Nazis Aren’t Americans First, and Comment from Other South Dakotans on Charlottesville

Responding to the ugly white-supremacist demonstrations that turned violent in Charlottesville, Donald Trump offered no denunciation of his alt-right base but tweeted that “we are ALL AMERICANS FIRST.”

No—the folks resorting to violence aren’t really Americans first. Consider this instructive metaphor:

Both sides came prepared for violence, wearing protective helmets, masks and carrying flags. When violence broke out, many of the flags were stripped from the wood handles and the handles were used as clubs [Bryan McKenzie, “White Nationalist Rally Turns Fatal,” Charlottesville Daily Progress, 2017.08.12].

When you tear your flag from its pole and start bludgeoning your neighbors, you’re no longer fighting for your country; you’re just fighting.

Screen cap, ACLU of Virginia video from Charlottesville protest, 2017.08.12.
Screen cap, ACLU of Virginia video from Charlottesville protest, 2017.08.12.

The above image from an ACLU of Virginia live video shows pastors and allies gathered yesterday morning in Charlottesville to protest the alt-right thugs. Across the sidewalk from them you can see the alt-right thugs. The pastors bring their robes and prayers; the Nazis bring guns.

Commentary from South Dakota political leaders:

Governor Dennis Daugaard has retweeted Senator Thune’s statement. Senator Mike Rounds and Representative Kristi Noem have not yet tweeted on Charlottesville.

Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Marty Jackley calls out white supremacists:

The SDGOP has offered no comparable statement.

Senator Stace Nelson speaks some sense…

…but he also is working hard to spread Dinesh D’Souza’s incredible white-is-black Newspeak to blame all evil on Democrats:

Good grief. I turn to my friend Kal Lis to wash that bad taste out of my mouth:

Indivisible Rapid City is Standing in Solidarity with Charlottesville (with the good guys, the real Americans, not the Nazis) this afternoon at 3:00 Mountain at 515 West Boulevard, around Halley Park. Flags, patriotism, and peace are welcome; Nazis are not.

Related: The United States War Department produced this film in 1943, then rereleased it in 1947 warning Americans not to fall for fascism:

At the 4:00 timestamp, the actor playing a Hungarian immigrant says, “In this country, we have no other people. We are American people.” Then at 15:35, “We must never let ourselves be divided by race or color or religion, because in this country, we all belong to minority groups.” That’s an excellent 70-year-old response to the modern Nazis chanting “Blood and soil!” and “You won’t replace us/Jew won’t replace us!” Now if only we had a President of the United States who could speak of our national unity and our rejection of divisive white supremacist rhetoric and tactics as if he meant it.

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  1. Miranda Gohn

    My grandfather during WW2 was close to the age limit being too old for the Army but he was a Drill Instructor preparing the troops and led by example before they went to Europe, shipped to Europe himself fought under General Patton and helped liberate a German concentration camp. He brought back photos of that camp and all of us growing up were shown those photos to teach us of what we must fight against and never let happen again.

    All these attempts to divide and distract us, people are getting killed, hurt and suffering. We are much stronger united facing the challenges we share.

  2. mike from iowa

    Who invented white nationalism? The Democrats. And black nationalism? Ditto. So don’t try & blame this on the GOP

    Who owns white nationalism and fauxknee kristianity? Wingnuts- lock, stock and barrels. Who owns white nationalism-even if they pretend to be against it in public? Whitey wingnuts, that’s who.

    Wingnut pols will say the right things in public and turn around and write legislation to make white nationalism the law of the land as America used to be.

  3. The democratic party fundamentally changed in the 1960’s with the Civil Rights Act and Lyndon Johnson. The White Supremacists jumped ship at this time. To equate today’s democratic party with the pre-civil rights southern democrats is to misdirect the real issue today which is the current Republican President has done nothing to condemn the violence perpetrated by white supremacists and Nazi’s in Charlottesville. The President’s attempt to spread the blame encourages the white nationalists and turns a blind eye to the horrors perpetrated by his supporters.

  4. David Hubbard

    Let’s call them what they are, militant Nazis. These are not Democrats, Progressives, or Liberals. These are Libertarians and Republicans. The Party of Lincoln has shifted to the extreme right and anyone who proclaims otherwise is ignorant of that fact.

    You cannot be a Nazi (or a Nazi lover) and an American at the same time. We already fought this war, twice, and won both times.

    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” George Santayana (16 December 1863 in Madrid, Spain – 26 September 1952 in Rome, Italy) was a philosopher, essayist, poet and novelist.

  5. Richard Schriever

    Stace – who picked the white nationalist trash up out of the garbage heap after the rest of the world rejected it?? Nixon -> The GOP.

    Keep polishing those turds man. Spray a little deodorant on ’em too while you’re at it.

  6. Mike, the far majority of today’s racists are Republicans, hands down.

    “We have lost the South for a Generation” – LBJ (after signing the Civil Rights Bill.

  7. Some food for thought, this is where it starts.

  8. Any other president, GOP or Dem, would have stood up to the Nazi racists. Trump doesn’t have the balls to b/c they’re his voters.
    Gov McAuliffe speaks like a true leader, Trump doesn’t.

  9. It’s not the party of Ike, Nixon, Ford, or Bush the elder. It’s turned itself into a mongrel collection of misfit toys hell-bent on white nationalistic capitalism for capitalism’s sake.

  10. If I purchase a car with bald tires, I can complain about how the last owner did not take care of the car all I want, but at some point I have to take action to replace the tires. D’Souza’s history lesson does nothing to remedy the cancer of the GOP. The GOP needs to clean its house; partisan blaming of who has historical fault for the mess doesn’t get the party back on the right path. When fighting fires, first PUT OUT THE FIRE, then assess causality. In the face of violence, overt (and institutional) discrimination, does the GOP stand in action to oppose?

    Secretary Clinton tweeted, “If this is not who we are as Americans, let’s prove it.”

  11. happy camper

    First thing to say is the white supremacists are completely wrong, but it is American to let them speak and let them gather peacefully. Then they should then be ignored. Their words have no power.

    But, Antifa, the equally crazy left went there looking for trouble. Throwing urine, pepper spray, fighting throughout the day without the authorities intervening.

    This poor woman and the others injured is terribly wrong, but those who went there to physically fight the white supremacists are also wrong. Increasing hostilities leads to greater violence. Violence begets violence. Stay home let them wither on the vine. Let them be stupid all by themselves.

  12. owen reitzel

    Stace has been spreading the Democrats are at fault for awhile. As I’ve told him I prefer to live in the present and not 150 + years ago.
    This is a GOP problem and has been for many years. KKK leaders like David Duke have been Republicans for years and the fascists holding Nazi and Confederate flags are conservative-not liberals.

    These people are so desperate they’ve starting to spread the lie that George Soros was at fault for what happened in Virginia.

  13. Donald Pay

    It doesn’t hurt to talk about the history here. Democrats did have a lot of racists and segregationists in the party post-Civil War. They were, after all, the party founded by slave owners. There is a lot of answer for.

    But I recall the painful process that began after WWII to sweep away the blatant racism of the past. South Dakota native Hubert Humprhey led the fight in the 1940s. I recall watching the dramatic Democratic conventions in the 1960s. Most remember the 1968 convention, where the anti-war feeling was high, but the other conventions in the 1960s were about replacing the segregationist delegations with integrated ones. Those 1960s conventions led to changed party. It changed so much that a Democratic President from Texas put all his political skills to work to pass much of the civil rights legislation.

    As a result of the Democratic Party cleansing itself and passing major civil rights legislation, many of the segregationists and racists migrated to the party opposite, as the Brits put it, and Democrats started losing more elections, at least for a time.

    Now it’s the Republican’s turn to cleanse their party of the racist dreck that will, like the poor, always be amongst us. It will be painful, and the good folks in the Republican Party have not wanted to face the pain that Democrats suffered electorally as a result of doing the right thing. It is not good enough to pat the dreck on the head and tell them to be quiet and keep voting Republican. They should make a clean, open break.

  14. owen reitzel

    Well said Donald Pay. Well said.
    you hit the nail exactly on the head. Now if we could just get a few of our Republican friends to understand this

  15. Roger Cornelius

    In the 1930’s and 1940’s we fought the Nazi’s in their own country of Germany and won.
    In 2017 when Nazi’s march and riot in our country, Americans of all colors have the obligation to fight them in our own streets and in their nests.
    This is no longer a war of ideologies, it is war of Nazi domination of America.
    Talk to the survivors and ancestors that fought the wars in Germany and ask them what they fought for.
    Republican Senator Orin Hatch said yesterday that his brother did not fight in Germany to bring Nazi’s to the streets of America.
    I know that the proper phrasing should be to stop the violence and love one another like Trump says. But, this is a different time and a different war, it is a war that Americans must win.

  16. Roger Cornelius

    It should be noted that GOP senators and congressmen across the aboard are condemning Donald Trump’s worthless words as well as the Nazi’s marching in our streets.
    Naturally, Trump surrogates this morning are trying to explain, again, what Trump really meant to say.

  17. David Hubbard

    Do not turn this around on Liberals, “happy camper”. Trump has been fanning the flames of violence long before he took office. I place the blame for all of the hate filled violence that has taken place since his election squarely on his shoulders and those in his Administration who support hate groups and the use of violence against others.

    Trump is the cause of this divisiveness. And those who fail to renounce him or his administration for the violence he has personally called for also have blood on their hands.

  18. David Hubbard

    Clearly, I am not the only one who thinks so.

  19. Mr. Hubbard, that interview told me volumes. It told me that his was a man that should be president and that the Nazi we have now should go to Russia and spend his corrupted money. Good grief the head Nazi is surrounded by Bannon, Miller, Gorka (dog Nazi) and a complete Reichstag of other Nazi’s. I am even gonna toss in the black dude ol Ben Carson who clearly has smelled to damn much anesthesia. They all gotta go man, they all gotta go so we can save this democracy like the mayor says.

  20. Has anyone seen any tweets or comments from clergy here in South Dakota? I have not seen any kind of condemnation from the religious folks about white supremacy or the Nazi party implications of trump and his followers, why is that or where is that if I missed it? A while back it was said that 61% of South Dakotan’s voted for white supremacy when they pulled the lever for trump. 61% means that there are a lot of flag carrying Nazi party followers in our state. What is the difference between the Nazi flag and the confederate one, not a damn thing, they both mean hate.

  21. David: “Trump is the cause of this divisiveness.”

    I have to disagree somewhat with this; you over claim. The divisiveness was there before Trump. What Trump should be uniquely blamed for is giving voice and power to the proponents of racism and hatred. There is a piece today about David Duke saying the KKK will fulfill the promises made by President Trump. These hate groups heard candidate and President Trump’s (and his administration’s) dog whistle language and see that this President will no longer actively suppresses hate groups (and may even suppress those who stand against the hate groups) as had been happening from the executive branch previously.

    So, President Trump did not “cause” divisiveness — he has made clear that the government (his Government) has shifted sides in the conflict.

    Really that is the center of the new America – people did more than elect a president in November: they more largely chose who we will hand this country over to.

  22. David Hubbard


    That is incorrect. Fewer people voted in this past Presidential election then past Presidential elections.

    If you are a supporter of Nazis, you are not American. David Duke is a Nazi.

    I find it interesting that those who disagree in this post do not actually use their real names. But I understand, you do not want to get fired for being Nazis.

  23. David Hubbard


    What you should have walked away with from that interview is Trump is a liar and a bully.

  24. Wow, 72 years after Hitler’s death, South Dakotan’s are still crazy about him. 61% of South Dakota resident voters support the Nazi party here. No matter the taking down of traitor confederate statues to the South Dakota GOP, they salute that flag. No matter about a police uniform in Gettysburg with the confederate flag, the GOP here salutes that flag. I guess the South Dakota GOP quickly forgot “The Greatest Generation” that fought against that flag and what it stood for. Yep, both the confederate flag and the Nazi flag are equals in hate. Boys, you now own them both.

  25. David, we are on the same side, you misinterpret my post. Take a deep breath and read all the words.

    I make the claim that the president did not cause racial hatred in the country. It is foolish to claim that racial hatred was not present here until January 2017. What he did was let those on the side of hate get the message that their agenda will be less/un-checked (even endorsed). Because conflict exists (always exists – hate is never extinguished) for the direction of the country, the President, as leader of the Federal Government, chooses what side of that conflict the power and might of that government fights for. The President has chosen the side of hate. That is 180 degrees from previous choices. I reject that choice (as I reject him at the ballot box).

    I don’t care how many voted fro Trump (although I wish it had been a hole-lot fewer); those people voted to hand this country over to not only Trump, but also all those who endorse an agenda of hate. I stand by my point that the foolish flock decided what ideology will be contained and what ideology will flourish. ( . . . and my side ain’t winning now).

  26. mike from iowa

    The Klan will have major problems repealing and replacing the ACA on Drumpf’s first day in office. They will need to get right on having a plan to defeat ISIS in 30 days. America isn’t no where near great. How they gonna keep lying Drumpf so busy he won’t be able to vacation or play golf?

    Klan has their hands full just categorizing every lie Drumpf has told. The Klan on steroids is not up to the task.

  27. David Hubbard


    Thank you for the clarification. While I agree Trump may not have started the fire he has been throwing gasoline on it for a very long time.

    Clearly, if you are not a Nazi you would not have taken offense. Regardless, I apologize for my misinterpretation.

  28. mike from iowa

    At what point does Marlboro Barbie throw up his hands in disgust and say enough of the mangled apricot’s lies and deceit. Let’s get the impeachment ball rolling. Is there a thresh hold wingnuts don’t want to be forced to cross or is party loyalty their main drive?

  29. David and Jerry, I agree with so much of the heart of your arguments, but your casual use of “Nazi” trivializes your arguments as lazy rhetoric and trivializes what Nazis really were.

  30. Mr. Hubbard, I already knew that he is consistently a liar and a bully. I can read about his stupid tweeting with North Korea to keep us occupied away from his russian involvement in destroying our democracy. I hear the sounds of silence from a liar that was just called a Nazi by the mayor of that great city and laid the blame squarely where it belongs.

    I also see the weak kneed tweets from Thune and Daugaard regarding this and wonder why they do not condemn their leader for supporting the Nazi way. How can one take them serious when they themselves refuse to speak against the man who caused it all? So to our elected officials, are we gonna be the Nazi party or The Russian party, history says that we cannot be both. Will you all support the wag the dog scenario up the leader’s sleeve on Venezuela? The continued dumb tweets to the North Koreans? Or will you step up and bring democracy back by getting this hack out of the way and put these white supremacists in the neuter zone. You have the 25th to work with, get after it before we loose it all any further.

  31. David Hubbard


    No, it is not casual. It is loathing and hatred of those who idolize Nazis. You cannot hear the contempt and anger in my typing. This is visceral hatred for those who hate America and Americans. But I do appreciate the ones who make it easy for us to identify them by wearing patches and waving their hate-flags.

  32. David Hubbard

    Jerry, I agree with the weak-kneed statement 100%.

  33. Guess you must have missed the flags there o. Guess you must have missed David Duke there as well. What do you think the Nazi flags represent? Nothing trivial there. Senator Hatch from Utah, knew very well what he was seeing. The same Nazi speech, intimidation and flag that his brother was killed fighting against. Trivial, no far from that. Factual. Every picture tells a story. There is nothing casual about the use of Nazi, it breaks my heart to see that flag being carried and saluted.

  34. David Hubbard

    And I appreciate the Republicans who stood up and spoke out against the hate groups and the violence.

    For the record, I know there were idiots on both side of the line yesterday.

    Thank you both (o and jerry) for your patience and honest responses. I admit, I am still seeing red after yesterday and my own ignorance has been showing. Thank you.

  35. I believe there were 6 members of the GOP who openly condemned the white supremacists. Those members were repudiating Donald J. Trump with their open ended condemnation. So there is that. Thank you Mr. Hubbard for the video on the mayor in Virginia, a real straight fellow. Their city and state is fortunate to have him.

  36. Here is the not trivial Nazi speak.

    “It is not too much to ask to have a president who explicitly condemns Nazis,” said Sen. Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) in a pointed Saturday tweet.

    But at least one group appears happy with Trump’s muted comments: White supremacists themselves.

    Reacting to Trump’s words on Saturday, the neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer praised the president’s comments as “good.”

    “He didn’t attack us. He just said the nation should come together. Nothing specific against us,” wrote Andrew Anglin, the website’s founder.

    “No condemnation at all,” Anglin continued. “When asked to condemn, he just walked out of the room. Really, really good. God bless him.”

    View image on Twitter
    View image on Twitter
    Soledad O’Brien ✔ @soledadobrien
    In case you’re wondering if President Trump inspires neo-nazis–this is from their publication The Daily Stormer:
    4:02 PM – Aug 12, 2017
    2,718 2,718 Replies 78,272 78,272 Retweets 76,443 76,443 likes
    Twitter Ads info and privacy

    The Southern Poverty Law Center describes The Daily Stormer as a site dedicated to “spreading anti-Semitism, neo-Nazism, and white nationalism.” “Jewish Problem” and “Race War” are among the editorial sections that can be found on the site.

    Former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke said on Saturday that the white supremacist demonstration in Charlottesville ― called “Unite the Right” ― was in line with “promises” made by Trump.

    “We are determined to take our country back. We are going to fulfill the promises of Donald Trump,” said Duke, speaking at the rally. “That’s what we believed in, that’s why we voted for Donald Trump. Because he said he’s going to take our country back. That’s what we gotta do.” ”

    So there ya go. This is what 61% of the voters want. They want David Duke of the Klan, who met with trump privately and they want the neo Nazi party. The question is this then, are we willing to allow that to happen? History cannot repeat itself as we know full well how the Nazi party works, no one is safe.

  37. happy camper

    It is becoming more clear to all that Trump is unfit for office. I do find it discouraging that the Dakota War College never makes a post critical of him that I recall. How could any rational person not see the huge elephant in the room, but that said, the percentage of Alt Right, and/or White Supremacists is very small.

    Perhaps because it is such an emotional issue, its importance is enflamed. To look at the numbers, not so easily available, there are 3,000 to 6,000 members of the KKK. Stormfront, a white nationalist community has 30,000 daily viewers. David Duke received 3% of the vote when he ran for Senator. Redstate says about 1% of the voting block may be Alt Right. Link Below.

    So that means 99% of the voting public is NOT Alt Right. The vast, vast majority of people are not racists.

    So then learn more about Antifa. They are not a group of left leaning do gooders just there to show they disagree. They are there to fight. The victims may not have any ties to Antifa, but when there has been repeated violence, violence that day, they carried the burden of knowing they were in a high-risk environment and chose to stay and put themselves at risk for nothing. Nothing is gained by the violence, nothing is gained by the loss of life.

    Antifa is nothing to glorify quite the contrary. Everyone should be encouraged to stay home and safe as these rallies move around the country. Nothing is won by physically fighting white supremacists the numbers show they have no political power.

  38. Let it often be recounted that grudznick does say “I told you so.” Big Johnson supporter, was I. Huge Johnson Supporter! Yooge!

  39. Jerry, well done.

    How do we reconcile so many who voted Trump say they do not support the hate, discrimination, immorality . . . of Trump, but still voted for him. How do voters separate intellectual support and their vote (tangible support)? Even now, Trump voters in poll after poll say they would not switch their vote even after disapproving of the President’s actions.

    I go back to what Secretary Clinton wrote: prove it. If people say they do not support the hate and division of President Trump, prove it.

    Has Trump’s rise to power exposed that this nation’s core and values are not what I had hoped and believed they are? That is the question I think Trump voters must be called to answer.

  40. mike from iowam

    Did Grudz just refer to himself as a jock strap?

  41. Porter Lansing

    Everyone should be encouraged to participate in the anti-white supremacy rallies as they move around the country. Being silent is being complacent. Sitting it out is siding with white supremacy. Trump not choosing to denounce Neo-Nazi’s, KKK and white supremacy is giving them more power and his de facto approval. As far as Antifa showing up to fight, “Payback’s A Bitch”.

  42. happy camper

    Violence is never the answer.

    Cory, are you going to address this statement made by Porter Lansing?

    For him to approve and essentially encourage violence is a new low, even for Porter.

    This young women would be alive and well, and better serving the cause of change if she had stayed home to vote next election.

  43. Lars Aanning

    My father was killed when the Norwegian navy ship, P/S NORGE, was sunk by torpedoes from a destroyer during the Nazi invasion of Norway on 9 April 1940. There followed five long and hard years of occupation for the Norwegian people, made even more severe and deathly because of Norwegian Nazi sympathizers. At war’s end, more people per population were tried for their Nazi activities than any other European country – trials for which the death penalty was re-introduced (and later again retired). Recently, there have been some Nazi sympathizers marching with fascist-type outfits, banners, and fanfare in Norwegian streets. Whatever the neo-Nazis’ motives, their appeal to ethnic nationalism failed the real Nazis 70 years ago and will fail today…

  44. Porter Lansing

    Criticism from Happy Camper, who promotes anti-Muslim hate speech, continually tries to trick and mislead the readers and has been proven to be untrustworthy is a personal honor and a worthy achievement.

  45. I am just so tired of winning.

  46. happy camper

    The link is there, the numbers of white supremacists and alt right is about 1%, so low it shows there is no fascist threat, as abhorrent as they are.

    The violence occurs when Antifa confronts them making some of these rallies a near battlefield. There’s no reason for people to be drawn into these physical conflicts.

    Fanatics like Porter don’t care. That’s the danger.

  47. Porter Lansing

    The link is there? What validity does an opinion piece from an Alt-Right group like Red State about Alt-Right participation numbers have? Very little if any. And what can be gathered about someone who tries to make you believe it’s valid? Even less.
    Resist White Supremacy Today, Tomorrow and Forever

  48. The biggest difference between the equality movements and the white supremacy movements is that we could still use more equality, but we can not ‘use’ any more white supremacy.

    Unless you’re a Trumplican as they can always use a little more white supremacy in the voting culture (it’s one of their most effective techniques at undermining the poor and middle class).

  49. happy you are truly loopy. militias are growing ever where, armed militarily, and were present and visible in charlottsville. they were at bundy’s ranch in Nevada, and mahauer wildlife refuge in Harney County OR. the run up to the charlottsville was repleate with threatening behavior. republicans are spinning it that people resisting their racism are the problem.

  50. The “Unite the Right” rally was promoted by white nationalist Richard Spencer and drew several different groups, including activists from the so-called “alt-right,” Nazis, Ku Klux Klan members and other white supremacists, some of whom dressed in militia uniforms and were openly carrying long guns. (at-15s, armor ect)

  51. It was a march of antifa and nazi. Both leftist groups that align with the democrats of today.

  52. Mr. Aanning, sorry to hear that the Nazi’s killed your father in World War II. I had a relative that was killed over Germany/Italy while on a bombing run. Many many families suffered the same fates of parents and relatives killed during the Nazi reign of terror. Thune’s father fly missions against the Nazi’s and yet he acts neutered to the facts. Rounds had a loss in his family during that war, he is the same way. A supposed champion of veterans and yet he is quite about this disturbing trend to upend democracy itself. Shameful on them both. NOem, what can I say?

    trump cannot stand for anything if he does not stand for something as important as this is to democracy. For him to not condemn and announce the end of this terror campaign being put upon us by Nazi’s, white supremacists, the Klan, militia’s and his own white house, is the beginning of the end of our democracy. It is that serious. They must be driven our of existence one way or the other. trump has the power to do law and order and that is what must be done. He cannot sit on his arse and tweet silly nothings, he must stand for law and order in our streets and in our lives in general.

    You have seen and know first hand the absolute horrors of allowing Nazi’s and the like in our society’s, they do not belong and will never belong in a democracy.

  53. Hap, I have no interest in promoting the violence of the so-called “antifa”. A bunch of anonymous anarchists throwing punches aren’t living by American ideals. In fighting Nazis, they are only slightly better than Nazis, which is an awfully low bar, far below the point where you get to be called “the good guys.”

    Heather Heyer was not “antifa.” She was a paralegal, a smart woman, and an American. She should not be dead. She is dead, because, apparently, some people can’t live up to the American ideal of liberty and justice for all.

  54. Jerry @ 17:18 – thanks for the reminder on the clergy — where were they in Charlotte? Where are they in South Dakota? History shows us that other than Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and about 1% of them – that 99% of them are charlatans in robes standing for little of what they preach. Jesus supposedly threw the money changers out of the temple; he didn’t discussion the immorality of ‘both sides’.

    Shifting gears; the 9th Circuit is hearing a case, that if upheld may go a long way to cleaning up SD elections. Alaska law, based on solid cases and statutory law – severely limits political contributions from non-residents. Let’s hope the Alaska law prevails – the SD adopts a version of it.

  55. Roger Cornelius

    Regardless of the size of Nazi’s and the KKK they should always be confronted by Americans.
    Nazi’s and the KKK marching in our streets represent everything evil and need to be put down permanently.
    Young Ms Heyer challenged these two extremist groups and paid for it with her life. She is truly a martyr for having the strength and fortitude for showing her resistance.
    Trump and happy camper want to talk peace and love now that the tables are turned on them, where were they when Muslims were facing violence every day not that long ago.
    Wherever the next gathering is for these un-American traitors they should be confronted by peaceful resistance or violence, it is their choice.

  56. John, you are correct, this could be a big deal. It goes right to the heart of states rights as well. We hear much about that but when the rubber meets the road, it hydroplanes and we hit the ditch. By this passing, I see where there could be pressure applied to do the same here. Thune and Rounds both have about 10 million each in their war chests! This in a state like South Dakota with about 10 daily newspapers or less for advertising. Both get to advertise free in the weekly’s, tee vee that is so inexpensive you could hawk homemade jelly on them. Why do they need so much from out of state money men except to keep the overflow for expenses, wink wink? I can only see so many ad slicks in my mail box telling me about the 2nd Amendment before I figured out a way to deal with them. I compost them. I get all of these slicks and I shred them and compost. Now I don’t care what they say as long as my squash grows. Let’s all hope that Alaska prevails to put another brick in the wall of protection of our democracy.

  57. Stace Nelson

    I used to wonder how Germany could allow itself to be hood-winked by the propaganda and rewriting of history by the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NAZIs) -English – the National Socialist German Worker’s Party. Here we are in America seeing the same rewriting of history for the perpetuation of politics.

    There are many Democrats of today who are embarrassed and loath the institutional racist history of their Party. To compensate for this, they push the fantasy claim that all the racists left the death grip racist Southern Democrats held over the South, since the end of Reconstruction, and all magically joined the party of their 150 year sworn enemy, The Republican Party, in the late 1960’s. It never happened. Democrats maintained a death grip on almost every elected office in the South until the late ’90’s.

    Democrats kept their Confederate flag in Southern state flags while they held those death grips. The KKK was the terrorist arm of the Democrats that they used to oppress and intimidate minorities well into the ’70’s. At the height, there was about 3 Million Democratic KKK members.

    As Socialists, NAZIs are the sworn enemies of conservative limited government FREE-MARKET conservative Republicans, and they always will be. NAZIs were supported and inspired by such notable Democrats as Joe Kennedy and the evil eugenics ideas of Democratic icon Margaret Sanger.

    There is no history of institutional racism in the GOP. On the contrary, the GOP was responsible for the emancipation and Constitutional Amendments freeing the slaves and opposing the KKK, Jom Crow, and evil lynchings by the Democratic South.

    If my Democratic friends don’t appreciate that ugly history being thrown back into their faces? Then I would suggest people like Owen stop pushing the asinine statements that a handful of your creations attempting to infiltrate the GOP (because the Democratic Party has become so weak) make me and my beautifully colored family, the racists of your past.

    NAZIs and white/black/brown/etc supremists are enemies of the GOP and my family. I reject the “Alt-Right’s” efforts to infiltrate the GOP.

    And BTW, Owen? David Duke was a longtime Democrat. Like other slimy political opportunists, he changed parties.

  58. Porter Lansing

    How many times do we have to take you back behind the woodshed, Nelson? The point of the opinion you’re stealing from D’Sousa is that black people and minorities should join the Republican Party because you care more about their problems than Democrats do. There are only a handful of black people in SoDak but If you think American Indians should vote Republican then let’s here your best sales pitch. At least be up front. Republicans are the party of the racist white supremacists and because it embarrasses you, you try to project it on us. Now, convince our Indian sisters and brothers of your sincerity and find a more valid author to plagerize next time.

  59. Hey Stace just calm down and relax, big dude. You have to realize that today’s GOP has a problem with racism. Why do you think that over 90% of blacks are Democrats? Of course, we know that the Dems have had an ugly history, but you need to realize that we cleaned up our Party, passed the Civil Rights Bill and dumped all of our racists on your party. Now the best think you can do is cleanse your party of them.

  60. The back has to be strong to carry that much water for the Nazi party Mr. Nelson. Before 1964 there was no argument to your trump history lesson. LBJ made the Democratic party the party of the people and for the people with affirmative action, civil rights and more importantly, voting rights. Democrats now had the new direction that has been hampered for the last decades by a switch of party affiliation from Democrat to Republican. After civil rights acts of 1964-1965, this Nazi party is all yours sir. Get your pin lapel, strap that baby on and wear it. In all my life, I have never seen anyone but the GOP supporting the carrying openly of the Nazi rag or the haircuts of Hitler either.

    Like David Duke, Ronald Reagan was a Democrat before he became republican so you may have to review that slimy political opportunist thingy with some of your friends. You may recall that Reagan launched his presidential bid near Philadelphia, Mississippi, the scene of the murders of 3 civil rights workers, with his states rights speech. Reagan did not go to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where the Constitution was final drafted on September 17, 1787, he went to where he could dog whistle to the Nazi’s among us that he was there to support them in keeping the folks of color in their place, marginalized. Reagan followed the footsteps of another avowed racist republican (crook and liar) Richard Nixon who gave the new GOP/Nazi party the Southern Strategy. It goes like this

    “In American politics, the southern strategy was a Republican Party electoral strategy to increase political support among white voters in the South by appealing to racism against African Americans. As the Civil Rights Movement and dismantling of Jim Crow laws in the 1950s and 1960s visibly deepened pre-existing racial tensions in much of the Southern United States, Republican politicians such as presidential candidate Richard Nixon and Senator Barry Goldwater developed strategies that successfully contributed to the political realignment of many white, conservative voters in the South to the Republican Party that had traditionally supported the Democratic Party. It also helped push the Republican Party much more to the right.”

    No Mr. Nelson, the Nazi party has long been your GOP’s baby. We have seen the confederate traitor flags in the past at GOP rallies with much disgust and wonder why and how the party that gave us Lincoln, could be supportive of that traitor flag. Then we read history and discover that the republican, during Lincoln’s time, was philosophically really a Democrat for most of the next 100 years. Now we see the Nazi flag proudly carried at white supremacists rally’s without fear. The GOP now owns that flag and its history just like the GOP now owns the other traitor flag that was carried by the treasonous South in the civil war of slavery. Bob Lee was a traitor to the ideals of the Constitution of the United States of America and so were the followers. His name and statue should be in a museum of what not to do in a nation. Rename the forts that bear his name and those who were just as treasonous. Fort Bragg, Fort Hood the list goes on.

    You may denounce supremacists of all colors, but you cannot bring yourself to denounce the white supremacists that have been doing all they can to overthrow our government. The white supremacists are militia’s that appeared in Virginia toting their guns and menacing people with that act. No Mr. Nelson, you did not denounce with your statement, you acted just like your leader and made it an everybody does it kind of statement. The white supremacists Nazi party has taken over your GOP and you all won’t do a thing about with that mealy mouth trash talk.

    Your Nazi party continues to step on civil rights here in South Dakota. Your ideas about taking the vote of the people and then, not liking the results, nullify them in the mini Reichstag of Pierre. Your Nazi party acts the same as it did in the 1930’s and 40’s with your destructive ways of dealing with gays and especially transgender citizens by failing to accept nature’s will. Your Nazi party has done everything possible to keep the Indian population from voting right out of the Southern Strategy playbook that comes from the same playbook used in 1933.

    The bed pan of your Nazi party is stinking up the place Mr. Nelson, clean it up and denounce the white supremacists among us. If you do want to clean it up, pick your own starting point, this snake now has many heads. But to get to that, acknowledge what you have and own it.

  61. Paul Krugman nails it with this
    “In short, these days we have a president who is really, truly, deeply un-American, someone who doesn’t share the values and ideals that made this country special.

    Whatever role foreign influence may have played and may still be playing, however, we don’t need to wonder whether an anti-American cabal, hostile to everything we stand for, determined to undermine everything that truly makes this country great, has seized power in Washington. It has: it’s called the Trump administration.”

    Here is who our congresspeople and state party support. As an American, I would support the presidency of Orin Hatch as the 4th in line from this madhouse. Do it before he pisses of the North Korean guy into further chaos and before he can invade Venezuela for his oil interests.

  62. Richard Schriever

    Stace – history doesn’t cease being made. RECENT history (since the 1970’s) is as you describe in your final sentence. Duke (and the rest of the historical hatefuls) were rejected by and left the Democratic Party and joined – and have been EMBRACED by (despite your personal rejection), for the sole purpose of winning elections. As the old saw goes, when you dance with the devil, the devil doesn’t change. The devil changes YOU. With the Civil Rights Acts of the 1960’s, the Democratic Party put off the dancing devils. The GOP made a DELIBERATE decision to court those same devils. Now your party needs to get out of their embrace. Your party needs to make some history itself and put these devils out. Do something that makes it clear – you don’t want their votes – even if that means you’ll lose elections for a generation. That’s the historic decision made by the Democratic Party in the 1960’s. Country before party. Screw yourself – proudly.

  63. Donald Pay

    “Law and Order”….”Welfare Queens”….”Voter Fraud”….”People With Illinois License Plates Coming to Wisconsin To Vote”…”Drug Testing For Welfare Recipients”…

    These are the memes we continually hear from various Republican politicians in Wisconsin. Generally, these Republican politicians come from the collar counties (suburbs) around Milwaukee or the Fox River Valley. This is where Reince Preibus hails from. He was an expert in using racial politics to build the Republican brand here. This isn’t just an alt right problem. It infects the Republican establishment as well. They may not be overt racists most of the time, but they need the votes of the racists to win. So they gravitate to racist code words and phrases and ideas in order to hold those folks in the party.

    Republicans need to wake up. Thinking racism hasn’t taken over your party because you freed the slaves ignores the very real present.

  64. Stace is admired in some circles because he is an alleged fighter for political purity and honesty. His reality is that he’s a brawler that ostensibly administers the same type of hate, and discrimination that his party has covertly endorsed. We’ve listened to him enough to understand that his accusatory belligerence and patented practice of the blame shame game is the primary substance of Nazism and White supremacy. The previous diatribe would have the thinking person believe that his sanctimonious approach to the problems we face is someone else’s fault. A person who finds fault, as opposed to one who searches for solutions is nothing more than an angry supremacist of any color or creed. Ever notice that in Stace’s world, it’s all about pursuit of “whodunnit” rather than any movement to “how do we undo it.”

  65. happy camper

    This is fringe on both the left and right (though left and right may be inaccurate words to use suggesting a continuum), neither the white supremacists or Antifa are representative of mainstream Republicans and Democrats. Who knows Republicans might actually gain voters if they took strong measures against white supremacists.

    From HuffPost: … an emboldened fringe right, has in turn, emboldened the far left. Professor Brian Levin, head of the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, San Bernardino, said in an interview with HuffPost by phone that the fatality and injuries Saturday ensure that the “much smaller and less coalesced far left,” which includes anti-fascist or Antifa protesters, would go looking for “revenge.”

    “It’s a reciprocal dance of extremism,” Levin said.

    Heidi Beirich, head of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Project, agreed. When anti-fascists show up to violently fight white supremacists, she said, it only gives “oxygen” to the white supremacist cause.

    Also worth noting Salon reported white supremacists want Antifa to show up, they want the violence to create a race war. They only have significance if you react to them.

  66. Porter Lansing

    Comparison above condemnation is a psychological pathology steeped in shame and self-loathing, HC.
    -Racist white supremacists are significant no matter where, when or how many exist.
    -Here’s what your side stands for.
    -Are you a proud Muslim/Black/Jew/Asian/Queer hater now? Probably you still are but everyone else can read this and see what you won’t condemn.

  67. happy camper, please read John W. just above you so you can get a grip on yourself. The Nazi party is not the fringe with the GOP, it is now the GOP or you. Embrace it and love it until you hate it, but it is you and yours to do those things. Winning at all costs can cost the democracy this country was founded on. You guys don’t need any more oxygen as you have taken it out of the room. What oxygen that is needed is for you to find your voice and denounce the white supremacists for what they are. You need more oxygen to run as fast as you can from that Nazi and confederate flag waving.

  68. Stace Nelson

    @Porter You, Sir, are an idiot. Outside the interior of your Colorado woodshed? The world has little clue who you are or pays no heed to your nonsense. To prove that point, remind us all which party fought a Civil war and enacted Constitutional Amendments to free our fellow man and which party enacted Jim Crow Laws, lynching laws, and created the white supremacist militant arm of the DEMOCRATIC Party, the KKK? No matter how much fecal matter you post claiming otherwise, US history of those evils are written in the blood of the millions the Democratic party oppressed.

    @Jenny At the height of the Democratic control of the South? Almost 99.9% of all minorities were oppressed into being registered Democrats or face relation such as lynching’s by the Democrat’s KKK! That registration became custom and tradition. No, there is NO evidence that your racist Democrats left the Democratic Party en masse and joined the party of their historic enemy, the GOP! Check any of the Southern states and you will see that fantasy propaganda is NOT supported by fact! Racist Democrats held a death grip on near every elected office in the South from the end of Reconstruction to the late ’80’s-’90’s!

    @”Jerry” Horse crap! Democrats like Joe Kennedy, Margeret Sanger are on record of supporting their fellow Socialists the NAZIs! Many modern day Democrats identify even more with Communists and Socialists who are the sworn enemies of conservative, LIMITED GOVERNMENT, FREE-MARKET, Republicans! No matter how much BS propaganda people like you spew trying fabricate a connection? Historic Reality shuns that nonsense outright. That Confederate & NAZI flags? YOUR party flew them with blessings! Me and mine fought the Confederacy and your NAZI allies. Your evil spawn now attempt top infiltrate their sworn enemy because Democrats have nose dived their Party into the dirt.

    @Richard Shriver You are in denial. No, as voting records in the South show, your racist Democratic Party did NOT all go to the GOP in the ’60’s as you claim. No such GOP takeover of Southern elected offices occurred, there was no mass migration of voter registrations. Only a handful of former racist Democratic Congressman changed parties, all of the other hard core local elected Democratic racists retained their death grip on Southern states well into the ’80’s, with many states into the ’90’s and 2000’s! The worst periods of oppression of blacks during the ’60’s-’70’s ALL occurred in Democratic controlled states! BS propaganda reminiscent of your evil Socialist brethren the Democrats supported in NAZI Germany.

    @Donald Pay Funny, Democrats are attacking Mr. Dinesh D’Sousa for speaking the truths of history, just like they did to blacks who pushed back in the racist South… Racist Democratic KKK White Privilege reasserting itself? The majority of minority voters in Hanson County are registered Republicans, because of the GOP’s long standing core principles of fighting for the freedom of minorities, defending the Constitution, etc. You call them voters, I call them my beautiful brown wife, and my beautiful 1/2 Japanese daughters. Contrary to the idiotic claims herein? My wife and daughters know I will defend them and my constituents from NAZI’s, Communists, Socialists, white supremacists, & the KKK… You know, the historic enemies of we conservative, Limited Govt, Free-Market, Republicans.

    A handful of racists nurtured and created by the Democratic Party over the centuries, trying to infiltrate the GOP because the Democratic Party has lost power? Doesn’t transfer hundreds of years of evil racist oppression of the Democratic Party to the GOP. Deal with your insecurities and guilt over your party’s horrific past and stop trying to pawn that on we who have fought it for hundreds of years.

    David Duke was a registered NAZi, then a Democrat for 13 years, then changed parties in the late ’80’s as Democrats start losing their death grip on control in the South. White supremacy and Socialism are the traditional and historic sworn enemies of the GOP.

  69. Porter Lansing

    @Stace Using the race of your wife to justify your racism is a foul card to play. Leave them out of it or face the consequences of shame.

  70. Stace Nelson

    @John W You are a coward that throws ignorance in attacks from the shadows. Just like the Democratic KKK of old? NAZIs? You wear a hood of anonymity to make your cowardly attacks! THAT is the calling card of the KKK Democrats created to attack any who dared speak out against them, as well as the long knives of the NAZIs! If we forget history, we are bound to repeat it. We have seen this rewriting of history and transferring of blame that you and others are engaged in! Again, YOU are using the tools of the NAZIs to transfer history and blame. Identifying “whodunit” allows for the public to place blame where blame is due and allow them to take corrective action. Put your literal old hood on and come out of the shadows on the Nelson farm and attempt to intimidate this old Marine from speaking historic facts. I’ll show you why the KKK went from 3 Million Democrats strong to a handful of toothless idiots.

  71. Joe Kennedy was a bootlegger in the 20’s and 30’s. Joe Kennedy evolved and as that happened, there begot him some sons and family that provided the true Democratic beliefs of equality. Thanks to Joe Kennedy we got John and Bobby to fight organized crime and bring about civil rights for all the people. Thanks to the rest of the family, we got awareness of disabilities and how as a society, to be respectful towards them, but that was yesterday.

    Dylan Roof is a figure of today. He killed under the banner of Nazism. The killer in Virginia is also of today, trump supporter that murdered a young lady out of the Nazi instincts to kill and maim. Speaking of truth, isn’t this guy a felon, Mr. Dinesh D’Sousa? Only a feller like you, who proclaims to be a defender of truth and justice, could embrace and defend a convicted felon like Mr. Dinesh D’Sousa. So how did this Nazi become a felon Mr. Nelson? By golly, here he is
    Not as bad as Hitler should be the GOP’s new bumper sticker. Your big ol pickup would look good with that bumper sticker Mr. Nelson, you boys are gonna wear it with pride until you decide that you are no long Nazi’s but Americans. From listening to you, that may be a while.

  72. Stace Nelson

    @Porter This is the “racist” Mr. & Mrs. Nelson laughing at your idiocy

  73. From Fargo, close to home here. A letter denouncing his son must be the hardest letter one can write. But protecting the country is what many of us have done with our lives. Thank you sir for the courage to stand as a lesson to all.

  74. More Nazi’s in America Mr. Nelson, who and what do you think this turd voted for?

    “The FBI has arrested an Oklahoma man on charges that he tried to detonate what he thought was a 1,000-pound bomb outside a bank, acting out of a hatred for the U.S. government and an admiration for Oklahoma City bomber Timothy Mc­Veigh, according to court papers.

    Jerry Drake Varnell was arrested shortly after a Friday night attempt to detonate a fake bomb packed into what he believed was a stolen cargo van outside the bank in Oklahoma City, according to a criminal complaint filed in federal court.”

    Finally your leader stepped up 3 days later as usual, to denounce the Nazi’s. We will see how that goes over. You boys had better get a grip or there will be more bombs and more violence. Home grown terrorism from the white supremacists is much more dangerous to us than ISIS will ever be. You do know that trump cut funding for this very same kind of investigation that prevented the bombing. As a legislator, you could actually do something about it by insisting to Thune, Rounds and NOem to introduce legislation to bring back that funding. Show us your chops sir, demand those funds be reinstated now.

  75. Stace, “There is no history of institutional racism in the GOP.”

    Do you include the GOP as it stands today under President Trump? In budget proposals that affect education, healthcare, employment, taxation . . . rhetoric from the campaign and election, appointments, do you stand that there is no underlying prejudice or bias that negatively affects people of color negatively?

    I am not sure any, ANY institution in America today can make the claim of having a history free of institutional racism.

  76. Porter Lansing

    Sorry, Stacey. I beat you down and left you weeping after this same argument a year ago, remember? You stomped your feet, spit up on your phone, told me I’d won and blocked me. But I’ve seen your wife. She’s Pinoy, isn’t she?
    You asked for it so let me “learn ya'” how racist you really are. Often racists don’t even know they’re doing it but you’ve been shown so many times that you’re actingh racist half out of spite, anymore.
    You always refer to your wife as brown. Not as intelligent, successful, loving or tolerant. You refer to your step daughters as Japanese. Not as funny, unique, enjoyable, able, friendly but Japanese. You see these family members, the closest people on Earth to you, by their race, not be their individuality. That’s racism you big dummy.

  77. The Party in South Dakota has warm relationships with all of the hate groups in the state. They embrace them as what they are, votes. The party is only concerned with winning at all costs, does not matter if they are Nazi’s, white supremacists, militia men, we have them all right here. They are not hard to spot either, go to one of Mr. Nelson’s rah rah’s or any other Party member, they will be there for sure.

  78. Who was the Party that discriminated against the LGBTs right to marry in a supposedly Free Country, Stace? It’s your Party that continues to make discriminatory laws against the LGBT.

  79. Poor Stace, he doesn’t seem to think the 80s and 90s should be referred to as history.
    Stace, take a look at your Party, it is a white as can be. There are far more blacks, native americans and Hispanics in the Dem Party.

    You need to face the truth of TODAY and acknowledge that the GOP has a problem with minorities.

  80. Roger Cornelius

    Have you looked at the most recent electoral maps of the United States?
    You will note that the south is deep red and has been that way for years. Is it deep red because blacks go to polls to vote for republicans or is it because of institutional racist voter suppression?

    At 00:18 Stace refers to his family as “a beautiful ‘colored’ family, it has been decades since I have heard people of color referred to as ‘colored’.

  81. Roger Cornelius

    A photograph of Trump’s interns was recently released and it did not have one person of color. Not one.
    A photograph of President Obama’s interns featured young people of all races.

  82. Stace Nelson

    @Jerry, O, & Jenny Coincidence that you wear a hood of anonymity and push your lies and rewriting of history attacks from the darkness? I think not. You show your KKK & NAZI affiliation from such acts.

    @Porter I am sure you must really feel that win & celebrate it in the loneliness that is your solitary existence in Colorado. Please feel free to write all my friends and family members of color on my FB page and inform them of your determinations that I am a racist. Of intersting note, I have more friends and family of color than you do friends on FB. The proof is in the pudding, Porter.. You’re a racist projecting your own hate. You will have to excuse me, my beautiful brown wife is chiding me for wasting my time responding to your ignorant nonsense.

  83. Stace Nelson

    @Roger Cornelius Shhhh! Don’t tell your Socialist NAZI buddies & Democrat progeny the KKK that Trump’s daughter, Son-in-law, & grandkids are Jewish.. it would ruin the whole idiotic narrative that Trump’s a NAZI. Seems like a whole lot of people uncomfortable with the horrific hundreds of years of institutional racism of the Democratic Party are desperately trying to rewrite history and transfer the evils documented by history onto others.

    No thanks, I’ll keep the GOP’s record of opposing those evils.

  84. Porter Lansing

    Dinesh Dsouza, the author of Senator Nelson’s lies about the Democratic Party (you didn’t think Stace Nelson had an original thought, did you?) has been rated for truthfulness by Politifact, a Pulitzer Award winning website and non-biased source. Dsouza’s overall rating is 50% MOSTLY FALSE and 50% PANTS ON FIRE. This means Stacey’s assertions are somewhere between false and total bulls**t. Verified!!
    PS … Your wife is so much more than beautiful and brown. I’ve read about her. She could do better.

  85. Roger Cornelius

    Why is it that racists find the need to identify the color of their spouse?

  86. mike from iowa

    Kushner and Bannon can’t stand each other because of Kushner’s Jewishness and Bannon’s white racist views.

    Meanwhile, Michelle Obama plagiarized Melanoma Drumpf again (she used Obama’s time machine) when talking about Charlottesville terrorism.

  87. Mr. Nelson, so what that his grandkids and son in law are Jewish, that means nothing if you have a common enemy or so they say and a common goal (billions in their corrupted little pockets).

    Hitler’s Jews were plentiful and they were Nazi’s Kind of like when the head Nazi said “my Negroes” to some attending his hate rally’s.

    The name on the institutionalized racism is Southerner. Not Democrat or Republican, just those south of the Mason Dixon and in close proximity to it. I can see that you should not give homework help to your kids regarding history because you continually want to rewrite it incorrectly. Kind of like your association with radical gun groups in South Dakota, sometimes you have to be buddies with those guys right Mr. Nelson, how ya gonna get third place without them? Look, sometimes you do good things and I support you for that, but other times this kind of a deal happens when you support what the Nazi party stands for and how it has infected the GOP right here. Isn’t this guy kind of a militia deal here in South Dakota Zach Lautenschlager?

  88. David Hubbard


    It would be a wonderful world if violence was not the answer or an option.

  89. Stace Nelson

    @Jerry Good to see your honest enough to own your KKK & NAZIesque attacks from the shadows 🤣

    @Roger Cornelius funny how you and your NAZI & KKK kin all attack me for being married to a brown woman and having spoiled your racist ideas of racial purity by having kids that are part Asian. You can shove your racist comments and cowardice.

    @Porter How easy you revert to calling Dinesh (& Trump’s Jewish relatives) liars and attempt to dehumanize them to push your political agenda.

    Funny how you all attempt to separate yourselves from hundreds of years of Democratic Party institutional racism and control while trying to claim a small band of refugees who fled your waning power, represent the GOP. even as you try and push fancifull propaganda claiming Republicans replaced you’re racist democrats in the 60s ! 🤣

  90. Nazism must be fought in the shadows as there are so many here in South Dakota, so are you still in association with the support of the militia folks here in South Dakota (not the National Guard) the racists, the white supremacists?

  91. Porter Lansing

    It’s a Politifact rating, Nelson. They only rate humans. Be glad they don’t rate your truthfulness. D’Sousa is a big fat 🤥 liar. VERIFIED!!

  92. Democrats are now the party of Lincoln’s ideals. Republicans are the party of Trump’s nihilist opportunism.

    And Nazis and white supremacists are still scum. That last point matters more than anything else in this conversation. The fact that the current occupant of the White House lashes out immediately and publicly on Twitter at a black CEO who quits a Presidential council but dallies for two days before saying anything bad about deadly actions arising from a Nazi demonstration demonstrates Donald Trump’s lack of basic moral fiber and is also an important point.

  93. That is true about the comments on twitter. Of course Mr. Nelson will not read links because you know, they are the truth. That is one thing that sorely lack with this group of ideologically challenged SDGOP. While they like to claim Lincoln, they despise him for what he did. I notice something else as well, when speaking of Democrats or Liberals in particular it is though we are Jews to fulfill the Nazi hate they have for anything other than who they think should be here.

  94. Just calm down Stace, please calm down. Being in denial is not good for one’s health.

  95. I just don’t really think ol’ Abe would have been against two gay people wanting to marry. Or a transgender wanting to go potty. I really don’t.

  96. Roger Cornelius

    Speaking of Donald Trump, Stace Nelson is as twisted and demented as his mentor Trump and his continued rants bear it out.
    Just look at the anger in Nelson’s words, we all know the next step in anger is violence like we saw this weekend in Charlottesville
    In the years that I have known Cory, I have heard him refer to his wife as a white woman, Cory says ‘my wife’.
    Is there anyone here that can name a contemporary Democrat in a leadership position or otherwise, that in anyway condones or supports the KKK or Nazi’s.
    And Stace, I’m not talking about a 160 years ago or even 50 years ago, I’m talking about today and now.
    Now, Trump came out today and publicly denounced the Nazi’s and KKK after a weekend of soft comments blaming both Nazi’s and Americans incensed by what they stand for. It took him three days to get his head on straight and read from a prepared statement after a full weekend of criticism. That’s the republican party that Nelson is so proud to be a member of.

  97. When this country finally turns brown enough, which we all know it will, within my lifetime anyway, I hope the Republicans will continue to trivialize whether minorities deserve additional equality measures or any financial assistance in their lives – as the minority will then be white.

    Agriculture is the wellfair system for white rural Americans.

  98. David Hubbard, on violence as a response to evil:

    I am not going to condemn the Jews for the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising of 1943. Violence is a last resort, and sometimes in the face of tyranny, we reach that last resort.

    We, the good guys, the decent Americans who won’t be suckers, are not at that last resort. We are far from it. The Nazis don’t run our country—although there is a Nazi dupe in the White House, he hasn’t demonstrated much ability to really run anything but his mouth, and even that not effectively. Resorting to violence at this point strengthens the Nazi ranks. Violence by anti-Nazi helps them turn to nervous Americans and say, “See? Antifa is throwing rocks! They’re coming to get you! Support the police state that we will run!” Violence by anti-Nazi protestors gives Trump cover to call for “law and order” instead of morality and civil rights.

    In broad terms, we don’t turn to violence until every other recourse has been shut down by Nazis in power. We still have the First Amendment. We still have elections. We can still get out the word and the vote.

    In immediate personal terms, we don’t turn to violence until someone poses a direct threat to our personal safety—e.g., when some murderer in a Dodge Challenger rams his car into human beings, you are allowed to try to stop him.

  99. Stace Nelson

    @CAH Good to see you supporting traditional Republican values which have never left our Party platform AND sharing the condemnation of the Democratic Party expressed in the platform Lincoln ran on:

    @Roger Cornelius I opposed Trump during the election because he was a life long NY Liberal Democrat. I pray for him and support him now when he is right and oppose him when he is wrong, same as I did with President OBama. YOU are the racist. YOU cannot handle a white man and a brown woman happily married. But please, you and Porter carry on and make fools of yourself and claim this loving husband, father, and grandfather secretly hates his family 🤣. The mere mention of it drives you to make such idiotic claims that are ludicrous on their utterance. FYI, I’m a Marine, not some milk toast lapping internet troll like you. You don’t like harsh words for your idiocy from the old Marine? Don’t put your asinine ignorant racist comments about me and my family out there for appropriate condemnation.

  100. Roger Cornelius

    Nelson has more spins than old 33rpm record.
    Having had mixed raced relationships, I am a Native American, all my life I am loathe condemn anybody’s relationship, including yours.
    I do wonder why you need to make a political tool in your vengeance towards Democrats. Smart politicians keeps their wives and children out of the lime light of politics, once you include them you make them fair game. That is a basic premise of politics for both Democrats and republicans.
    republican family values is a joke starting with Trump and his four marriages and treatment of women and in the seven months of his presidency, he has demonstrated so much more that should go against anyone’s family values. When the leader of the republican party has no family values, what does that say about you as a follower?
    Has anyone forgotten that Nelson is a marine, you knew it would come up at some point, didn’t you?
    Nelson, your president hasn’t taken a single legislative action or uttered a word or text that shows his humanity, how can you like some of his actions and not like others when all he has in his heart is hate.
    There is nothing about Trump to like or support, Nelson, your president needs to be fully renounced and removed from office before he does more damage to America and its values.

  101. Porter Lansing

    Nelson … My wife had a cousin who brought home a wife from Vietnam. I heard things the women said about her when she came to family gatherings. I picked her brain about Thai food. I’d never say those things to you. You both deserve better.

  102. Stace Nelson

    @Roger Cornelius The leader of the GOP is not POTUS Trump, it’s the principles Republicans have immortalized in our Party platform since we became a party to oppose the evils of Slavery pushed by the Democratic Party. I have no hatred or ill will towards Democrats, as I have friends and family members who are such. That does not mean that I will aid or abet efforts to rewrite history or support concocted evil political propaganda that the KKK and NAZI’s are infamous for doing, that people like you & Pay Powers employ. Only cowards attack someone’s children. I rejected such cowardly attacks on President Obama’s beautiful family, Senator Cruz’s, and now POTUS Trump’s. I risked life and limb to protect even your liberties for 24 1/2 years, what I will do to protect my wife, kids, and grandsons, if pushed to do so? Would be written of for a thousand years. And by the way… it’s Marine, milk toast.

  103. Roger, Mr. Nelson is absolutely correct on the leader of the GOP and it is not POS trump. It is Vlad Putin and Stephen Bannon as kind of a dual thingy. So far, here we are 6 months in and we have this about the marines We are loosing in Afghanistan and we are loosing in the United States. The question is, what would trump do? Because “trump is not as bad as Hitler”. So then would he double down and attack Russia, are you kidding, trumps business partners, hello. What about North Korea? not even. Venezuela, hmmmm, lot of oil there that trump owns outright personally, so there is that. I would bet Rounds and Thune would go for that.

  104. mfi, that deserves another look It is kind of cool that Mrs. trump would copy verbatim what Mrs. Obama said. Thanks man.

  105. Porter Lansing

    Nelson, you self consumed sack of hot air. Stay on topic. Denounce white supremacists or STFU. One can easily see why both parties despise you.

  106. mike from iowa

    That does not mean that I will aid or abet efforts to rewrite history or support concocted evil political propaganda that the KKK and NAZI’s are infamous for doing, that people like you & Pay Powers employ.

    Ignoring history is worse that re-writing it

  107. Mr. Nelson, you are very young and naive but you are entertaining me. You may continue.

  108. mike from iowa

    Damn Muslim terrorists anyway. Why don’t they do their thing so we can quit talking about white extremist terrorists?

    Had him a big ol’ bomb around a 1000 pounds fixing to do some serious bldg damage.

  109. Roger Cornelius

    grudz’s, Nelson isn’t naïve, he’s ignorant.

  110. Roger Cornelius

    Along with Twitter users outing some of the Nazi protesters and getting them fired, Google announced that they have banned the Nazi website Daily Stormer.

  111. Nazi’s could give a damn about the very foundation of our 1st Amendment rights either. The SDGOP view the 1st Amendment as only being in a “time and place” situations here decided by Ryan Brunner. If ol Ryan says the “this is not the time and place for a gathering” then the 1st Amendment is just talk. Of course when the framers of the Constitution gathered to put this democracy all together, they pictured a lacky like Ryan Brunner and decided that the 1st Amendment should protect and serve all citizens regardless 24/7 from him. But now, that means diddly squat to our new white supremacist rule of their law.

    “Meanwhile, in late March, the governor of South Dakota signed a bill that caps the number of people allowed to gather on public lands at 20.

    Matt Konenkamp, a policy adviser to South Dakota Gov. Dennis Daugaard, told CNN the law is meant to deal any protests over the planned construction of the section of the Keystone XL pipeline that will run through South Dakota.

    “It patches a hole in our existing law relative to emergency situations,” Konenkamp said. “If we’re forced to declared an emergency in response to a public safety need that’s triggered by people that are gathering for peaceful protests, to object to the TransCanada pipeline, we will have this hole patched in our existing law.”

    The law says if it is necessary to “preserve the undisturbed use of the land” or if “the land may be damaged,” the state commissioner of school and public lands can restrict gatherings at the request of the governor and the sheriff who has jurisdiction. It also makes obstructing roadways a misdemeanor crime.

    “We support people’s right to protest and certainly, in this instance, the Native Americans’ right to peacefully and prayerfully gather and note their objections with,” Konenkamp said, referring to Keystone XL protests. “Second, I would say that there are time and place restrictions on first amendment rights.””

    So then, all that is said about protecting the rights of South Dakotan’s all are thrown under the bus when it comes to the blood money paid to stop protesters. Adolph Hitler did the same kinds of proposals in the 1933 elections in Germany. I know most of us here in South Dakota are originated from the Greater Germanic Reich, but really, this is kind of much. So who supported this decision?

  112. owen reitzel

    All garbage Stace. Your party is the party of racism and supporters of Nazis.
    How many liberal Democrats marching with confederate flags? None. These were proud Alt-right people marching in a parade called “Unite the Right.” Not Unite the Left.
    Admit it Stace. Part of your party are racists a#$holes. David Duke, the former South Conservative Democrat now Republican, is a strong Trump supporter.
    Instead of trying to push BS in the hopes of blaming Democrats you should be trying to get rid this no-so-fringe group Republicans.

    Please tell me why most minorities vote Democrats.

  113. TRUMP, NOT AS BAD AS HITLER new bumper sticker for national GOP, with an embed swastika for each red state. South Dakota gets that one over the Rushmore backdrop. Makes them all get the vapors putting them on the backs of their $78,000.00 Denali’s. Whoa doggies, looking good for the neighborhood a $2.750.00 add on, through a private vendor of course, a custom made blood red swastika with the initials on each door panel of a different South Dakota citizen denied their healthcare. This is so you SDGOP, so you indeed.

  114. Stace, we can keep trying to figure out how many Confederate soldiers can dance on the head of an 1864 campaign pin, or we can acknowledge the clear and present evil before us. White (male) supremacists are trying to make a resurgence. They are using protests, violence, and the Internet to do so. One of the neo-Nazis’ most vocal mouthpieces, Steve Bannon, is in the White House as a top advisor. We need to build a wall between these neo-Nazis and anything close to political power. We need leaders to focus on that clear and present evil. Shut them out, push them back beyond the margins of acceptable society, make clear to our kids and grandkids that Nazis have no place in America.

    Can we agree to do that?

  115. Stace Nelson

    @Owen Your argument is with historic facts. Deal with the 170 years of institutional racism of the DEMOCRATIC Party! You, and the rest of the ignorant clowns claiming me and my family are racists, can shove the ugly racist history Of your party.

    @Cory Me and mine have been fighting that for 170 years. Embarrassed Democrats trying to push their horrific history onto me and mine is fighting words. It’s nice that Democrats have turned from their evil past in the last 25 years, but that doesn’t mean they get to rewrite their 170 years of institutional racism and of supporting Hitler’s NAZIs. Either Democrats have given up that evil past, apologize and denounce it? Or they are unrepentant and compounding that evil past by claiming it wasn’t them, kind of like the allies of the NAZIs (Islamic Terrorists) deny the Holocaust…

  116. Stace Nelson

    @Owen Your argument is with historic facts. Deal with the 170 years of institutional racism of the DEMOCRATIC Party! You, and the rest of the ignorant clowns claiming me and my family are racists, can shove the ugly racist history Of your party.

    @Cory Me and mine have been fighting that for 170 years. Embarrassed Democrats trying to push their horrific history onto me and mine is fighting words. It’s nice that Democrats have turned from their evil past in the last 25 years, but that doesn’t mean they get to rewrite their 170 years of institutional racism and of supporting Hitler’s NAZIs. Either Democrats have given up that evil past, apologize and denounce it? Or they are unrepentant and compounding that evil past by claiming it wasn’t them, kind of like the allies of the NAZIs (Islamic Terrorists) deny the Holocaust…

    For the last time! Stop celebrating the success of the racist Democratic South’s succes that blacks were oppressed and terrorized into being forced to register and support racist Southern Democrats to the point that it be came family custom and tradition! That is a perfect example of “White Privilege!”

  117. owen reitzel

    No Stace. I never called you a racist. quit the diversions. You aren’t a racist but your party is. The only thing I’m saying is dealing with.

    Minorities support Democrats because we actually try to help them. Republicans not so much. Those Southern Democrats are not Republicans. Fact.

  118. Roger Cornelius

    Nelson hasn’t posted an original thought since yesterday, dare I say little sir echo?

  119. I, for one, would like to challenge Mr. Nelson to use the words “shove it” as many times in the debates in the legislatures in a single day as he did here. Then the old men without guns will escort him out of the building by the ear.

  120. Porter Lansing

    Grudzie ….. you make me laugh (but I’ll never admit it)

  121. Mr. Lansing, there is a new big, ugly goat in your pen that you got from Mr. Nelson.

  122. owen reitzel

    Southern Democrats ARE Republicans. correction on my part

  123. Mr. Nelson is in the sauce for sure. The facts of history indeed prove him wrong on this issue of white supremacy from the Nazi party of today. Instead of coming up with agreeing to the fact that the confedrate traitors were nothing more than traitors and not of a political party per say. “shove it” as Mr. grudznick so aptly observes and reports. Dixiecrats became republicans who are now the party of the Nazi. Simple to follow along when you know that in 1964 the parties changed from one to another.

  124. Roger Cornelius

    You know that Nelson will call your link to the Indivisible site Fake News.

  125. Now, thanks to the Nazi party in America we have more statues falling this one in Durham, North Carolina In Boston, the Holocaust Memorial vandalized once again. This is the direct result of donald j. trump and his message of hate for most of his life. This is what he preaches and now the genie is out of the bottle. 50 years after the summer of love, we have trump and the Nazi party of hate. Damn I miss Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison and I miss Jimi as well.

  126. Roger, he does not read. Dude has not read a thing since he read his morning reports. Hey, did you know that President George Washington was a victim of fake news as well? Here is a flash for the marine, Fox is the only propaganda tool of fake news that the Nazi party watches. True that, they parrot the damnedest things in the world just like the North Korean news fawning does for their dear leader. Uncanny how despots work in the same ways.

  127. happy camper

    You have to be careful in your distinctions. Republicans are not racist. White supremacists are racist and vote Republican because they are more closely aligned. Self-described Progressives are not members of Antifa, but Antifa is more closely aligned with them than Democrats. By googling I don’t find Steve Bannon described as a Neo-Nazi, but Alt Right. Those two things are different. Most of you are too eager to merge these political lines.

  128. happy camper

    You want to get it right down there to the very simple good versus bad. Deal with a little bit of gray for goodness sake.

  129. It has always been good versus bad, where ya been? The problem is when there is evil in the mix, then we have the issues like now. We have some issues here in America that are not gonna change overnight. These have been brought on by a despot with the full support of a major political party. Here 61% follow the rule of hate, that is a little more than good versus bad.

    No one hears the voice of the oppressed anymore because the despots system has blocked voters and turned them away from the democratic system called voting, the party cannot hear the suffering. The party cannot hear the despair of those that live without food security because of party decisions to take the food from their mouths. The party cannot feel what it means to be sick with no medicine or docs to provide the care needed. The resistance does hear.

    Sing along

    “I Hear Them All”

    I hear the crying of the hungry
    In the deserts where they’re wandering
    Hear them crying out for Heaven’s own
    Benevolence upon them
    Hear destructive power prevailing
    I hear fools falsely hailing
    To the crooked wits of tyrants when they call

    I hear them all [3x]

    I hear the sounds of tearing pages
    And the roar of burning paper
    All the crimes in acquisition
    Turn to air and ash and vapor
    And the rattle of the shackle
    Far beyond emancipators
    And the loneliest who gather in their stalls

    I hear them all [3x]

    So, while you sit and whistle Dixie
    With your money and your power
    I can hear the flowers a-growing
    In the rubble of the towers
    I hear leaders quit their lyin’
    I hear babies quit their cryin’
    I hear soldiers quit their dyin’, one and all

    I hear them all [3x]

    I hear the tender words from Zion
    I hear Noah’s waterfall
    Hear the gentle lamb of Judah
    Sleeping at the feet of Buddha
    And the prophets from Elijah
    To the old Paiute Wovoka
    Take their places at the table when they’re called

    Thanks David Todd Rawlings and Ketch Secor

  130. happy camper

    Oh lord, a bunch of Binary Pinheads.

  131. David Hubbard


    I agree.

  132. happy camper

    My pet peeve: people who spell Cory with an E. There is no E in Cory.

  133. David Hubbard

    My pet peeve; ignorant people who might mistake my use of MY SON’s spelling of his name “Corey” when I meant to type Cory.

    Oh look, a Corey WITH AN “E”.

    Sorry, Cory.

  134. mike from iowa

    Deal with a little bit of gray for goodness sake.

    There are numerous male and female “Coreys” running around, HC. Deal with it.Some even have 2 Es. Some have none.

    It isn’t like the Corys/Coreys are handing out top secret intel to the Russians, is it?

  135. barry freed

    Cory, once again you are mistaken.

    We do not have the vote. Forget the minority suppressing Voter ID, it has no effect when one considers that our ballot counting machines have NEVER had their security systems activated, and on election day, send their “Windows 95 OS computer” results to Pierre via Internet.

    Not easy to find, as Google and Youtube are inundated with jetsam by our corporate overlords who want us fighting each other instead of their agendas, but before the Challenger accelerates, protesters are seen on video beating the car with baseball bats two blocks from the crash. The attack continues at the next intersection with the attackers from the both intersections still chasing him, swinging their clubs when the crash occurred. Fight or Flight were his choices, and if you have never had the thrill of driving one, a car that will do 0-60 in four seconds can easily get away from you. At 60mph, it takes that car 170 feet, nearly one half block, to stop.

    Don’t ask for links to these videos. If you don’t want it enough to do the work needed to weed through the propaganda, and it will take you hours to find them, you don’t want the truth at all. Just pick your side and ignore everything else.

  136. Nice try Barry to give cover to a terrorist. There were two cars ahead of the terrorist moving slowly through the crowd. Why were they not thinking that they were gonna fight or flight? The first thing you beat on are the windows (having been in a couple of brawls myself) you simply cannot express the desire to kick one’s ass without taking out a windscreen or the side windows, always fun to wack them. No, you got pawned dude. Suck it up and be like trump and show fake pictures. Too funny dude, you are easy. This was intentional, your boy is a terrorist and that is another reason he backed up at a high rate of speed and ran. Alex Jones is not a reliable source for normal folks.

  137. Steve Bannon is alt-right, not neo-Nazi? Good grief—

    Almost from the moment that Donald Trump descended on the lobby of Trump Tower to make his campaign announcement, an army of online trolls leapt to his defense. They cheered his denunciation of Mexicans as “rapists,” they relished his attacks on so-called globalism, and heaven help anyone who dared attack their populist hero.

    I’m speaking, of course, about the alt-right, that motley crew of white nationalists, neo-Confederates, and outright Nazis who share a common belief that culture is inseparable from ethnicity. To these folks, Western civilization cannot exist unless it is a white civilization [David French, “Fire Steve Bannon,” National Review, 2017.08.14].

    There is no daylight between “alt-right” and “neo-Nazi.” Alt-right includes and promotes neo-Nazi. They are bad dudes, deserving simple and direct condemnation for their anti-American views (not to mention eviction from the White House, as French argues).

  138. Alt right and neo-Nazi are the same. That is like comparing a steaming pile of crap to another steaming pile of crap, both are crap. With both, you have to flush them into the sewer where they belong. Steve Bannon and that Gorka dude may be a double flush with the plunger, but they will go down.

    Both the confederate flag and the Nazi flag have many things in common regarding race and religion for sure, but they also share in something else, they are both losers that came in second place by a long shot. Not even close.

  139. mike from iowa

    Challenger was well out over the Atlantic before it crashed. What, did wingnut cubans hijack a bus to Havana and happened to be near the crash site?

  140. David Hubbard

    There is no such thing as a “good” Nazi. You can have pride in your culture; by being Caucasian is not a culture, it is skin pigmentation. There is nothing “superior” about being pale and having blue eyes.

    The color of your skin does not make you better than anyone. The goodness our your heart, the strength of your character, and the steady course of your (good) convictions is what makes a person good. Holding to your positive convictions when challenged by hate and bigotry makes one great.

    Like many of readers here, I have read the Bible. Unlike many, I have read serveral versions of the Bible from cover-to-cover several times. I have never read a passage from God or Jesus that claims we should judge other people based on the color of their skin, hair, and/or eyes.

    Anyone who claims to be a true Christian cannot also be bigot. And anyone who is a Nazi cannot rightfully claim to be a Christian or a patriotic American. This is the 21st Century; leave your hatred and bigotry in the past and learn from your own short-comings. The only way we make the world a better place is to stop hating others for petty differences.

  141. To David’s point about the incompatibility of Christianity and bigotry:

    Second, this is a time to present the Bible’s strong and clear teachings about the sin of racism and of the idolatry of blood and country—again, full stop. In Acts 17:26, in the midst of an evangelistic lecture to secular, pagan philosophers, Paul makes the case that God created all the races “from one man.” Paul’s Greek listeners saw other races as barbarian, but against such views of racial superiority Paul makes the case that all races have the same Creator and are of one stock. Since all are made in God’s image, every human life is of infinite and equal value (Gen. 9:5–6). When Jonah puts the national interests of Israel ahead of the spiritual good of the racially “other” pagan city of Nineveh, he is roundly condemned by God (Jonah 4:1–11). One main effect of the gospel is to shatter the racial barriers that separate people (Gal. 3:28; Eph. 2:14–18), so it is an egregious sin to do anything to support those barriers. When Peter sought to do so, Paul reprimanded him for losing his grasp on the gospel (Gal. 2:14) [Tim Keller, “Race, the Gospel, and the Moment,” The Gospel Coalition, 2017.08.15].

    Click the link and read Pastor Keller’s first and third points, too. Important points for all Christians.

    So yeah, Nazis aren’t Americans or Christians.

  142. I said that Nelson is a brawler with mission creep. I rest my case, based upon the cathartic bias demonstrated in all his responses to those with legitimate arguments. Then to top it off, he invites me to his farm where I’m suppose to ”put on my literal old hood on and come out of the shadows on the Nelson farm and attempt to intimidate this old Marine from speaking historic facts. I’ll show you why the KKK went from 3 Million Democrats strong to a handful of toothless idiots.” I once again rest my case that the man is a blustering playground bully and political poriah that infers violence against someone who challenges his highly skewed interpretations of most everything including white supremacy, neo-nazism, and alt-right values that he emulates every time he opens his mouth. I’m suppose to come out of the shadows as are some of the rest of us yet we state our case in the full light of day on these posts for everyone’s full evalutation. In working with the public over 30 years in SD, I note personally that there are quite a few of Stace’s ilk that erupt in verbal vomit in defense of nothing more than old wives tales and conspiratorial beliefs. He is exactly the same as Trump, and the extreme right of his party that isn’t rooted in conservatism but their own impudent, authoritarian form of pseudo-conservatism that closely parallels white nationalism, militarism, and justification of social violence as a means of accomplishing change to some incoherent condition locked in his head. I won’t be going to Nelson’s farm but I will continue to stand in the light of day and expose him for what he is- a sadly confused, loud mouth conspiracy theorist with a latent military “Who Rah” attitudes that should scare any sensible American interested in non-violence in politics. His contorted ad hominem belies his incapacity for learning or reason and that, in and of itself, is demonstrative of facist belief. The Navy has a term for Marines like Stace. JAR HEAD. For good reason. Now I’m guilty of ad hominem. Continue to light him up ladies and gentlemen. His explosions are beautifully self destructive.

  143. Stace,

    I made the assertion (through engaging you with the question) that President Trump ‘s policies, budget proposal, staffing/appointments, and rhetoric has contributed to discrimination and hatred toward people of color in the US. I also challenged your assertion that there is no institutional racism in the GOP; I went on the say that I don’t thin kANY organization can make that claim (not the Boy Scouts, not the Democratic party, not the Missouri Lutheran Senate . . . NOBODY). Institutional racism (not to be confused with overt racism) is a deeper discussion beyond the current, obviously overtly racist alt-right/neo-Nazi’s demonstrations.

    For that you called me a Nazi. Seriously? I engaged you because I have respect for willingness to jump in and have the discussion. Your ad hominem is below you.

    Not for nothing, I don’t think the President is a Nazi. I think he is an opportunist who is willing to dogwhistle and rally the alt-right/neo-nazi for the promotion of himself. I don’t think this man has loyalty – only self promotion. I don’t think all the Republicans who voted for President Trump are Nazis; I do think they are cowards who put party before country by turning a blind eye to the sympathy of racist/discriminatory groups and policies that became empowered with the rise of President Trump – and for that they should be ashamed.

  144. I think many who voted for Mr. Trump were just blinded by hate, and for that I blame Obama. Many others who voted for Mr. Trump in the primary were just stupid.

  145. o, you are sadly mistaken. The events of August 15, 2017 with his hate speech, makes him a bona fide Nazi. He is no longer the president of the United States, he is an impostor that was put in power by the Russian leader Putin.

    Mr. grudznick, you are correct, they were blinded by hate, the hate of a black man. So yes, we should blame Obama for being black like we should blame ourselves for being born.

    John W. That is about as good of an explanation for a bully as I have ever read. I think people vote for him because of fear not because of his intelligence or the way he can maneuver to do legislation that is meaningful, he cannot because he is blinded by his intolerance, so they put him in to get rid of him for a session. Every marine that I ever worked with jointly, understood one thing, cooperation to take the hill.

  146. Roger Cornelius

    Like Trump, we can always count on grudz to say the wrong thing.

  147. No, Mr. jerry, I blame Obama for making people become filled with hate by jamming his Obamacare down our maws. Not for being black. People loved him for being black. They hated him for his jamming down maws. Then they cast that hatred upon Ms. Hillary, and she paid the price.

    The stupid part was these people, in the primarying, did not vote for any of the saner candidates. And there were a number of saner candidates. Now we are stuck with Mr. Trump for the time being, until something changes and Mr. Pence becomes the President. Pence seems saner than most in the current administration.

  148. Roger Cornelius

    President Obama did not shove Obamacare down in one’s maw.
    The voters elected representatives, senators and President Obama who voted on and enacted Obamacare.
    It is foolish to blame President Obama for Obamacare when it was the voters wish for healthcare reform.

  149. Haters gotta hate Roger, they would have hated Obama if he gave them their economy back. Hey, wait a minute..Remember when the cult stumbled and fell on their asses? I sure do. My 401 became toilet paper. Yep, Obama came in and saved the auto industry, The cult said let them go bankrupt, but he saved them to where they are today. He saved the bankers, although he should have hung most of them. He wound down the Iraq war that was started by the cult to further a Crusade. He did and we are still enjoying the records that he set in the markets! He saved normal peoples lives with healthcare that would not stiff them when they were sick and needed it the most. Obama added life to the Medicare program (that would be you sir). You bettcha, hate him all you want Mr. grudznick while your stuff your maw with the bounty that he brought to you and yours.

  150. It seems whatabout-ism has taken over President Trump defenders on this thread (as well as POTUS himself).

  151. happy camper

    It’s time to simply be a meritocracy which is completely color blind. If you can do the job, you get it! If you can raise a kid with that income, then have one, if you can raise two and want two, then have two, but if you can’t afford or are unable to raise them, then you don’t get benefits to raise children out of wedlock. The world is getting overpopulated!

    Now back to the point: some dumb, moron white people should die off, but they still think they are somehow superior because of skin color. How much more superficial is there, than skin color? Those are ….. supremacists. I’m better than you cause I’m ….. Any sort of supremacy attitude.

    Now Alt Right. These people have a point. I think some of what they say is about meritocracy and that it’s ok to think our culture is pretty darn good. The equality part, the meritocracy part, and that multiculturalists insist we must accept other cultures even if we don’t think they are positive.

  152. happy camper

    Before the world blows up take the last train to London:

    Missing that Blind Man.

  153. mike from iowa

    Speaking of hate, has anyone seen this Drumpf re-tweet? Obama the magnificent NEVER said or did anything this offensive or hateful in eight years as one of the best, most eloquent speakers ever in the WH. If you believe Obama stirred racial hatred pot it is solely because you are racists against an extremely accomplished and successful BLACK Potus and decided toreplace him with the dumbest son of a bitch to ever stain America’s House.

  154. Addressing institutional racism is not reverse racism or racism or stirring hatred.

  155. This morning in the news.

    “We should be clear on several points. First, it is morally reprehensible to serve in this White House, supporting a president so utterly unfit to lead a great country. Second, John F. Kelly has utterly failed as chief of staff; the past two weeks have been the worst of Trump’s presidency, many would agree. He can at this point only serve his country by resigning and warning the country that Trump is a cancer on the presidency, to borrow a phrase. Third, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner have no excuses and get no free passes. They are as responsible as anyone by continuing to enable the president. Finally, Trump apologists have run out of excuses and credibility. He was at the time plainly the more objectionable of the two main party candidates; in refusing to recognize that they did the country great harm. They can make amends by denouncing him and withdrawing all support. In short, Trump’s embrace and verbal defense of neo-Nazis and white nationalists should be disqualifying from public service. All true patriots must do their utmost to get him out of the Oval Office as fast as possible.” Conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin in the Washington Post

    The Washington Post also quotes Fox News that seems to have had enough as well.

    “How bad was his press conference? Well, when you lose Fox News you might as well throw in the towel. (Fox News’s Kat Timpf declared, “It’s honestly crazy for me to have to comment on this right now because I’m still in the phase where I’m wondering if it was actually real life what I just watched. It was one of the biggest messes that I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe it happened. . . . It shouldn’t be some kind of bold statement to say, ‘Yes, a gathering full of white supremacist Nazis doesn’t have good people in it. Those are all bad people, period.’”” Conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin

    Our republican congress kritters here have not condemned trump, they merely bring him closer by silence. Nazi Germany put the world in flames by ignoring the rantings of a madman. Thune, NOem, Rounds and Daugaard owe the country their support to end this presidency now. Those that are running to take their place in Washington need to do the same. A democracy cannot run on Nazism, it is impossible.

  156. Wow, this in from Australia on more of trump’s mob connections.

    Republicans, this is your travesty. YOU need to do something or admit by silence that you are all complacent in this. Admit by silence that you not only support Nazism, but that you do not support any kind of law and order. Are you so blinded by the light that you would sell your soul to the devil in return for “fire and fury”?

  157. Important response from O to Hap: “Addressing institutional racism is not reverse racism….” Neo-Nazis may lure Hap into thinking they have some valid points, but neo-nazis only use those points as cover for their ultimate agenda of preserving white majority and power and dehumanizing blacks, Jews, and whoever else makes them feel ooky.

  158. Nikita Khrushchev in his intimidating, boorish manner described Americans to foreign correspondents in Moscow as people whom �You spit in their face and they call it dew�

    There is Peter Tefft, Fargo, ND

    The Swiss writer Adrian Krieg thinks that the reason the zionist and their stooges are so committed to the genocide of the white race is that the Rothchilds are seeking revenge for what the Romans did in 70AD.

    Token resistance such as Peter’s may enrage those who pride themselves in white servitude; but a coward dies many deaths — the brave man faces death once.


  159. barry freed

    Sorry, didn’t intend to anger with a call for truth and justice. Someone said this was the most liberal blog in South Dakota.

  160. No anger here sir. Liberal thinkers and doers, are all about liberty, truth, white picket fences and of course, mom’s apple pie. Of course when someone states that “protesters are seen on video beating the car with baseball bats two blocks from the crash.” and then produce no video, then you are giving cover to a Nazi terrorist. Liberal thinking individuals would then ask a very simple question, why would someone video the terrorists car two blocks from the crash scene, why only the terrorists car, how would they know he was a terrorist, why wouldn’t the terrorist not get out of his weapon and fight the protagonists? If there was an altercation like the one you got from someone’s arse, why did the terrorist jamb his weapon in reverse and run back into the direction of those that you claim endangered his life? So you see Barry, you are not calling for truth and justice because we already have that going here and there with the investigation of the terror attack, this is already being done without your help. But to show that you are up for this statement and you have a good idea where the link is, find it and post it.

    Yes, Dakota Free Press is not something that “someone said was the most liberal blog in South Dakota”, it is in fact that. You can quote me “jerry” as making that bold statement a fact 8/20/17 . You are welcome sir.

  161. Liberal blog or a monumental attempt at bringing reason, independent thought, and honest debate to issues of importance to everyone; including far right and alt-right extremists that are quick to fabricate all manner of spin and misunderstanding in support of fictional ideals. There is nothing wrong with requiring credible, trustworthy, collateral authority to confirm a statement or assertion. It’s called “burden of proof” and it falls directly on the person who asserts something is true or fact. The legal term subpoena duces tecum or “produce the evidence” is a loose interpretation. The term is actually a writ by a court of law ordering an individual to bring documents (evidence) to court for examination but the rhetorical intent remains nearly the same. Put up or we’ll consider what you said a load of baloney. It seems progressives and independent thinkers are less entrenched in plastic idealism sufficient to ask those of questionable knowledge to produce data or information in support of their oft times straw man claims. Rarely can they do it. When they do try it, it is discredited information from sources incapable of truth or fact.