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Blogs live on links and conversation… but a little cash helps, too! Readers and sponsors provide the financial support necessary to pay for web hosting, faster servers, gasoline to get me to stories out of town, and little bits of journo-gear (like more batteries for my video camera!).

Click here to support Dakota Free Press via PayPal!
Click here to support Dakota Free Press via PayPal!

To those of you who buy ads and ring the Dakota Free Press Tip Jar, thank you! To those of you who read for free (and the blog will stay free, no paywall, ever), keep reading… and consider dropping a buck or two in the Tip Jar. The more cash in the jar, the more time I can spend at the computer and on the beat bringing you the best political blogging in South Dakota.*

You can send electronic cash via PayPal by clicking the “Blog Tips” image in this post or in the far right sidebar (it only makes sense that I would place my capitalist urges on the far right, right? ;-) ). If you prefer paper, you can write a check to Dakota Free Press and mail it to 912 N. 1st St., Aberdeen, SD 57401.

And if you’d like to buy an ad for your business, non-profit, upcoming event, campaign, or anything else you want to promote to an eclectic, thoughtful, and progressive South Dakota audience, $50 buys you one month in the ad sidebar… which you’ll notice I place above my own Tip Jar, just as I place your latest comments above my latest headlines in the near-right sidebar. Check out the full Advertising policy here.

Plunk some cash in the jar. Then keep reading. Keep commenting. Keep sharing the articles you like best with your friends and elected officials. By supporting Dakota Free Press, you can help tell the stories and promote the ideas that South Dakota needs to hear. Thank you!

*Metrics: Dakota Free Press has 2,300 Likes on Facebook. My nearest competitor, Dakota War College, has 852 Facebook Likes. My Twitter feed has 2,132 followers; DWC author Pat Powers, only 1,492.  My twelve original posts published from October 1 through October 3 drew a total of 115 comments. The ten posts posted on DWC over the same period, including six verbatim press releases from GOP officials, drew (as of this writing) drew 55 comments. More people read and comment on more original content on this liberal political blog than read and comment on the press releases and party-line pap posted by my crony-capitalist competitor. Support the good stuff! Support Dakota Free Press!


  1. Roger Cornelius 2017-10-04 13:21

    I beat Cory to it, I hit the Tip Jar yesterday.

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