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Perry Promotes Liberal Blog, Nursing Home Funding, National Cannabis Bank

Rookie Representative Carl Perry (R-3/Aberdeen) continues to insist that liberal blog Dakota Free Press plays a vital role in civic education:

In his wide-ranging opening comments at Saturday’s crackerbarrel in Aberdeen, Representative Perry lamented the failure of the Legislature to pass any funding yet for nursing homes. He said Governor Kristi Noem’s budget promises $5 million for that purpose, but he says we need to do something now, like appropriate the $8 million in Representative Steven McCleerey’s (D-1/Sisseton) House Bill 1060, which Perry voted for in House Health and Human Services before the Republicans dragged that bill to House Appropriations for killing.

Representative Perry also lamented the failure of his House Bill 1207, a carcass bill into which he stuffed a remarkable proposal to allow banks to serve cannabis-related businesses. Given the success of South Dakota’s banking and trust industries, Perry said a “national cannabis bank,” said Perry could be “another big thing” for our fair state.


  1. Porter Lansing 2019-03-04 11:14

    Hey! Hey! SD made the big paper, this morning along with a picture of a lady from Mobridge who’s husband got shipped off to a nursing home 220 miles from home and died two days later (her only option for nursing home care). NYTimes article about how the closing of elder care facilities is causing a national crisis.
    PS … I like this fellow’s (Mr. Carl Perry) ideas and not just because Al Novstrup thinks he’s a simpleton. Massachusetts is new in the legal weed business and is close to opening their first cannabis banking system. CO will have one soon.

  2. Porter Lansing 2019-03-04 11:31

    Before I depart the internet for the annual Protestant Lenten/Spring Break (Few things are more rewarding, refreshing and refurbishing than to stop posting on social media for six weeks. Try it. The stress diminishes and the desire to engage in real faces and real books far outweighs the rewards from FaceBook etc.) I’ll share an observation from a loyal ex-pat. Myself. Cory’s blog is much more influential in SD than Pat Powders’ blog. Add up the recommendations from this legislative session and you’ll see that of all the things Powders asked for, none were done. (good rhyme, huh) That’s what he gets for supporting small government phonies with no desire to do anything but say no. When Cory explains his reasoning for action, Pierre listens.

  3. happy camper 2019-03-04 21:32

    He sounds like a very reasonable, thinking person. Who cares about the labels (R – D) he appreciates institutional disconfirmation every group needs that including DFP.

    How South Dakota is treating their elderly is criminal. Some very bad things (neglect) were happening before the last closure. They like to act like they’re the state of moral values if ever the legislature needed a demonstration by angry voters this is it. There is no excuse for not giving nursing homes enough to pay CNAs a living wage, keeping local nursing homes open, for what, to prove they are the stingiest state in the nation against those people most unable to take care of themselves. It’s a disgrace.

  4. Debbo 2019-03-04 23:45

    I am impressed by Carl Perry too. He sounds like a legislator who knows what his constitutional responsibilities are. How nice.

    Of course you do recall that Carl and I were in the same graduating class at NSC. I’m sure that played a major role in his current sensible demeanor. 😏😆

  5. jerry 2019-03-05 17:49

    Ruh oh, General Electric dropped a steamer. Nursing homes may not even get private funding from long term care policies. That means South Dakota will have to pick them up under the guarantee it has for healthcare policies. Yikes! There pops the bubble.

    “General Electric Co is setting aside one of the largest amounts ever to cover potential losses on policies that provide long-term care in nursing facilities and patients’ homes. But insurance experts are concerned that may not be enough.

    GE shocked investors last year when it took a $6.2 billion after-tax charge and said it planned to set aside $15 billion over seven years to cover claims on some 300,000 long-term care policies written more than a decade ago, when actuaries did not yet know how costly the claims would become.”

    The costs, which far exceeded GE’s estimates, sent its shares tumbling, spurred an investor lawsuit and prompted the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to investigate.”

    No Medicaid Expansion and private insurance long term care policies suspect, this may be a good time to pass some more stupid crap by the legislature.

  6. grudznick 2019-03-05 19:41

    What, Mr. jerry, is a “steamer?”

  7. Jason 2019-03-05 21:55

    Medicaid expansion has nothing to do with nursing homes.

    Why would Jerry say it did?

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