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Rep. Olson Not Entirely Consistent in Principled Demand for Full Public Hearing of Hoghouse Amendments

Rep. Jess Olson (R-34/Rapid City)
Rep. Jess Olson (R-34/Rapid City)

In yesterday’s rollicking discussion of the new food tax reduction hoghouse bill, rookie Representative Jess Olson (R-34/Rapid City) complained that it is “unfair” to spring big changes like the Ring Amendment on the public without giving us ample time to discuss it. She thus supported delaying discussion of the surprise amendment… as did, the voice vote seemed to indicate, the seven successful hijackers.

Yet after House Education hoghoused Governor Noem’s civics test bill and sent it straight to the House floor without extending its hearing, Rep. Olson voted for that un-amply discussed bill.

After House State Affairs hoghoused Frye-Mueller’s forced sonogram bill and sent it straight to the House, Rep. Olson voted for it.

It’s a small inconsistency, but it’s worth reminding the freshperson Representative from District 34: if you’re going to enunciate a principle (in this case, a very good principle) in committee as a reason to delay or oppose a bill, we expect to see that principle applied consistently to all bills.


  1. Kal Lis 2019-03-01

    If Republicans, who have an iron grip on the legislature, cared about open government and citizen involvement, they would do two things.

    First, change whatever rules are necessary to end the silly hoghouse bills. Second, have an open caucus. Neither are likely to happen because as Representative Olson’s actions demonstrate, principles matter only if the other side violates them.

    Whither Kant?

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