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Bernie Votes for Billie! We All Should!

Among the joys of living in South Dakota is watching a statewide political candidate’s Election Eve video and being able to count all the people I know in it as friends and neighbors:

Bernie, Tobin, Amanda, Jim, John, Deena… thank you, friends, for speaking up for the best person for the job. Thank you, Billie, for running to win and working hard to, as Amanda says, make South Dakota stronger for everyone.

Everyone. Billie Sutton will work for everyone.

Everyone. All of you, neighbors I know, and neighbors I don’t yet—get out and vote for Billie.


  1. Timoteo 2018-11-06 06:36

    You can be a hero — just like me. You can vote for Billie too!

  2. jimmy james 2018-11-06 07:59

    40 years in the Desert. You have your chance today. Vote Billie Sutton!

  3. mike from iowa 2018-11-06 08:10

    http://dakotafreepI have a nine mile drive to courthouse to vote and I am out of here.

    Then I go another thirty miles to get groceries for elderly neighbors.

    Get out there and VOTE!!!!

  4. Steve Pearson 2018-11-06 12:01

    If you want socialism so bad then why not move to a country that has it already? I mean really, why not move?

  5. Kristi Quaintance 2018-11-06 12:30

    No one wants socialism, Steve. But we do want a more inclusive government that sows unity and not divisiveness. We want equality for all, not just the white male privileged. We want transparency in our government and we want a voice. 80% GOP ruled state legislature does not allow for compromise and it certainly is not the voice for all. If you want authoritarian rule, maybe YOU should move because we won’t let trump shove us into the Russian model of governance. I hear Moscow has reasonable housing.

  6. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2018-11-06 12:31

    Everybody has a chance to make a difference today. Go vote.

    And notice that I don’t feel the need to tell people like Steve to move away to get falsely imputed goals. If Steve really wants something different from what I want for South Dakota, I’m not going to ask him to leave. I’m going to ask him to come to the table with the rest of us neighbors and have a conversation so we can see what compromise we can work out that serves everyone’s interests and will attract more people to live here… kinda like Billie Sutton does.

    Sutton and the Democrats want a South Dakota for everyone. Steve, Kristi, Al, and other angry Republicans seem to want a South Dakota just for their kind. #Sad.

  7. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2018-11-06 12:34

    And look at all those people in Billie’s video. They aren’t waving red banners and storming the Hermitage. They aren’t angry or violent. They aren’t telling anyone to leave South Dakota, as if this state belonged to them or anyone else exclusively. They are hopeful, joyful, inspired and inspiring. With supporters and a message like that, who wouldn’t support Billie Sutton?

  8. Jason 2018-11-06 12:43

    The voters are going to choose a Republican with an R or a Republican with a D. Either way, the Republicans will win.

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