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Democrats Push Redistricting Initiative in Final Week.

The South Dakota Democratic Party isn’t just sounding the alarm about all the harm the Trump Administration is doing to rural America (check out their “Thanks for Nothing!” welcome to Trump Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue). They are also pushing to resurrect the independent redistricting initiative that failed last year at the polls 57% to 43%. A message in my inbox from the Brown County Democratic Party refers to the redistricting proposal as “the Democratic Party’s signature piece of legislation this year.”

The Democrats’ signature issue should still be available to sign on clipboards right next to Republican Speaker G. Mark Mickelson’s two signature issues, tobacco tax for vo-techs and the out-of-state money ban, along with nearly every other active petition at the New Approach South Dakota office on South Minnesota Avenue in Sioux Falls.

The petition submission deadline is Monday, November 6, 4:59:59 p.m. Central at the Secretary of State’s office. If you’re circulating a petition for any ballot question committee, you must return your notarized petition sheets directly to the committee so the ballot question sponsors can include all sheets in one submission to the Secretary of State. Hop to it!