

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