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Ring in the Cronies! McCaulley Takes Charge of Noem Administration

As expected, the man who will really be running the state under the Noem/Rhoden Adminstration is high-priced lobbyist and lawyer Matt McCaulley. Team Noem announces that McCaulley will run her transition team:

Your next Governor, Matt McCaulley
Your next Governor, Matt McCaulley

Matt McCaulley will chair the transition team. McCaulley is a partner with Redstone Law Firm in Sioux Falls, and has previously served as legal counsel to Governor-elect Noem for nearly a decade. He served in the State House of Representatives from 2001-2004, and also served as the chair of the House Judiciary Committee in 2003-2004 [Governor-Elect Kristi Noem, press release, via Dakota War College, 2018.11.09].

McCaulley was among Noem’s elite fundraisers this year. He led the Redstone legal team that kept us from voting on Initiated Measure 26, a plan to lower prescription drug prices. After griping and moaning about the violations of petition law committed by IM 26 circulators, McCaulley griped and moaned about Secretary of State Shantel Krebs’s enforcement of campaign finance law against Noem’s law-breaking running mate Larry Rhoden.

McCaulley helped write the 2017 Special Session legislation on nonmeandered waters. In his lobbying for the Corn Growers, McCaulley has helped block attempts to fix the ag land assessment system that Senator Al Novstrup says is “broken.”

To the good, McCaulley may help us get Teslas in South Dakota.

So if you’re looking for your opportunity to cash in on what promises to be the most corrupt and incompetent Second Floor in South Dakota history, send your resumes to Matt McCaulley. Democrats and decent people need not apply.


  1. owen reitzel 2018-11-10 10:05

    You get what you vote for. Good luck South Dakota. You’re going to need it

  2. Loren 2018-11-10 11:35

    And I was worried that there would be no one to give Kristi her daily talking points! No more worries!

  3. John Kennedy Claussen, Sr., 2018-11-10 11:37

    Didn’t he also author the “Daschle Law,” back in 2004, that prevents a South Dakotan from being on the ballot for two positions at the same time; hoping to prevent Daschle from running for re-election to the US Senate, while possibly being on the national ticket that year?….


  4. South DaCola 2018-11-10 12:10

    Yeah, I soiled my drawers also when I saw this. Not good.

  5. Debbo 2018-11-10 14:37

    This guy is that bad? Whoa.

  6. Dana P 2018-11-11 08:44

    Billie Sutton was right (of course he was)

    More of the same. Cronyism and the good ole boys club.

    I’ll never understand, South Dakotans voting against their own best interests. I’ll never understand.

  7. Caroline 2018-11-11 14:27

    OMG!!! I could have a bad memory, but I can’t think when he served in the legislature he tried to pass new teacher standards- take “experts” off the street and give them a classroom- no education training required. Like “experts” would work for SD teacher wages.
    I was sad the day after the election. Now I am really sad, and scared.

  8. Wayne Pauli 2018-11-15 11:33

    In the 21 years that I have been back in South Dakota. Without a doubt he is the worst elected official I have seen. Now he is out of his cage again.

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